Striped Shorts Outfit Two Ways #FashionFriday

Greetings, friends! TGIF, cheers to the weekend, and all that!

It’s been a super exciting week for our family. After closing on our new house last Thursday, we’ve been back and forth almost every day, enjoying the pool and backyard as well as cleaning, moving stuff in, and organizing what I can without my furniture in place.

We’ve had painters there all week working on the first floor and upstairs hallway (we’re painting the walls BM Edgecomb Gray with BM White Dove on the trim), and I’m hoping they can finish up before we move in next Friday. I’m also excited that the carpet for the 2nd floor starts getting installed on Monday! We also ordered a pantry shelving system Paul is going to install, and I’m currently working with Closets By Design to configure my walk-in closet. In addition to all that, I’ve ordered a dining room rug and curtains as well as a bed for the guest room. Whew!!! It’s a lot to coordinate, but I’m having fun.

Meanwhile, it’s Fashion Friday here on the blog.

Striped Shorts Outfit Two Ways

I started out co-hosting this link-up with another blogger almost 10 years ago, and eventually we expanded it to include a small group of bloggers. After a while, it was a lot to manage, so I just took it solo. I wasn’t even a fashion blogger when it started, I just thought it was fun to chat fashion once a week. I never had any idea it would eventually grow into a full-on fashion blog!

Nevertheless, here we are, and today I’ve got a summer outfit featuring these striped Pixie shorts from Old Navy. I feel like these have a slightly dressier vibe than my solid Pixie shorts, so I decided to style them two ways — first with wedge sandals and then with slides.

Seriously, though, how cute are these shorts? Okay, this picture is a little up-close-and-personal for my tastes, but I like how you can see the detail on the shorts.

They’re currently marked down to $19 plus another 25% off at checkout (no code needed.) These are my go-to for non-denim shorts, and I love that they come in solids and prints. If you don’t like the 3 1/2″ inseam, their mid-rise shorts come in a fun gingham print that would work with this outfit as well.

When I went to put this outfit together, I realized I am lacking a very important summer wardrobe essential — black tops. I had the one I styled with the gingham pedal pushers last week, but it was getting old and I don’t like how it hugged the tummy area, so I retired it after that photo shoot.

The only one I have left is this mixed media shell. It’s a nice top, but I like it better as a layering piece. I bought it to have something to wear under structured jackets. Because it has a double layer of material in front, it’s hard to front-tuck without creating extra bulk in an area where I definitely do not need extra bulk, but it’s too long to leave untucked with these shorts. That said, I like how the wider straps make it easy to wear any regular bra with it, and the scoop neck is flattering without sacrificing modesty.

My necklace is old, but I found a similar one that I like a lot. Full disclosure: I’m a Stella & Dot stylist, and I’m linking to my shop.

Speaking of accessories, I like how this bracelet plays into the colors of the outfit and adds a slightly edgy vibe.

Same with this R Minkoff hobo in the putty color with silver hardware. This is such an amazing bag; I’m sad I haven’t carried it more.

Whenever I go to carry it with an outfit, it seems like I’m wearing gold accessories so I put it back and pick something else, but I’m going to start making a concerted effort to work it into more of my outfits.

The leather is like butter, and it’s unlined so it smells so good. It seems like leather bags that are unlined carry that leather smell so much better.

I also like the strap drop — it’s the perfect length for throwing over the shoulder and tucking under the arm. But it’s the silver hardware really makes it — such great attention to detail with the feminine-meets-urban style that R Minkoff does so well.

I did get mine on sale, FYI. I think it’s worth the retail price, but I also know it will likely go on sale again, so if you have your eye on it, I’d recommend waiting for the next Bloomingdale’s promotion.

These wedge sandals are quite comfortable, and I like the way they bookend the outfit, but I feel a little uncomfortable wearing them with the length of these shorts. It works, but I’m not sure where I’d wear this outfit.

For that reason, I also wanted to show this outfit with flat sandals.

I wore these Sam Edelman slides, but I don’t love them. They’re comfortable and good quality, but honestly, I cannot get into this slide trend. They remind me of an old man’s bedroom slippers. I just don’t find them flattering in the least.

I think I’d like this look better with a more strappy flat sandal — these with the black sequins are fun, or this plain leather pair would look nice too.

I can also see dressing these shorts down even more with a black slub knit tee and the thong sandals I mentioned above. (In fact, I just ordered that tee in black!) When I wear them that way, I’ll tone down the jewelry a bit too.

Either way, I’m really liking the printed shorts for a change. I tend to wear solids, so these are fun and different, and hopefully this post gives you some ideas for putting together some new summer shorts outfits from your closet.

tank // stripe shorts // wedge sandals // slides // bag // similar necklace // leather wrap bracelet

Fashion Friday

photo credit: Alison Cornell

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32 Responses

  1. Hi Jo-Lynne! I love this color combo. So elegant. And I really like the higher heel with the outfit best, even though I rarely wear high heels with shorts because I’m so tall. But high heels really help the leg look longer with shorts, huh. Great look!

    I’m so excited for you as you move into your new home. Have fun!

  2. Hi Jo-lynne, I have to agree with you on the slides.  I have a pair that I always try to make work and feel the same way., (Man Slippers). Lol!  However, you are rocking your outfit.  It all flows together nicely.

