Summer Event Dress with Macy’s

You know when a box arrives on your doorstep and inside is a dress you ordered online… It isn’t your typical silhouette, but you loved the material and and the colors and you decided to take a chance.

You open the box and hold up the dress, and the material is gorgeous — even prettier in person than it appeared online. You cross your fingers, hoping it fits. You can’t wait to find out, so you run upstairs and throw it on… and it fits PERFECTLY. Like it was made for you.

Well, that’s the story of this dress.

I typically don’t go for the fit-and-flare silhouette, but this one caught my eye — just look at this gorgeous embroidery. This dress is such nice quality; the material is thick and luxe, and it’s fully lined.

Best of all, it fits like it was custom-made. It skims the body without clinging and flatters my curves, the arms are cut and fit to the body without any gaping, and the inverted pleats in the skirt keep it from flaring out too far from the body.

It’s feminine and pretty and the perfect formality for so many occasions — dressy enough to wear to a summer wedding, but not too formal for church. I can also imagine wearing it for a dinner date or milestone birthday party.

This dress is by Tommy Hilfiger, and not being familiar with his sizing, I used the nifty sizing feature on the Macy’s website. By plugging in my dress size in a few other brands, I was able to determine my true size for this dress, and guess what? It was bang on.

If you’re wondering, this dress runs true to size; I’m wearing my usual size 8.

I also ordered these strappy espadrille wedge sandals since I don’t currently have a black pair. I like how the jute-wrapped wedge heel dresses the look down just a bit.

These are also true to size, and they’re very comfortable. While the black is perfect for this dress, they’re also beautiful in the gold.

These silver filigree drop earrings complete the look, and they’re only $16. I thought they complimented the dress nicely, and they’re also super lightweight and easy to wear.

If you have any fun parties or events coming up, definitely check out Macy’s. It’s THE Dress Destination for all of your summer events and occasions.

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photo credit: Alison Cornell

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54 thoughts on “Summer Event Dress with Macy’s

  1. JoLynne—this dress is gorgeous on you.  It is different than your normal silhouette you wear, but I love it on you.   Goes to show that we should step out of the box and try things on.  You never know. . .  
    I was considering buying it to try also, but I noticed the scalloped hemline and since it’s not a petite, it would have to be hemmed.  By hemming it straight across I think would take away from the pattern on the dress.   I’m 5’1” and usually wear a petite so I think I will have to pass on this one.  What do you think?

  2. Yay for summer dresses, Jo-Lynne!! You know I just had to give me thumbs up for you in a dress (you’d be disappointed if I didn’t, right?). I do think the fit and flare is great on almost everyone. This one in particular isn’t super flared. And that print is incredible!!

  3. This dress looks SO good on you!!!! Just love it! And I’m glad the graduation and party were a success! 🙂

  4. That dress and you…,drop. dead. gorgeous!  I gravitate towards this type of dress with all the intricate detail. I can’t wear them, but they catch me eye!  A keeper for sure!  And it fits you perfectly!  Glad to hear all went well with weekend.  As one who has never moved other than to get married, I’d be sad leaving the home where the kids grew up, BUT I think I’d be more excited for the new home & another season of life.  I’m an upbeat person, but my one of my biggest emotional upheavals was in 2003, when my mother passed away in late February at age 73 from a 5 year battle with breast cancer, our oldest graduated from PSU in late May & moved back here, and my husband retired in Octobers after 35 years. It was an emotional roller coaster ride for me that whole year, so many ups and downs, and big adjustments.   I made it through though, God is good!  Enjoy the ride, it sure is a learning experience!  

  5. This dress is amazingly gorgeous on you. I love black and while anything and like you said this dress could be very versatile. Its perfect with the wedges for summer but could also be worn with pumps in the fall. Plus I love Macy’s too!  For some reason I did not receive your email as I normally do so I had to go to your web this morning? Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day!

    1. That is odd – check your spam? I checked your MailChimp profile and it says it was sent to you. If you find it in spam, try adding my email to your address book, and make sure to mark it “not spam” or however it works in Yahoo.

  6. I love this dress on you, so pretty. I need a dress for an August evening wedding that is black tie optional. I live in New York, Long Island. Do you think this is dressy enough? Would you think it terrible to wear black hose in the summer or would that maybe dress it up a bit? What do you think? Also, what size did you get? Thank you.

  7. This is why I love shopping at Macys! Their sizing guides work like a charm. And their True Fit is fabulous, especially when it comes to jeans. The ones that I purchased fit perfectly!

  8. Jolynne:  Congratulations on your oldest graduating!  My children are all grown up and out on their own, which is a blessing in itself.  I know how you feel having to pack up and leave a house where your children grew up!  We recently packed up and moved from our house of 22 1/2 years!  We sold our house in 10 days and then had to find another one out of town where our girls are.  This year has been full of emotions for me since I retired in April from a job that I’ve had for over 20 years with great bosses and leaving a house I loved and dear friends.  New chapter, new friends and I’m going to be a grandmother!  With God’s help and provision I will make it!  
    Love your dress and your style!

  9. I LOVE this dress on you so much. What a great choice. You have had alot going on. I don’t know how you do it. One day at a time I guess.

  10. Wow. You look incredible. I am not a fan of fit and flare dresses (usually) but this dress is such a lovely grown up version and I love how the wedge sandals balance out the silhouette. PERFECTION. 😊😊😊

  11. Wow, I love this look! Perfection!!!! And, you know, it’s unusual for me, but I love the whole look together, AND I love the individual pieces on their own–dress, shoes, earrings. The shoes and earrings can be used in so many other types of looks later. You look great!

  12. That dress is GORGEOUS on you.  Love it.  Not that you asked for a comparison, but to my eye, it is more flattering than the teal dress, although I admit the teal one seems like it would be an easier silhouette to wear.  I guess sometimes it’s good to branch out from the same old styles/colors/whatever we assume work for us!

  13. I absolutely love this dress! Gorgeous and fits you perfectly. As someone with a career that requires me to dress up somewhat frequently, it’s nice to see dresses on your page. I’m 90% sure I’ll be purchasing this!

  14. This dress was absolutely meant to be yours! It couldn’t be more perfect on you. A stunner for sure!

  15. You ALWAYS look great in the outfits you style, but this dress is EXCEPTIONAL! It really does look like it was custom tailored for you. Perfection has been achieved!

  16. Very pretty dress! I like the fit and flare on you Jo-Lynne. Macy’s has some cute things out for summer. I have always loved the INC line. Ordered a few pieces this week. They also had an incredible shoe sale this past week. I am attending a barn wedding in August and the bride has said it’s casual. Recommending T-Shirt dresses or sundresses. Haven’t had much luck so far. Any ideas for these type of weddings?

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