Maui Jim for Father’s Day Gift Giving

Greetings and happy hump day! Since technically I shared two summer outfits yesterday, today I’m taking a break from 21 Days of Summer Fashion to share a Father’s Day gift idea from Maui Jim.

When it came to choosing a father for my kids, I hit the jackpot. Not that Paul’s parenting skills were at the forefront of my mind when we were dating, but I knew instinctively that he would be an awesome dad when the time came.

You see, he’s the fun parent. He keeps things light when I’m moody, entertains the kids when they’re bored, and comes up with fun things to do together as a family; but he also makes sure the kids know who is in charge.

He’s not the type to try to avoid the “dirty work” either. When the kids were younger, he was always willing change a diaper or get up with a sick child during the night, and he took on most of the taxi duties as they got older. He was also the primary driver’s ed instructor . . . but maybe that’s because I was the co-pilot when our son took out the garage door. #ooops

In addition to all of that, he can fix practically anything. It’s been a wild ride at times, but there’s no one I’d rather be on this parenting journey with than him.

Father’s Day is just a few weeks away, and along with that, we will be celebrating a new parenting milestone — our oldest child is graduating from high school! It’s definitely a big deal and deserving of an extra special celebration.

I’m sure many of you also have husbands and fathers you want to honor this Father’s Day, and being that it’s the beginning of summer, a new pair of shades makes a great Father’s Day gift.

I’m excited to partner with Maui Jim again this year to bring you their newest styles for both men and women, starting with the Chee Hoo!

These polarized sunglasses have rectangular silhouette with metal and rubber arms that are comfortable and flattering, and I particularly love the blue mirrored lenses. They have the same amazing color enhancement and clarity as all other Maui Jim lenses, but they give any pair of frames an instant cool vibe.

These frames also come in gloss black and tortoise, but we chose the Stormy Grey, which I really like on Paul. They have a slightly matte finish, and several shades of grey create a subtle pattern for interest.

Another new style we like is the Barrier Reef Polarized Wrap Sunglasses. Paul finds this wrap style particularly comfortable, and he also likes the neutral grey lenses because they feature the highest available light reduction for a view with the richest colors and sharpest contrast.

I also really like the frames on these — the black with silver and grey goes great with his hair color.

As with all Maui Jim sunglasses, they’re ultra lightweight for supreme comfort, and both pairs have Maui Jim’s SuperThin Glass and PolarizedPlus2 lenses, which provide a crisp, clear view whether you’re driving to work or taking in a scenic view.

If you’re looking for a special gift for one of the men in your life this summer, take a look at all of Maui Jim’s newest arrivals. You can filter your results by frame, lens, color, and gender to find the perfect pair.

photo credit: Alison Cornell

This post is brought to you by Maui Jim. Thank you for supporting the retailers that support this site. 

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  1. My daughter (oldest) is graduating high school today and I am a bucket of emotions. It really is such a milestone. I got her the monogram necklace you recommended and can’t wait to give it to her.

  2. Love the pictures.  And what a great post singing Paul’s praises!  I like that you mentioned thinking Paul works be a great dad when dating!  I knew by how my hubby treated his mother that he’d be a great dad! My husband like the wrap around frames you featured. I favor the blue tinted ones.  Maui Jim is lucky to have you as their ambassador!  Also good luck with all the graduation activity!  

  3. It’s so nice to see a happy marriage, and to read your wonderful words about Paul.  He’s a good sport to appear in the Blog from time to time. These are wonderful pictures!

  4. Love the pictures yall look so cute , how did you get the pictures of the both of you. Like the outfits your both wearing

  5. What a great sport to be a model in your blog. The glasses look awesome. I too am so thankful for my husband and all his hard work he does (as we own our own business) to support our family. We just had a wonderful vacation to Florida and the fact that our 21 and 24 year olds still want to travel with us… Well lets just say I’m double thankful:) I hope your enjoy all these milestones and take lots of pics, I still find myself going through photo albums (yes I like the photo albums and have one for each year of our children lol) and wonder where has the time gone?? You are now entering yet a new season of life, and yes it does take some getting used too, at least for us it did LOL..
    Have a wonderful day and thank you for what you do even during these very busy days in your life right now.

  6. What a beautiful couple you two make! I love how you gave honor and respect to Paul in this Post! I feel the same way about my husband of 40 years! He’s just the kindest and greatest Husband, Father and Papa around!  Thank you for the suggestion of Maui Jim’s for Father’s Day! He currently wears a pair of Maui’s but’s new pair will be the perfect gift for him! Enjoy the graduation festivities this weekend!

  7. Great post, Jo-Lynne! You just write beautifully. And what a nice tribute to your husband. Indeed, the older we get and the further along we get on the parenting spectrum, the more realize what a blessing a solid and invested dad is! Happy Father’s Day (early) to your guy! Now…to look into those sunglasses for my guy!

  8. Great post.  I love what you said about your husband.  Those are all great qualities.   You got a good one.  🙂

  9. It appears that Paul is on the mend. How great is that! Jo-Lynne, we all know what your favourite jeans are but, what is Paul’s favourite?

    1. Hey Bev, he’s actually a sucker for premium denim too. He used to complain about how uncomfortable jeans were, until I made him try some. He has mostly 7 For All Mankind, but he also has a pair of AG and maybe a Paige.

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