April Favorites

Happy Thursday, friends! I’ve got my April Favorites for you today. These are some new finds and old favorites I’m particularly loving this month.

I also rounded up my top picks from the Sephora Beauty Insider Spring Savings Event at the end of this post.

one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight

April 2020 Favorites

We are having an unusually cold April this year, so while I’m dying to break out some new spring items, I’m reverting to a lot of my favorite cozies right now.

one // My denim jacket is usually a spring staple, but since I’m not going many places right now, I haven’t worn it as much as I usually do. I still included it in this roundup because it’s a great price right now and somehow still fully stocked!

two // I wore these a ton in the fall, and now that I’ve put my boots away for spring, I find myself wearing them more again. They’re so comfortable and luxe, and I love the interest they add to my casual neutral outfits. If you’ve had your eye on them, they just went 40% off. (Size down; I have the 7.5.)

three // My new go-to joggers. I love how they have the waistband of a legging and the leg of a jogger. Spendy, but #worthit.

four // Such a cute hoodie to pair with jeans for now and jean shorts for later. Size up in this one; I have the medium.

five // My new spring slippers. On warmer days, these are slippers I wear before I get dressed in the mornings and when I change into pajamas or loungewear in the evenings.

six // This floral blouse is so pretty with both blue and white jeans, and it layers nicely too. I can’t wait for it to get warm enough to wear it.

I also should have included this draped faux suede moto jacket in my April Favorites. Even though I don’t really have anywhere to wear it yet, it’s such a great piece for spring.

seven // The stretchy light wash jeans I’ve been wearing non-stop. And I’m laughing b/c I just looked back at my March and February Favorites posts, and I included these jeans in both. #ooops #yestheyarethatgood

eight // This is the perfect casual cardigan for throwing on with jeans or joggers on these long days at home. It’s soft and cozy and more of a sweatshirt than sweater. It also has pockets! Plus, it’s a great price. It’s TTS; I have the small.

nine // This is a last minute add-on, so it didn’t make the graphic. I’m really loving this Gibson fleece twist front top right now. The v-neckline is so flattering, and it’s soft and cozy for wearing around the house.

Sephora Spring Savings Event

The Sephora Beauty Insider Spring Savings Event Starts NOW! The code is SPRINGSAVE.

This is the biggest sale Sephora runs, and they do it only twice a year.

  • Rouge members get 20% off, and they can shop today through May 1st.
  • VIB members get 15% off, and they can shop from 4/21 – 4/29.
  • Insiders get 10% off, and they can shop 4/23 – 4/27.

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See my Sephora beauty favorites:

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38 Responses

  1. I bought the JCrew sweatshirt for my 28 year old daughter and she loves it.  She said, “You give the best gifts”!!!  🙂

  2. I enjoy joggers and yoga/legging style pants but prefer stuff with pockets for my phone. My faves lately have been balance collection yoga style with side pockets.

  3. I just added the Madewell sweater to my shopping cart!  I’m happy that it is marked down so much.  You know, I live in Georgia and our governor has announced that some non-essential businesses can reopen tomorrow (in a new way) and restaurants can open on Monday.  There are quite a few saying that they are not going to open back up yet, out of precaution to their employees and their customers.  While we think it’s way too soon, we recognize that we can still be very restrictive about where we go and what we do.  My hair dresser owns her one person hair salon and I know that the shut down is financially hurting her big time.  However, I know that if any of her clients, especially the elderly ones, ended up with the virus, it would really upset her.  I’m looking forward to seeing more Ozzy pictures!  Enjoy your day!  We have our 3rd severe weather day and evening in 10 days!  Yuck!

  4. Love the blouse! Bummed I miss getting it! What size do you wear in the joggers? I have never bought Lululemon and they look really comfortable! Stay safe!

    1. I ordered the 6 and the 8 and kept the 6. I hear they run small, though, and the 8 were really fine too. I guess it depends on how loose you want them to be in the legs.

  5. Just ordered that jcrew hoodie in the soft pink color. Got it for $17 after tax and discounts and free shipping. Score! Thank you!

  6. Hi Jo-lynne, I have the motto jacket you’re wearing in my cart right now but I’m undecided on the size. Do you feel it runs TTS or did you size up? What size are you wearing? Love the new puppy!

  7. Finally picked up the J.Crew sweatshirt in grey. I did go up a size for a more slouchy fit, plus they didn’t have my normal size! Very limited sizes and colors at this point, but I’m happy with the $16 price!! I especially love the V-neck. Crew necks in a hoodie can sometimes come up too high. Stay safe and well everyone!

  8. Hi Jo Lynne

    While I agree with you that I am looking forward to my hair and nail salon opening I disagree that it can be done safely at this point. You can’t cut hair or do nails from 6 feet away, which is proper distancing. And even if they kept clients down to a minimum with no overlapping and intensive sanitizing between clients is it really worth the risk for both stylist and client?

    Hang in there! We are all in this together. Overgrown hairstyles and awful nails but healthy at home. 

    1. Yes, you’re probably right. Some salons in Georgia are opening with very strict protocol – a friend was sharing with me. But that’s why I said “selfishly…” I know it is probably not wise at this point. When mine opens, I’ll go, but I’m certainly not out picketing for them to open sooner. This virus is very odd, and they’re still figuring out how to treat it, so the closer we can all stay to home, the better.

      1. My personal opinion is Florida and Georgia are rushing things.  But really, I’m the selfish one, I want you to stay home and be safe so you can brighten my day with your posts. 😁

  9. So cute …great diversion as I need it!
    Month out of work and prob several more!
    As Chicago is a hotspot and they hv to take it
    very slow. Hoping hair salons wait here…as my
    Daughter is a hairdresser and doesn’t look forward 
    to touching people…so different now.
    I can’t wait for a warm day to wear white jeans and florals!

