#NSALE Items Still In Stock

As the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale down (prices go up on August 6th!), inventory is getting picked over, but there are still some good buys to be had if you aren’t shopped-out yet. I thought I’d round up a few lists of #NSale items still in stock.

Rather than listing by category, I’m grouping things by price point. You’ll have to let me know which you prefer so I know the best way to organize these lists in the future.

#NSale Favorites Under $50 Still In Stock

I actually found a lot more in this category than I expected to! I had to just stop looking and post. Most of these items are fully stocked in at least one color way.

#NSale Favorites Under $100 Still In Stock

It was harder to find well stocked items in this category, but I still managed to come up with quite a few! There are some great closet basics in here at really good prices.

#NSale Favorites Under $200 Still In Stock

I found a lot of good ones in this category… but then I saved over my shopping widget. Aaarrrggghhhhh… I threw together what I could remember as far as products, but I’ll have to add my descriptions later. I have a photo shoot with Alison this morning to get ready for… yes, she’s at the shore too this week! So we’re getting together to shoot for Maui Jim… stay tuned for that post in a few weeks!

#NSale Favorites Under $500 Still In Stock

Yes, these are splurges, investment pieces, whatever you want to call them, but this sale is the best time to make these types of purchases, and there are some good ones this year. If I hadn’t just bought a new house, I’d be taking advantage of a lit more of these. Obviously, you want to make these purchases wisely and with a lot of thought and intention, but if any of these items have been on your wish list, now is a great time to take the plunge.

I hope these lists are helpful. I admit, I was surprised to find so much still in stock, and a few good restocks!

I’m curious, are y’all still shopping the #NSale, or are you about shopped out? I’ve got a few outfit posts in the works with some of my purchases, so stay tuned for that! I hope they will be helpful if you’re looking for ways to style some of the items you bought.


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  1. I like stuff grouped by price! I ordered a sweater right when the sale went live (and I LOVE it) and I had my eye on a couple others but I waited and of course now they’re sold out…dang it anyway. Thanks for doing so much of the legwork for us gals!!!

  2. I ordered the hair dryer (mine just conveniently broke last week!!! )(Ordered through your link;) and various bras in several sizes to try out. And I threw in a trendy necklace that was under $25, for fun. Thanks for your help and advice! Also, I think I’m going to be brave and try those Hanky Panky regular rise!

    1. Try the Hanky Panky! They are awesome. I got a regular rise pair to try months ago and bought a few more during the sale! 

  3. These are great picks!!  There are some really good items under $50 left tempting me, but I’ve spent all I need to for now!  Glad to hear you are enjoying your vacation.  I am like you in that it takes me a little bit to settle down and relax once I get somewhere.  I think it has to do with all the stress involved in getting ready to depart for a trip!


  4. The under $500 bags…they are gorgeous! I wish I could justify getting one. I did try the taupe Frye at the store lol – way too big for my frame, but such a pretty bag! 

    I like the items grouped by price points, it’s nice to see a variety instead of endless scrolling through a dozen categories. 

  5. I liked the picks grouped by price point.  I was all set to order the socks, but the size smalls are out of stock.  I ordered the Uggs loafers and received them yesterday, but they are too big.  Drat these small feet!  Lol  Enjoy your down time at the beach!  

  6. Thanks for the post, and for your hard work!  It’s nice to have things sorted by price, although whatever is easiest for you is great.  After shopping in store (in Denver) the second day of the sale, I went with the hubs to Salt Lake City (he had a business trip) while our sons were at camp, and shopped in store there as well since Nordstrom was only a block or two from our hotel!  I bought the white/pink/blue Rails flannel shirt in SLC and  I LOVE it, and since then have managed to score both the ultra violet and navy merlot shirts online.  Still don’t know if I will keep all three Rails shirts. Once everything gets here, I plan to try it  on and get hubs’ perspective, although he always says everything looks great unless it looks really, really bad, LOL! I also bought a pair of AG  Prima Jeans in SLC (bought the AG Farrah jean and the DL1961 Florence jeans in Denver) but again, a try on session with my shoes, boots, sweaters, etc. is needed to see what really works.  We need to shop in store at least one more time because hubs needs a new suit or two, and I sure hope they’re not too picked over –  hubs wears a popular size.  I was also looking for a smaller crossbody purse and ordered the Nordstrom brand Ava Foldover in black with silver hardware.  I love black purses with silver or gunmetal hardware!!!!  It looked cute and well made in store and just the right size, so once it shows up I’ll see if it’s big enough for all I *think* I need throughout the day!  I’m taking a chance and have ordered both the camo and regular Spanx faux leather leggings. Since I absolutely love my regular Spanx leggings, why not?! 

