Ankle-Length Pants | To Wear or Not To Wear

This topic just came to me because I’ve been wearing ankle-length pants a lot recently, and I really like them! I feel like capris are looking dated, but the ankle-length is fresh and fun. It says SPRING to me!

I actually started to write a post about “How to Wear Ankle Length Pants.” Then I started googling.

WOW. There are a LOT of opinions on the ankle-length pant!!!

The question of the hour is, are they flattering or not?? Don’t they shorten the leg?

This is what I’ve determined:

  1. Ankle length pants are a no-no for those who have short legs for their frame.
  2. Ankle length pants should only be worn in a skinny cut.
  3. Heels help compensate for the leg-shortening effect of the ankle-length pant.

Some say they are the hottest trend and dare to share how to wear them.

Some swear they are universally unflattering and everyone should just stay the heck away.

NOTE: Interestingly, in the second article, I find the second outfit (the black ankle-length pants and black heels) MUCH more flattering than the last photo of all the capris.

Usually I’m in full agreement with these ladies and their fashion advice, so maybe I’m fooling myself, but I’ve been wearing them and I thought they looked good, lol!! Granted, the ARE the skinny style, and I DO have abnormally long legs for my frame, so I’m following some of the rules. But I do NOT wear them with heels.

I think as our eye adjusts, we will see this style becoming more popular. We used to think capris cut off the leg too, remember?? Then everyone was wearing them. The ankle pant works when they fit well (fit is ALWAYS key to great style!) and when they are worn with heels or ballet flats. Maybe even a Converse sneaker for an ultra-casual look.

These work. Love these!!

DL1961 ark wash skinny jeanyellow skinny jeannavy stretch wool side zip ankle length pantswhite ankle length skinny jean

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that I actually like them BEST with flats. I KNOW that goes against what all the fashion moguls are saying, but aren’t the yellow ones above so cute with the summery sandals?? I prefer to wear ankle length pants as a casual look. If I’m going out at night in heels, I like them with a longer leg.

I also think the ones on the left with the nude heel look better than the ones with black heels — I feel like the skin-toned shoes are much more lengthening.

Fun With Polyvore

what to wear with ankle length jeans
what to wear with ankle length jeans by jolynneshane


It’s been a year since I wrote this post and now I am quite comfortable wearing my ankle-length jeans with heels.

I also learned through the comments below that the jeans I’m wearing are not exactly ankle-length jeans, but rather regular skinnies that are not scrunched at the hems. Ankle length would actually be a few inches shorter. Go figure!

Your Turn!

What are your thoughts on the ankle length pants? Yay or nay?

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