$8 T-Shirt Dress Two Ways

You know me, I love my jean shorts in the summertime, and I wear them almost every day, but sometimes a girl wants a casual look that does not involve shorts. A t-shirt dress is the next best thing! And when the t-shirt dress is $8… you buy three!

I’m not usually a fan of buying multiples, but when a closet basic like this that can be worn so many ways is less than $10, I’m willing to make an exception. I just ordered the Small Stars and the Red Stripes.

I think this is about the third time I’ve tried this t-shirt dress from Old Navy, trying to get the sizing right, and I finally found it. This is a tall medium. For reference, I’m 5’5″ and 135 — 140 pounds, depending on the time of the month and how many trips I’ve made to Chick-fil-A that week. *wink*

This dress in the regular length was way too short on me, so I went for the tall, and it’s perfect. I first ordered it in a tall small, but it was too snug, so I sent it back and got the tall medium, and now I’m happy!

Unfortunately I didn’t realize it needed a good steaming before we took these pictures. Ooops! It’s amazing what shows up on camera that you don’t notice otherwise.

I probably should have photographed this dress with Converse or Miller sandals because that’s what I usually wear with it, but Talbots sent me these adorable cactus embroidered espadrilles, and I thought they were the perfect whimsical addition to this dress. They’re actually quite comfortable too.

That’s the great thing about a dress like this. There are so many different options for footwear and accessories.

I wanted to show you how easy it is to dress up this look too. I changed out my necklace for a layered look and swapped out the flat espadrilles for wedge sandals. My cheerful red bag makes an appearance here as well!

I always get asked about what I wear under dresses, and I do feel the need to wear some sort of shapewear underneath this dress. That may seem like it defeats the purpose of an easy breezy cool and comfortable dress, but without some light support underneath, I fear I’ll look like two pigs fighting under a blanket… ha! (I watched Steel Magnolias last night, could you tell?)

And honestly, good shapewear is moisture-wicking and actually helps you feel cooler and more comfortable. They’ve come a long way since Spanx was first introduced, so if you’re a doubter and you haven’t tried any in a while, give shapewear another chance. I never wear a dress without some type of smoothing or shaping shorts underneath.

Give shapewear a chance… sounds like a hit song in the making!

Anyway, as you can see, this $8 dress is super versatile and easy to wear once you get your sizing figured out! If you’re placing an Old Navy order today, there are a TON of good deals, and I always try to get to $50 for free shipping. Their returns are free and easy too, so if in doubt about sizing, order both and compare.

Some add-ons to get you to $50 are the Pixie shorts I styled in this post or the longer everyday twill shorts, their $4 tanks, and their $2 flip flops (we love these for the beach and pool.) Pick up a couple of their soft wash polos for the men in your life (my son will actually wear these if asked) or update your summer pajamas. And don’t forget about their white skinny jeans — for $29, they fit great and do not bag out; size up if in between. Also, that striped tassel tote I shared in this post is marked down to $25!!!

t-shirt dress ($8!!!) // shaping shorts or smoothing shorts // cactus espadrilles // wedge sandals (more sizes) // red tote // layer necklace

photo credit: Alison Cornell

Be sure to visit Cyndi and see the summer outfit she’s styling today!

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  1. Cute dress! I have had really good luck with Old Navy lately. The quality is not completely top notch but seems to have improved. Love the shoes from Talbots! They used to carry more narrow shoes. Any other folks commenting know of good places other than Nordstrom’s , Zappos or Marmis to get narrow width shoes now? Good luck with closing and let the fun begin!!! 

  2. Very cute!  I may have to look at that $8 dress!  I have the Soma shaping shorts that you linked to, and they are great…smooth shaping without being too tight.  My daughters like them too!

  3. Great price on the dress! I just ordered two as well as a few of other things. I also ordered the darling striped straw pom pom tassel tote you styled earlier this week! It’s marked down to only 25.00! Blessings on your house closing today and all the excitement ahead for you and your family in your new home!

  4. The dress looks great both ways, it’s amazing how accessories and various footwear dress it up or look more casual.

    The cactus espadrilles are so cute!

    Yay for closing day!!! I can’t wait for a virtual tour 🙂 the outside sounds especially lovely right now! 

  5. I love the ON tshirt dresses and add to my collection every year. I completely agree that they can be easily dressed up or down with shoes and accessories which is why they are great for travel. I have the red striped that you just ordered so be prepared that it’s not a true red but more orange. Still cute though!

  6. Jo-Lynne, I am so excited for you with your move coming up. We just moved my eldest and her hubby into their first house and it was so much fun to help them paint and move and now to see how they are getting things set up and so on. It is a great way for a reboot! Ha, ha. Love that tee shirt dress and you definitely nailed the size and the style. Love it casual and dressed up! Have a great weekend. – Amy

    1. Yes, I’m so excited for a reboot. I love my home here, and we had done a few things to it recently to update it, but to start fresh with a blank slate is pretty fun!

  7. I love both ways you styled this ON teeshirt dress.  I am waiting on my black one to arrive.  It was not too hard to get my order up to the free shipping level.  A great niece is expecting a boy, after having two girls, so I found a couple of cute things for him, and I ordered a sweatshirt for Larry.  I keep telling him that I don’t need to add anything to my closet, so I need to honor my word.  I am so glad that the girls are so excited about the new house!  I hope that their excitement is contagious and will keep you & Paul from feeling overwhelmed.  🎊

  8. Love the outfits you’ve styled the last 2 days.  That bag though is what keeps catching my eye!  I read the color as red although in some of the photos it looks orange.  So I’m wondering if it’s red, an orange red or orange?  It’s striking! 

