Striped Sweater Tank Outfit

I asked on my Facebook page what outfit ideas people are wanting to see in the next few months, and I got a lot of great responses, but a couple of them cracked me up.

One was, “Something to make me interested in work…” to which I replied, “I’m not a miracle worker!” I mean, y’all. I can only do so much. Haha!

Someone else asked for boho looks. I actually love the boho style, and I’ve tried it so many times, but it’s like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

Even though I may love them, some styles just do not work for me; and while I truly want to be a resource for women with different styles and lifestyles and fashion sensibilities, there are some things I can’t pull off. Boho is one of them.

Another person suggested, “Summer non denim slacks. Anything but skinny jeans.”

I wanted to reply, “Um, sorry, I think you’re on the wrong blog.” But I was afraid she wouldn’t get that I was trying to be funny and think I was sending her away. Which I would never send anyone away… unless they are rude, then good riddance.

But I did not take that comment as rude. It was an honest answer to an honest question, and it made me realize that I’ve done an entire style series without one pair of bootcut jeans or dress pants. OOOPS!

Yes, skinnies are my jam, but I actually do try to incorporate at least one or two outfits with a different style of pant from time to time.

I guess I was hoping the shorts and peddle pushers provided enough variety. That, and with moving and graduation and all the crazy, I haven’t been as intentional about keeping a variety in my summer looks.

I’ve been re-wearing a lot of base pieces from my pared down closet (my bootcut jeans and dress pants were boxed up when we staged our house to sell and I never got them back out again) and really just trying to stay ahead of the 8 ball, so to speak. Yes, I could have ordered some other pant styles to feature, but I honestly didn’t think about it.

I say all that to preface today’s look… yet another outfit with white skinny jeans. #sorrynotsorry

Striped Sweater Tank Outfit: Jo-Lynne Shane wearing Loft striped sweater tank with white Paige Verdugo ankle skinny jeans, black suede Sam Edelman Odila sandals, and kate spade new york Carter Street Leather Tyler Tote in Picnic Red/Gold.

At least I can say this: this is the LAST outfit with white jeans I will be posting in this style series!

Okay, so there are only two days left. Haha! But still. This is the last one, and I just could not see this sweater with anything else.

Actually, that is not true. I think this outfit would look better with white bootcut jeans, but I don’t have any and didn’t think to order a pair before we had to shoot this look. It was only after looking at these pictures that I realized I look a little top-heavy from certain angles, and a pair of bootcut jeans or straight leg pants would create a more balanced look.

But this is what I’ve got, so let’s discuss.

Striped Sweater Tank Outfit: Jo-Lynne Shane wearing Loft striped sweater tank with white Paige Verdugo ankle skinny jeans, black suede Sam Edelman Odila sandals, and kate spade new york Carter Street Leather Tyler Tote in Picnic Red/Gold.

I fell in love with this striped sweater tank the second I saw it on the Loft website, and YAY, it’s 40% off right now!!! (Use code HBDUSA)

Besides the bold black and white stripes, I also really like the wide straps and square neckline in both the front and back. It’s not the softest of knits, but it’s not scratchy or uncomfortable either, and it makes such a nice bold statement. It runs true to size; for reference, I’m wearing my usual small.

I wore this sweater to church on Sunday with the same white jeans, my red espadrilles, and a black bag; but for this look I switched it around and wore black sandals and carried a red bag. I really know how to live life on the edge, don’t I? Ha!

I absolutely love this bag, and I’ve been carrying it a lot. It’s such a nice change from the neutral bags I usually carry, and it’s the perfect size for everyday… at least for me. I like to have ALL the things.

Striped Sweater Tank Outfit: Jo-Lynne Shane wearing Loft striped sweater tank with white Paige Verdugo ankle skinny jeans, black suede Sam Edelman Odila sandals, and kate spade new york Carter Street Leather Tyler Tote in Picnic Red/Gold.

And then there’s these shoes… #swoon

My Trunk Club stylist sent me these, and while I didn’t need another pair of black sandals, I loved them so much I decided to keep them and find ways to wear them.