  7. I’ve finished for summer. Got 2 pair of shorts yesterday from loft for $20 each when I went to pay my bill. That’s always dangerous. So I’m done til fall I hope. 🙂

  8. I like it grouped by price. Thanks for taking the time to do that! I really need to get there this weekend! I’ve been trying to go through my closet to see what I really need to get instead of just going out and buying a bunch of stuff (which honestly would be waaaay more fun!). Hope you are enjoying your vacation!

    1. Haha, I usually do the latter, which is why I end up with a closet full of the same color and not enough of one type of clothing. I should be more intentional too, but it IS more fun to just shop for what calls to you. 🙂

  9. Thanks for keeping in touch with us while you’re on vacation:) For me I didn’t bother with the sale. I’m in Canada so the dang customs fees and shipping fees almost account for another item or two so couldn’t justify. But it’s ok as what I was looking at will no doubt be in a store sometime soon. I did however pick up a few cute tops at the Gap today and a little dress at another store  for casual wear ( $9.99) so I couldn’t pass it up lol… I keep saying I’m done but this time I mean it🤥 the tops today are a blush color which can transition nicely with olive green pants into fall. I guess I’m looking for transition pieces. Well hope your weather improves . We’ve been in heat warnings all week and will be right into the weekend… just heading outside to our pool to cool off. Enjoy your vacay time( we bought that t for our nieces bday gift) 

    1. The weather here has been so nasty, lol. We had a little sun on Tuesday but it was still super humid and also very windy. Today is supposed to be looking up, but it’s raining right now at 6:30am. I think today and tomorrow will be our best days. They’ve had so much rain at home, we had to have a friend go over and drain our pool a few inches. Crazy weather.

  10. Hi Jo- Lynne hope you are enjoying your time on the beach.  Thanks for all the coverage on the Nordstrom sale it was a lot of work and I appreciate all the time you spend on it for us all. I wanted to say I was lucky enough to score the Jeffery Campbell ankle booties. It took some doing they were sold out forever but I logged on about 5 times a day and keep checking till I scored a 8 1/2 that must of been returned and jumped on it quickly. If anyone is wanting some as well keep checking back you might luck out like me. 😀 

  11. I’m still looking! I know …i need to get with it! I really like the grouping by price! Thank you😊

  12. i just grabbed the Barefoot Dreams circle cardigan. It was sold out during the preview and now it is back in stock. I hope it lives up to it’s hype!

  13. I wanted to mention another beauty item that is still in stock. It’s the Oribe travel hair kit for $38. It includes a travel size shampoo and conditioner and their dry Texturizing spray. Just read the reviews. When my hair feels fried this shampoo and conditioner make a big difference. I also love their dry shampoo.

      1. Yes that’s it. I first found it from a Birchbox sample. It appears that it is very popular with hair stylists. Lots of info on the internet. It’s very expensive unfortunately.

        1. Ha! Yes, well, that seems to be the case with most things that really work. It’s cliche, but most of the time you really do get what you pay for. I’m ready for a change, so I might try it!

  14. I like the way you grouped items by price.  That takes a lot of work on your part, either way, and I greatly appreciate it!!  I ordered a bunch the first day of early access, and I’m still waiting for most of it to arrive!  Meanwhile…I keep adding things to my wishlist or to the bag.  Uh oh!  I’m just curious what you’re reading while you’re at the beach.  I’m always looking for a good read.

  15. Thanks for doing this Jo-Lynne. I don’t mind ordering if shipping is free in case I need to return. Hate those shipping charges! I ordered the Caslon knit blazer in green beetle. It’s the perfect cut for my body type. I have similar ones with the same notched lapel and I love that the lapel is narrower. For some reason it just looks nicer on my sizeable “girls”. Can you tell I’m excited for some fall fashion? Do you know when you’ll be starting your fall posts? Looking forward to my favorite season!

  16. Oh, yeah!  Shopped it and again!  Keeping the Bramin bag, Wit & Wisdom boot cut jeans, Cole Haan animal print mules(so freaking cute)!  Thanks for all of the information!

  17. I hope y’all had a good day at the beach!  The other day I started looking thru the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale opti9ns on line.  I finally just had to stop with 3 itemsin my bag because I was overwhelmed.  I did find some earrings to add to our granddaughters Christmas.  Today I returned an item to ON that I had bought for Larry.  Well, I walked out with 2 tops for myself.  I just need to put a freeze on shopping for myself!

    1. Haha! That’s easy to do. 🙂 When shopping the #Nsale online, you can always drill down by price point. It helps weed out the stuff that might distract you, and helps keep in budget. 🙂

  18. My order just arrived!! The whit and wisdom black jeans are fantastic as is a dark green floral true wrap top!! And a pair of Marc fisher sock booties…yay good stuff! Thank you for your hard work!

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