10 Easy Date Night Outfit Ideas

Hello Monday! It’s another new week, and this one is exciting because we’re moving on Friday! There is so much to get done before that — carpet to be installed, painting to finish, and lots of packing left to do.

It’s also an exciting week in the fashion world. Those of us who shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale are gearing up for yet another fall shopping extravaganza!

Yes, I know it’s July. But you will thank me in September when you’re already set with some fabulous new fall clothes and accessories that you scored at a great price. #trustme #Iwouldntsteeryouwrong

Meanwhile, I’ve rounded up some summer date night outfit ideas to help you shop your closet and get a little more bang for your buck out of your summer wardrobe.

Now that our kids are older, Paul and I go out to dinner a lot, and I like to dress up a little bit. Here are some of my summer date night outfits over the past couple of years that might help inspire you if you’re looking to jazz things up when you go out with your honey.

10 Easy Date Night Outfit Ideas

#1. Silk Tank, Black Jeans, Leopard Sandals // My top is old, but you can do this look with pretty much any silky tank or blouse. I like wearing black jeans in the summertime because it’s a little unexpected and gives the summery look a more edgy vibe, but it’s the leopard sandals that make the outfit.

Joie silk tank (shop silk tanks at Nordstrom) // Frame skinnies (budget option) // leopard sandals // foldover clutch c/o // bracelet

#2. Fit-and-Flare Dress with Wedge Sandals // I usually wear jeans when I go out, but I really should wear my dresses more often. This embroidered fit and flare dress is amazing on, and if you want, you can dress it up even more with strappy stiletto sandals.

dress //sandals // earrings // bracelet // clutch // photo credit: Alison Cornell

#3. Bright Top, White Jeans, Denim Jacket, Wedge Sandals // I’m always cold inside, so I like to bring a denim jacket along. Any bright top (or pastel, or even a neutral, for that matter) with white jeans and a denim jacket is a safe combination that always looks put together.

shell // jeans (budget option) // similar wedge sandals // similar bag // photo credit: Alison Cornell

#4. Striped Shorts, Solid Tank, Wedge Sandals // Don’t rule out wearing shorts for date night — especially if you’ll be outside where it’s warm.

tank // stripe shorts // wedge sandals // bag // similar necklace // leather wrap bracelet // photo credit: Alison Cornell

#5. Off-the-Shoulder Blouse, Black Jeans, Black Sandals // I wore this outfit in Florida, and I roasted in the black jeans, but I would be able to wear it here in Philly on a lot of summer nights. You could do this look with black shorts if you live in a hotter climate.

floral top // jeans (option) // sandals (option) // bracelet // photo credit: Martina’s Photography

#6. Moto Jacket, Cami, Blue Jeans, Pumps // This is more of a springtime date night look, but I wanted to include it because some of us do get some cooler nights in the summertime. I like the combination of the classy pumps and edgy moto jacket, and I was happy to discover this jacket is still available!

moto jacket (faux leather option) // similar cami // jeans (budget option) // similar pumps // clutch // sunnies c/o // similar earrings // similar pendant // bracelet (budget option) // photo credit: Alison Cornell

#7. Bright Top, Cropped Jeans, Wedge Sandals // This is a more casual date night look, but it’s perfect for going to the movies or to a more casual restaurant. Swap out the wedge sandals for flat metallic strappy sandals if you want to dress it down even more.

knot waist top // cropped jeans (option) // similar wedge sandals // similar hobo (option) // earrings // monogram necklace (size 3XL; 16″ chain) // coil bracelet // photo credit: Alison Cornell

#8. Patterned Shorts, White Tee, Wedge Sandals // Another dressy shorts outfit that is perfect for date night!

shorts // similar tee // similar sandals (gold)

#9. Black Shorts, Striped Tee, Leopard Flats // I almost always wear heels with my date night outfits because I love high heels, and besides church, it’s the only chance I get to wear them. But I know some of my faithful readers don’t wear heels so I wanted to show a cute date night look with flats. A pair of leopard flats is a great way to level up a simple tee and shorts outfit.

striped top // black shorts (longer option/budget option) // leopard flats (option) // similar bag (option) // photo credit: Alison Cornell

#10. Off-the-Shoulder Floral Top, White Jeans, Wedge Sandals // Yes, another floral off-the-shoulder top and jeans — one of my favorite date night combos. This one features my favorite white jeans and wedge sandals.

blouse // jeans (budget option) // sandals // clutch c/o // earrings // bracelet // photo credit: Alison Cornell

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20 Responses

  1. IF your beautiful Moto Jacket is an N-sale option, would the color you’re wearing be a year-round choice?    I’m thinking, if this is the opportunity for investment pieces I would like to choose wisely… and, the way our budget works  that’s more of an investment piece.  (Now, if we’re talking concrete in the backyard, the sky is the limit.)

    Great inspo outfits today, thx!

    Now back to your house stuff:  Can you hire peeps JUST to pick paint colors?  Because I would be ALL about that… and fabric, too… I can sew almost anything but can’t choose the deets…    

    So excited about your color choices so far. We also went with both light (and dark greige) paint nearly everywhere, except for a bluish gray in the kitchen.  I love all the options it gives us.  We also paired it w/blue in our family room.  Nearly everything works well with it, but like you, I am loving it w/ Navy and medium blues.

