Tweed Moto Jacket Outfit | 22 Days of Fall Fashion

Greetings, and happy First Day of Fall! I’m excited to partner with Ann Taylor today to style a tweed moto jacket outfit.

You know, I was thinking about it the other day, and I realized I’ve been shopping at Ann Taylor since I was in college! It’s a store I can always depend on for a sophisticated, yet feminine approach to modern essentials, and this taupe tweed moto jacket is case in point.

I love how they took the edgy appeal of a moto jacket and refined it with a luxe tweed and shiny silver hardware. It almost reads as a blazer, but with an off-duty weekend vibe.

And as with all Ann Taylor pieces, the fit and quality is on point. It has such good tailoring and attention to detail, and I love the seaming details in the back — so flattering.

Plus, it’s soft and comfortable to wear, and best of all, it’s machine washable! This jacket runs true to size; I have the small.

While this jacket can certainly be worn with dress pants for the office, many women are working from home right now, so I styled it with these sculpting pocket mid rise skinny jeans. This is the perfect way to look professional for teleconferences and still be comfortable at home all day.

These jeans have a 10 3/8″ rise with 27 1/2″ inseam, as well as front pockets especially designed to smooth and flatter. They run true to size; I have the 6.

I also really like this elbow sleeve turtleneck for this transition season. It can be worn alone or layered, and it has such a chic, sophisticated look about it.

The material is soft and stretchy, and it’s a nice fine gauge knit that isn’t see-through. This sweater is 24″ long, and it also runs true to size.

Of course, no outfit is complete without a few well-chosen accessories.

These square circle earrings in the polished silver make a bold statement with overwhelming the look, and I also added a long nugget pendant necklace. FYI, all Ann Taylor jewelry is buy 3+ save 40%, buy 2 save 30%!

I love how this tweed moto jacket outfit came together for an effortless fall look that is casual but refined with a bit of an edge.

It’s perfect for working from home when you’re going to be on conference calls, or it’s also an outfit I might wear for outside dining on mild fall days.

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tweed moto jacket // turtleneck // blue jeans // necklace // earrings

Also, it doesn’t apply to any of these pieces, but Ann Taylor is running a First Day of Fall 24-Hour Flash Sale on non-full price items: $15 tops, $18 skirts, $20 sweaters, and $35 dresses!

There are some really good deals on late summer/early fall styles, so it’s definitely worth a look to see what’s available.

And be sure to visit Cyndi Spivey and see the fall look she’s styling today!

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photos: Alison Cornell

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  1. Well this is too funny .. well not funny but I had my teeth cleaning done and was informed I had two teeth each with a small chip! I too was told I’m grinding or clenching my teeth while I sleep! They have since been filled in and all is good. In the meantime I heard a news report that this and cracked or broken teeth is on the rise especially since Covid. Seems there are a lot of us doing this while we sleep due to stress! Just so you know you’re not alone! Love this look.. I’ve seen the tweed  in the Moto jacket and wondered if it was in… this now confirms it. 

    1. Yep! Same issue here.  I was at the dentist in December with no problems, then July check had two cracked teeth from grinding.  My husband who has never had a cavity had one tooth with the same issue.  Then we read the article about Covid and teeth grinding, cracking. My college kids had their check up and thankfully were all good.  Great to know they weren’t feeling the stress (at least in there teeth). Bought a mouth guard, but haven’t used it yet, but I’m going to get on it. Good to know we aren’t alone in this.

  2. So sorry about the dental appointment, Jo-Lynne.
    I love this jacket. Because I’ve always worked at home, I’ve never been a blazer girl but I do adore a moto. I don’t need this jacket, but I’ve set an alert. If it goes on sale, I may buy it. The turtleneck is nice, too. I don’t usually like sleeves that length because they tend to create a line straight across the girls, but these don’t.

