Two Ways to Wear a Yellow Top

Yellow is one of those colors that a lot of women think they can’t wear, but it’s a big trending color this season, so I wanted to give it a try.

I considered ordering this dress in yellow, but I decided I’d rather try wearing yellow in a smaller piece, so I ended up ordering the dress in black and this ruffle v-neck shell in the spectra yellow.

Because yellow is a bit of a challenge to style, and because I couldn’t decide which look I liked better, I decided to show two ways to wear a yellow top.

2 Ways to Wear a Yellow Top: dark denim, gold sandals, and a pop of pink!

Yellow and blue is always a safe color combination — after all, they’re opposite each other on the color wheel. Because this is a bold yellow, I paired it with dark denim cropped jeans.

These jeans are one of my old favorites — they’re the Paige Verdugo style (the same as my favorite white jeans — see them below) but they’re a cropped length, and there’s something about this wash that I love. It’s a classic dark wash with subtle whiskering, and they have just enough stretch to be comfortable but not enough to bag out. These jeans fit like a glove and hold their shape beautifully.

BONUS! They just went on sale at Bloomingdales! Plus, Bloomies is running a spend more, save more event. Yes, again. These seem to be coming around more and more often, and I’m not complaining! These jeans come down to $95 at checkout.

2 Ways to Wear a Yellow Top: dark denim, gold sandals, and a pop of pink!

SALE ALERT >> Shop the Bloomingdale’s Spend More, Save More Event: Take 20% off $100-$249, 25% off $250-$499 or 30% off $500+ on designated items; discount taken at checkout. Plus Loyallists get a $25 Reward Card for every $100 you spend. 

I thought it would be fun to add a bold pink to the mix so I decided to carry this slouchy tote. I don’t know why I don’t carry this bag more; I love it. Unfortunately it’s old and no longer available, but I’ll link to some other options below.

2 Ways to Wear a Yellow Top: dark denim, gold sandals, and a pop of pink!

To keep this look on the more casual side, I opted for gold thong sandals, but neutral wedge sandals would be fun with it too.

Another option, if you like the pop of pink, is to wear pink sandals or pumps and carry a neutral handbag. It just depends on what you have in your closet!

2 Ways to Wear a Yellow Top: dark denim, gold sandals, and a pop of pink!

ruffle v-neck shell // dark wash cropped skinnies // gold sandals // pink bag options here, here, and here // cuff bracelet

Yellow and white is another safe color combination, so for my second look, I paired the yellow top with my white jeans and topped it off with a denim jacket.

This time I went with taupe wedge sandals, and I carried a neutral handbag that also has cool undertones but with more of a pink cast to it.

In the Asked & Answered section of yesterday’s email newsletter, I talked about how I choose which handbag to carry with my outfits.

I don’t match my bags to my shoes, but I do try to carry bags that work with the rest of the outfit, and often my bag and shoes will be two different neutrals. I just try to make sure they have similar undertones — warm or cool. The pink bag would also be nice with this outfit, but I was trying to make it different from the one above.

I also think navy sandals would be smashing with this outfit. I love these. In fact, I’ve been waiting for them to go on sale, and that is the lowest price I’ve seen. (They come down even further when you add them to your cart!!!)

They’re pretty much sold out everywhere, and they have my size, plus I happen to have a Bloomies gift card… so I splurged. I don’t have any navy shoes, so I think they’ll be fun to have.

The taupe sandals work too, but mine are old so I linked to a few similar options. Same for the handbag.

ruffle v-neck shell // white skinnies (less $$ option) // similar wedge sandals (less $$ options here and here) // neutral hobos here and here (less $$ option here)

photo credit: Alison Cornell

Be sure to visit Cyndi and see the summer outfit she’s styling today!

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  1. I love both outfits and would normally not buy a yellow top or anything yellow for that matter but you really make it work well with these outfit combinations. I am loving those dark washed jeans with the yellow top. The fit is perfect on you, but just a bit out of my price range. But I am determined to buy some designer jeans but will wait for a sale or just to try to get lucky at TJMaxx or Marshall’s as I’ve seen a few there. My issue is that although they say crop or ankle they are still too long for me as I need petite in length. I know their out so I’ll keep looking. 

