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How to Wear White Booties

One question I keep getting over and over this season is how to wear white booties, and requests to show some outfits with white booties.

Despite trying and returning several pairs, I haven’t actually been able to commit to a pair of white booties yet myself, so I’m posting a roundup of white boot outfits I like by ladies who seem to know what they’re doing. Maybe it will inspire us all to give them a try… or not. You’ll have to let me know!

How To Wear White Booties This Fall with pictures of 7 easy ways to wear white boots and why I think they work!

I have to I laugh sometimes at how seriously we take some of these trends. I mean, they’re just shoes, and there is really no right or wrong way to wear them if you like them. And if you don’t like them, there’s nothing wrong with sitting a trend out.

I’m talking to myself here too. I admit, I like the freshness of the look, so why am I so scared of them??? Is it because I don’t see anyone else around here wearing them yet? Or maybe it’s because the ones I like are spendy, and I hate to buy them and then not end up wearing them.

I dunno… but I have a feeling that white booties are one of those trends that seem a little “out there” until you just bite the bullet and wear the one time, and then all of the sudden they don’t seem scary at all, and you realize it’s fun to be a little bit different.

That’s usually how it works out for me anyway. I mean, I still remember hemming and hawing about tucking my skinny jeans into to-the-knee boots. How hysterical is that? Now that look is so mainstream, I don’t even give it a second thought.

So anyway. Here are some looks I rounded up that do white booties right, and why I think they work.

7 Ways to Wear White Booties

The first two looks involve jeans and a grey sweater — simple right?


Both sweaters are lighter grey tones, which compliment the white booties. In the one above, the grey sweater and white booties bookend the look, and the mid-wash jeans create some contrast. The jeans are a cropped skinny style. There’s some room between the bottom of the jeans and the top of the boots, which is slimming since that’s the slimmest part of the leg.

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In the picture below, the denim is also a light wash, which I think compliments white booties so well. Since there is low contrast between the pants and booties, it creates one long, lean leg line, and in this case, there is no skin showing between the boot and the hem of the jeans, but that works too. I think I prefer it that way with a straighter cut of jean, which these are.


In the next picture, I love how she threw a camo jacket on over an off-white sweater with jeans, and then the white booties. Repeating white somewhere else in the outfit makes them look more intentional.


Here’s a similar look, but maybe “safer” for those who don’t love camo. And again, the white top repeats the white from the boots, and the lighter grey sweater compliments the white boots as well. Note how Merritt tucks the white cami into the dark jeans, to create a flattering 1/3 to 2/3 ratio.

She also lets her skinny jeans sit inside the shaft of the boots. This creates a nice clean and neat look, but it only works if the jeans are skinny enough and the boot shaft is wide enough so there is no bulging or folding of the jeans. When your jeans bulge over top of the booties, it looks sloppy, so in that case you’re better off cuffing them or folding them under. #nopiratesplease


This next look shows white booties with a fall skirt outfit. I wouldn’t wear a skirt quite that short at my age, but she looks fabulous. I think this works because the stripes in the sweater pull everything together, plus the light colored hat helps bookend the outfit.


My friend Lindsey nailed the white booties in the easy breezy look below. Again, the white in the plaid coordinates with the boots, and the whole vibe is casual-cool. I have a similar plaid shirt, and I feel like I could recreate this look and feel confident wearing it.

I also love the booties she chose with just a hint of western style. She’s wearing ankle-length skinnies, and the boots have a lower shaft with the dip in the front, which allows a glimpse of ankle between the boot and the jeans, which is flattering. In this case, I would not wear socks (or no-show socks are an option.)


I also like how Shana wore her white booties here with an all black/grey outfit. They do stand out against the dark color palette, but the light grey leopard scarf pulls them in, and the contrast makes them unexpected and fun.

Also, she’s wearing black socks under her black jeans, and they blend in so you don’t really notice them. This is always an option in colder weather. I always try to wear socks that blend in with my jeans.


And there you have it! 7 ways to wear white booties this fall.

