Top Ten in June

I like to share my Top Ten posts and products each month, although I think I missed May because I was in the middle of my 21 Days of Summer Fashion. Anyway, today I’m sharing my top ten posts and products from the month of June!


These are listed in typical Top Ten order, with the month’s most popular post last.

#10. Summer Date Night Look // I love this look, and I got so many compliments on it. I still have yet to actually wear it anywhere, but I’m hoping I get a chance! If we’d gone out for my birthday last weekend, I would have worn it, but life has been so busy with the new house, we just skipped our birthday date night this year. Maybe for our anniversary in August…

#9. Pedal Pushers // Well, this was an interesting post! The comments and opinions on the pedal pushers were all over the map. “On paper” these pants shouldn’t work because they end at the widest part of my calf, and I realize they are a style typically worn by the over-60 set (nothing wrong with that, just sayin’!) As someone wrote on my Instagram post, “Those are the pants my mom wears instead of shorts…”

I feel like pedal pushers get get a bum rap and have a negative connotation because they’re typically worn by more “mature” women… but for some reason, I just can’t hate this outfit. Perhaps the shoe choice ages it a bit. I almost wore my black espadrille wedge sandals (see #10), which probably would have helped give the overall look a more youthful vibe, but there’s still something I like about this outfit. #nohatemailplease

#8. Everyday Summer Look with Old Navy Pixie Shorts // This is a typical summer outfit for me, and there’s certainly nothing ground-breaking here, but I think it’s important to note the fit of the tee and the shorts. If they didn’t fit well, I would look sloppy. It’s amazing what proper fit and a few simple accessories can do for basic wardrobe pieces like these!

#7. Two Ways To Wear A Yellow Top // Yesterday I mentioned that seeing all of my outfits in one big photo collage was rather eye-opening, and some of my “favorites” didn’t look as good as I had thought they did.

This is an example of that — I love the outfit on the right with the white jeans and the jean jacket, but I don’t think the look on the left is very flattering. The jean jacket gives the outfit the structure that it lacks, and it also breaks up the yellow so it’s not so overwhelming.

That said, I love how these photos turned out. Alison does such a great job picking backdrops to my outfits.

#6. How to Wear Bermuda Shorts // Another super simple casual look that works because the fit and proportion are on point. While I rarely wear longer shorts, I really like these. They fit really well, and it’s nice to have a longer pair for a change.

Also, this tee is a work horse in my wardrobe this year. I really need to order it in a few other colors.

#5. $8 T-Shirt Dress Two Ways // I cringe every time I look at that picture because I really wish I’d ironed the dress before taking these pictures.

Anyway, most of you really liked these looks, but I do agree with the commenter who said the dress isn’t as flattering on me as some of my others. It has a very straight cut to it, which is not best for my hourglass shape. If I was handy with a sewing machine, I’d be tempted to try to nip it in at the waist.

I still like how this post shows how easy it is to dress a basic dress like this up or down.

#4. Pink Tiered Linen Tee Outfit // This is probably my favorite outfit of the series, and I’ve worn it and variations of it a lot already this summer. I love this look — the colors, the proportions, the way it flatters my curves, and yes, the distressed jeans too. #hatersgonnahate

#3. Red Knot Waist Top Outfit // This is another one of my favorite outfits from the month, and one I’ve worn in several variations. It helps that the lighting in these photos was so fantastic, but I also really love the vibrant colors of the outfit. In a month were I did a lot of navy & white and black & white outfits, this one really stands out. Plus these shoes were my big spurge this season, and I adore them.

#2. Summer Event Dresses with Macy’s // This was a fun post to put together, and I was really pleased with the dress selection at Macy’s. I tend to forget about shopping there, I think because the Macy’s at my mall is not in a convenient location, but they have a nice selection online and they run really good sales.

#1. What I Wore This Week // Funny, with all my fancy outfit posts last month, you all prefer the “what I wore” posts the most. It’s the real life me, which is pretty basic, but I guess that’s what most people relate to, right?

Okay, moving on to popular products… given that June was the month of my summer outfit series, there will be a lot of overlap here, but it’s still fun to see what products you all are actually clicking on and buying. It helps me as I plan future blog content, and I suspect some of you may find it interesting as well.


Based on clicks, these were the 10 most popular products across my blog and social channels during the month of June.

#10. Madewell Whisper Cotton V-Neck Pocket Tee // I honestly don’t know why this one doesn’t rank higher. SUCH a good basic white tee, flattering fit, great length, trendy slub material… I love it. Size up if in between; I have it in a medium.

#9. LOFT Sea Sweater // Only mediums are left, but such a cute piece if you want a summer sweater to throw on with jean shorts.

#8. Kut from the Kloth Helena Denim Jacket // SUCH a good jacket. I know the price tag is a bit steep, and you can certainly get a white denim jacket for less, but this one is by far and away my favorite due to the excellent fit and the lightweight denim material.

#7. Sanctuary Uptown Tiered Hem Linen Tee // I’m sort of surprised this top wasn’t more popular; I love it! AND, the Wild Cherry color that I have is on sale! For some reason, they have this tee listed in like 7 different places — find them all HERE. Some are on sale, and some are not. They’ve brought it out in some really pretty fall colors too!

#6. IMNYC Isaac Mizrahi Gingham Pedal Pusher Pull On Pants // I was surprised to find that these made this list! I suppose some were just curious (I do this list based on clicks, not sales, because my analytics don’t show me what products were actually purchased) but I do expect some of you ordered them. If you did, let me know! I still think they’re cute. #sorrynotsorry

#5. Striped Pom Pom Tassel Tote // I probably need to feature more affordable bags like this one because you all really liked it! I tend to just carry my old stand-bys from my closet when I put outfits together for the blog, but perhaps I should order a wider variety of price points to feature in my outfit posts. I used to do more of that; I guess I got lazy.

#4. Slub Knit Tee Dress // For $8, this dress is hard to beat! It may not be the best shape for me personally, but a lot of you really love these dresses, and it looked really good on Cyndi, so it’s definitely worth a try! I do recommend sizing up.

#3. Eliza J Mandarin Collar Shift Dress // You guys are really liking the dresses this month! This one came from Trunk Club, and I don’t think I would have noticed it on the Nordstrom website, but it turned out to be a winner!

#2. Tommy Hilfiger Embroidered Fit & Flare Dress // This dress was such a pleasant surprise for me. I really didn’t expect to like it that much, as I rarely wear the fit-and-flare style, but the way this one has the inverted pleats tones it down just enough. It’s so feminine and pretty — I can’t wait for a chance to wear it again! By the way, it’s on sale right now!

#1. Gibson Tab Sleeve Knot Waist Top // This top finally went on sale! WOOT! I think it’s worth the $39 that I paid for it, but if you have liked it but were holding out due to price, it is now $23. I recommend sizing down if at all in doubt. I have the small, and it’s a little big for me. I still need to wash and dry it and see if that helps.

And that’s a wrap! I hope this post was as fun for you as it was for me. I’m kind an analytics nerd, so I love seeing which posts were most popular and the products that resonate most with you all.

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