Slim Boyfriend Jeans for Fall

Hello and welcome back to 26 Days of Fall Fashion! In my attempts to get out of my skinny jean rut, I purchased these slim boyfriend jeans with credits from my last Trunk Club delivery.

I really hoped I’d wear them more than I do, but this silhouette has never been a favorite of mine. True confessions: I try them on a couple days a week and end up switching back to my favorite legging jeans. That said, I wanted to style them for variety’s sake, so here we are!

Jo-Lynne Shane styling slim boyfriend jeans for fall with a long navy cardigan and cognac suede slides.

Slim boyfriend jeans are basically that — a slimmer version of boyfriend jeans. Since I’m drawn to skinny jeans, I thought perhaps a slimmer version of the more voluminous boyfriend jeans might work better for me. I do like them better than most of the boyfriend jeans I’ve tried in the past, but I’m not sure it makes much difference. I still feel kind of schlumpy in them.

Conventional wisdom states you should wear a more form fitting top with boyfriend jeans to offset the volume they create on the bottom. In my case, I have plenty of natural volume on top (ha!) so I definitely have to follow this rule or I look totally shapeless.

I spent a while perusing Pinterest for styling ideas for fall, and there were a lot of long cardigans over t-shirts with boyfriend jeans so I decided to try it.

This is my Perfect White Tee from ThirtySomething Tees* and a long open front cardigan I picked up at the #NSale back in July.

I chose this tee because the key to this look is to keep the top more form-fitting, and it does the job beautifully. It is on the thinner side, and you will probably want to size up, but it’s a great basic tee for layering under jackets and cardigans because it has a straight hem and no boob pocket (yay!)

*Save 10% off your purchase from ThirtySomething Tees with code code Jolynne10

I love this cardigan because it’s slenderizing, and I didn’t want anything too bulky with the boyfriend jeans. Of course, it’s almost sold out. Womp… womp… 

This ribbed cardigan is another good option because it’s slimming as well. Of course, you don’t have to wear navy. Virtually any color would work beautifully with this outfit because denim and white are neutrals.

Jo-Lynne Shane styling slim boyfriend jeans for fall with a long navy cardigan and cognac suede slides.

I knew when I started putting this outfit together that I wanted to wear these cognac suede slides. A lot of times you see pumps paired with boyfriend jeans, but that’s just not practical for most of us. Converse Shoreline also work, but I wanted something not quite so casual.

Slides are a great shoe for pairing with boyfriend jeans because they have enough “weight” to balance the bulky jeans but they don’t add extra volume to the look either. I think the cognac strikes such a nice contrast against the navy and white.

Jo-Lynne Shane styling slim boyfriend jeans for fall with a long navy cardigan and cognac suede slides.

I mentioned these suede slides in my August Favorites post. They’re by Vince, so they’re pricier than some, but I have a hard time finding slides that stay on my feet, and these do. Plus the quality is fabulous, and they feel great on.

I was able to score mine for 60% off at Bloomingdales, but they sold out and now I can only find them for 40% off at Nordstrom and Zappo’s. It’s not a bad deal for Vince shoes if you know you’ll get a lot of wear out of them, but you can definitely find similar styles for less. I’ll link to a few below.

For jewelry, I wanted a layered look so I went with this Lucky Brand layered necklace. (Bonus, it’s currently 30% off!) I like the mixed metals and the casual vibe for this outfit. I also stacked on a bunch of my Alex and Ani wire bangles.

This is great for a modern mom-about-town outfit. I still prefer my skinny jeans, but the slim boyfriend jeans are fun for a change. If you’re in the market for a pair, I’ve linked to a few options in the shopping widget at the end of this post.

Jo-Lynne Shane styling slim boyfriend jeans for fall with a long navy cardigan and cognac suede slides.

Perfect White Tee // slim boyfriend jeans (option) // cardigan (option) // slides (option) // tote (option) // necklace // earrings // sunnies

Be sure to visit Cyndi and see the fall outfit she’s styling today!

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60 Responses

  1. I like everything about this outfit. I too gravitate towards skinny jeans but these slim boyfriends flatter you very much. Kind of a rock and roll vibe. Love the slides and necklace too. They pull everything together so the jeans look intentional and not sloppy.

  2. these jeans look GREAT on you – very modern and updated 🙂 it’s funny how you see yourself in something and how other people see you in it !!

  3. Oooooo, I like these jeans on you!!! I might have to look for slim boyfriend cut…because regular boyfriend jeans do NOT work on me so I completely get it!

  4. Looking good Jo-Lynne, It’s nice to change it up a bit. and you do look good. I have a boyfriend style to and yes they are baggy but the top and shoes can offset it just right.
    Have a great day.