So what do you say? Which white boot outfits do you like best? Are you in, or are you sitting this trend out?

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55 thoughts on “How to Wear White Booties

  1. I bought these at Nordstrom and the pic does not do them justice. More of a bone color than white. Sam Edelman’s Packer bootie (sorry link did not work)

      1. I also bought an off white. It is less stark and seems easier to wear during the fall. I haven’t seen anyone wearing them around here but I’m going to step out. Maybe, I’ll start a trend going here. 😉

    1. Gayla, I bought that pair last night after reading Jo-Lynne’s boot post from Saturday! Can’t wait to get them. I didn’t want a stark white bootie since I prefer to wear ivory or cream based tops mostly. 

  2. Ok I must say for white boots( booties) these are the best I’ve seen so far. I like them all except the skirt and black jean combo. The lighter colors really help to keep the white boots balanced.
    Now having said that I’ll sit this trend out. I like being different but this takes me out of my comfort zone too much. Plus to buy something I may wear once and feel awkward in … I would  rather spend the money elsewhere. I also haven’t even seen these in our stores here and we aren’t a small city by any means… maybe Toronto and Montreal are wearing them not sure. 
    Have a great one😀

  3. I’m a little meh on this.  It looks nice in the photos or on someone else, but too much of a stretch for me.  I did like wearing my white flats last winter…it felt so rebellious at my age, although it took weird amounts of courage just to try that.  I’m not generally cutting edge fashion and I’d rather grab a pair of cheetah/leopard print booties that I’d get more use out of instead.

    Should I ssume the white flat/mule phase has ended?

  4. I agree on the whit booties! Love them, but can’t commit. 😬 I definitely like the more “cowboy” boot look…at least for me. I think they look great, but I think I’ll have to pass on this trend. I just don’t think I’d wear them enough. One more thing gathering dust! 

  5. Like you, I didn’t want to invest in this trendy with speedy boots but I found a pair at Target that looked just like a designer pair I saw and they are comfy!! I wore them last week and when I ran into an acquaintance at wawa and said hi, she replied “I didn’t realize it was you! i was looking at your boots!”  Hehe. It’s all good.  I like being the first to wear things and being daring even if I still have to push myself a little. 

  6. These look nice but I’ll sit out this trend. I remember in high school wearing my white patent leather go go boots with “hot pants”. We were really in style then! Flower power baby🌼 Lol!

  7. As cute as all of these girls look, I will be saying no to the white bootie trend. Saying no to the white shoe trend too for that matter. Just don’t care for it. Too 70’s leisure suit looking for me perhaps? I firmly believe you need to wear what makes you feel confident and badass. I skipped the over the knee boots trend and lived to tell! Sometimes NOT dressing like everyone else makes you trendy.

    1. I would argue that not dressing like everyone else makes you stylish, not trendy… but I think that’s what you were getting at, yes? 🙂 And I do agree… which is why I said we should all feel free to sit out any trend we don’t love. I am pretty sure I will never be doing the super high rise “mom jeans” – they just do not work for me and I would look ridic. It’s definitely important to wear what you feel confident in — no matter what the trends are, but I think it’s also fun to experiment with them.

  8. I love all of these outfits, although I would never wear the one with the skirt. Having said that, yesterday I ordered a pair of white snake-skin (just white, not white/gray or white/black) combat boots. So we’ll see. 😉 These pics have given me a ton of inspiration, even though the aesthetic is obviously different between combat boots, and the booties in this post. I clicked to get a notification if the Frye’s go on sale. 😉

  9. I would have said no white boots for me until I saw your posts this morning. I have to admit I like the way they look in your posts. So who knows if I found a good pair at a good price I just might. 

  10. Good morning, Jo-Lynne! This is a very helpful post.  I have been struggling with whether to hop on the white bootie trend.  A friend recently wore a pair and she looked fabulous.  I think one of my issues is that at my age I can recall my second grade teacher (in the mid-60’s) wearing white booties which we called “go-go boots”!  They were quite the rage and my teacher was very stylish.  So while I still identify white booties with that era, I have to remind myself that all things come around again! I’m still on the fence about this trend! Thanks for showing some outfit options. 😀

  11. Cute but too fashion forward for me. I feel white footwear makes my 8 1/2 look bigger. I like look on others though..