They’re almost identical to the Sam Edelman Yaro style that I love so much, but they have a slightly lower heel, which I’m sure some of you will appreciate. These have a 3″ heel, while the Yaro heel is 3 1/2″.

And then there’s that gorgeous scalloped strap that adds just a touch of extra femininity to an already super flattering sandal. I just love them.

They come in a lot of other colors, but I really like the contrast of the black suede against my skin. While they’re great for summer, I can also see them with a winter cocktail dress or other dressy occasions year-round. They run true to size; I’m wearing my usual 8.

Also, my nail polish is CND Indigo Frock — one of my all time favorites. Whenever I want a deep, rich color, I go for Indigo Frock or Oxblood.

Since I was carrying a red bag, I thought it would fun to repeat the color in my earrings.

Unfortunately these are sold out, but they are so perfect with my bag, I couldn’t resist wearing them. Both the earrings and the bag have a hint of coral in the red — they’re like a match made in heaven. If you’re looking for them, you can always check eBay — they’re the Kessie drop earrings.

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing Loft striped sweater tank and Stella & Dot Kessie drop earrings

My beloved Paige Verdugo ankle jeans in the Ultra White seem to be discontinued. I can’t find them anywhere, even the off-price retailers, but this pair with the raw hem is very similar. For a sewn hem, the DL1961 Emma in Milk is the the closest I’ve found. I’ve actually tried the DL pair and really like them. Unfortunately they’re back to full price after being on sale last week, but they’ll go on sale again.

If you’re looking for white jeans under $100, the Loft Modern skinny jeans are pretty good, and speaking of things I packed away when we staged the house, don’t forget about those Old Navy Rockstar skinny jeans that I’ve been so impressed with. For the price, you can’t beat ’em.

So there you have it! My last white jeans outfit of the series. Pinky swear. And I PROMISE to incorporate some other pants styles into future summer outfits. In fact, I’ll order a few pairs today. If you have any you love, or that you’d love to see me style, let me know!

Striped Sweater Tank Outfit: Jo-Lynne Shane wearing Loft striped sweater tank with white Paige Verdugo ankle skinny jeans, black suede Sam Edelman Odila sandals, and kate spade new york Carter Street Leather Tyler Tote in Picnic Red/Gold.

striped sweater tank (40% off!) // similar white jeans option (budget options here and here) // black suede sandals // red tote // Stella & Dot Kessie drop earrings // bracelets

photo credit: Alison Cornell

Be sure to visit Cyndi and see the summer outfit she’s styling today!

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37 thoughts on “Striped Sweater Tank Outfit

  1. Another winner of an outfit! The red earrings are the perfect accessory to tie the outfit together with the handbag.

    I love that you know your strengths as a fashion blogger and stick to them. There are a lot of bloggers in the blogging world and there is no need to force yourself into styles that aren’t you. You won’t be happy and it will show in the photos. I like that you are open to trying new styles and trends but knowing you don’t do certain things like workwear, lots of skirts, dresses or boho style. 

    I wasn’t expecting to see a lot of different jean types in this series (could just be me lol), when it’s hot I stick to shorts, capris and now cropped jeans since I can cuff them. I think I would melt in bootcut jeans lol!

    1. Thank you! And yeah, bootcut jeans may be overkill for summer, but I could feature some pants that aren’t jeans. I just have such a hard time finding pants I like on me. I ordered a few from Express, and I shared them in a Try-On post, but I ended up returning without styling for the blog. There was one pair I kind of liked, but I didn’t have the right top for them, and it was right when we were staging the house, so I just returned all of them. There’s a lot of summer left, so I’ll try to find some. 🙂

      1. Ann Taylor has some nice cropped pants in different prints. I liked them but they didn’t look good on me (hit in a weird spot since I am so short lol).  It might be worth checking them out 🙂

  2. I really enjoy you sharing LIFE.  As women, we wear so many hats and it’s nice to know that we are in this boat together.  

    1. Yes, as long as I don’t wear them for very long. I try to be very careful with things I know I’m not going to keep, and I usually only wear them for like 5 minutes. The exception, of course, is shoes. That’s one reason I don’t show a greater variety of price points with my shoes. Once I wear them outside, they’re mine, so I want to be sure to like them enough to keep them.

