Summer Outfit Inspo: What I Wore This Week (and Last Week Too!)

Greetings, friends! It’s another two-fer What I Wore post.

Some weeks I don’t feel like I took enough pictures to warrant a full post, and the last few weeks have been very much like that. With the summer heat, moving homes, and a slow social calendar, I haven’t been wearing many outfits worth documenting.

That said, I still have to get dressed every day, so here’s what I’ve got.

Summer Outfit Inspo: What I Wore This Week (and Last Week Too!)

What I Wore This Week (and Last Week Too!)

First up, an outfit I wore to the nail salon. It’s ALWAYS chilly in the manicure room, so I usually bring a cardigan. This particular day was mild outside — it was before our crazy heatwave started — so I threw on this super soft pullover with my new favorite denim shorts.

I always bring sandals in my bag so I don’t have to wear their freebies home with me, but I had on my Converse for running errands beforehand because I liked the more casual vibe with the rest of the outfit. SHOP THE LOOK.

This is an outfit I wore to church a couple weeks ago. I also styled this sweater with these white jeans, black wedge sandals, and my red tote in this post. I can’t decide if I like it better with the red in the shoes or the red in the bag, but either way, I love a black and white outfit with a pop of red. SHOP THE LOOK.

I went walking with a friend one day, and I took this picture for my Insta Story. I thought I’d include it here just because it shows another side of me. I’m not always working or shopping, ha! My tank says “Will Exercise for Chocolate.” 🤣 Unfortunately it’s old, but I linked my sunnies (c/o Maui Jim) and my favorite sports bra — SHOP THE LOOK.

I wore this next outfit one day to run errands with the girls. We were mainly shopping for the new house, and I believe this was the day I needed two carts to get out of Target. #ooops #ithappens

I guess I never created a Look for this outfit on Shopstyle, so I’ll link the outfit components beneath the picture.

top // jeans (similar for less) // sandals // necklace // similar earrings // nails: CND Indigo Frock

I wore pink cutoffs and this white muscle tee for a day working from home. I picked up these shorts during a Shopbop sale, but the price is higher now than what I paid. They’re cute, but super low cut. I don’t mind because the fit is on the looser side and they don’t create a muffin top like some low-rise pants and shorts do. If you like the look, these Caslon girlfriend shorts come in a similar color for $34.

And I love this muscle tank. I wear it a lot, and it’s nice piece for layering under a cardigan or denim jacket as well. For size reference, I have the medium, so if you run in between sizes, you may want to size up. SHOP THE LOOK.

I wore this stripe top and denim skirt to run errands on another weekday. SHOP THE LOOK.

I think this was the day of my 2nd Target haul. With 3 1/2 new bathrooms to outfit with towels, accessories, cleaning supplies, I feel like I’ve been living at Target lately. I think we’re single-handedly keeping them in business these days!

This is what I wore for closing day. Savannah followed us outside when we went to take this picture, sat down on the sidewalk, and posed for the camera as pretty as pie. That dog cracks me up. SHOP THE LOOK.

We spent about an hour at the real estate office signing papers, and hightailed it over to the new house to see it for the first time as our own. You can get a sneak peek in this post, if you’re interested.

The next day, I was up bright and early (could NOT sleep!) so this tee was fitting. (Incidentally, it has been restocked!!) SHOP THE LOOK.

We headed over to the new house and started cleaning. The previous owners left everything in excellent condition, but of course we still wanted to give it a thorough cleaning before moving stuff in. As an aside, sometimes I wonder if anyone who reads my blog knows them… or what if she follows my blog… hello out there! *awkward wave*

I wore this maxi dress to church last weekend, and carried I my red tote for a patriotic nod. I tried on my navy wedge sandals, but I felt like it was all a little too matchy, so I went with nude. P.S. This dress has been restocked in all sizes!!! SHOP THE LOOK.

This was my 4th of July outfit. I think I’ve worn a striped Old Navy tank and denim shorts on the 4th for the past several years. I guess it’s becoming my 4th of July uniform. SHOP THE LOOK.