  12. All these ladies looked so great in their white boots but I will be passing on this trend. I would feel too “out there”. If I lived in a more fashion forward city, maybe I’d try them!

  13. Sorry, but they remind me of majorette boots from my youth.  May on a young 20-something but I don’t think I could put it off.  

    1. I recently saw a pair of tall, white boots at my local DSW…..I immediately snapped a picture and posted it on Facebook, tagging my entire high school Majorette Squad, with the status update “ We are baaaaack!” 😂

      White booties? Nope, that was the Flag Corp….with red Pom-Poms 😉

  14. This was a great post for me. I bought a ridiculously expensive pair of white boots in June and have yet to wear them. Usually I don’t mind being a little edgy but I’m having a hard time with this one. I also live in a suburb of Philadelphia which is pretty conservative and I feel like people will be staring at the boots as I walk down the street. You showed some great ideas. Maybe I’ll wear them tomorrow!

    1. Go for it, girl! Around here (Philly suburbs), I think we can get away with them if we like them — even out where I am, where it’s definitely more conservative, I would wear them out to eat or something.

  15. I love several of these outfits! The skirt one that several don’t care for is one of the inspiration photos I saved. 

    Thanks for putting this post together! 

  16. I am really glad that you are still going to have the MRI.  Yes, there may be something going on internally that is causing that foot to act up every now and then.  I hope there is a simple change that you can make to keep it from acting out.  A lazy or down day is good for us in so many ways!  I will not join the white boots trend for many reasons.  With that being said, my favorite look you shared is your friend Lindsey.  Over the years, something has happened to the way I walk because I no longer walk with grace when i wear any type of heel.  I’m more like an elephant, which isn’t too flattering.  Larry and I talk about how I used to model and was on drill team for 4 years, but evidence of that, other than some pictures, does not exist.  Oh, I ordered a pair of the pinkish velvet jeans from ON last night, along with a couple other items.  I’ve still got a few things outside to ready for the arrival of Michael.  I’m trying to mentally prepare, by praying a lot.  At least it should move out quickly.  🤞🏻I can participate in the FB live today!

  17. What an amazing post!!!  Thank you for specifically  outlining exactly why these different examples worked. So often I know what i like but don’t know why I like it. This was a huge eye opener for me. 


  18. The last time I wore white boots was in high school in the late ‘70’s….for tall flags.  Hated them then….still don’t like em.😜

  19. Well I actually feel a little better knowing you are having a hard time committing to a pair and pulling the trigger. I’ve seen them being worn IRL maybe twice and can’t say I love it or hate it. I also am the same as far as not wanting to waste money on something there’s a good chance I might not wear. Oh well😉

  20. I like the Frye Company white boots the best, and the idea of wearing them with a plaid shirt and skinny jeans ,but I don’t know if I am brave enough to try. I already stand out enough with my short hair and the fact that I don’t wear my pajamas in public 🤣🤣…. but if I scroll through the boot options one more time I may change my mind #shoeaddict

  21. Fun post!  I like the look but probably won’t buy a pair. I live in an area where I would definitely be the only one wearing them, lol. I have a similar but opposite issue w/ camo. I like the look, but I live in a place where there’s a lot of hunting AND a military base and everyone is already in camo  so it doesn’t quite seem an appropriate fashion choice. Happy Tuesday!!

  22. It’s a pass for me. Like other readers, I don’t think I would get enough wear from them, I would prefer a creamier pair instead.

  23. Wow, I love them all. Great choices. All of these seem like great ways to dip your toe into the trend, the white booties seem like a natural choice and don’t look crazy with any of them.