  2. I really like this yellow top…but when I went to Ann Taylor the top didn’t look yellow…it looked almost mustard colored (which I can’t wear).  Do you think it is more of a rich butter colored yellow or mustard?  Thanks so much!!

  3. I’m so glad i saw this post. I have a yellow top that I haven’t worn yet because it just didn’t seem to go with my bottoms. I like how you matched it with the dark jeans. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I absolutely LOVE both of these outfits!! I can replicate them with things I already own, however I did add the top to my cart and am  waiting for a sale. I also love the shoes you ordered but wouldn’t be able to walk in them lol!!

    BTW, the Loft sale info in the email is not current. I wish it was since it’s a better sale than they have now.

  5. I like how you styled it two different ways.  I love both looks but really love it with the pink bag.  Like you said it could be styled using the pink bag with the white jean/denim jacket which I think it would be perfect!  😍

  6. I was just talking with someone about yellow yesterday. I think it looks great on you. I like it, but don’t wear it often. It’s funny how it seems to be universally challenging to people. Happy Tuesday!!! XO

  7. LOL! I am wearing a lemony yellow top today with bright blue cropped dress pants to work. I paired them with these awesome bright blue loafers I got (Nine West). I thought I couldn’t wear yellow, but kept trying till I found the right shade. Thanks JoLynne, great post! 🙂

  8. That Pink purse is amazing!!! I’d definitely be carrying it more often. So eye catching and sharp at the same time. Beautiful.

  9. Both outfits are happy!  I love seeing two different ways to wear one color.  I don’t have much yellow, but I should. It would brighten up the many non-sunny days we have here in the Northwest!  

  10. You’re right-yellow gets such a bad rap! Bright yellow seems to be a universally tough color to pull off, but it’s so happy and sunny! I wore yellow all the time as a kid and was super tan. Then I couldn’t wear it for years. But now that I’m pretty blonde (hiding the gray!) I can wear soft to medium yellows. In fact I just bought a yellow floral printed dress for $40…can’t wait to wear it! 

    Your outfits are super cute and now I’m realizing I don’t have a good bag to match/completment my blue dress I’m wearing today! 

  11. You and Cyndi doing a great job!
    Both moving and keeping up the fashion!
    I will be moving the end of this month to my retirement condo!
    The family room is yellow starting to love the sunny
    Color! Love it with the dark blue and pink!

  12. Love these outfits! The link in the email to the AG ankle jeans is going to the the cardigan. I tried to find the exact ones on their site but they have so many I’m unsure exactly which ones you have. The one that looks most like the picture has a raw hem and fading. Do yours have a good bit of fading from the thighs to the shins? I don’t like the light thighs on jeans b/c my thighs are good bit larger than my calves and I feel like the fading on the thighs accentuates that. I have been wanting to try a good pair of premium denim though. We are shaped fairly similar except I am 5’7″. Thanks! 

      1. Thanks, Jo-Lynne! I’m thinking the fading on the thighs isn’t going to be my best look and since I’m investing in premium denim I definitely want to get the best look lol. What are your second favorite pair? 🙂

        1. Absolutely! You want a pair you will love. I love any of the AG Legging Ankle styles – there are different washes, but not all are on sale. This pair is 20% off at Bloomies: https://shopstyle.it/l/LNMI

          I also love my Paige Verdugo cropped jeans in the Midlake wash – it’s darker overall, but there is some whiskering on the hip that you may not love. I wore them in today’s post, and they’re on sale.

          Any Paige Verdugo style is a good one though. They all fit fabulously! You may prefer ankle to cropped, for more of a year-round style. Here are all of the Paige Verdugo at Nordstrom – there are some on sale: https://shopstyle.it/l/LNMl (check out the Ellora wash)

  13. I too love the yellow on the blog but when I looked online it looked mustard yellow too. I actually saw that top yesterday and would buy if it’s more lemon yellow. Thoughts?

  14. Great post as usual. You look so pretty. You look great in yellow with your dark hair. Did you hear news today about Kate Spade?  

  15. Your ruffled tee is adorable. Just the right amount of sweet. It’s tempting me to try yellow. 😉

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