  3. When I saw your Instagram post wearing this sweater, I fell in love with it,even though it’s not for me.  To help us do better with putting outfits together, can you share why pants with a fuller cut would look better than the skinny legs?  Thank you!  I do love the pop of red with your earrings and handbag.  Have a great hump day!  😀

    1. Hey Ginger, it would be easier to show you in pictures, but since this sweater is kind of chunky and has horizontal stripes, plus I’m busty already, I think it makes me look a little bigger on top. Having a wider leg pant on the bottom would offset the wideness on top and make the overall look more balanced. Make sense?

      1. Yes, that makes sense!  Back in the day, my mom’s large boobs and tight sweaters got her lots of dates with the sailors!  Ha!  I was told she was a flirt, but didn’t put out.

  4. I am SO ‘over’ skinny jeans. Sorry. I know that is your signature look but in the summer, I wear strictly cool, loose fitting cotton or cotton blend crop pants. Where I live (OK) it’s just too dang hot and humid for skinny ‘anything’. I actually think I’m done with the skinny jean thing altogether. So, I’m kinda ‘with’ the other gal that would like to see something besides skinny jeans all of the time. And yes, I could follow someone else ( I actually follow 5 of you gals) and each one is different so NOT leaving you over skinny jeans! Ha! I love hearing about your life, your move, your kids, yada yada!! Good luck on your upcoming move by the way! You’re beautiful and you always have great suggestions, some of which I’ve ordered and love, so keep on doing what you do. I’ll still be around!

    1. Hey Sondra, I hear ya. And thank you for not leaving my blog over skinny jeans. Haha! I There are definitely other bloggers who do a better job with other types of pants, but yes, please read them AND me. 🙂 Cyndi has shown some really cute wide legged pants this summer… but I’m sure you know that.

      It’s hard as a blogger b/c after taking Adore Your Wardrobe, I understand that skinnies really don’t flatter most body types, and I want to show looks that a variety of people can wear. But since my body type rules DO allow them, and I find them so easy to wear and style in different ways, I continue to gravitate to them even though I want to show more variety.

      This fall, the denim styles are really trending towards the straight cropped silhouette, and I just do NOT like those on me. I hope my eye can adjust and I can figure out how to make them work for me because I know people will want to see some looks with them, but selfishly I hope skinnies stick around too.

  5. Great outfit on you and I love your striped top!! I would love to see you style some high-rise jeans when you have time (LOL). I’ve got a ‘straight’ body type and the lower rise always gives me that muffin-top 🙁

    1. Tina I have straight body type too and surprisingly the J Crew curvy toothpick jeans have worked well for me.  They have a nice  higher rise which hides my muffin top and are the only jeans I found that didn’t fall down on me ( I have tried a lot of premium jeans that didn’t work for me).   No belt needed for me with these.  Not sure if they would work for anyone else though.  30% off today.  

  6. I really need a new pair of white skinnies. I have a pair from Loft that I’ve worn for a few seasons, but I don’t love the stiffness of the denim or that way they look from behind. They tend to sag in the butt area. I also need a shorter inseam than most skinnies provide. Even ankle or petites seem to puddle around my ankle a bit. I haven’t wanted to invest in premium denim for white skinnies because of the short window of time to wear them. 
    I also wanted to ask you a question about a New England trip that we are taking for our anniversary in a couple of weeks. We are going whale watching during our visit to the coast and I wondered what I need to take to wear for that outing. We will be on a boat from 2:00ish until 6:00ish. 

    1. Yeah, that is how I feel about Loft jeans. They’re stiff and tend to stretch out. The Old Navy ones are actually really good. Maybe try those? Don’t rule out hemming them to get the length you want.

      As far as New England, it is likely to be chilly. For a whale watch, I’d wear jeans or jean shorts (depending on the weather and the temperatures) and definitely bring a sweatshirt. Sneakers are perfect – Converse or Adidas or something practical but cute.

