Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018 Preview

So there’s this little event coming up later this month called the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. You may have heard of it? 🤣

Right now half of you are clapping your hands together in glee while the other half are swearing off all blogs and social media until August 6th, when the earth is once again centered on its axis.

I understand, I really do.

Yes, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is probably over-hyped, and yes, the blogosphere will be saturated with the #NSale hashtag over the next few weeks. BUT. I’ve been told countless times how much people enjoy my coverage, and my stats don’t lie — many of you guys love it as much as I do — so I’ll definitely be covering it (and shopping it, duh!) again this year.

That said, I really try not to over-do it with my #NSale coverage because NOBODY, least of all this summer-loving girl, is ready to dive into fall fashion in July!

That said, despite the fact that summer just arrived in most parts of the U.S., the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is simply THE best time to stock up on cold weather basics and new fall trends. So as your self-proclaimed girlfriend who keeps you in the know about all things fashion, it would be wrong of me to ignore such an epic sale.

Some of you are probably wondering what all the hype is all about, so let’s start at the beginning.


First, let me tell you what it is not. This is NOT a summer clearance sale.

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is legendary among Nordstrom customers because we can purchase new fall merchandise at discounted prices before it becomes available to the public. Yes, these are all brand new styles for fall along with some perennial popular products. (HINT: I like to stock up on my favorite underwear during the #NSale because it’s always included.)

This it the time to think about investment pieces and big ticket items (boots, coats, watches, handbags…) as well as some lower priced trendy items to spice up your fall wardrobe. You’ll get to enjoy them for the whole season, AND you get them at a great price.

Because I’m a Level 4 Nordstrom cardholder (shopaholic much? LOL!), I get to shop the sale on the 11th — the day before the Early Access period opens — and then I can bring it all to you bright and early on the first day of Early Access, July 12th!

I will probably be up and posting when the #NSale goes live online at 3AM EST, so if anyone is crazy enough to be up with me (and last year, some of you were!!!) you can get all my insider info before things sell out. And yes, some things do sell out within the first few hours. #crazybuttrue

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018 Preview

Trust me, I’m not trying to create some false sense of urgency to get more clicks. I still have people telling me they wish they had snagged a certain handbag or sweater that I promoted during the #NSale last summer and continued to wear throughout last fall and winter, but it sold out before they made up their minds. So yes, it really does pay to shop early.

And yes, some of the products that sell out will get restocked at a later date, and some may even be priced lower than they were during the Anniversary Sale… and people will cluck their tongues and remind us that it’s always over-hyped, but you know what? It may be a gamble, but it’s one I’m willing to take, because every year I score some of my best fall and winter wardrobe staples during this sale.

All that said, please don’t stress out over it — that’s craziness. If you miss out on something you really want, it’s just clothes. Something else WILL come along, I assure you. Just trying to keep things in perspective around here…

The Calendar

Here’s the calendar of events and the dates you may want to put on your calendar.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Calendar


  1. Sign up for Nordstrom Rewards. With Nordstrom Rewards, you earn 1 point* for every dollar spent in stores or online at Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack and HauteLook. If you aren’t opposed to having another card, open a Nordstrom credit card to get 2 points* per dollar when you shop at Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, HauteLook and Trunk Club; PLUS you get to shop during Anniversary Sale Early Access. You can also pick your own Personal Triple Points Day(s) and get reimbursed in Notes for alterations. I’m not a fan of opening store cards willy nilly, but if you shop often at Nordstrom, this one is worth it. (I actually have the Nordstrom Visa and use it for my outside purchases as well — it racks up points faster, and it eliminates the need for yet another card.) *For every 2,000 points, you’ll get a $20 Nordstrom Note to spend on anything at Nordstrom.
  2. Mark your calendar. If you get the credit card, you will also get Early Access to the sale, so put July 12 on your calendar, because that is the first day of Early Access. If you prefer not to have early access, put July 20 on your calendar. They do restock some things that sell out during Early Access, so all hope is not lost. (But there are no guarantees.)
  3. Subscribe to my blog! If you’re not already a subscriber, sign up to get my emails and keep an eye on my blog because I’ll be putting together a Guide to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale very similar to the one I did last year that I hope will help you navigate this epic sale. I’m already familiar with their brands and pricing structure, so I can let you know what the truly good deals are and what not to miss out on.
  4. Be sure to follow me on my Facebook page and Instagram. I often post sale alerts and deals I find on my Facebook page before I can compile them into a blog post, and I definitely plan to use my Insta Story to bring you a sneak peek into the #NSale on the Pre-Sale date, July 11th!
  5. Schedule a Personal Triple Points Day during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and make your biggest purchases that day to maximize your rewards points earning potential!
  6. Clean out your closet and make a shopping list. If you have access to your fall/winter clothes, go through them and make a list of what you need to replace and what you want to add. I’ll have more tips for shopping the sale when it gets closer, but this is something you may want to start on now. Also remember that the entire store is on sale, including home items, mens, and kids stuff too… It’s a GREAT time to start your Christmas shopping. #dontshootthemessenger
  7. Tune into my #NSale Facebook Live next week! Yes, I’m bringing Facebook Lives back!!! Next Tuesday, if all goes well, I’m planning to go live on my Facebook Page at 1PM EST to discuss all things Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, so bring your questions!!!

