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Greetings and welcome back to 21 Days of Summer Fashion!

I read somewhere that pedal pushers would be trending this spring. While I don’t really see that trend taking off, I was asked to style a pair so I thought I’d give it a shot.

Wondering how to wear pedal pushers this summer? Loving this summer outfit with gingham pedal pushers, a black top, and red espadrille wedges!

I actually think these can be cute — I rather like the retro-inspired silhouette — but the key is to make sure they don’t cut off your leg at the widest part. You want them to end above the widest part of the calf — not right at the widest part. Compare these to these. See what I mean?

Based on those pictures, I ordered these gingham pedal pushers from Dillards. (Bonus, they were JUST marked down to $47.40!)

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing gingham pedal pushers with a black top, and red espadrille wedges!

While they seem to hit me where my calves are widest, I still feel they are flattering. What do you think?

Maybe they work because they are cut to be more form-fitting than the Talbots ones. They’re actually very stretchy — almost legging material. But they have more structure than leggings — the material is more of a stretchy chino fabric than a knit fabric.

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing gingham pedal pushers with a black top, and red espadrille wedges!

I ordered the white top pictured with the pedal pushers on the Dillards website, but the cut was baggy and unflattering on me, and I didn’t love the material. I don’t feel it’s worth the price, honestly, so I pulled this black top out of my closet instead.

It’s old, but this one is similar. I have that one in white, but it was in the wash the day we shot this look so I opted for the black. Either works!

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing gingham pedal pushers with a black top, and red espadrille wedges!

I added the red espadrilles for fun. I think having a bit of a heel helps this length of pant look more slimming, but flat sandals would work too. I like adding a punch of color in my shoes when wearing a black-and-white outfit.

These shoes are more comfortable than you’d think. I can wear them for a few hours with no issues, although I walked a lot at my son’s graduation and did end up with a couple of small blisters, but it was really hot and I did walk a lot. FYI, they’re on sale again — 30% off with code SHOPTOIT.

J.Crew Seville Espadrille Wedges

For accessories, I just added a 3-disc layered necklace, a stack of Alex and Ani bangles, and I threw on a pair of largish white-and-gold hoop earrings to draw attention up towards my face. They’re old unfortunately, but this necklace is still available, and it’s a good one. It’s lightweight and delicate and fills a v-neckline without overpowering the look.

Finally, I carried my off-white saddle bag, which is a few years old. A black bag would work too, but I like how the off-white keeps the look light and summery. If you’re looking to add a white bag to your summer wardrobe, this Frye Harness saddle bag is 50% off right now. For a budget buy, this Steve Madden saddle bag is on sale for $29.

Wondering how to wear pedal pushers this summer? Loving this summer outfit with gingham pedal pushers, a black top, and red espadrille wedges!

gingham pedal pushers // similar black top // red espadrilles // 3-disc necklace // bracelets // ivory shoulder bag option (less $$ option here)

photo credit: Alison Cornell

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41 Responses

  1. I think this is a cute look, and it looks great on you!  I love that you added those nostalgic red shoes!

  2. You look cute as always, but I think they age you. Not a big fan. I tend to steer clear of pants this length and either stick with shorts or Capris. 

    1. What’s the difference between these and capris? Aren’t they basically the same? I think this looks cute. I was at Dillard’s on Monday and they had several gingham things. I think it works because the gingham is fun and the red shoes pop and have some height. I’ve done it before but I don’t think I’d wear flats. I think flats would age the look. 

      1. Jo-Lynne might have a better definition, but in my mind Capri’s would be a longer length hitting just above the ankle. I don’t disagree with you and as I said, she does look cute in them. I just think it makes her look older than what she traditionally wears. I’ve felt the same when I’ve tried them in the past and tend to stay away.

  3. Looks great Jo-Lynne but with the right accessories, you could make a potato sack look fashionable!  Lol!  Love the red shoes!  Have fun at the mall!

  4. I vote “no”. Visual break at a non-flattering place. After AYW, I can’t unsee that stuff anymore. 🙂

  5. This look is summertime perfection! Love the pants, such a great alternative to shorts, covers the knees!! Love the cute vent cutouts on the side. The red shoes are awesome! Enjoy your mother/daughter day at the mall!

  6. The pedal pushers are great! I always love checks, very classic. Thanks for advice on the length. The fit of the checks pedal pushers is so much nicer than the Talbots.

  7. Love this look!  What is the difference between capris and petal pushers?  I’m not very fashion savvy so I need to know what I’m looking for. 

  8. I think this is a fun look on you! Thank you! I think they look young and fresh on you! Have a good day :).

  9. I think these pedal pushers are super cute on you. Not sure how I feel about them with the Espadrilles or how they would look on a short person like me 🤔 but I would be willing to try them. Thanks for sharing and enjoy your day. 

  10. I love the peddle pushers. They look very flattering on you. In my opinion these are more attractive than many cropped pants especially the flared ones. I do think the slimmer cut is part of the reason. 

  11. Oh how I wish I NEEDED to add more clothes to my closet!  I absolutely love pedal pushers,and I think you look very nice in this outfit.  While I also love my palazzo pants, finding tops that look right with them is very very challenging.  And with my very bad ankles and bad knee, I don’t have shoes with a high enough heel.  Trying to look put together and current is a tough job!  Ha!  Sounds like you have a fun day ahead of you.  Enjoy!

