How to Wear White Booties

One question I keep getting over and over this season is how to wear white booties, and requests to show some outfits with white booties.

Despite trying and returning several pairs, I haven’t actually been able to commit to a pair of white booties yet myself, so I’m posting a roundup of white boot outfits I like by ladies who seem to know what they’re doing. Maybe it will inspire us all to give them a try… or not. You’ll have to let me know!

How To Wear White Booties This Fall with pictures of 7 easy ways to wear white boots and why I think they work!

I have to I laugh sometimes at how seriously we take some of these trends. I mean, they’re just shoes, and there is really no right or wrong way to wear them if you like them. And if you don’t like them, there’s nothing wrong with sitting a trend out.

I’m talking to myself here too. I admit, I like the freshness of the look, so why am I so scared of them??? Is it because I don’t see anyone else around here wearing them yet? Or maybe it’s because the ones I like are spendy, and I hate to buy them and then not end up wearing them.

I dunno… but I have a feeling that white booties are one of those trends that seem a little “out there” until you just bite the bullet and wear the one time, and then all of the sudden they don’t seem scary at all, and you realize it’s fun to be a little bit different.

That’s usually how it works out for me anyway. I mean, I still remember hemming and hawing about tucking my skinny jeans into to-the-knee boots. How hysterical is that? Now that look is so mainstream, I don’t even give it a second thought.

So anyway. Here are some looks I rounded up that do white booties right, and why I think they work.

7 Ways to Wear White Booties

The first two looks involve jeans and a grey sweater — simple right?


Both sweaters are lighter grey tones, which compliment the white booties. In the one above, the grey sweater and white booties bookend the look, and the mid-wash jeans create some contrast. The jeans are a cropped skinny style. There’s some room between the bottom of the jeans and the top of the boots, which is slimming since that’s the slimmest part of the leg.

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In the picture below, the denim is also a light wash, which I think compliments white booties so well. Since there is low contrast between the pants and booties, it creates one long, lean leg line, and in this case, there is no skin showing between the boot and the hem of the jeans, but that works too. I think I prefer it that way with a straighter cut of jean, which these are.


In the next picture, I love how she threw a camo jacket on over an off-white sweater with jeans, and then the white booties. Repeating white somewhere else in the outfit makes them look more intentional.


Here’s a similar look, but maybe “safer” for those who don’t love camo. And again, the white top repeats the white from the boots, and the lighter grey sweater compliments the white boots as well. Note how Merritt tucks the white cami into the dark jeans, to create a flattering 1/3 to 2/3 ratio.

She also lets her skinny jeans sit inside the shaft of the boots. This creates a nice clean and neat look, but it only works if the jeans are skinny enough and the boot shaft is wide enough so there is no bulging or folding of the jeans. When your jeans bulge over top of the booties, it looks sloppy, so in that case you’re better off cuffing them or folding them under. #nopiratesplease


This next look shows white booties with a fall skirt outfit. I wouldn’t wear a skirt quite that short at my age, but she looks fabulous. I think this works because the stripes in the sweater pull everything together, plus the light colored hat helps bookend the outfit.


My friend Lindsey nailed the white booties in the easy breezy look below. Again, the white in the plaid coordinates with the boots, and the whole vibe is casual-cool. I have a similar plaid shirt, and I feel like I could recreate this look and feel confident wearing it.

I also love the booties she chose with just a hint of western style. She’s wearing ankle-length skinnies, and the boots have a lower shaft with the dip in the front, which allows a glimpse of ankle between the boot and the jeans, which is flattering. In this case, I would not wear socks (or no-show socks are an option.)


I also like how Shana wore her white booties here with an all black/grey outfit. They do stand out against the dark color palette, but the light grey leopard scarf pulls them in, and the contrast makes them unexpected and fun.

Also, she’s wearing black socks under her black jeans, and they blend in so you don’t really notice them. This is always an option in colder weather. I always try to wear socks that blend in with my jeans.


And there you have it! 7 ways to wear white booties this fall.

So what do you say? Which white boot outfits do you like best? Are you in, or are you sitting this trend out?

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