A Casual Way to Wear Black Cigarette Pants

Last week, I started a new 5 Ways to Wear series featuring a wardrobe classic — black cigarette pants. Today I’m sharing a more casual look with the same Banana Republic Devon ankle pants.

Cigarette pants are slim-cut pants with a high waist, side or back zipper, flat abdomen area, and a narrow leg opening that end at or just above the ankle.

These from Banana Republic have really nice seaming details and a sleek side-zip. They’re more fitted than some of the black pants I’ve tried, which is why I like them so much.

If you like a little more room in the leg, the 1901 4-way stretch skinny ankle pants at Nordstrom are also really good, and of course there are lots of other options out there at a range of price points.

Shop Cigarette Pants:

For this look, I wanted to show how you can dress these pants down, so I wore them with white leather sneakers.

I wanted to incorporate a denim jacket into this look because a) I love denim (duh!) and b) I think mid-wash denim and black makes such a pleasing color combination.

Plus, I like how the jacket picks up on the casual vibe from the sneakers.

I tried a few different sweaters and ended up wearing a white long-sleeve tee underneath. I felt like it went along with the casual vibe I was going for, and I didn’t want short sleeves because it’s way too chilly for that right now.

This one is a nice wardrobe basic — I never wear it alone, but I use it as a layering piece under ponchos and jackets.

Finally, I added a grey cashmere scarf to give the look another element of interest… and warmth! As we move into spring, I would replace the scarf with a layered necklace.

I also wore one of my Victoria Emerson wrap bracelets. I couldn’t find my exact one on the site, but this one looks similar.

In all honesty, I would probably like this outfit better with black jeans, but sometimes jeans aren’t appropriate.

Black cigarette pants can be dressed down with sneakers and denim and still look polished and professional if the dress code requires it.

They’re also a great item to pack for travel because they’re lightweight and extremely versatile. I’ll definitely be taking these with me to Paris in May!

Outfit Details:

black pants // white sneakers // denim jacket // white tee // similar scarf // similar earrings // similar bracelet // sunnies

For The Pinners…

Jo-Lynne Shane shares a casual way to wear black cigarette pants, featuring the Banana Republic Devon ankle pants, Veja Esplar sneakers, and a denim jacket.

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photos: Alison Cornell

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32 thoughts on “A Casual Way to Wear Black Cigarette Pants

  1. I love this outfit! It’s just such a great classic look for everyday situations. I usually wear this kind of look for traveling. Layers and comfort are key. I also wanted to share that I have been dealing with the same hip issue you are. I am finding that walking and yoga are helping me cope. I have recently decided to become more pro active and move more sit less and really find that to be helpful. I know with your blogging it requires long periods of sitting which makes the pain worse. Google Yin or Restorative Yoga and see if it may be something you might want to try. I call it physical therapy for the body and mind. Hang in there and be kind to yourself ❤️

  2. This is a cute look! I really like and appreciate the “5 ways to wear” series as I am trying to pair down my wardrobe and wear more of what I already have! I like to see different ways to style an item as they are often ways I would not have thought of on my own! I think the scarf gives this outfit a nice casual vibe!

  3. Love how this dresses down the pants.. enjoying the 5 way series. Glad to hear your hip issue can be healed over time.. our daughter had  hip surgery as her labrum had a complete tear and was in constant pain.. Feel better Becca:) 

    1. Oh no! I hope mine doesn’t come to that. He did mention a scope that would fix me right up – but I am assuming that is surgery. I’ll hold off until absolutely necessary.

      1. Yes hers was from a skiing accident.. and the MRI showed what was the problem. The surgeon said it wouldn’t heal on its own due to the size tear.

