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Spring has sprung! I think it’s official. I know we’re probably in for a cold snap before all is said and done, but it has been GORGEOUS here this week!! Just when I thought I was going to die of boredom if I had to put another What I Wore post together with my winter wardrobe, the weather turned and it’s like May outside.

I’m having fun with my new BFF — PicMonkey. It’s like Picnik but BETTER. YES, BETTER! I might have gotten A BIT carried away with the airbrush feature. And my favorite effect — Cross Process. But you be the judge.

The first outfit is from last Wednesday.

It was nice out but not too warm yet, so I wore my red ankle-length jeans with silver sandals, a black ruffle-neck sleeveless tee from the LOFT like five years ago and my gray open-weave hooded cardi from Banana Republic. The earrings and necklace are from Studio Jewel. I adore them. I also love the ruffle detailing on this black top.

See, I told you I went a bit overboard with the airbrushing!

Friday night I wore an outfit which was the subject of much debate on my Facebook Page earlier in the week. I ordered this Free People blue tunic sweater from Gilt, and I absolutely love the colors and the weave (it’s almost like ribbons) and the detailing on the shoulders, but it is just. so. long. And it had a way of growing as I wore it. Plus the horizontal stripes . . . I dunno. But my husband kept telling me how good it looked on, so I went ahead and wore it.

I debated between white jeans and blue jeans, but I really liked the pop of the blue sweater against white so I went with white jeans. However, that caused an issue with shoes. These jeans are REALLY long so I have to wear them with HIGH heels. At this time of year, I didn’t want to wear shoes that were too summery, so that limited my shoe selection quite a bit. These brown boots were the best I could come up with. In retrospect, I’d have been more comfortable in blue jeans and the gray ankle boots, but I had fun anyway! I wore this outfit to dinner with Christina from Therapon, the night before our big event.

Saturday was my Face 2 Face Event with Therapon and also St. Patrick’s Day, so of COURSE I pulled out my new green jeans!! I debated a bit about what top to wear, but I was happy with this black and white patterned top (Banana) and jean jacket (CAbi). I really like the contrast of the black and white against the green, and the jacket broke it up a bit. These silver ballet flats are the perfect springtime shoe. They go with everything. The orange purse and watch were my nod to my Protestant heritage (that’s for my Dad, who always teased me when I was a kid that I should be wearing orange, not green on St. Patty’s Day. And I brought out my orange and green charm bracelet from JanMary Designs. I meant to get a closeup but I don’t think I did. Next time!!

girls lunch out style

(And no What I Wore post would be complete without at last one of those nonchalant I’m-looking-at-my-feet-like-there’s-no-camera-on-a-timer poses. Hee.)

Sunday morning I was still feeling festive so I wore the jeans AGAIN, this time with my embellished tank and tan cardi from Madewell. Same bag, shoes and bracelet.

The necklace that Lisa gifted me at Blissdom was PERFECT with this outfit. LOVE!

studio jewel necklace

Okay, next up!

I realize this is not high fashion, but I’m a stay at home mom, after all.

The butter yellow tee is new, from Old Navy. I wore it over a white tank because it’s quite thin. I pulled out these old straight-leg jeans because they’re comfy and all my others were dirty, but I’m thinking they’re looking awfully tired. I think I need a jeans shopping trip. Who’s in!?

The flips are new. I picked them up at the Aerosoles outlet last week. And the Stella & Dot earrings in the same shade of blue are the only redeeming feature in this outfit, I’m afraid. I’d like this outfit better with a white sweater maybe, or the pink one, but it was too warm. I think the yellow tee will be cute with white cropped jeans this summer, though. Oh, and that is my brand spankin’ new pedicure with Essie olé caliente. LOVE.

And that’s a wrap!

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19 thoughts on “Mom Style | What I Wore This Week 03.21.12

  1. Love it! I think the last jeans look fine…my favorite part about jeans is when they get broken in…though they do get put into the “wear VERY casually” pile 🙂

  2. i love the third outfit, the teal jeans and denim jacket with the funky print top! gorgeous! I often do the “look at feet” pose lol! and then i look at my pics and think how silly i look. However you look great!

  3. You know I’m always a big fan of your style! I have to say my favorite outfit of yours this week was your st. Patrick’s day one. Love the green jeans and the bag! I need to get my act together and get my “what I wore” posts together.

  4. Hi Jo-Lynne! I just started following your blog about a week ago and I love it. I think I found it through a comment on someone else’s blog. You know how that goes. Anyway, I’m glad to be here and I am especially looking forward to your fashion posts because I need some ideas from a real mom around my same age. Thanks! I love both of those outfits with the green jeans!!

  5. The blue sweater and white jeans make you look long and lean, so I’m glad you did go ahead and wear it. I love the black and white top with the green jeans–very fresh. And all of us have days where we wear jeans and a t-shirt. I’m impressed you put jewelry on if you were staying home. I don’t even wear my wedding rings around the house (they’re a little loose and could slip off. I’m paranoid about them getting stuck so I won’t have them resized either. I have issues).

  6. I love the colored jeans! I need some of those, but having a hard time finding the right pair. Love Madewell too. The BR cardi is great….I would live in that sweater.

  7. Hahaha, I do the “looking down nonchalantly pose” all the time. lol I love these looks!! I especially love that long sweater over the white jeans. Have you tried it with nude pumps?

    I need to check out picmonkey!

  8. AHH, thanks for posting about PicMonkey. NO LIE, yesterday I was on the hunt for something to replace Picnik when it goes away and I just kept coming up blank with things I like. I’ll have to check it out!!!!!

  9. I saw the Facebook post and meant to comment at the time but I love the blue sweater. Something about the length of the sweater I think makes it very flattering. Plus if my husband makes a nice comment, I usually make it work. 🙂 Really wantin to try some colored jeans. What color do you think goes nicely from Spring to Summer?

    1. Thanks! Yeah, my husband kept swearing it looked awesome, and he isn’t usually that enthusiastic about fashion advice, lol. So I decided to go with it. It did grow A LOT as I wore it tho. So I’m not convinced.

      Really ANY color jeans is great. Go with what is comfortable to you. Royal blue is really in style and isn’t a HUGE departure from regular denim. I love my red, I’d love to have coral too.

  10. Thank you for the tip. I am so sad about picnik but if that site is better I am saved. And I love the white jeans that you broke out! I wore some last week too. Have a fashionable week lady.

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