Want a Sneak Peek?

Here it is: the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Women’s Catalog. I’ve been looking it over, and it’s a bit underwhelming at the moment, but I know from last year that this is just a snapshot of all the fall inventory they will be bringing out for this sale. There is SO. MUCH. MORE.

From the catalog, I can tell you that balloon/puff sleeves are trending. I think every sweater in the #NSale preview catalog has a version of this sleeve.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018: Halogen® Ruffled Turtleneck Sweater

I’m not a huge fan of that look becasue I think it adds visual weight, but I guess it depends on your body type. I’ll have to try them before I can make a definite judgement.

I’m seeing a lot of minimalism in the handbag selection — for example, this All Saints leather tote.

ALLSAINTS Mast Leather Shoulder Tote

It also appears that the circle bag trend is hanging around this fall.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018: rag & bone Suede & Leather Circle Crossbody Bag

And it looks like one of my favorite handbags — my kate spade pebbled leather hobo — has been reinvented and brought back this fall in four delicious colors. #mustresist

But so far, I’m mostly excited about the shoes and boots. EVERYONE loved my Sam Edelman knee-high suede cognac boots last year, and they sold out pretty fast. They’re bringing them back, and they look very similar. I would not wait around long because I expect these to sell out.

I’m also loving this Blondo bootie, although I believe we’re going to see this boot style with the wider shaft going by the wayside in favor of the sock bootie trend. That said, I predict this style to stick around for a few more seasons because it’s so much more practical and easy to style. For a waterproof suede bootie, this is a REALLY good price.

I’m kind of excited about this Lucky Brand wedge bootie too. I had a pair almost just like these two seasons ago but without the split shaft and they were soooo super comfortable.

The sock booties, though, that’s the direction things are going. I tried a few pairs last fall and finally found a pair I love, but I do find them harder to style with skinny jeans than the Blondo style shown above. This sock bootie lends itself better to skirts/dresses and the wide legged ankle jeans.

I’m also seeing a lot of mules, both flats and heels. I’m totally drooling over these Vince mules, but they may be too high. They don’t have the heel measurement online yet.

There’s also this R Minkoff pair with a closed toe that’s really fun.

Usually the denim game is strong at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, but I’m not sure how this year is going to play out. I’m sure they’ll have a lot more than shown in the catalog, but right now, I’m kind of meh. I’d like to try these Rag & Bone ankle skinnies, but I’m also going to try to break out of my skinny jeans comfort zone and try some straighter styles.

I’d like to try these since they’re cut on the slimmer side.

And I’ll give these boot cropped jeans a try, but I’m pretty sure I’ll hate them. Ha!

And in case you wondered, the Levis comeback is still going strong. Someone in the Levi’s marketing department deserves a raise.

Note all the loafers and mules pictured with these jeans. That is definitely the way the shoe trends are going this year. I can’t say I’m a huge fan, but I’m trying to embrace it.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018: Halogen® Violet Mule

I didn’t see many coats that had me excited, but I expect this fleece will go fast. These were super popular last winter, and it’s a good price point for a trendy jacket.

There’s also some good activewear and leggings — this Alo hoodie has my name written all over it. I love this brand. It’s pricey, but such good quality.

There a lot of good buys in intimates and beauty as well, but this post is long enough, dontcha think?

For not really liking this catalog, I sure found a lot of things I want to try. #occupationalhazard

I can’t wait to see what else they have this year, and I’m so excited to get in a day ahead so I can share the best styles and deals from the sale and report back on quality and fit, and YOU can avoid the madness and shop from your living room couch as soon as the sale opens.

I know it seems like sales these days are a dime a dozen, but this truly is one not to miss. Stick with me, kid! I’ve gotcha covered!

As always, when you shop through my affiliate links, I make a small commission, but it doesn’t cost you an extra penny. Just consider me your virtual stylist!!!

$300 Nordstrom Gift Card GIVEAWAY

As a way of showing my appreciation for you all (and let’s face it, reading to the end of this post, haha!) I’m giving away a $300 Nordstrom Gift Card to one lucky winner, who will be chosen on July 10th — just in time to shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Early Access on July 12th (or the 20th if you’re not a card holder)!

I so appreciate your continued readership, encouraging comments, and basically allowing me to do this blog as a full-time job. I realize I wouldn’t be able to do it without all of you, so I want to do something to show my gratitude and bless at least one of you in a tangible way.

