Transition Style: Sleeveless Cowl-Neck Top + Leopard Block Heel Pumps

It continues to feel like the dead of summer here in PA, so I decided rather than fight it, I should just dress appropriately. I picked up this sleeveless cowl neck top at Banana Republic a few weeks ago, and I’m not sure why I haven’t worn it yet. It’s going to be on serious repeat here for the next few weeks.

I like how the color is a nod to fall, but the sleeveless style keeps you cool on warm days. I wore it all day Wednesday, after this shoot, and I was cool and comfortable despite the 80-degree temperatures.

The material is a sandwash modal blend, so it has a silky feel to it with added softness, and it drapes really nicely. It has a slightly curved hemline, so you can wear it untucked or front-tucked. I actually like it untucked as well, but I front-tucked it for these pictures. For size reference, I’m wearing the small.

I paired this top with my favorite AG black jeans, and then I added block heeled leopard pumps for pattern and texture.

I purchased these jeans from Amazon, but there’s a version of them available at most department stores, so depending on current promotions and which rewards programs you are loyal to, you can find them almost anywhere. Right now Nordstrom has this pair 25% off.

I’ve been eyeing these pumps all summer, and I finally snagged them during the Bloomingdale’s Friends & Family Sale last weekend. They aren’t on sale anymore, but they do qualify for the $20 gift card offer they have running right now.

I’m really pleased with the comfort level, even for a pointy toe, and the block heel is on trend right now, plus it’s under 3 inches, so a lot more comfortable than most heels but still gives you some height.

When the weather cools down… if the weather ever cools down, I’ll throw my leather jacket on top.

I also wore my black thermal draped cardigan over it yesterday to go to my MRI appointment, and that worked out well too. (I wore leopard flats, not pumps, in case you were wondering! In fact, I wore blue jeans too. You can see that look sans cardigan on my Instagram.)

Here’s a close-up of my jacket, although it’s no longer available, unfortunately. I love that it has a moto vibe but with a regular front-zip. This one is similar and on sale.

You can see how misty it was the morning we shot this look! It had been raining off and on all morning. The weather has been so weird lately, but anyway!

I also wanted to mention this bag. I’ve carried it a few times already, but it’s a really cute piece for under $50. The ring detail is trendy, but I don’t mind spending $50 on a trendy bag, and I think it looks nicer than that. It’s nice versatile size — big enough for everyday, but not too big to carry when you’re going out to dinner.

cowl neck top // black AG legging ankle jeans (also at SaksBloomies, or Nordstrom; or here’s a budget option) // leopard pumps at Bloomies, Nordstrom, or Zappo’s (budget option) // similar leather jacket // circle handle tote // earrings // necklace

photo credit: Alison Cornell

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33 thoughts on “Transition Style: Sleeveless Cowl-Neck Top + Leopard Block Heel Pumps

  1. Love this look for fall! We’ve been having an unusually warm October in Austria, with temps in the 70’s, which I am LOVING! Winter will be here soon enough and I’m thankful for every day I can leave the house without a jacket.

    1. I know, and I keep telling myself I’ll be complaining when it’s cold in April so I should enjoy it. I don’t mind 70s if it’s nice, but 80s and humid is too much for me in October!

  2. I love the different ways you’ve styled this top. My favorite would be the blue jeans and leopard print flats… Loving leopard print, just bought a blouse yesterday with the ruffle sleeve and was so easy to come home and match up with jeans, Black jeans and olive green pants… We have a cooler day today with some rain but back up to 66-70 ‘s tomorrow.
    Have a good one

  3. Love the top. We got wind & rain from Michael but no real problems. Prayers for Panhandle. They got it bad. Happy birthday to your daughter.

  4. I just read your post about how to start a basic new wardrobe – it’s amazing! My problem isn’t starting a new wardrobe, mine is pairing down! I have so many clothes, I go to my closet and feel so overwhelmed that I can’t even sort out an outfit idea! #clothesconviction! I’ve decided I’m going to remove everything from my closet and begin “shopping the basics” from what I already have! Then I’ll pull in other pieces to make a more organized and useful closet full of great outfits! At least this is my goal! I doubt you ever expected your post to be turned around in an opposite fashion as I’m going to use it but I found your ideas very helpful in giving me direction with a bulging closet!

  5. Jo-Lynne, such a cute solution to the on going heat. Atlanta too is just unreal. How is your foot? From a fellow foot sufferer I know how difficult feet can be! Hope all is ok. Question- are dress ankle pants still on trend? Say to wear a loafer with? It seems anything goes as far as pant styles? 