  5. I agree, those jeans are cute, it’s hard for us to try new styles because we sometimes feel uncomfortable at first. Example “cold shoulder” tops. I finally bought two of them and it’s taken me a while but now I like them. Keep putting those jeans on and I think eventually they will “grow on you”. 🙂

  6. Love this look!
    But I’m a sucker for jeans everyday 🙂
    I like these slim boyfriends on you ..
    but I hear ya – we wear what we feel comfortable in!

  7. I am not a fan of boyfriend jeans either, but I actually like the slim fitting style you are wearing. The outfit looks great. Thanks for sharing this version.:)

  8. That cardigan is the one that got away. I ordered it (in black and gray) and it was on backorder and then I was notified my order was cancelled. Insert all the crying faces here!!! That’s the softest sweater. If they’d restock it they could probably sell a ton. Oh well, I’m really going to try to move on…LOL Great outfit Jo-Lynne!!! Cute and comfy!

    1. It is seriously sooooo soft. I love it. I with they’d restock because you’re right – they’d sell like hotcakes. (Not sure what hotcakes are, but evidently they sell well. Haha!)

  9. Love the jeans…just cannot do those shoes. My foot doctor and chiropractor say every shoe needs a back strap…besides that-I just think low mules look very strange for some reason! That being said you look great!

  10. I like this look & feel it would become more comfortable for you after wearing a few times. I tend to lean toward skinnies as well. For some reason these seem a bit more casual – like perhaps they might feel better with Converse?? Does anyone have other suggestions for shoes to go with this for fall?

    1.  I think the key to boyfriend jeans is to keep the whole look casual ie converse, flip flops, hoodies etc once you start trying to look polished it just doesn’t work.  Also I would probably fold the leg up again making it an intentional cuff.  

      I love slim boyfriend jeans so If it were me I would remove the slides and add converse, roll the cuff again to make the shorter as these sit way too long and I would add a shorter sweater/Cardigan or zip hoodie to up the vibe of the outfit.  Boyfriend jeans do work if you style them correctly personally I think this outfit, whilst the bones of it are good, is over thought.   

      1. I totally disagree.  I think she did a great job putting this together with proportion, color, style etc.  The way you mention sounds too juvenile.  She is dressed perfect for in her 40’s.  Great job Jo-Lynne. 🙂  

      2. Kathy, this is the reason I don’t usually post comments because people like you jump down others throats because they have a different opinion.  FYI I am over 40, most of my friends are mid 40+.  For me personally I like boyfriend jeans to be casual and funky just because I wear converse and hoodies does not mean I am or my outfits are juvenile, my mom 70+ wears converse…… my comment was no way slamming jolynne I was merely giving my opinion and as I said the bones of the outfit were good but sometimes trying too hard makes an outfit not quite right and in my opinion the outfit was not quite right.  Also please correct me if I’m wrong but jo Lynne also seems to wear hoodies and also converse in some of her blog posts….. but would you be willing to tell her her outfits were juvenile? Nope! Didn’t think so!!

  11. Such great advice regarding fun, but more practical footwear to style boyfriend jeans…I would try this for a casual night with girlfriends….if I want to impress my husband I don’t do boyfriend jeans…. He’s not a fan… ????

  12. I love this look on you. I have a pair from Gap that I want to wear but have trouble putting together a look for them. I would have never thought to wear the slides but it works! I have everything in my closet already except the shoes so I will be buying a pair of slides now.

  13. Oh wow.. I like the other options you provided… especially the sneakers or booties. That’s more me. People sure look put together on Pinterest. I hope I can remember that each time I go to walk out the door????.

  14. I actually prefer these jeans to your typical style.  Much more flattering on you and balances out the top if your body to the lower part if you.  Wear them more!

  15. I love the overall look and you are always super stylish. But, I am not loving the slides this year…they would make me look like an OLD grandma! HaHa 🙂

  16. Nice! I think open toe mid heal booties would look great too. I bet this cut of jean is a bit cooler, too. I’m finding my skinnies a bit too clingy and I’m switching them for shorts! 🙂 I know that the cool fall weather is just a few weeks away!

  17. Love boyfriend jeans, look forward to finding a pair of these slim bf’s. I do like a darker wash, though, and that can take a little hunting. Not a big fan of skinny jeans, lean towards straight leg primarily with some boot cut. Hey Jo-Lynne, just an idea, but how about spotlighting one color for a couple of days from the 2017 Pantone Fall Color Palette and hopefully get through all 10 colors? Maybe it’s something to do after your fall series is completed?