    2. Oh and P.S. – I wear my white skinnies year ’round and I’ve had them for 3 years. Definitely got my money’s worth out of them, even though they were pricey. 🙂

  7. I love your posts with white skinnies!  Just bought two pairs, so don’t mind the continued ideas…Also, I think skinny jeans will continue to be the dominant silhouette — I see so many baggy jackets for the fall (oversized denim and leather jackets), so keep the skinny jeans ideas a’comin’!  Just my two cents 🙂

  8. Yay I got the stripe tank before my size was gone. Phew I got on it right away.. Thank you so much.. I can’t wait to wear it with my white skinny jeans… 😊

  9. Firstly, I love your long emails, so don’t reform!!   Secondly, I would also love to see some none jean pants outfits.  I don’t work, so I’d like to see casual summer pants.  They are hard to find!  Sometimes, jeans are too hot and shorts are too cold or not appropriate.   Thank you!

  10. I have actually been loving all the skinny white jeans in this series. You have totally made me a believer in the versatility of skinny jeans in general and white jeans have become my staple for this crazy weather here in NB (warm, then cooler, then rainy…and then the pattern starts again 😁). All these outfits with white jeans have been so fun to try.

  11. I really like Old Navy pixie pants. I think that may fit the bill for the woman who wanted summer non- jean pants. I wear them year round.

  12. I love white skinnies! They are the bottom version of the crisp, white shirt–I’ve enjoyed all the posts! I love that sweater top, I don’t think I can pull it off as I’m short torsoed, but it looks striking on you. And you have me searching for a bright leather tote. Love that bag!

  13. VERY cute outfit! I love skinny jeans. I took the AYW Course 1 in January and immediately followed up with Course 2 (mostly for the shorts rules, lol). I was surprised but happy to find out I’m a straight. Honestly thought I’d be curvy, but my waist was about an inch too big for me to qualify as curvy. Thankfully my beloved skinnies were still ok. 🙂 I haven’t pulled the trigger on a pair of white skinnies, although I have a pair of slim white boyfriend jeans and a pair of fairly slim straight white jeans. I tried on a variety of white jeans at Nordstrom one day, and just couldn’t find a pair that I felt looked flattering. I may go ahead and order the ON Rock Star jeans.

    1. I love the ON skinny rockstar jeans.  I wear my white ones all the time & they are so comfy.  I lost weight & didn’t want to spend a ton on jeans since I had to replace so many pairs but I’m very happy with the fit & quality 

  14. Ok, so I click on your link for the sweater and there you are on the page modeling the sweater! How does THAT happen??

    Thank you for all you do!

  15. You look great Jo-Lynne…. always true to your own style. Please don’t shake things up too much as my style is quite close to yours! I want to add a big “thank you” for always trying to respond to most comments. I’m sure it’s very time consuming and I appreciate the fact that you care enough to read them.

  16. This is a very cute look on you. I can’t wear shoes that high anymore but maybe I can find some similar lowered heeled sandals!

  17. I am one who loves my white jeans, skinny, crop, or otherwise. I feel like in the fall and winter months we live in jeans and sweaters and many layers. So I like to enjoy the items we don’t get a long period of time to wear. I mean you can do so much with white denim…. I’ve been telling myself that since summer seems so short and goes by so fast, I’m reaching for the t-shirt dresses, sun dresses, maxi dresses, shorts, and skirts, to enjoy and wear while we have the chance, There’s always the evenings and cooler days for the jeans and pants, with a sweater or hoodie, believe me… LOL. I fully understand with any blogger your not going to shop and spend time and money to show us clothing you don’t like or feel compliments your style or shape, or even life style. I can imagine that would be tiresome…. I think any blogger I follow seems happy and confident in what they are wearing( it shows in the photo’s) and even in those learning moments when trying things on that are a no go.. we learn from the mistakes we can all make in the dressing room. I have learned to be more conscientious of my purchases and not waste time or money buying things to hang in my closet or be given away the next season. A big thank you to you and Cyndi:)

  18. Another great outfit!! I love the black and white with pops of red. Such a classic look, I like skinny jeans but I am not sure I should be wearing them. I am hoping to take the Adore your Wardrobe course this Fall. Would love to know all the “rules” for my body type. 

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