New House Update + Guest Room Planning #CoffeeTalk

Greetings, friends! I hope you’re all enjoying your weekend.

In case you hadn’t figured this out yet, Coffee Talk will basically be new house updates for the foreseeable future. I hope you’re all okay with that! If not, come back tomorrow, and I promise to be back to talking fashion as usual.

This week has been a bit of a whirlwind. On the one hand, I feel like we’ve been working on the new house for a month, and on the other hand, it seems like the last week flew.

For those just tuning in, it’s been 10 days since we closed on the new house, and we’re still living in our old house while we do some painting and carpeting. Moving Day is this Friday, 7/13.

I’m not superstitious, but I can’t help but hope that isn’t a bad omen. I really want things to go well! A friend used our moving company last month, and it did NOT go well for her. We had already signed the contract and put down a deposit when I saw the damage done to her brand new custom built home, so we’re just going forward and hoping for the best, but I can’t say I’m not a little concerned. Hopefully her situation was just a fluke.

Here’s a little update on our progress so far, for those who haven’t been reading my email updates each day.

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We hired a paint crew to work on the downstairs, and we’re going to do the upstairs and basement as time allows. The painters started on Monday, and it feels like slow going, but they’re doing a good job and they’re nice guys. I’m not sure they’ll be done by this Friday, as planned, but they can finish up after we’re moved in if they have to. Not a big deal.

Because I’m a sheep, we’re painting pretty much the entire house in a neutral “greige” with white trim. 🤣

I know, it’s so trendy right now, but over the past 20 years, I feel like I’ve had about every paint color under the sun, and I’m liking this light and neutral trend. Also, it will make it easier to redecorate or update for the seasons. I’m kind of tired of having my decor dictated by my wall color.

There are a few exceptions. I want to do something fun in the powder room and maybe the laundry room too. And we decided to paint the dining room navy blue above the chair rail, and white below, and we’re having windowpane molding installed to look like wainscoting. I’m super excited about that. I think it will look so lovely! Here’s a “before” picture.

I also ordered a rug for the dining room as well as white silk curtains. The rug came this week, and I like it okay, but it actually looks more blue than grey, which is fine since we’re using navy paint in that room. I’m sure it will all come together and look nice when the furniture is in place.

This is the one room that will be together almost instantly upon move-in because after the painters are done in there (that room should definitely be done this week), I can hang the curtains and put the rug in place, and then all that’s left is to have the movers place the furniture on Friday!

I ordered matte gold curtain rods, and I eventually hope to replace the chandelier with something that has some matte gold details. I’ll still want to accessorize the room, but at least the basics will be in place right away.

The other room I’m working on right away is the guest room because it’s looking like we may have houseguests the first week of August. Paul and I started painting it Friday night, and we went back yesterday and almost finished. The walls still need a second coat with the roller, but that won’t take long. I chose an off-white for that room that’s slightly lighter than the Edgecomb Grey that’s throughout most of the house. It’s BM China White, and it has a hint of creamy yellow to it, which I like for that room. I want it to feel cheery and serene.

It’s taking me a while to figure out the decor, but it’s coming along. Here’s what I’m playing around with.

So far I’ve ordered a bed, bedding, decorative pillows, and curtains. I also ordered these lamps, but I’m considering swapping them for these lamps to pull in more black. (That’s why I have both in the image above.)

I’m still working on wall art and end tables. I’m trying to keep the budget down since we have so many things we want to do right away, so that’s prolonging the process. These are the end tables I really want, but $$$. What do y’all think of the ones in the picture above? Also, what do we think about a wall clock in a bedroom? I love the colors in this one, but I’m not sure it looks like a bedroom.

Other than that, and the decisions we’ve already made for the family room, we’re planning to move our existing stuff over and then take each room one at a time. It’s so tempting to try to do it all. right. now. but I know we need to take our time and wait until I can give each room the focus it deserves and afford to decorate the way I want to. I’m dying to work on my office, but that will have to wait.

So yeah, that’s where my mind is these days.

In non-house news, my son only has one more week of working at camp, and he’ll be home for a few weeks before we start getting him ready to head off to college. We have a beach vacation thrown in there as well, so with the #NSale this week, the move next weekend, our vacation in a few weeks, and houseguests in August, I know that’s going to be here before we know it.

I’m both excited for him and dreading it for me. It was hard enough when he left for camp last month, and I know that was just the tip of the iceberg. I keep telling myself we’ll have a lot more to talk about when he comes home, and I’m super excited to go to his college marching band exhibitions.

The girls are excited about the new house, but the reality of leaving this one is setting in a bit, so it’s been a strange weekend around here. I think we’re all feeling a little off-kilter, but I keep telling myself it will all work out and we will feel at home over there soon enough!

I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend. Here in Philly, the humidity broke, and it’s sunny and beautiful. I went for a walk/run yesterday, and I was hoping to do the same this morning, but I spent waaaay too long writing this post, and now it’s time to get ready for church. Oh, well. As Scarlett would say: After all, tomorrow is another day…

Have a good one! xo