We didn’t really have any plans; the holiday sort of crept up on me with all of the excitement with the new house, and all of our friends had plans, so we just hung out at the new house, did some work, but mostly enjoyed the pool and the back deck. I cooked dinner over there before we returned “home” for the night. This picture was taken in my new backyard! 😍

This is the same outfit I shared above, but a different day. I took a top-down selfie for something different. I’m such a plain Jane, I can’t really see anything but a white tee with these pink shorts, but I guess black or navy could work too. SHOP THE LOOK.

Finally, I wore this yesterday to go get my hair done. Again, I’m always cold in the salon, so even though it was hot out, I wore pants. These are so lightweight, they actually work really well for those days when I’m in and out of air conditioning. They’re on sale for $98 on, but sizes are limited. They’re $125 and fully stocked at Lord & Taylor. If in between, I recommend sizing up. SHOP THE LOOK.

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20 thoughts on “Summer Outfit Inspo: What I Wore This Week (and Last Week Too!)

  1. Never more information than I’d like! I always enjoy your posts about your activities and what you’ve done/updates on the new home!
    It would be fun to know if your seller is a follower on your blog 😊
    Windy and cooler here in Lewes! Severe storms yesterday brought in lower temps…

  2. I really enjoy seeing the “real” you! 🙂 It’s easy to get the impression from fashion blogs that everyone dresses up, dolls up, and accessorizes perfectly for every daily event. I love that you are keeping it real!

    The pic of you in the striped maxi dress made me think of a question I’ve had in the past. It looks okay to wear wedges with an ankle length maxi dress? For some reason I always look in the mirror and think it looks like I’m trying too hard or something. I usually end up switching out the wedges for flat sandals. Maybe it’s because I’m short (5’4″ ish on a tall day LOL) ? Interested in your thoughts.

    1. I agree, Denise!  That’s one of the reasons this is my favorite blog.  I love the fact that we see repeat items and how Jo Lynne dresses daily……not just special items prepped and shot for the blog. 

  3. Even though there’s a lot of work involved in getting the new house ready for y’all to occupy, there’s also so much excitement and anticipation.  Have y’all closed on the home you are moving out of?  Since I have not been able to keep up on reading your posts this week, I really appreciate the recap!  Regarding the b&w striped sweater outfit, carrying the red bag is my favorite.  Have an awesome day!

  4. Thanks for the recap and the three T-shirt dresses I ordered from Old Navy arrived yesterday and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality for $8. Plus they came in petite so that’s why I ordered 3 😃. I don’t wear shorts much so these dresses will be a great summer alternative. Thanks so much for styling them. On another note we are having the floors redone in my home so I feel like I am moving because all the furniture needs to be moved out. But now I’m looking around an some of my old decor and want to buy some new rugs. I would love to see your bar stools, did you post them on Instagram?

  5. Every one of these outfits I could see wearing. except the jean skirt. To be honest not crazy about jean skirts. Also wouldn’t wear a dress that long. It would be fun to see you in a jumpsuit or romper. Ha! Good luck with your house. Summer is flying by. 

      1. Wow! That romper looks cute on you! I actually have one very similar with a black background. Thanks for posting! 🙂

  6. Whew!  What a week.  If the previous owners of the house follow you, I’m sure they’re delighted to have your family enjoy what they worked so hard to create.  That backyard and pool!  Heaven!

  7. I love your blogs. Its like having a pen pal and hearing all the exciting and sometimes not so exciting things happening in their life. You certainly have a lot of exciting things going on right now! 
    Living in Scottsdale, Arizona your muscle tee and pink cutoffs are what I call “my uniform”. I wear it daily! 
    Enjoy decorating and making new memories in your new house! 

  8. Wow, I am not sure what happened in that first post.  What I meant to say is that I am worried about being between sizes in the maxi dress and wondering what size you are wearing.

  9. Good morning and happy Sunday!  I’ve been following along on all the changes coming your way lately so let me say Congrats on the new house (especially with a pool!)!   Just have a quick question about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale………since it begins Thursday morning, and that’s a work day for me and I’m usually pressed for time in the mornings, can I put the items in my cart the night before and then just hit the purchase button Thursday morning and still get the sale price? Or should I use the “save for later”option and then transfer them to my cart to purchase?  There are a couple of items that were in the catalog  that I definitely don’t want to miss! Thanks! 

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