This giveaway is just me, myself, and I. No long list of people to follow. It’s my way of saying THANK YOU and giving back to you all. I’m not promoting it heavily on social media; I really want this gift card to go to someone who is a regular, faithful reader and JLS community member.

As usual with my giveaways, you can enter through the Rafflecopter widget below. There are multiple entry methods available; none are required, but the more ways you enter, the greater your chances of winning. Entrants must be 18 years of age or older, and this contest is open worldwide.

The winner will be announced next Tuesday, July 10th, in my Tips for Shopping the Anniversary Sale blog post, so be sure to check back to see if you’re the lucky one!!!

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    1. You can call them or ask them in store. Sometimes you can click a box when shopping online but for some reason, it doesn’t always seem to be there. You can also hop on Live Chat when shopping online and have them do it. It does not have to be done in advance, they will do it on the spot, and no matter what time of day you have them do it, it will apply to all purchases made that day in stores or online.

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    Also, love the fuzzy sweatshirt!  Is that a trend, or just looks comfy to you?  

    Please, don’t feel compelled to buy those hideous cropped/flaired jeans on my account.  I think they look hideous on everyone, young and old, skinny — doesn’t matter, they are fugly.  U-G-L-Y, they ain’t got no alibi, they UGLY!  LOL.

    Streamlined bags, eh?  Hmmm, will look into this further.  

    Keep it coming!  I’ll be up at 3 a.m. with you:-)

    1. That sweatshirt or one like it was a huge trend last winter. All the younger fashion bloggers seemed to be gaga over it and it would keep selling and getting restocked. Personally, I can’t wear anything that thick and fluffy. I’d look like the abominable snowman with my chest. Haha. But if you like a cozy fleece that is trendy and affordable, it’s the one to have!

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  88. Thank you so much for all the work you do for us, specifically with the NSale. I look forward to your review each year. You’re the best, Jo-Lynne!

    1. LOL, I like the ones that are a little more structured… not an actually sock. 🙂 They are harder to style with skinnies, though. The skinnies have to be just wide enough to fit over them, I think.

  89. Love those Rebecca Minkoff mules! Also, great idea to shop for underwear during the Nordstrom sale!

  90. Thanks for the giveaway! I am going to purchase the Marc Fisher LTD migi bootie in white. I can’t wait. 😃

    1. LOVE THOSE! I have tried SO HARD to do the white booties… I bought those Vince ones on sale last spring but returned them. I think they’re a little “out there” for my area of suburbia, lol. Maybe they’ll get more mainstream this fall, and I can try again.

  91. Last year was the first year I shopped the sale (shocking, I know). Living in a small town and being fairly new to following fashion blogs, it had just never been on my radar. I don’t have much to spend this year, but I do have a list of several items to look for that I can mix and match to fit in my budget. The hope is that will keep me from getting caught up too much with the excitement and over-buying. As a long time style lover, I can say your advice is right on point: make a plan, stay on budget, and don’t freak out. Sales come and go. If we miss something now, another something like it will come along. Thanks for the advice!

    1. Not shocking at all. Before I was blogging, I loved Nordstrom, but had no idea what the Anniversary Sale was about. I also think it’s gone nuts since bloggers have started promoting it. I don’t think it used to sell out so fast. And yes, while it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement, I would never want anyone to bust their budget over it. Thankfully their return policy is generous, so you can always buy first and return later. I do that if in doubt about something, b/c things do go so fast.

  92. Great post Jo-Lynne. If I hadn’t heard of the Anniversary Sale before, you gave great information to know ALL about it.  That is neat you get in even a day before the early access.  It does kind of stress me out alittle, as I don’t like to feel pressure when shopping.  I get rewards but not with the card.  So won’t have early access.  I’m anxious to see what else they add, as I was like you, when I looked at the catalog, I wasn’t impressed. I think they make the catalog models and styles look like only something you’d wear on the runways.  I know your post will really help.  I’m excited for the Lives you do to come back.  Please be sure to post it again on Wed. on your blog for those of us who don’t have facebook.  Thanks so much.  I’ll try to get some questions ready before Tues.   Excited for you and your new house. I don’t know how you keep up on everything with the blog and all you have to do for your new home.  I got sad when you said it felt like HOME when you sent back to the OLD house.  You are right, it will get easier once your stuff is at the NEW house.  Blessings.  

    1. Oh, and thanks for your kind words about the house. It’s not that I feel like the old one is still home in a sentimental way, it’s just how I naturally still refer to it. I find myself saying, “ready to go home?” to the kids. LOL! But I know that will change on July 13. I’m actually not feeling at all sentimental about leaving the old one. I love the new one so much. The kids are getting a little sad, though. Becca keeps saying, “I’ve never moved before. This is weird.” I think Caroline is okay. She’s like me, not very sentimental. I mean, I have some great memories here, but we’re only moving 2 miles way. LOL!

  93. I love your sale posts, especially Nordstrom! I never have time to go through their huge inventory of sale items online and your pointers save me a huge amount of time !! Thank you !!