  24. Ahhhh…the memories of junior high and my white go go boots and my sweet little print mini skirt – which wasn’t much of a mini since I am so short.  Ha ha  It was one of my favorite outfits.  Thinking I’ll sit out the next go round of white boots, though (even though the slightly off white ones intrigue me).  Here in the northwest, things are just so casual. I think I’d stick out like a sore thumb.  Not to mention with all the rain and puddles, they wouldn’t stay white long.  I had to laugh about you hemming and hawing about tucking your skinny jeans into tall boots. Yep!  I felt the same way, and I was a couple of years behind, when it was already a common style.  It also took me several years to even start wearing skinny jeans!  You’ve inspired me to contemplate animal print flats.  Maybe they won’t be out of style by the time I decide to go for it.  Lol  

  25. I just don’t care for this look no matter what you put them with. I’m planning to sit this one out. If I were to wear a pair it would be Vince. They look the classiest to me. I’ve decided that as much as I love to be trendy it also has to be pretty. Same with my house. If I don’t think it’s pretty then I’m not going to go with it just because it’s “in style”. There are plenty of trendy beautiful things to wear and decorate with out there. But, as always i do appreciate you showing all these latest trends b/c then again…you never know 😉

  26. Interesting post!  While many of those outfits are cute, I think I’d prefer another color boot in every picture.  Of course, I’m still excited about wearing beige boots with black pants, or wearing my white jeans in the fall, so it’s possible I’m a little behind the times.  🙂  I’m with you though – wear what works for you, skip what doesn’t, push yourself every now and then, and don’t stress about any of these trends, because something else will replace whatever it is soon enough.

    1. Haha, you crack me up. And I love how you can sum up my 1000 word post in one succinct sentence. I wish I had that ability.

      (And ironically, I threw out the 1000 number, and then I thought, I wonder how many words this post REALLY was, so I went and looked — there is a word count on my dashboard — and it is 1004. That’s funny! I was just taking a wild guess.)

  27. You’ve pulled together some great pictures! I am not a fan of any white shoes…..I feel like when I look in the mirror or look down, all I see is feet!  😂 But these outfits look great and pulled together in a way that the white boots don’t look so stark and alarming. Having said that though, this is a trend I think I will sit out.  Sometimes I will opt for a less expensive option of a current trend, if it’s something that I know I won’t wear very much. But I feel that with any type of white shoe, an inexpensive option looks just that way………not quite up to par.  If I were going to choose a pair from the options above, I would go with the Frye or the Dolce Vita.  

    1. I agree, I feel this is one where quality matters. I will say, you can’t judge the look of a shoe by looking down on them. They will always look huge, and no one is looking down on your shoes the way you are. I had to get over this with the Converse, and a lot of people have told me the same thing. I tried them 3 different times over the course of a year before I could commit to a pair, and I had to look at them straight-on in a full length mirror for like a half hour in the store before I convinced myself to go ahead and get them that final time.

      Of course, now I wear them all the time without thinking twice. And they are white, of course! I think the same is true for the white boots. I mean, sure, if you don’t like them, skip them, but just a thought for anyone following along who is on the edge about them. 🙂

  28. I bought a pair of white loafers about 8 months ago and have never worn them. Every time I’ve put them on I feel weird so I take them off and switch shoes. (And I waited too long to return them.) My 9 1/2 size feet look bigger in white shoes; so I definitely won’t be trying white boots. 
    I wore my high rise jeans today with a black tank tucked in completely and no belt (like I’m seeing on Instagram) and a long coral cardigan that  I bought at the NSale in July. It was a cute fall outfit, but by midday I yanked the tank out of the inside of my jeans and wore it untucked the rest of the day. I was holding in my stomach (although the high rise jeans help with that) but it was not super comfortable especially when the jeans start to ride down as you move around (sitting down and getting up or sitting on the floor and getting up – the life of a teacher).
    So I learned that although the current fashion trend is to wear high rise and tuck in, I think I prefer the mid-rise and a just front tuck or no tuck. 
    Plus my parent volunteers kinda looked at me in a funny way (and I think I looked good 😉but I felt uncomfortable that I was wearing this trend that the high school girls are wearing.) 
    I’m so confused by the current fashion out there right now and I’m having a hard time embracing much of it for my age group. (And I feel like a “young” 52! I’m in good shape, people tell me I look young etc…) It makes me frustrated that we have to feel like slaves to the designers who are clearly dressing 17-25 year olds. Ugh. 