    1. Yeah, I guess anything goes, but I do think the ankle length dress pants are most current.

      My foot feels ok, but there is still a little swollen spot on the inside of my ankle. I didn’t injure it that I’m aware of, so I had an MRI on Tuesday to try to figure out what’s going on. My doc said I can keep running and doing normal activities, so I have been. 🙂

  6. This is a perfect transition outfit! I love this top. I was going to mention it on the Facebook Live ( the color is super flattering on you) but after last week’s weird armpit comments I decided not to comment. 😁
    It’s so great that you included a budget option for the black jeans, but I have to say that after following your blog for quite awhile I am totally a premium denim convert.

  7. Cute transition outfit. I noticed you normally get a small in tops and they look to fit you just about right. Do you ever have any issues after you wash them? I’m petite but I need extra room for the girls so when I order tops I tend to get a medium.  It’s so hard to decide so I also try to read the reviews before I order. 

    1. Sometimes I do, and it’s frustrating, but often I can stretch them back out. I do this thing, where I put two fits up inside my shirt, put them right about where “the girls” are and push out and then slide them back down and out my shirt, and that usually stretches it back out. 🙂 🙂

      My biggest issue is with LOFT tops. The small fits perfectly off the rack, and they always shrink up in the wash. I haven’t washed this one yet, but I’m hoping it doesn’t shrink at all b/c there is no extra room.

  8. This really is an ideal transition outfit. I love the green on you, and it’s so perfect with the leopard. I actually woke up to temps in the 60s and super low humidity this morning, and it was glorious! We have been begging for a cool off down here for weeks. We were teased by a front last week that ended up stalling just north of us so only half the state ended up getting it, lol.

  9. I will say it again, the color of that top is so gorgeous on you!  You really need to wear it more!  I am still looking for a pair of leopard mules or jazzy sneakers with arch support.  I’m glad your daughter enjoyed her birthday.  Have a blessed day!

  10. I was looking at your list for low heeled knee boots. A heads up to anyone ordering the Franco Sarto pair, they are narrow. I buy that brand because I have a double AA foot. I’m trying to decide between the grey or taupe. 
    I love your leopard shoes! Sweet!!! 

  11. Great outfit on you – totally love the color of the top!! Also wondering if you’re letting your hair grow out – it looks so good!!

    1. Not really, I tend to go back and forth — I was just thinking it’s time to cut it back some. It’s too thin to let it get much longer than this, but thank you! I do like it this way.

  12. Happy birthday to your daughter! That teal color is gorgeous on you. FWTWL is working…… I never know if its polite to comment if someone has lost weight or slimmed down. On the one hand, its such hard work and effort to lose weight and its nice to have that recognized but on the other hand you are insinuating that the person needed to lose weight?!? Yikes!! What to do??
    Sooooo, in a very polite, kind hearted and respectful manner: it looks like you have lost weight/ inches and have toned up. 😃
    Would love to hear your experience and final results once you are done the 6 weeks program.

    1. LOL, thank you!!! I know, when I lose weight, I want people to notice, and when I gain weight, I try to tell myself no one notices, haha! I have lost a few, and I’m starting to feel more like myself. I’ll definitely post the results when I’m done the program.

  13. Hi. I just wanted to let you know that today I am wearing the square neck blouse from the Loft that you modeled a few weeks ago. I scooped it up during their sale a few weekends ago. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. I have received so many compliments on it too. And since today is my birthday, it’s been especially nice!  Thanks for recommending it!!

  14. Love this blouse on you.  You really look good in the green color. I just watched the LIVE today and really enjoyed it.  Again…the green blouse looked great on you in the LIVE too. 🙂  Have you already lost weight on your program?  Looks like it in the blog photos.  But….I have to say, you didn’t need to loose weight. Love the leopard heels. I love the new block heel styles.  I need to buy leopard flats.  

    1. I think part of it just this top — it’s super flattering, plus so are these jeans, but I’ve lost a few pounds. 🤗 I’ve got a few more to go to be back in my comfort zone, but it’s happening. I think now that I’m finishing up week 4, it’s finally starting to kick in!

  15. I haven’t had any issues, and I wear them a couple times a week. I mean, they’re dark wash so they probably transfer to my car seat but all my jeans do, I just wipe them down every month or so with car leather wipes. 🙂

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