  94. I’m rebuilding my wardrobe after a big weight loss. Hoping to find some good pieces on sale. Can’t wait!

  95. Love your website, look forward to reading it each and every day….thank you for all of your dedication and hard work.  Looking forward to seeing your new homes freshly painted walls!

  96. So excited to see you picks and recommendations for this sale! the Blondo booties are speaking to me already.

  97. I’ll be excited to see the different style jeans!  I have discovered the benefit of buying higher quality jeans and am trying to update my closet with pairs that last!

  98. Thanks for the give away!🤞 I’ll be looking for a classic trench coat. I don’t need it very often but when I need one, I miss having one. 

  99. Jo-Lynne, I have only been following you since March or so, so I was not familiar with the Nordstrom sale. We don’t even have a Nordstrom in our town, so I have never shopped there. Since following your blog, I have gotten a few things so I am interested to see what this is all about. We are similar in body type and even in our color choices, so seeing something on you first is helpful. Thanks for all the work you do. 

  100. Excited for the sale!  Hoping they have a lot more premium denim than what was in the catalog.  Thanks for your great coverage!  It is actually how I found your blog 🙂

  101. I’m going to be definitely checking out the straight leg, high rise jeans! I also need a new every day purse and then of course, there are the shoes!!! Thanks for the great information and the very generous chance to win your giveaway!!

  102. I haven’t purchased anything during this sale in the past but this year I need to replace some basics so I will be following closely for choices. I live in Canada and in the spring was able to visit the Nordstrom store in Calgary. Great selection at various price points!

  103. Thank you so much for your blog! I can’t EVEN tell you how much I appreciate you and look forward to your emails & posts! WOW…what a difference & influence you have made in my life…clothes/choices/home/closet…EVERYDAY STUFF! You have truly been that GIRLFRIEND I have needed! Looking forward to the giveaway! Hope you have a BLESSED day!

  104. Thanks for the #NSale coverage. I’ll be looking for the faux leopard jacket and some closet staples. PS: Also loving your coverage of the new house and decorating ideas.

  105. Hi Jo-Lynne,  I am so excited for the Naalehu this year!  I love reading your reviews. It helps me so much with my decision making!  I love the fleece jacket. I’m probably going to snag that up. I’m also liking the J Crew boot crop jeans and the Lucky Brand booties. 

  106. I’m new to Nordstrom and I’m looking forward to seeing your picks. I like the budget friendly clothes 

  107. You do a great job every year of keeping me organized with this sale! I appreciate you so much! <3

  108. I’ve never bought anything at The Nordstrom anniversary sale. I just can’t get my head around what I’d like for fall. I’m going to check out the shoes though. There are some basics I’ve been looking for. 

  109. I will be looking for a new purse, excited to see what you find! Thank you for doing the foot work and the giveaway.

  110. Good stuff, J-L!  I am with you on those sleeves, though.  If the are not flattering to the tiny models, they aren’t going to do anything for me!

  111. I love that fleece jacket and hopefully my Nordstrom will have it July 12. Thanks for the great post. 

  112. You are definitely my favourite for sale coverage, and I’m looking to pick up a cardigan…. thanks a bunch for all your work to help the rest of us out 🙂

  113. I’m really looking forward to your coverage! And hoping you find some terrific things that aren’t in the catalog…I found it to be completely underwhelming. I wore loafer/mules in the early 90s and I’m so over that trend. I thought most of the jeans were hideous. And I was generally just meh over pretty much all of it. BUT experience has led me to believe there are lots of great sale items not featured in the catalog so hope springs eternal!! LOL!

    Thank you for the chance to win the gift certificate! That is so nice of you!

  114. I agree with other reviewers- having someone comb through the sale for you is such a help!  I always buy my boots during this sale- it never lets me down!  Those 501s may need to happen too…

  115. Thank you for not asking us to follow/visit other bloggers to enter! I have no idea what I will be looking for! It will be a surprise when I find it!  LOL 

  116. LOVE the Sam Edelman boots 😍😍😍 Not a fan of balloon sleeves 🤨 Thank you for your coverage of The Sale and your very generous giveaway offer!!

  117. My first time shopping the Nsale-looking forward to seeing more of your picks!  I may have to give the slides and mules a try, although I’m not quite ready to plunge into the sock bootie trend yet. I always appreciate your denim reviews and will use the sale as an excuse to splurge on a premium pair for fall!

  118. I have never really paid attention to the NSale until this year. I’m excited to find some things to freshen up my fall wardrobe.

  119. So excited for #Nsale! And kinda bummed that I will be at a family reunion at the Outer Banks when it starts. Thank you for your recommendations–I will be using them while shopping online!

  120. Last year was my first year to experience the sale. It was crazy! My husband wondered why all the packages kept coming!! So much of what I liked would already be gone and I returned most of what I bought. I think I ended up keeping two things. Not sure it’s worth all the hype but it’s fun to see what the bloggers are buying! Thanks for all of your work. Getting us ready! 