    With all that said, you know I appreciate what you do each day and please know I don’t mean any criticism toward you, your outfits, or your fashion advice. 😘

    1. The only white loafers I ever really liked were the patent loafers slides I picked up at TJ Maxx of all places! I think why I liked them is they were off-white and not stark white. I wear a size 8 so my feet are not small, and I do feel the full-on loafers made my feet look huge. That’s why I like the smoking slipper style, the vamp isn’t quite as high so they don’t make the foot look so big.

      I get your frustration, and I say good for you for trying! At least you figured out that you aren’t comfortable in that, even if you look good. And maybe it will just take another year until our eyes all adjust and more of us are wearing those styles.

      But, I do agree that the latest trends of the higher rises and tucking really do not work for a lot of women, especially over a certain age. They do not work for me at all. My favorite bloggers to get fashion inspiration from are doing this, and I’m having a hard time being able to interpret their looks for my body type and lifestyle. I can get ideas from their color combinations, but I really prefer mid or low rise jeans, and I would rather have a shirt that is fitted and is the perfect length for leaving untucked. It is just more flattering on me. I will do front tuck if I have to, but this trend of bodysuits with high rise jeans is never going to work for this big chested, short waisted, 46-year old mom of 3 with a bit of a belly pooch. LOL!!!!!

      I feel like trends are really transitioning right now, and those of us who are in tune with them and like to be on the edge of new trends and look super current have to work really hard at figuring out how they work for us once we get to this age group. It takes a lot of trial and error b/c there really is a fine line between looking too young and staying too set in our ways.

      1. Thanks for your response, my Internet friend. 😘 
        Yep I hear you and agree on everything. I would imagine with your body type that the low rise jeans probably looked awesome on you. Maybe those’ll come back around in the next fashion bend – probably at least 5+ years away but everything seems to cycle back. 
        The only thing I really like about the high rise jeans is that they really help hold in the gut 😂 but the downside is if I eat a big meal it can be uncomfortable! (Even though I’m thin, I’ve never had a flat stomach , well maybe sort of in my 20s before babies). I still wear my long knit maxi skirts even though I think they’re “out” but they’re just SO incredibly comfortable and easy to style up or down. I’m hoping they come back “in” when those low waist jeans do! 🤞🤗🤣 

        Have a great evening! 

        1. Yeah, I do like how a nice 9 or 10 inch rise feels on, but then I can’t do a front tuck. I know all the young girls are tucking into high rise, but that looks ridiculous on me. So I have some of both, which means even more factors to consider when putting outfits together. #fashionishard 🙂

  29. Last year I searched for white boots and could not find the right pair (comfort and low heel). Finally at the end of the season I found a pair at T.J.MAXX! I never buy shoes there but there they were calling my name. I have not stopped wearing them since I got them. I live in a warm climate so I’m looking forward to wearing them most of the year. It it amazing how they go with many outfits. Today’s blog is very informative. This is a trend that probably  is not going to be embraced by many as it is not practical in many climates and many women see it as weird.
    I am enjoying  seeing your progress with your new house(home)! Keep us in the loop.

    1. So fun! I love that you’re loving them. 🙂 And yeah, I didn’t expect the majority to embrace them, either, but I’ve had a lot of requests for outfits ideas with them, and I figure part of my job is to let people know what’s out there. It’s always fun to see the varying responses when discussing a more daring trend.

  30. Thank you so much for this post. I struggle with the white boot trend, but these pics are so great. I’ve been eyeing a cute pair of white snake skin booties. And I like the kitten heel white bootie. I feel like I’m brave with other trends, I’m really wanting to get more brave about white boots.
    Thanks again for making this look approachable.

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