Spring Suede in Nashville

Hello, and welcome back to 22 Days of Spring Fashion! It’s Day 13, for anyone who is keeping track, and this is an outfit I wore out to dinner with my husband when we were in Nashville a few weeks ago. We stopped on our way to the restaurant to snap these pictures.

22 Days of Spring Fashion | Spring Outfit Ideas | BlankNYC suede moto jacket with AG raw hem legging ankle jeans, Vince Camuto Kensa peep-toe booties, and Loeffler Randall minimal rider leather satchel. Jo-Lynne Shane

I think some people feel bad for Paul when they hear me say that we shot a bunch of outfits when we travel. I promise, I don’t lead him around by the nose. He actually enjoys photography; it’s a hobby of his. (He shoots a lot more than my outfits!)

But since this trip was over his birthday, I actually offered to hire a photographer in Nashville so he wouldn’t have to be “on duty.” When I suggested that, he was like, “But why? I’m right here.” So there you go.

22 Days of Spring Fashion | Spring Outfit Ideas | BlankNYC suede moto jacket with AG raw hem legging ankle jeans, Vince Camuto Kensa peep-toe booties, and Loeffler Randall minimal rider leather satchel. Jo-Lynne Shane

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes we get cranky with one another… the night we shot this outfit is a perfect example. I didn’t like the background, and we were running out of daylight, and I was being kind of difficult.

He wasn’t taking my crap (one reason I love him) and we bickered a bit, and I apologized and agreed to cooperate and trust him.

After we tried a few different spots, we gave up and started walking to the restaurant. When we got there, it happened to be the perfect backdrop for the pictures. He pulled the camera out again and started shooting, and we got the shots.

Five minutes later we were seated and back in date night mode.

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing BlankNYC suede moto jacket and Loeffler Randall minimal rider leather satchel

That’s the funny thing about our photo shoots. Sometimes it’s smooth sailing, but sometimes we end up squabbling over something — usually I’m being impatient or picky — but once we’re done, it’s like it never happened.

Can you guess which pictures were taken near the restaurant and which ones I didn’t like? I included some of both in this post.

So anyway, let’s discuss this outfit. I’ve worn all these pieces before at one time or another, but I never put them all together before.

22 Days of Spring Fashion | Spring Outfit Ideas | BlankNYC suede moto jacket with AG raw hem legging ankle jeans, Vince Camuto Kensa peep-toe booties, and Loeffler Randall minimal rider leather satchel. Jo-Lynne Shane

You’re probably sick of seeing my AG legging ankle jeans, but I do wear them a lot. I particularly like them with lighter colors because they’re kind of a mid-wash — not too dark and not too light.

These shoes are my Vince Camuto Kensa perforated peep-toe booties. I really love them. They’re super comfortable, and they go with so many spring and summer outfits.

AG Legging Ankle Jeans with Vince Camuto Kensa Peep-Toe Booties and Loeffler Randall minimal rider leather satchel

On top, I wore my new off-white suede moto jacket over a blush linen tee from last year. The jacket is still available, and I love it for spring and summer.

If you want to see another styling option, I wore it with the same jeans, a white silk cami, and blush suede pumps a few weeks ago.

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing BlankNYC suede moto jacket, AG raw hem legging ankle jeans, and Loeffler Randall minimal rider leather satchel

I love this outfit because it’s basically a t-shirt and jeans turned up a notch. Just throw on a moto jacket, some fun shoes, a few accessories, and you have a date night outfit that’s just as comfortable as what you wear to bum around the house.

22 Days of Spring Fashion: BlankNYC suede moto jacket, AG raw hem legging ankle jeans, Vince Camuoto Kensa peep-toe booties, and Loeffler Randall minimal rider leather satchel | Spring Outfit Ideas

This bag was a Shopbop sale purchase, and it’s great for those times when you want a smaller bag that still holds a lot. This silhouette (with the front flap, top handle, and crossbody strap) is trending right now, and it strikes a nice balance between ladylike and edgy.

