#NSALE Items Still In Stock

As the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale down (prices go up on August 6th!), inventory is getting picked over, but there are still some good buys to be had if you aren’t shopped-out yet. I thought I’d round up a few lists of #NSale items still in stock.

Rather than listing by category, I’m grouping things by price point. You’ll have to let me know which you prefer so I know the best way to organize these lists in the future.

#NSale Favorites Under $50 Still In Stock

I actually found a lot more in this category than I expected to! I had to just stop looking and post. Most of these items are fully stocked in at least one color way.

#NSale Favorites Under $100 Still In Stock

It was harder to find well stocked items in this category, but I still managed to come up with quite a few! There are some great closet basics in here at really good prices.

#NSale Favorites Under $200 Still In Stock

I found a lot of good ones in this category… but then I saved over my shopping widget. Aaarrrggghhhhh… I threw together what I could remember as far as products, but I’ll have to add my descriptions later. I have a photo shoot with Alison this morning to get ready for… yes, she’s at the shore too this week! So we’re getting together to shoot for Maui Jim… stay tuned for that post in a few weeks!

#NSale Favorites Under $500 Still In Stock

Yes, these are splurges, investment pieces, whatever you want to call them, but this sale is the best time to make these types of purchases, and there are some good ones this year. If I hadn’t just bought a new house, I’d be taking advantage of a lit more of these. Obviously, you want to make these purchases wisely and with a lot of thought and intention, but if any of these items have been on your wish list, now is a great time to take the plunge.

I hope these lists are helpful. I admit, I was surprised to find so much still in stock, and a few good restocks!

I’m curious, are y’all still shopping the #NSale, or are you about shopped out? I’ve got a few outfit posts in the works with some of my purchases, so stay tuned for that! I hope they will be helpful if you’re looking for ways to style some of the items you bought.


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