  4. Congrats on the weight loss! But I’ve always thought you looked good. As basic as this outfit is, it is one of my favorites. We all prob. have similar pieces in our closet.  I have several blacks pants and I wear a pair to work at least once a week. It is best to get a good quality pair so they hold up well overtime. I have a pair from Macy’s (INC brand) and boy those have been a great Slip-On pant that go with everything and also come in petite 😊

  5. As a Canadian follower I wanted to give you some great news for us. We do have a “few” Nordstrom stores now here but ordering online isn’t as nice for us. We have to pay shipping and customs duty on our purchases since they are shipped from the USA to Canada. Returns also aren’t free. So as you can well imagine clicking on all the blogger NOrdstrom links is frustrating. I still look to see if a drive to Toronto is worthwhile to the store (I’m 2 hours away)….but yesterday when I clicked on a link I got a pop up that said that SOON Nordstrom will be offering free shipping and returns in Canada and NO DUTY!!!!! So Yay – thought you might like this info to pass on if you have many Canadian readers. It hasn’t happened yet, but they said SOON!
    In other news, love your blog, your realness and so excited for you to experience Paris. Take pictures with enlargements and framing in mind for art and Do check out the original art in Montmartre to bring home – they pack it nicely in tubes for travel purposes.. AND most important – take COMFORTABLE shoes – you will be walking (but also don’t be afraid of the MEtro – figure it out and use it – its a pretty simple system there),

    1. I’m in Canada as well and was excited to see the same pop up as you did! Can’t wait to be able to have free shipping and returns.

    2. I am SO excited you will be getting the same awesome Nordstrom benefits in Canada as we do here. They must be opening some distribution centers up there.

      Thanks for the France advice! We got our proposed itinerary from our travel agent, and I’m excited to look over it with Paul this weekend and make our final plans.

    3. I am in BC and would love to be able to order from Nordstrom. I do click on bloggers links to Nordstrom but know I can’t order, because sometimes you need to try it on first and shipping and duties are so expensive. Thank you for sharing Sharon that we will be able to order soon without shipping and free returns. Wonderful news.

  6. I really like this look.  I never thought of putting my black pants with a denim jacket, but I like the look.  This look fits with my lifestyle, casual look.  

  7. Poor Becca!  The flu is definitely something this household doesn’t need.  The doctors insist that Larry get the flu shot and I get it as well.  What a way to boost your ego!  I hope that your hip will completely heal without action from the doctor!  I like this outfit on you!  Since I can recreate it with my black jeans, I need to pin this post as a reminder.  We are under a tornado watch, that began at 4:30 a.m. and is expected to end at 1.  This is not fun weather!  Some school systems in central GA canceled classes for today, due to the risk of severe weather.  Enjoy your day!

    1. Stay safe, Ginger! Tornados terrify me. I’ve never lived in an area where they are prevalent, although we do get them occasionally. We’re getting a lot of rain. It’s miserable, but at this point in the year, I guess I’m glad it’s not snow? I really wouldn’t mind some snow, though… Just not in March!

  8. I ordered these pants when you first posted them and they are really good! Although I had to size up from my normal size. So much for the 5lbs I lost on IF, lol!

  9. Jo-Lynne, I really like the versatility of this outfit….really cute on you. Looks casual and comfortable. Just a suggestion for your hip, for under $100, you can get an adjustable desk top from Amazon that will allow you to stand or sit while you work. We don’t want you hurting while you’re keeping all of us followers looking good, lol! Prayers for a speedy recovery for Becca and I hope the rest of you stay well!

  10. Love the casual look! Hope you and the rest of the family can stay flu free. Sorry to hear about the hip labral tear…… Thats not a fun diagnosis. Arthroscopy is day surgery but is often the answer to clean up the joint once you have exhausted all non surgical options. Have you tried some gentle exercises in a pool (not your outdoor pool of course at this time of yr)? Gentle walking, range of motion ex’s, etc…..? Nothing hard core. Good luck with your hip healing up.

  11. The pants, tee, and jacket and a lighter scarf will be tres chic for Paris in May! We will also be in Paris from 5/12 thru 5/17 and then off to southern locations for the rest of the month. I will definitely be bringing black pants, white tee and my jeans jacket. 

  12. I love these kind of pants…they can be worn so many different ways. 

    Ok…so I swear I have seen you in Chanel espadrilles but I have searched your site and cannot find them. Did I Dream this?!? Assuming you do have a pair, can you tell me about the fit compared to other shoes you wear? Size difference?

    Thank you!

      1. I ordered the 8 and they are quite small and I have a visible panty line when I tried it on. Do you think they “stretch” out a tiny bit? They fit perfectly on my legs.

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