Loeffler Randall minimal rider leather satchel

I love the clean lines and minimalistic styling, and I also love that the interior is unlined. It’s the same leather on the inside as it is on the out.

It’s divided inside, which is kind of nice in a way, but I do feel that it doesn’t hold as much as it looks like it should. It works well for me, though. It holds my full-size wallet along with my phone and a few odds and ends like a Kleenex purse pack, lipstick, and face powder.

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing BlankNYC suede moto jacket and Loeffler Randall minimal rider leather satchel

Altogether, this is the type of dressed-up casual outfit I love to wear when I go out to eat or to an event where I want to take my typical girl-next-door jeans-and-tee ensemble up a notch.

The suede moto gives the overall look an edgy vibe, but the light color is unexpected and more feminine than black or cognac. The block heel booties dress it up but are still practical for the walking that’s necessary when you’re in an urban setting, and of course the jeans and t-shirt are closet basics that work for so many occasions.

22 Days of Spring Fashion | Spring Outfit Ideas | BlankNYC suede moto jacket with AG raw hem legging ankle jeans, Vince Camuto Kensa peep-toe booties, and Loeffler Randall minimal rider leather satchel. Jo-Lynne Shane

BLANKNYC Suede Moto Jacket  // similar pink tee // AG raw hem legging ankle jeans // Vince Camuto Kensa peep-toe booties (similar here and here) //  Loeffler Randall minimal rider satchel (similar for less / even less) // Stella & Dot Aurelia necklace

Cyndi is taking a break from spring outfits this week while she’s on her cruise (#lucky) but I’m going to keep going since I already have 5 outfits in my queue, and I always worry about things selling out if I wait to long to post them.

I’m linking up with Jenna of Sincerely Jenna Marie, Caryl of More Pieces of Me, and Rachelle of Pink Sole. You can check out their fashion linkups for more spring style inspiration!

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46 thoughts on “Spring Suede in Nashville

  1. Wow, I think your photo shoot turned out gorgeous! I love that bag, too! You wear neutrals so well, the whole outfit looks feminine and stylish and you look like it was made for you! I love neutrals but I always look kind of washed out in them if they are near my face. You look simply beautiful!

  2. I love this outfit too! You’re right  it’s something you can easily throw together but then the jacket and the handbag takes it to the next level. I do love that jacket but unfortunately I just don’t like the way Moto jackets look on me. I don’t know why but I just don’t feel comfortable in them. I guess they’re just not me.   I’ll wear blue Jean jackets. I have several in different colors and I love those but the Moto jackets and even the utility jackets just don’t look right? It’s probably just me. LOL 🤪 

  3. Good Morning – love the outfit ! I must get those jeans 🙂 Also, just wanted to let you know QVC just started selling Vince Camuto (clothes, handbags and shoes) and have a peep toe bootie just like that on their website for under $100……and in some great color options.

  4. Cute outfit, JoLynne.  I am loving your new email content.  The extras there could be their own blog post.  You are on FIRE!

  5. Hi Jo Lynne, as usual you look so cute! I love those shoes and looked and looked for something similar. Lo and behold I found a very similar look at Kohls when I went there to see if there were any jeans. I NEVER shop there and have never looked at their shoes. They were Sonoma in same color suede and 1/2 price. Goes to show I need to be more open minded. Just a suggestion for anyone looking for maybe a “trendier” item they may not want to spend a lot on. Thank you for the continued inspiration. Julie L 

  6. I think the 4th picture was taken during the short lived tension.  This is a fabulous outfit Jo-Lynne! It is one that I would duplicate if our lifestyle suited it.