  3. Very cute outfit today. I like how you wore the jacket open for a more casual look. On the tooth situation, I’ve been having the same problem and, like Karen, mine got worse with Covid. One trick on keeping up with my retainer wear, I pop it in after brushing your teeth while getting ready in the morning. I’ve found that just wearing it for that 30-40 minutes a day keeps things aligned.

  4. This is a great outfit, and you look so nice in it.  I really like tops with elbow length sleeves.  I hate to hear about your dental woes.  You and Larry are in a similar boat because he is starting to have a lot of fillings fall out & breaking off teeth.  I’m wondering if his cancer is part of his problem.  Larry hardly ever flosses his teeth and only brushes them once a day, where I floss daily and brush 2-3 times/day.  I hate going to the dentist, so I definitely don’t envy you.  Good luck!  I’m glad your neck is feeling better.

  5. Love, love, love this outfit. I just went through my closet over the weekend and I really don’t need another jacket. But…this one is really special and comes in petite! 
    Oh and while your waiting for a new mouthpiece you might want to try Grid-No More, sold at your local pharmacy. They mold to your teeth and easy to sleep with. 

  6. Ok. I was starting to feel crazy when I read these comments which refer to things not in the posts! Then I realized that your dental situation must have been  discussed in your newsletter. I hadn’t been getting those but didn’t realize they must contain more additional content then I’d realized. 

  7. Absolutely LOVE this outfit…I will be keeping a close eye on a potential sale (hoping I can get this jacket at a reduced price). 

  8. “Tweed”le dee-dee, I’m as happy as can be! (Remember that song from Jiminy Cricket?) Anyways, I’m loving that tweed moto jacket. Believe me, I don’t need another jacket/blazer, but THIS ONE is a little bit edgy with a whole lot of sophistication all rolled into one-PERFECTION! Too bad it doesn’t come in my size…oh, sigh!

    Wishing you an outstanding day, Jo-Lynne!

  9. What a great outfit, Jo-Lynne! That moto jacket looks so good on you. I’ve never bought one before, but this might change my mind (if it goes on sale 😉).
    Sorry to hear about your dental problems. I work in a dental office and can confirm that we have had an onslaught of broken teeth – most likely caused by the stress of today’s world causing people to clench and grind. Hope you get everything taken care of soon.

  10. Love the moto jacket and how you styled it, Jo-Lynne. I notice that the colour looks more brownish on the AT website and in your photos leans towards a warm grey. Which one is closer to the real colour? Thanks!

  11. I love this outfit. And yesterday’s too. I would say this 22 day series you have had some of thee best outfits!

    I still wear my invisalign retainers after ~3 years because of teeth grinding. Top one night, bottom the next. It has helped a lot and not as clunky as the mouth guards I wore before that.

  12. Jo-Lynne you look so striking and pretty in these photos, and this outfit is on point!
    Ironically, I was in the dentist chair this morning as well! Getting a temporary crown for a root canal I had 2 weeks ago. In 2 more weeks, I get the permanent crown. For the price I hope it comes with diamonds and rubies…he also mentioned Invisalign and a custom mouth guard since I’ve been grinding at night for years. TMJ pain is no mystery, I’ve actually awakened myself from the noise 🤭😧. 
    So I can empathize, friend! Glad your chiropractor is helping, I rely on mine regularly 

  13. You look amazing in this outfit Jo-Lynne.  It has just the right amount of edge that keeps it looking modern, and also looks chic and classy. I can see myself wearing this outfit for many events. I love the jewelry that you used to accessorize…… all modern, yet classic.  The entire outfit is perfect! 

  14. I have come to the conclusion that teeth are like skin, hair and fingernails.
    Sometimes you just get a good deal. We all have friends that have amazing skin, and yet they barely run a wet washcloth over their face. You can brush/floss/Sonicare like crazy … and still not escape the 6-month dental checkup without a list of projects. # not fair

  15. I am wondering if you can tell me if it would be ok to clip off the extra fastenings on the Victoria Emerson wrap bracelets?  I have a small wrist and would like to cut off the extra if it would not ruin the bracelet. I tried emailing the company with no response.

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