  3. I love it when the stripes are vertical as opposed to horizontal! I think they are so much more flattering. The neutral colors in your shorts will be great to mix and match with so many pieces!

  4. I do think some of the slides look like slippers too. Although I have seen some that seem more like real shoes!! Then again, since some people wear their jammies to the store…why not wear your slippers? Ha ha!!
    I love these shorts, Jo-Lynne—they almost feel dressy maybe because of the colors??

  5. I have those shorts and I love them! I wear them with a black top and strappy black sandals. I’ve been tempted to try wearing them with a pink top, too, for a pop of color. I love pink and black together. You look fabulous, as always! Have fun getting the new house ready for move-in. I can’t wait to see more pictures!

  6. I have a pair of striped pixie shorts from last year (or the year before) that I wear all the time. I liked the wedge sandals. I’d wear that out to the movies (during the day) and for lunch with my sister etc. Also, for the frequent trips to Costco.

  7. Yes it’s finally Friday… where has the week gone? I have a feeling the summer is going to slip away…? Cute shorts and thanks for the two options:) black t- shirts almost need to be replaced as much as white ones I find… I updated a couple of mind this year too… and you need different styles for different outfits too 😉 
    Have a fun weekend 

  8. What a nice outfit, styled both ways!  Like you, I am all out of sorts and confused on what day of the week it is.  I haven’t been able to read your posts in several days, but I do plan on reading them at some point.  Being out of town one night and having fireworks two nights in a row have me messed up.  Oh, I got the Universal Thread jean shorts from Target, tried them on, and like them, especially for the cost savings.  Hang in there!  All of the craziness of living in two homes at one time will be over real soon.  Enjoy your weekend!

  9. Cute outfit!  I am not a shorts gal (don’t like the back of my calves!), but you almost make me want to be one. The stripes are so cute and I love a good black tee in the summer.  Have fun with the rest of the moving process.  You’ll be in your house before you know it!

  10. This is my kind of summer outfit!  I don’t believe I could do the heels.  I’m more of a flat sandal kind of person.  Have you tried the shorts this summer from JCrew Factory?  They have some really nice 3 1/2 & 5″ chino shorts and great prices. 

  11. I really love this one and will be copying for sure. I have a couple pairs of striped shorts fairly similar so this is great inspiration for me.

  12. Cute outfit! I loved those Jetsetter T’s that whbm used to have. Wish they’d come back. Thanks in advance for all the work you put into the NSale! Love the color in your new home.

  13. Jo-Lynne, it is a super cute outfit and I quite like it with either pair of shoes.  I like to go for the higher heels with short shorts because it makes my legs go on forever and who doesn’t want that? But I hear you how it can be a little uncomfortable showing off that much leg!  Congratulations on the new house.  I hope the transition is smooth as can be!


  14. LOVE this outfit – its so hard to find shorts that aren’t too short, but also aren’t bermuda length. I still want ‘short’ shorts, just not the itty bitty length I would have worn at 21 haha. Thanks for sharing these!

    Lee | LegalLee Blonde

  15. Such cute shorts! I actually like the slides (I have the same pair of Sam Edelmans but in the cognac leather color & wear them quite a bit).
    It’s the mules I just can’t get excited about. Like others have said, I wore them through the 90s (even have a picture of me wearing them on my honeymoon in ‘93 with a denim mini skirt….. 😂 wow, proof that fashion is definitely cyclical !) But I don’t think I loved them even back then. I just wore them cuz they were in “style.” They just look and feel a bit clunky now. 
    My feelings about some of the current fashion trends are that they’re best left to the younger girls. I hate to say that because I honestly believe that our age shouldn’t define us, but when I’m at the mall and see a 28 year old wearing the super high waisted wide leg crop jeans with a bodysuit and mules & then see a 55 year old women trying in the same thing it looks ridiculous on the older woman. I wish our fashion choices as 50+ year olds weren’t so heavily dictated by one source. 
    I think that’s why I like and appreciate your blog so much because you are able to embrace new trends in a way that works for us. What is that quote by Coco Chanel? “Fashion fades, but a woman’s style remains the same.” And “simplicity is the key to fashion perfection.” (Forgive me Chanel if I misquoted you!! I’ll have to look them up.) 😊
    Good luck on your house to-do list today! I told my husband yesterday that I was feeling the itch to repaint a couple of the upstairs bedrooms as well as redo our guest bedroom downstairs and change the color scheme. He just stared at me….no comment! 😁

  16. Love the outfit! And I’m totally with you on the slides…. lol! Also- the rug you ordered looks nearly exactly like the one I recently purchased from Wayfair for my living room! (I had a picture on Instagram) Needless to say- I love your choices for the house! 😉

  17. So cute love the stripes!
    Excited for you ….I moved in two
    Days ago and so fun 

  18. I am totally with you on the slide trend. I feel like I’m in bedroom slippers and they are just not flattering to my feet and legs. That being said, I do have one gingham pair with a fun bow on top and the detail helps me get over the feeling of slippers.

  19. These are such cute shorts, and, I agree with you – they are nice for a change.  However…I really love that bag!  I will definitely watch for it to go on sale.  I love the putty color and silver hardware.  Rebecca Minkoff”s edgy style = swoon!

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