    1. Haha, I look pissy, don’t I? I thought that brick building was so ugly. I was like WHY??? When we got to the restaurant and saw those twinkle lights, I got so excited. 🙂

  7. Great outfit! I have a question about the purse lining you’ve mentioned a few times. I agree I don’t like the cloth lining. I have a few contemporary bags that have a leather lining (smooth and in contrasting color) and I like that a lot. Easy to clean and doesn’t seem cheap. But unlined (the textured underside of leather) seems like it wouldn’t be as strong and maybe looks unfinished? 

    1. Yes, I like the smooth leather lining too (that is what this one has) but it does make it fairly stiff. I see the raw leather inside most often with pebbled leather, and they tend to use that on bags that can handle a slouchier silhouette. I can see how it would seem unfinished, but I like it because it gives it such a soft feel, and it smells soooo good. 🙂 It’s totally a matter of preference, though.

  8. Such a cute story about your husband taking your photo shoots. Before I finished reading it, I started thinking of how the dynamic would be if my husband and I did this and it wasn’t pretty. But then you went on to say how it can be a challenge sometimes lol …but it sounds like you guys handled it well and let it go once it was over. I have to say that I liked the jacket the first way you styled it. With the cami and pumps, even though I don’t wear pumps anymore. But I think it’s because in these pics there’s not much color contrast in the tee to the jacket? Thanks for sharing the other bloggers today. 

    1. Haha, yeah, sometimes we get really annoyed with each other but it doesn’t usually last long. Having him work with me on the blog in this capacity actually has given us something in common to talk about and work on. He follows a lot of fashion blogs whose photography I admire, and we compare notes. 🙂

      I liked the other outfit better too but this is more comfortable to me. 🙂 I actually don’t think there’s much contrast with the jacket and cami either – but it’s a dressier look, which I like.

  9. Is this lighter colored jacket ok to wear when we still have snow like we have in NB Canada? I never really know when it’s appropriate for me to start wearing spring colors.

    1. Hey Lori. These days there really are no “spring colors” – I would wear this jacket in the winter if I could make it look intentional. But for those who do like to follow some of the more traditional rules, I would definitely start wearing things like this in March even in snow b/c the material is heavier like winter and the light color is a nod to spring. It’s a great transition piece for that reason. You can wear it over a blush or pastel blue sweater – it would be gorgeous.

  10. I like your pictures when Paul takes them!  I think he has a good eye, but I also think his pictures turn out so well because he knows you so well. The banter between you helps to produce the pictures. I think he brings out the best in you! I love this outfit on you!  Saturday, I used your link to buy two tops from Loft. They weren’t the ones you featured. Because I went through your link, will you still earn a commission?  I want to to make a living at this so that you continue to have your blog!

    1. Thanks, Karen, yes, if you go through my link, I should get commission on whatever you purchase.

      And yeah, Paul knows me well and he also takes a ton of pictures. He gives me a lot more to choose from than other photographers do. 🙂 That said, I like how Alison gives me posing tips and fixes things that are out of place that a guy doesn’t see. I like working with different people because I always learn new things and the variety is nice.

    1. Hey Sarah. The faux option is super cute. I should have linked that as an option. Also, since it’s not suede, it would be more durable and easier to care for.

      I actually think the jacket would look better if the top peeked out a bit. It did in the back, but I front-tucked the front. I generally don’t like my jacket and top to be the same length, but it sort of worked out that way with this.

  11. Love this look! I’m actually thinking about doing a very non-traditional Easter outfit this year in a style similar to this. I just bought skinny jeans in a muted lilac color and I have a bone colored faux leather jacket so I’m thinking I may try to put those items together with shoes like you’re wearing for Easter. I hate having bare legs this early in the year – both because I’m cold and because I’m so pasty white – and don’t like wearing stockings. What do you think? We have a pretty laid-back casual church environment.