    1. The first year I shopped it, I bought so much stuff it was obscene. I returned TONS. Last year I was a little more savvy with it, but I still ended up returning a bit. Of course, that’s also partly b/c of my job. I always buy more than I know I can keep for my personal use. But this year I’m going to really try to tone it down, buy mostly things I really want to keep, and do dressing room try ons for the rest.

      All that to say, with a sale this huge, I think it takes a couple years to get the hang of shopping it. Don’t give up on it – just make a list of a few key items you REALLY want and try to stick to that. Maybe allow yourself one surprise item purchase that you aren’t expecting.

  121. Thanks for the Nsale preview! I briefly looked through the catalog when it arrived last week & I think my husband tossed it out with the recycled trash! 
    I have my eye on handbags this year: I hope to snag that Rag & Bone circle crossbody & I’m loving the newer KS leather hobo bag in that beautiful dark blue color! I also want to try those LeFrame straight cropped jeans but not sure about all the miles and loafers. I’m such a huge fan of ballet flats with skinny jeans and pants (especially for work). Changes- changes! 😏
    I entered your giveaway!! Fingers crossed! 😍

    1. I didn’t get a catalog in the mail this year. #thenerve

      I like that R&B crossbody too. I wonder how much it holds.

      I’m with you. Ballet flats with skinny jeans forever!!!!! 🙌

  122. Jolynne,
    (Thank you for your decision to reward your faithful followers. It’s very thoughtful of you!)
    I wonder if you have some good suggestions for a knee high winter boot with a flat heel that is good for walking. I am traveling to Europe in November for a tour of the “Christmas markets” and will be doing a lot of walking in the cold weather in the cities. I’m thinking something similar to the gray UGG boots you have shown on your blog? Knee high for the warmth….any on the Nordstrom sale? Thank you.

    1. Hey Gina, remind me when the sale starts… there will be SOOOO much more avail then. I’ll try to keep an eye out on the 11th. I always start in the shoe department. 🙂

  123. Thank you so much for the helpful advice on the sale! I’m going to be investing in some fall boots at the sale.

  124. Thanks for the heads up about the anniversary sale – I always mean to prepare for it but end up forgetting until the last moment! I love your blog, Jolynne, thanks for all you do. 🙂

  125. I’m not a huge fan of the Nordstrom sale and I’m one of those that will hit delete when the blogs I follow continually (for days and days) hashtag Nordstrom. I don’t get the hype. I guess I haven’t jumped on that train yet. However, I do like the looks of several pieces your highlighted….

    Love your blog. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  126. I do have a love hate relationship with the Nsale.  It can get overwhelming especially when you don’t have a lot of money to buy the boots and handbags.  Maybe you could do a N Sale on a budget post 👍🏻😁

    1. That is a really good idea. REMIND ME when it gets closer. Even a budget section on my Guide to the #NSale… actually I think I may have done an under $100 section before. But remind me. I like that idea! I can try to do an under $50 too.

  127. I love all of your Nordstom anniversary sale posts. Well, really all of your posts!!   I have a Nordstrom card for the first time this year and so excited to get to shop early!!  I really need to update my sweaters and boots this year. Hoping for a good selection and great deals!!  Thanks for all of your prep work. It really does help. 

  128. I would love to see and shop for an entire outfit with accessories in a classic style suitable for a teacher who is on her feet most of the day.  While I like the bootie trend, I had a difficult time finding a pair that was attractive and comfortable enough to wear standing for long periods of time.  I ended up with some black wedge booties from Dansko, but, now I’m in search of a stone or greige suede pair… 🤗

  129. Thanks for this give away, Jo-Lynne.  It’s good timing!  I’ve already figured out one Christmas gift from your little preview today.  Yay!

  130. Jo-Lynne. Such a great post. Had me laughing! I have to admit I rolled my eyes about the sale but do know it is a great sale. Hard to think about fall! JUST finishing summer wardrobe. But am interested in fall trends so I am tuned in. Thank goodness you do the research ( much prefer to research decor HA) 

  131. What a wonderful gift Jo-Lynne. I have learned so much from you about styling my 58 year old self (as of tomorrow!) and finding some really wonderful, affordable buys in quality clothing. You are my go to for fashion advice and ‘goings on!’ Thank you for doing this and I’m very happy you get to do what you love! God bless your day and happy shopping!!!!!

  132. Thanks so much for doing all the legwork for us readers! I always find a few things I can’t live without from your recommendations.

  133. Can’t wait to shop the sale! I’ll probably go for some new bras and am hoping there are some good Vince trousers on sale …

  134. I am looking forward to seeing what is on trend for fall, particularly with shoes. I am full figured and unfortunately can’t wear a lot of the styles featured on some fashion blogs, BUT I have cute little feet (size 6.5) so I kind of go crazy with shoes. Let’s just say I need a Carrie Bradshaw kind of closet!