  9. GM! Wow I had been looking for a black tshirt dress for awhile and just ordered one from Stein Mart. I needed a petite so I now have a few more (thanks to you in my cart). I don’t know why I didn’t think of Old Navy because I ordered a few when you styled them in the past. One was grey but it was a bit more fitted fit with a bit of stretch and I ended up having to ordered a petite large. So I know what you mean about the sizing. This one appears to have a loose casual fit so I’m going to try them. And boy are these dresses versatile! Thanks for sharing and excited about your new home and all the wonderful memories you will be making there. 

  10. So glad to know I wasn’t the only one who struggled with sizing for this dress! I usually always wear a Large in Old Navy, but that was too snug for me. The XL fits nicely, but I have to be careful when I bend over or reach up. A tall would have been better but I had already worn it a couple of times before I figured that out! I am tempted to get another one but keep telling myself I don’t really *need* it, lol.

      1. I know, but to get the Tall I’d have to order online, which means I’d end up spending $50 to “save” the money on shipping, lol!

    1. Hi there! For us taller girls who find a shift dress a little on the short side, try using it as a tunic. Add a pair of ankle or capri leggings in black, white, or indigo and it could work out well!!! I do this a lot and add a denim jacket when it’s cool. Even try belting it.

  11. I have a hefty stash of ON t-shirt dresses.  They’re a great toss-on for nearly anything.

    Mostly wanted to wish you luck today!  From your email, I am super excited to see your landscaping tour.  I am ALL about yards and look forward to when spring comes so we can get back outside.   Although the maintenance can become a full-time job, haha (and not haha all at the same time)… we really find it so much fun.  
    You can keep finding me good outfits, and I’ll share our backyard shortcuts 🙂

  12. Great post! I loved ALL of your suggestions/ideas so I’m off to re-fill my coffee and check them out! Also, I get your emails and today you talked about Insta Stories. I would love to watch them but I’m not sure how to get there. When you have time (LOL!) would you mind sending me a quick ‘how-to’ to access them? I can’t wait follow along and ‘see’ your new home as you put everything together!!! Thank you!!

    1. Sure! If you go to to your home feed on INstagram, you will see a bunch of circles up top. Those are stories. Click on one to watch. To specifically watch mine, you can go to my profile, and click on my picture in the circle up at the top of my bio. Hope that helps!

      1. You are the BEST!! Not only do I get great fashion info from you, I also get excellent help on computer stuff!! (If I knew how to make an emoji, I’d put a smiley face and a heart in this email) LOL!!! Again, Thank you!!!

  13. So exciting that you can finally feel your new house becoming yours…Seems like it went by fast but I’m sure it felt like a life time for you guys. I love the dress you styled today. I have the cream and navy stripe one from Old Navy its one of my go to outfits. I tossed around with the sizing as well. One minute I thought the small was good than tried the Medium and did like the extra room in the butt…. I didn’t want it to over emphasize that area Ha!!, plus I got a little extra length. I’m 5’3 and 140 pounds ( 5 more to go lol) It is super comfy and keeps its shape well. I like the chucks with it and also a slip on sandal. You and Cyndi are on the same page today with the Old Navy dresses .. Can’t beat that price.

  14. One of the things I had to give up when I moved to my current house three years ago were my gardens. I miss gardening very, very much so if you need any help or ideas, please drop me a line. I can’t wait to see the pictures of the inside and outside of your new house. How wonderful that your daughters are so excited. Enjoy!

    1. I’m open to any unsolicited advice. It’s a lot to maintain. We probably will need to hire someone but I’d like to be able to do some basic stuff myself. Even weeding is confusing to me. Haha!

  15. I love have you and cyndi  coordinated  To give us 3 looks for the same dress. It really helps to see it so many different ways. Congrats on the new home 

      1. I also noticed you and Cyndi styled the same dress. I read her post first, then saw your email subject line about styling a $8 dress and wondered “could it be the same ON dress?” HA HA, it was!!! Loved it!

  16. The description for this dress says that it is cut fairly straight. Do you think it might work for a short-waisted pear shape?

    1. Hey Nancy, I’m not up on the rules for a pear so I don’t want to tell you wrong. It is definitely cut straight – I wish it had more structure for my body type, and I think it would work better on someone who isn’t as curvy, but not sure how that would translate for a pear. Cyndi styled the same dress: https://www.cyndispivey.com/2018/06/28/striped-dress-with-sneakers/ She’s more of a pear shape, and it looks better on her. So maybe! I would try it and see what you think. I love that they offer free returns by mail. Super easy if things don’t work.

  17. Dear JoLynn, I’m sorry that I’m not praising your look, but honestly this dress doesn’t favor you at all. It makes you look boxy and certainly heavier than you are in real life.Old Navy has tons of good clothes at convenient prices, but this dress, no matter if it is 8 dollars, doesn’t suit you at all.

  18. Sorry if you’ve addressed this before or if it’s a bit personal, but are you supposed to wear underwear beneath shapewear, or is shapewear considered underwear? (I always wear a slip under my dresses and skirts to give that smooth look and to keep the fabric from clinging to my underwear, and that works for me.)

    Thanks, and good luck with your move!

    1. I think you’re supposed to be able to wear them without, but i always wear my usual Hanky Pankys 🤣 under my shapewear b/c that way I can re-wear the shapewear and don’t have to wash as often.

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