  12. Good morning!  I like the Asked & Answered portion of your post. Keep em’ coming!
    I’m not a pink person but I’m starting to love blush. ❣️

  13. Love the color combo and a comfy outfit look that you’ve made look effortless, I bet the pics with the brown building in the back were the Shots you didn’t care for 😉I think you look great in all the pics but seem to be smiling more without the building back drop… I work with my hubby too so I also understand those days 😀
    Have a great day

  14. It’s so funny hearing how other couples take photos of each other! My husband HATES doing blog photos for me, but it motivated me to figure out a tripod and remote, so now I have more independence when it comes to my shoots! But I do still love when he takes the photos…he gets different angles and so much quicker than I can! Anyway, I love your date night outfit! Casual yet somewhat dressy, and with gorgeous spring colors!

  15. Love this outfit and your blog!! We are very similar in size and I also have a short waist. Most items you show I love, though this season I will not be wearing too much floral, that is just not me. Thanks again for all the information you share.

  16. Jo-Lynne, this is just the type of outfit I would wear on a date night with my hubby. Jeans, a tee and a moto jacket…what could be better? My daughter takes most of my pics, but she is building her own business, so I completely trust her judgment. I’ve had my hubby take a few pics on my phone when I want to put something on IG, but I don’t think I could ever have him take my pics regularly. He’s not into photography, so that definitely makes a difference. You hubby does a great job. Your pictures always look amazing. – Amy

  17. Hi Jolynne! Thank you for all you do…I enjoy your posts & they are so helpful…I look forward to them every day!!! Don’t mean to bother you (I should have written this down somewhere) but I’ve wanted the TB Miller flats for so long I’m finally going to break down and buy them with my birthday money and can’t remember what you said about the sizing & can’t seem to find the post. Also, if you were buying today, would you get the sand patent again or the makeup?? Thanks bunches!!!

    1. Hey Susan! You will love them! I have seen people say to size up but I find they fit very true. I have a few colors now (oooops…) and I’m consistently an 8. I usually wear 8 and sometimes 8.5 in other brands.

      I think I’m tired of the Sand Patent because I’ve had them for so long, and I recently snagged myself a pair in Makeup during the Shopbop sale. They look fresh and current to my eye, but that said, I LOVE the durability of the patent. They will last longer, so take that into account, if you want to wear them a lot. I will continue to wear the patent to the pool and the spa and places where they may get wet or messed up.

      The makeup have a slight blush tinge to them, whereas the sand patent are more of a straight “nude” or beige. Hope that helps!

  18. LOL! I was laughing all the way through your photo session story. James has just started shooting my photos, of course, and it is just as you described. For the most part we have a great time, but when I feel like time is running out and we’re not getting what we need I get testy. Meanwhile, he’s waiting for the magic hour and sure enough eventually that beautiful glow shows up and he gets some great shots. But honestly, I’m loving doing this with him. I know you must feel the same way.

    I do love that purse! I don’t normally like purses that have both a satchel handle and a shoulder bag strap. Just a personal quirk of mine. But since this one is smaller and streamlined, I like it! I’m going to have to look for a bag that style. Love your outfit! and your photos!

  19. I love the outfit and the photo shoot turned out great! Your husband is a great photographe. I wanted to let you know that I was able to find the shoes at Nordstrom Rack. They have the tan color as well as black. 

  20. I actually love to hear about the interaction and little bickering. We all have our moments. It looks like y’all had so much fun. I’m actually on a very unexpected trip to Nashville right now. Love this town!

  21. I was quite amused reading this post yesterday. I can’t get my husband to snap more than one or two pictures of an outfit, and then they aren’t good enough to post lol. His forte is photographing scenery and stuff like that. 

    Love this neutral outfit. Another one that is easy to recreate, I love that!

  22. I forgot to add, I love your purse and appreciated the link to the even less option. I have been looking for something smaller and cute that I can still fit the essentials in. I ordered it and can’t wait to use it!

  23. I absolutely love this jacket on you, and it works so perfectly with that tee. It’s amazing just how much one piece like this can transform an entire outfit. Love it.

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