Casual Summer Shorts Outfit with Gingham Popover

Welcome back to 21 Days of Summer Fashion! I pretty much live in denim shorts and sandals in the summertime, and I love how this gingham popover elevates the look while still keeping it cool and casual.

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing a casual summer shorts outfit with a gingham popover. #summerfashion

Gingham is trending this spring, and I love this larger scale pattern. The material is lightweight and comfortable but thin enough to be see-through.

This top came from J.Crew Factory, and it’s a great price, but unfortunately it’s almost sold out so I rounded up some other options below.

These are my favorite white denim shorts, but they’re also low inventory.

If you’re looking for white shorts this summer, Loft has a similar cuffed denim style, and J.Crew Factory has a lot of white chino shorts options. Talbots also has good variety of white shorts right now — both denim and chino.

I wore gold thong sandals to keep the look casual. After my Tory Burch sandals, these are my go-to. I like how the gold gives my outfit a touch of glam, and the minimalistic style is flattering. They’re also quite comfortable, and I can walk in them for hours.

I’ve also discovered a lifesaver when it comes to button-front tops — fashion tape! Kelly Snyder of Adore Your Wardrobe tipped me off to this stuff, and it is AMAZING. (Also, FYI, Adore Your Wardrobe is now open for registration! Find out more HERE.)

(I wasn’t actually wearing it in these pictures, in case you’re thinking my shirt looks like it’s gaping — it may have been. I forgot to bring it with me to the photo shoot, even though it was on my mind.)

Not only does it hold button-front shirts in place, but you can use it to adhere your clothing to your skin or bra straps or where ever you want your clothing to stay in place. I’ve tried other fashion tape in the past that didn’t stick, but this stuff works great. Total game changer!

This is the kind of easy outfit I like to wear running around town and working from home in the summertime. I usually opt for a t-shirts, but this gingham popover is fun for a change.

gingham popover // white shorts (option) // sandals // tote (less pricey options here and here) // earrings

photo credit: Alison Cornell

More Gingham Shirts:

Be sure to visit Cyndi and see the summer outfit she’s styling today!

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28 Responses

  1. I have to admit, that I’ve been so gaga over gingham this season for some reason!! I only have a couple of pieces, but every time I see it, my heart goes pitter patter…LOL!!
    Now I just need to get some good jean shorts—talk about a struggle…

  2. I love gingham prints there is so many memories that goes with gingham . Thank you for sharing the tape to keep button shirts from gapping, for those of us that are well endowed button shirts seems to have that gap, or are to low cut that you have to use a safety pen to take them up some.

  3. Yay! I have you back in my email! Your outfit is adorable today. Have fun and treasure the graduation party

  4. This is a great summer outfit! Casual but still put together for running errands, having lunch or hanging out at home.

    Thanks for posting about the AT sale, ordered the yellow top!

  5. Woo Woo! Look at you with those long legs, red pedi and metalic sandals! Very chic looking outfit for going out and about! Enjoy your preparations for graduation! The good thing is that by the time your third one graduates, you’ll have it down to a science! We had rented tents for both our daughters graduation parties. Picked the middle of July (we’re in the Poconos, #couldbefreezingcoldinjuly). The parties were 2 years apart, the rain came down in buckets both times with the tents starting to sag as the water was filling up on the edges. And both times we were out there with brooms pushing the water off the tent tops…..at least we knew what to do after the first debacle! It’s all part of this adventure we call life!

    1. That sounds dreadful! Our weather forecast for Saturday is a little dicey but we can stay inside if need be. It’s not a huge crowd. I hope we can use the deck, tho!

  6. Cute outfit!  I like the popover in place of a tee.  It’s a nice way to look more put together but still be cool.  

    I bought that tape when you first recommended it and you are right, it really works well.  Button ups are always too low or too high on my chest (button placement) and the tape creates the happy medium.  I’m sure I’ll find more ways it is helpful.  The bra strap is a great idea. 

  7. Cute outfit!  I love the gingham top!  I also bought that tape back when you first recommended it.  It’s great!
    Have fun with the graduation party prep.  Hard to believe my last one graduated from high school 14 years ago!

  8. I bought a similar gingham popover top this spring from LL Bean, and it’s also a good one. Cute outfit as always!

  9. I really like this outfit and you look so nice in it!  I guess the fashion tape is what Carrie Underwood and some of the other ladies used last night for the CMT Awards.  Hope you’re having a good day!

  10. Cute outfit! Does the fashion tape also keep bra straps in place? I like to wear sleeveless tops, but hate my strapless/razorback bra. I prefer to wear my regular bra, but because I have broad shoulders sometimes the straps start peeking out. So would the fashion tape help that situation?

    1. Oops! Silly me. I see you already answered that question in the post now. I just wasn’t reading it right. Thanks!

    2. I don’t think it would be strong enough to hold your bra straps in place, but it’s good for sticking a tank top to your bra straps if it’s the type of top to move around a lot. 🙂

  11. I’d get a tray of the costco wrap sandwiches, some of their shrimp salad (yum!) I’d also get a couple blocks of cheese and some crackers. If you are thinking sweets, their frozen cheese puffs are awesome too. Can you tell I live there?

  12. You always look so good in your shorts…. I am slowly getting back into some( 50 now lol) and giving the skorts a break. I still like a little sundress for the really hot days, though( nothing around my waist). My daughter and I both love J. Crew Factory and the gingham top is adorable, and really dresses up the shorts. I will have to look into the tape for my daughter, as she’s always getting me to pin her blouses for work. That would work really well. Also love that pink sweater, may have to look into that one.
    Have a great day:)
    PS how did you make out at your Costco run? I know you mentioned keeping it simple and cold so everyone can just help themselves . We did a gathering here not long ago and I went with a variety of cold meats, slice chesses, and croissants added the trimmings on another plate, some dips and fruit and veggie platters made homemade divine dip and nachos. It went over well and nothing had to be kept hot.

  13. This is the perfect summertime outfit! I noticed that you kept your accessories very low key and neutral. On purpose so that the shirt was the main attraction?

  14. I need that tape in my life! I kept meaning to find your link for it but always forgetting. I’m most excited to see if it will hold down the corners of some flap pockets on a pair of my pants. Worth a shot.
    Love the gingham with the white!

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