    But I’m never adverse to borrowing ideas from someone who keeps me in the know 🙂

    1. I have a designer I’m working with on other parts of the house, but she would come out just for a paint consultation if that’s all I wanted. Also, one of the painting companies I’ve used in the past offers a free color expert to visit your home and help you choose your color, and I’ve done that with good results. So it’s worth asking around. She would also help choose fabric. She brought me some fabric swatches to choose from for my family room curtains and kitchen valance. I can buy it thru her and make them myself or have her person make them (or hire my own person.) I have actually made curtains in the past — some fairly intricate ones, actually! But I’m too busy and impatient these day to bother so I’m having her person do them. 🙂

      It is sooo nice to have her narrow the choices down to 5 or 6 fabrics and I just pick one. To go to the store makes me crazy. It’s like trying to decorate that guest room. TOO many choices!!! (She was out of town last week, and that’s the only reason she’s not helping with that.) AND I was trying to save a few pennies, but the hours I’ve spent pouring over websites is well worth paying her for an hour of her time to narrow down the selections for me. I just do not have that knack.

      ANYWAY. The blonde color moto jacket can be a year-round color, but honestly, I’d go with something darker if I only had one. I have the taupe one as well, and i like that better for fall and winter. In fact, I am sad that I haven’t worn the blonde one more. It hasn’t been as versatile as I’d hoped.

  2. Sounds like things are coming together slowly but surely on your new home.  It’s amazing how much can be left to box up for the move when you know how much you’ve already packed.  I swear some of our possessions reproduce when we’re not looking!  I’m glad you are happy with your paint selection for the guest room.  That’s such a great feeling.  Now to the date night outfits:  of course, you look great in all of them.  The dress is so pretty!  I’ve got to remember to at least order the one item you showed us from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale on Thursday early, so I don’t miss out.  We have to leave the house early for an appointment, so I just have to get up a little earlier than normal.

      1. I hear you Jo-Lynne!  We moved from a 3,200 sq ft home to an 1,800 sq ft home, so we were forced to get rid of a lot of stuff.  But, we still have too much stuff, and I am periodically thinning out, and we’ve been here going on 2 years.  Good luck!

  3. All of these date night outfits are great! I have a rather personal question which you don’t have to answer of course! Do you really find jeans comfy to wear out to dinner? I guess you must! I know you love jeans. Sadly, I can’t wear jeans out to dinner. (Even high end jeans which you introduced me to…Thank you!🤗) Unless I am on my low (low, low!) side weight wise  jeans to dinner are just too uncomfy. Is this just me? I hope it’s not just me! 😧 Is there a trick? Or maybe I just have to be more diligent with the sit ups? Sigh. PS. Best of luck in your new house! 

    1. LOL, not too personal at all. 🙂 I don’t have a problem with that. And I know what you mean. I guess mine have some stretch? I dunno… I do like to eat, and sometimes I’m on the higher end of my weight range, and my jeans are snug in the waist, but I’m generally still comfortable eating in jeans.🤷🏻‍♀️

  4. So happy for you and all you have with your new home.  Sounds like you are right on top of things.  I can’t believe how much you are getting done before moving in.  That will really help a lot. Its a great time of year for you doing all this.  You will be in and able to be ready to decorate and celebrate Christmas in your new home. 🙂  You look stunning in photo #10. I just love that top with the white jeans and love the black sandals.  

  5. PS  What color is greige?  What name brand paint is it?  Does anyone have any ideas on a good neutral color for a bedroom?  I have wood molding(Built in 1990) and so I don’t think paint colors look as good as they do with white molding.  I have a white comforter and yellow/white accent pillow.  My carpet is like taupe.  I don’t think a neutral taupe would look good on the walls against the wood molding etc.  Walls are all striped and ready to paint but not good at picking out colors.  

    1. Hey Kathy, greige is a term for a gray/beige color — not quite gray, not quite beige. 🙂 It’s an off-white that isn’t too cold or too warm, so it goes with everything. It’s not a specific paint color, just a general term people are using. I learned a lot about color and how neutrals play off of each other from reading Maria Killam’s blog. You may enjoy it: https://www.mariakillam.com/blog/

      She talks about how all neutrals – even whites – have different undertones and how to figure out what works best in your room. I would think with wood molding and taupe carpet, a shade of white would be nice. Especially with your white comforter. Finding the right white is the tricky part – that’s where bringing samples home and reading a little about picking a white would be helpful.

      This post is really good: https://www.mariakillam.com/is-greige-mistake/

  6. Do you have a budget option for the foldover tassel clutch?  I love the floral off the shoulder top!

  7. Hey  I really like the china white color and the bar stool are nice too. Your new house is coming along very nicely. I hope that when i buy my house it goes as well.  Enjoy all of your decorating

  8. All these outfits look great! Any tricks for wearing an off the shoulder blouse out to dinner? I wore one the other night and, although it looked great, I felt like I was constantly readjusting….

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