    1. Haha! Same here with needing a Carrie Bradshaw closet. I just designed the closet for my new house yesterday, and there STILL isn’t enough room for shoes… oh, well. I guess the “bootshelf” will live on in the new bedroom! 🤣

  135. I love the suede booties – not familiar with that brand though. I usually buy Vionic because I need the arch support because of plantar fasciitis.

    I don’t really get the sock booties. But then it usually take me longer to warm up to new trends!

    1. Vionic does have amazing support, but Blondo makes a really comfy shoe. Worth a try! I had PF before, so I know how it goes. The nice thing about boots is you can wear inserts in them. I have custom orthotics I put in my boots.

  136. Jo-Lynne , I love the post that you do for the #Nsale . I like the preview that you give us too . It is exciting to get to buy fall and winter in the dead of summer Lol!!! No really , please dont stop doing your post on it , it helps so much . I cant wait until you get moved in your new house , so excited for you and I can’t wait to see more pictures and insta stories . 
    Have a great evening!!!

  137. It’s so hard for me to shop for fall and winter items when it’s so hot in Texas. But never say never; I could focus on some shoes and maybe actually get something at the Nordstrom Sale this year. Thanks for the opportunity to win 😃

  138. Love your blog. I’m definitely gearing up for the Nordstrom sale and glad you pointed out the focus on new Fall merch. Hadn’t really thought about that.

  139. Fun fun !!
    I would get jeans and boots for
    Chicago winter!!!!
    Thanks can’t wait to see your 

  140. Thank you for doing all the pre sale work for us!  I’m looking forward to your Instagram posts on 7/11 with some previews.  I’m on mountain time so I only have to stay up till 1am instead of 3 to start shopping- ha! 🙂  

  141. It’s the most wonderful time of the year!! I wasn’t impressed with catalog so keep the posts coming!

  142. I’ve been subscribing to your emails for several years and follow you on Instagram. I’ve always purchased at least one item you’ve  suggested during the Nordstrom Sale and I’ve never been disappointed! Thank you!

  143. I love your #NSale coverage! I wish you could try every single thing so I can see how it fits on a real body.

    1. Haha, I think I did last year… no, just kidding. But I was there for like 5 hours. I’m going to try to move faster this year, take pix, and post them later from home.

  144. Thanks so much for giving away such a generous Nordstrom gift card!  I enjoy reading your blog and look forward to it every morning with my coffee!  

  145. Looking forward to seeing what you r3commend as the sale goes on. I bought two cards and a pair of booties last year. Had to go to the store, as there isn’t a Canadian website for Nordstrom and I didn’t want to pay for shipping. Had fun. With the saleswoman helping me find things!

  146. You have gotten me excited about the sale!  But I absolutely can not spend much this year, just bought a house too!  So thank you for the giveaway!

    1. Yes, I usually like to splurge on a designer piece or two but this year I’m going to try to go easy and buy more for the blog than for me. We’ll see how that goes… haha.

  147. I will be shopping the Nordstrom sale thru the catalogue because our closest store is 75 miles away unless I visit my sister in Portland,OR- it’s always more fun to shop with her!! She reads your blog and we have fun discussing your outfits!😊

  148. As a lifelong Nordstrom shopper, I almost never make it past their back doors into the KoP mall…they always have what I need. I find the Anniversary Sale coverage to be over the top on many blogs, but I appreciate your finds year to year – never hyping, just highlighting good, solid pieces!

  149. Thank you so much for the giveaway and all the info about this sale! I am also loving all your house updates and seeing it on instastories! It looks beautiful!

  150. You’re so right that you’ll miss out if you wait too long…it’s happned to me multiple times in years past! Can’t wait for the sale to begin!

  151. Thanks for the giveaway!  I’m not sure if I’ll be doing the #Nsale this year or not.  I have in the past, but like others and you have said, their catalog isn’t very tempting…so, we’ll see 🙂

  152. We got a Nordstrom’s rack a few years back and I’ve never gotten in there. Maybe the Anniversary sale is a reason to go…

  153. I found you a few years ago and so very glad I did!! Your keen eye and shopper savvy are what drew me to your blog and I read it most every day. Keep up the good work !!

  154. I love your website. I am looking at coats in the sale. I love a lavender coat in the catalog, but am thinking red is more versatile. What do you think?

    1. Hm, the lavender IS really pretty, and I think you can wear both the same amount, b/c I don’t really match my coat to my outfit. But red seems more classic, I think.

  155. I love this post!! I’m getting so pumped for the sale and this was so helpful! Can’t wait to follow along next week while you shop 😊

  156. Yet another great post Jo Lynne! As much as I’m enjoying my summer wardrobe, I’m already looking forward to fall and winter fashion! That’s why I love your Nordstrom Sale coverage so much. Even if I don’t always buy the exact items, it gives me great ideas for new outfit combos or special items to add to my wishlist. Fingers crossed because I would LOVE that gift card!