  18. I love these jeans. I had not heard about slim boyfriend jeans. They look more casual than the skinny’s but you look great in them. I will be looking for a pair.

  19. I absolutely love this combo. I really like the skinny style jeans, but the boyfriend style is so comfortable and a good change of pace sometimes. Love the cardigan too. I’m pinning it to my Outfit Ideas page to remind me to try it out soon!

  20. This is a great basic outfit that  we can live in to run errands etc. and still look stylish and put together. I definitely need to get a new white tshirt! Thanks for sharing. 

  21. I love my boyfriend jeans from the front, but from the behind I kind of think they make my behind look big. I’m so happy to see you style these with the longer sweater. Solution to my problem!

  22. Hi !
    Late checking in love it!!!
    I think boyfriend jeans great change when I have that one to two pounds
    Extra weight. Sometimes feel my skinny jeans are too tight/clingy.
    Love both… you look classic cute 
    Will be copying this with items I have !

  23. These jeans look great on you!  I don’t have a pair yet but imagine they would be perfect to wear on those days that my skinny jeans feel too skinny. 

  24. I actually love every element of this look! You may not be used to it, but it looks great on you. Also, I can see myself wearing it–I could never pull off the skinny jeans like you do. I think this is a nice option for days you don’t want something tight. Also love the slides–more practical for me than ballet flats or converse. I need a little heel. Thanks for mixing it up! 

  25. Love this on you! You look great! I can’t wear boyfriend jeans because my body type (heavyish hips), but you rock them! I’d love to copy this whole look but wear bootcut jeans instead! Thanks for the inspiration!

  26. You nailed this outfit.  I totally agree with all you said.  I’m the same….I prefer skinny jeans but these boy friend ones you have on look great on you and its a different and fun look.  I’d keep them and wear them if I was you.  🙂  I also LOVE cognac with navy.  Its my go to colors for Fall.  I recently bought the higher block heel suede mule in navy from GAP, but really wanted the cognac ones too. I love your lower heel ones, but a little spendy for me.  My higher heel ones were regularly $59.99 and I got them for $15. 🙂  But, I’m sure yours are more comfortable and better quality.  I love all the Lucky Jewlery you style. I already bought the big circle one with the different colored tassels you styled the other day.  Love it. 🙂 Thanks for all the great ideas, but you are killing my budget.  Ha Ha  Now I think I do want to order the navy blue toe polish.  🙂 LOL  

  27. I think these work really well on you, but I totally get the comfort level part. I am like that with pretty much all non skinny jeans and even most colored jeans. I have them and like them, but when it comes down to walking out the door, I always change into my trusty blue skinnies. These do add a fun element to the otherwise standard look, and I love this cardi with it too. I actually tried this exact one during the sale and was really impressed! Very soft and surprisingly slimming as you mentioned.

  28. I really like that outfit on you.  The longer cardigan is so cute!  I will have to try a pair of slimmer boyfriends vs the baggy ones, which just don’t do a thing for me. :). I am wanting to order the necklace but wanting to know if all the layers get tangled up as you wear it??  You know how sometimes that just happens?

    1. Yeah, it’s not a problem when I’m wearing it at all, but it is a pain if you set it down. I keep it hung on a hook on the wall with my other necklaces and I will probably never pack it for travel. It gets tangled so easily when it’s not on your person.

  29. I liked the necklace so much that I ordered it. Just received it and it was a tangled mess. I ended up unhooking each strand and finally got it untangled. But now I can’t figure how to put it back together. Would you mind taking a picture of the clasps and how each strand attaches to which circle? I may have to return it if I can’t put it back together. Would be a shame because I love it.

    1. Oh no! That happened to me too. When I got it home from the mall, it was all tangled and I spent a while straightening it all out. I don’t have a way of posting pictures in the comments, but I can email you.

  30. I have one pair of jeans that works for me at the moment (5 months postpartum, not ready to buy lots of clothes unless I stop losing the baby weight) and they are slim boyfriend jeans. I have been struggling to style them properly. Giant help!! Thanks for styling them. 🙂

  31. Another winning look in my opinion, Jo-Lynne. I like boyfriend jeans, but I am beginning to realize I like my body in skinnier jeans as well. My bottom already has enough bulk and I don’t have much bulk on top. But I usually go for the boyfriend style when I want to be extra comfy, but not be wearing sweats. Ha, ha. Love that sweater and I think the length is very slimming. – Amy

  32. This is my first look at this post (new reader)  and maybe because it is a year later I find these jeans look more current. They are very flattering on you, take a second look at your pics.  We all have numerous skinny jeans and I think maybe I’m ready for a fresh look. 

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