  12. You look cute, and these are a very flattering cut/length. But…..(sorry)…..It’s probably just me, but I perceive them as kind of a style that is in “no man’s land” as to whether they are super, super casual and should be worn with sneakers and dressed way down, or whether they should be dressed up way more like with stiletto sandals and a flowy top. But, somehow, it’s like there’s something not basic enough about them for everyday wear–I’m not sure I’m explaining myself very well! I guess I think maybe they are attention catching, and sort of drive the whole look, and I’d struggle with that if I had them. So maybe not for me, but these are cut perfectly for you, and you do look great! I always appreciate it when you try something different like this–we can all learn so much–thanks!!

  13. Thanks for styling these! I love the fun, retro look of pedal pushers. I haven’t worn shorts shorter than my knees for about 10 years, and this year it seems like it is easier to find longer shorts than in other years, and at fun, hip stores instead of just Talbots-type classic places. I agree it’s all about where they cut off on your leg and how they fit above where they end, but it really can be flattering and it’s nice having extra coverage. You look cute!

  14. You make this look so trendy! I admire your bravery too.. you are willing to try stuff out for the rest of us, and in doing so leave yourself open to a lot of criticism. That takes courage! Thank you. 😊

  15. I love the retro look, black and white with red espadrille wedge shoes!! For those of us with vericose veins and puffy knees, it’s a nice alternative!! Thanks for showing us some options. Like another lady said, you could wear a potato sack and still look beautiful!! 😃

  16. I’m on the fence about pedal pushers.  I think they look great on you but I’m not sure about on me.  I like that it covers the knee but then think why not just wear capris?  I agree the key to these would be if they are more fitted.  Love the red shoes with it!  

    Have fun at the mall and pool. 

  17. I have to say, YOU look great in everything!  You’re still young enough to pull these off fashionably.

    But, for me–and I’m a bit older than you–these never quite left the wardrobe of some of my contemporaries….  I think that would make them a “Fight the Frump” candidate for my age group.  🤣

  18. I think these are super cute. I’ve always liked this style (especially the slim cut) and used to wear them a lot, then I started looking at fashion blogs and somehow, this length of pant seemed to be taboo. I think I’m going to start wearing them again. I would have preferred a different shoe with them though. A strappy sandal or not-too-high wedge perhaps.

  19. While I like most all of what you style, I have to say, I’m not a fan of the pedal pushers. Makes me think of what my grandmother used to wear. Love your facebook live sessions. Appreciate your humor and candor. 

  20. I really like them and they look great on you. I like the length for summer and I can wear them to work because they are below the knee so I wouldn’t be self-conscious. However, based on the comments I think this is a “fashion don’t” . Too bad 🙁

  21. Well I have to agree with some of these other sweet readers that you could wear a paper sack and make it cute. I gotta’ say that I’m not a fan though. They feel kinda “old lady” to me, but if they did come back in a big way, I’d embrace them. I don’t like to wear shorts so these would be a great option. Oh the fashion dilemma. LOL

  22. Not a fan of the pedal pushers look. I feel like they age a person. Maybe when I’m ready to accept my age, LOL.

  23. I’m going to echo Lori’s comment and thank you for styling a look that opens the door to criticism. (Although I think the lovely ladies who frequent this blog are kind in their “criticisms.”) I think it may be that we have to train ourselves for this look because we aren’t used to seeing them worn by trendy dressers like yourself. I, too, remember my grandmother wearing this pant length. I do have a question though, what is the difference between capris and pedal pushers? If you hadn’t called these pedal pushers, I would have called them capris.

  24. Well you make everything look good… but for me and my 5’3 height probably not. They would end up being more like a Capri which I even choose to stay away from and go crop( just above ankle). I must say in my part of the world I haven’t seen much of this style on people or in store.. I think maybe they do age us a bit??
    Thanks for always showing us the options though 😀

  25. Why am I thinking a blazer would look nice with this? 🤔 Cute look but maybe needs a finishing touch. Would be a cute office look for the summer months. 

    1. P.S. For some reason I didn’t get your email this morning? I checked my junk folder but not there either…

      1. I am having the same issue — haven’t gotten one since June 9 if that helps….not in my junk either.

    2. My thought exactly, Sheila.  Those would look great with a blazer for a dressy night out.  I would wear them with a blazer and stilettos for a dinner.  

  26. I think they look good on you. I too love the retro look. I always love looking back st my mom’s pictures when I was a baby. She wore them all the time and they looked so classy. You should keep them. I agree…..They look better with the more fitted leg and type of material they are. The other ones did hit at the wrong place, too wide and the material looks Grandma like. Nothing wrong with grandma look I’m wanting to be one 🙂 but you know what I mean. You could even wear a red top and your new black wedges with it and of course white like you said. Fun to see a new look. I’m short so would for sure need a heel. Have a fun day with your daughter. 

  27. So, after reading everyone’s comments, the question of what’s the difference between pedal pushers and capris made me think! My grandmother used to wear this length of pant and called them “clam diggers!” They were similar to these pedal pushers because they are form fitting, and narrow at the bottom, where I think capris are more loose fitting? In either case I agree with everyone else, Jo-Lynne makes everything look cute! 🙂

  28. While I think you look adorable in everything you share, these are the exception and are not flattering at all. I agree with another poster that they are aging. I think sticking with short, capris and skinny jeans is the better option. 

  29. Love the outfit. You look great in it. I don’t think its grandmaish I would defintely wear it. Thank you
    Jo-Lynne. Even if it is, it still looks great and whatever you are comfortable in. Am not a fashion freak, just love the style. Thank you for sharing new ideas everyday.

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