  157. I’m in the “oh no, another Nsale post” group because I just don’t shop there. But if I won the giveaway you would definitely make a convert out of me!

  158. I’ll definitely stock up on undies too! I also want a black Barefoot Dreams cardigan – I have grey, taupe and navy but I really need black! 😊

  159. Jolynne,
    I look forward to seeing all of your picks from the Nordstrom sale. Love your fashion sense and I have ordered many items that you highlighted in the past. Not sure that the new denim trends are going to work for me but I did like the Rag & Bone black skinnies.

  160. Thank you for the generous gift card drawing!! I am loving the black Lucky wedge booties!! Thank you in advance for all your hard work!!

  161. Always love your down to earth blog Jo-Lynne, May have to actually shop the Nsale this year! 

  162. Looking forward to your finds! I love that Kate Spade ♠️. Thanks for the giveaway chance! 

  163. I was underwhelmed by the catalog as well but I’m for certain buying the Caslon u neck t shirt.  I scored three of them last year and they are my absolute favorite tee!  I’m also hoping that Wit and Wisdom goes on sale.  I got a couple of pairs last year and those fit me really well.  Looking toward to your picks Jolynne

  164. Can’t wait for the sale!  You’re posts are very helpful to those of us who don’t get out much & shop!

  165. Thank you so much for this awesome giveaway! I have really enjoyed reading your blog over the years.

  166. I’m looking forward to your suggestions on the sale. This will be the first time for me to see your coverage. I’ll be looking at shoe trends and jeans, always jeans!

  167. Looking forward to seeing your recommendations! I too and underwhelmed by the catalog… but I know you’ll find some good stuff for us to look at!

  168. Im intrested in the PMD beauty micro dermabrasion device that ll b on sale !!! Lets see if i take the dip to get it

  169. I’ll be looking for casual shoes and need to stock up on some intimates. It’s likely some pajamas will hope in my cart too. 
    Thanks for doing the giveaway. 

  170. I got a N store credit just for early access of this sale!! I can’t wait!! Thanks for shopping for us… love your style!!

  171. I’m looking forward to your recommendations and dressing room pics to help make some decisions.  I’m specifically looking to replace my brown leather riding boots, pick up a winter coat (love North Face), and find some cute sweaters and cardis.

  172. Thank you for the giveaway and the preview. I like those Blondo boots. And I hope you do some try-on sessions. I learn so much from those!

  173. Thanks for your insights & thoughts on the sale. I have to agree I’m a bit meh over the catalog this year and didn’t notice many of the items you listed in your post. I’ll be looking for your updates on the 11th for sure and throughout the sale. I love your sense of style!  Thank you!

  174. Best anniversary sale post I have read this season, and I have read a lot of them 🙂 This year, I am looking for boots and activewear

  175. I am so excited for the #NSale!!! I am loving the Kate Spade bag ( What color should I get??)) and those Blondo booties! I cannot get on the high-waisted straight denim trend, tho! Looking forward to your posts over the next several days! Count me in!!! 

  176. Hi! Though I don’t often comment, I do read you daily from getting your posts emailed and have bought some of the clothing you link to. Keep up the good work!

  177. Thanks for the giveaway! I  saw some cute things from Alo and Zella and that Kate spade bag…😍😍😍

  178. I thank you for all of your hard work for us and don’t know how you do it while raising a family, moving homes and living life. You are amazing and I look forward to your email everyday! Love your new house!

  179. Thanks for breaking down the catalog! Much like you I was underwhelmed, but you got me excited and can’t wait to shop next Friday!

  180. You do an awesome job each year helping us narrow down options! I have an interest in a coat, jeans, shoes and casual / athletic wear.

  181. So excited about the sale. I’ve actually been keeping a note on my desktop listing specific items I want to shop for. Thanks, Jo-Lynne!

  182. I cannot wait to see all the goodies!  I probably won’t buy much because, truthfully, I seriously have enough, but it’s so much fun to see what’s in sale! 😃❤️

  183. Not really crazy about the mules/loafers, and I’m hoping that skinny jeans stay around forever!

    1. You just have to ask – call them, ask an associate in store, or hop on the Live Chat online and they can do it for you. Sometimes you can click a box at checkout when shopping online but for some reason, it doesn’t always seem to be there. It does not have to be done in advance, they will do it on the spot, and no matter what time of day you have them do it, it will apply to all purchases made that day in stores or online as well as Nordstrom Rack, HauteLook, and even Trunk Club I believe.

  184.  I’m ready for the #NSale this year. I signed up for my Nordstrom card last year during the Adore your wardrobe course that you recommended

  185. Oooh I have not heard of sock booties but they do look fun to pair with midi skirts and my new appreciation for wider leg pants. I will have to go try them on during the sale! 

  186. ooooo– those OTK boots are DEFINITELY callin my name. I loved yours last year. and that is totally a great price on waterproof suede booties. I personally love a mule and rolled denim- but it’s a certain “lewk” for sure! I pair mine with a basic tee and blazer to balance those proportions!

  187. Great giveaway! Would love to win! Although I won’t be up at 3 am,I will be up at 6 am to check all your picks!

  188. I love to stock up on Zella items during the sale. Hoping some good ones are included this year!

  189. I agree with the jeans assessment. Meh!  Hoping the have more than what’s in the catalog!  Might pick up some athleisure wear.

  190. Thanks for the chance to win a giveaway!!!  Can’t wait to see what great pieces you find this year!!!! 😊

  191. Thank you, thank you, thank you!  The one item I definitely want to buy for myself and our granddaughter is the Thread & Supply Brandon Fleece Jacket. That is something that I know, without a doubt, that both of us will get a lot of wear out of it.  I do hope that I can find a pair of mules with arch support.

  192. Your post was so helpful for last year’s sale. Really looking forward to this year’s! I’m on the lookout for booties with a lower heel and a nice black coat. 

  193. Hey Jo-Lynne, your blog is my favorite! I think you are lovely (outside and in). Thanks for everything!

  194. Thank you for sharing all of this information. It was very helpful. I’m already making my list. I’m so glad I found you. I love your style.

  195. While I’m not a Nordstrom fan, I do enjoy your coverage of the sale and coming trends based on the sale.  You inform my shopping with the retailers I do like!   

  196. I love how honest you about things you aren’t super interested in! I’m looking forward to more of your sale posts!! 

  197. Thanks, Jo-Lynne, for keeping us informed during the best sale of the year!!  I always love the boots and outerwear featured in this sale, and plan on stocking up.  Looking forward to the Tory Burch items that are available at such incredible prices!

  198. Hoping to check out the sale but currently in Europe for a two week vacay and won’t be home! With time difference I’m trying to keep up with following all the hype!! While in Italy I’ve seen some great fashion (Hello Milan!) and I really want to try the wide leg ankle jeans/pants that I’ve seen a lot here! Never, ever thought I’d be into those but they’ve turned my head a few times! Would be great for fall! Bought a pair of sock booties last winter and never wore them. Glad to see them trending! Hoping to keep up with your posts! 

      1. Thanks! I will definitely share anything interesting as I go along! In Austria now and then Germany so not sure there will be much to report here but will see! 😂

  199. I was first introduced to the Nordstrom Anniversary sale 2 years ago. I love your recommendations and read your blog daily! Thanks so much for the giveaway. Someone is going to have a lot of fun!

  200. I’ve been holding out on the mules trend for a couple of years now, but those Halogen Violet mules may finally break me down! I’m also really liking that long Top Shop cardi. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  201. I always purchase new bras during the Anniversary Sale. Not the most glamorous purchase, but a great way to save money on items that rarely go on sale.

  202. I don’t usually shop at Nordstrom’s but after reading this I might stop in! Not a big shopper cause I don’t have much money!

  203. I can’t wait to see what you find for us in the anniversary sale! Thank you for all of your hard work!

  204. So excited for the sale ! Thanks for sharing a sneak peak of some items 🙂 Loved this post

  205. Really lovin that hoodie!!  Looking forward to the nsale and appreciate you covering it the way you do!!

  206. Can’t wait to see your picks for the NAS items not I included in sale catalog.! Especially if they have different jeans you are interested in! 

  207. Loved the read, great job! Thank you for give away!
    Just signed up to get daily blog! So excited!
    If I win i want LONGCHAMP in medium in khaki!

  208. This sale is a big part of my life every year! I always spend way too much money! Excited to see your finds

  209. Thanks so much for your posts. Been eyeing the kate spade handbag. First time to early access. Looking forward to hearing more!

  210. I am finally getting time to catch up on last week’s posts! I love your coverage of the NSale and I appreciate the effort and honesty that you share about it. Looking forward to seeing what you find! And thanks for such a great giveaway. I, for one, am very glad that you get to do what you do! 🙂

  211. I am shopping for jeans and shoes mainly. However I can’t imagine not getting a couple cute tops while they are fabulously priced. 

  212. I’ve been a follower for a long time. I appreciate everything that you do. Keep up the great work!

  213. I wasn’t feeling hopeful when I got the catalog but your post has me optimistic. Look forward to the preview.

  214. I’m so excited for this sale. On this sale I’m looking for leather jackets…maybe just jackets in general and boots lots of boots 

  215. Thank you for generosity to your Followers Jo-Lynne with this amazing giveaway! I look forward to opening up your email everyday, it’s like going shopping or having a glass of iced tea with a girlfriend every morning! Be blessed!

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    1. I think that is what we will see. I agree, they choose the trendy stuff for the catalog, but when we get to the sale, I think we’ll find a lot more closet staples and mainstream styles.

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