  10. I think it’s still too early to open up salons. By nature of the service you’re going to be exposed. By exposing yourself to one person you are exposing yourself to everyone she/he is in contact with. It’s just not worth the risk to have pretty nails or a haircut. I’m doing my own pedicures at home and just trying to keep my hands moisturized with all the hand washing. 
    Hope your weather warms up soon! 

  11. Hi Jolynne, thanks as always for doing what you do! I’m trying not to shop that much right now, but I bought that Gibson twist v neck top when you recommended it, and it was 25% off. Such a pretty neckline and so soft. I also sized down to an XS which was the right decision. Question? Do you prefer the Lululemon joggers or the Vuori’s that you tried on? I’m wearing joggers every day now for WFH (business on top, comfy on the bottom) and feel like I can justify another pair. Also how light or heavyweight are they? It’s been a cool Spring but it’s warming up and our place gets warm (no AC).

    1. That’s a hard call… I like that the Lululemon ones do not have the tie waist. That just creates bulk if I want to leave my top untucked. But the Vuori ones were more comfortable because they were looser. They’re both great!

  12. Jo-Lynne, at least you have a haircut conducive to lapsed haircuts.  I have a short, layered pixie and right now, it looks like I’m growing a mullet!  My family (me included) is getting a good laugh from it!  My hairdresser just texted yesterday and my next hair appointment is near the end of May, a month away!  I’ll take a picture of what I look like before I go for posterity!  LOL!!!

    1. Yes, and I am SO thankful for that! My hair isn’t bothering me yet, although I’d love to refresh my color. What I really miss is my pedicures, truth be told. And in that case, they are almost 6 feet away. 😉

  13. I just added the j crew sweatshirt in pink to my Mother’s Day wish list along with a few things from Nordstrom:) fingers crossed lol. Can’t wait to see your try on haul:)

  14. Do you think Sephora would give me a discount on items I just ordered two days ago? I had no idea there was a sale coming up. ☹️ 
    So thankful my hairdresser did a “house call” for me a week ago. She worked in my garage and had a mask etc…she cut my hair and then put on the foils for highlights and I sat out in the sun in my backyard since I don’t  have a son style hair dryer. Then had my husband take them out and I washed my hair in our laundry room sink! It was perfect and made me feel a boost of confidence after getting my hair done. I know it sounds silly to some, but it’s important to me. 

    1. Nope, I doubt it. You may want to place a 2nd order and return the first… which is nuts. Do they have free returns?

      That is so cool that your hairdresser did that! I would think with a mask on, she is behind you most of the time, and being outside… it should be fine.

  15. I am a nurse, a mom of a child with severe heart defects, and I also live with elderly parents.  I fully support taking this all seriously and doing what we can to stay healthy.  The reality is, though, that most of us will likely have to be exposed to this at some point for our collective immunity to develop…many already have and just didn’t have symptoms. For the vast majority of us, we will be just fine.  We can’t hide forever, so for those of us who are relatively healthy, we need to take some “risk”.  We take risks every day.  Have you seen statistics on car accidents and deaths from medical error?  They far surpass Covid risk for most of us, and yet we rarely think twice about driving or having a minor surgery.  Flattening the curve to allow the health care industry to “catch up” is necessary, but we also need to protect the mental and financial health of our world, which if neglected will translate into physical death and hunger for many.  My mom-in-law says, “We’re all immortal until God calls us home.”  May He give us wisdom to navigate even simple decisions like whether to get a haircut or not. Thanks for your blog, JoLynne! ❤️

    1. Well said, thank you. I will admit, when I saw the first line of your post, I thought, “Oh no… here it comes… ” I was pretty sure that someone is going to call me out for suggesting that I’m willing to let someone die to get a haircut. Which is so not the case, OF COURSE.

      Thank you for stating so well what I was thinking and not quite able to articulate.

  16. Have you ever used the Naked 2? I’ve watched some YouTube videos comparing the original, 2 and 3. Just wondering if you’ve tried the others and your thoughts? I think they may be discontinuing the 2 because it’s hard to find. 

  17. I agree with Nancy. We have to take this seriously. But when businesses re-open and things get somewhat back to “normal” we will be exposed and maybe have already been exposed (as some of us have no symptoms). I think people will have to build up immunities to this, it is what will make us stronger. I’ve heard they are talking about a vaccine but will it be the answer?? What about the side affects from the vaccine? I had the flu vaccine in 2019 and developed a horrible reaction to it. I do have an autoimmune disorder (Hashimoto’s) and it messed my thyroid up and caused so much inflammation, I’m still trying to recover from it. I was advised by my doctor not to take another one.

    I understand the need for isolation, we are still practicing it here in Alberta, and I’m not sure when nonessential services and businesses will start up again. I feel for the many businesses that are struggling, especially small privately operated ones. I sometimes wonder if the state of the economy will be far more detrimental than Covid-19 itself?

    Will we look back on this pandemic and think we did the right thing. Or did we overreact? Any of us that are in our 40’s and beyond will remember the AIDS epidemic and how it sent panic in some communities. Now we view things much differently. The unknown is definitely fearful.

    Thank you Jo Lynne for your daily blog (even though my style is somewhat different, as I live very rural, lol) and the effort you put into it. I’m thinking the decision to get the new puppy has provided your family with something else to focus on which is wonderful. Stay well.

    1. Yeah, I have no desire to sign up for a new vaccine that was rushed to market. I never get the flu shot either. I know vaccines have done a lot of good for our world, but they aren’t without risk, and from what I understand, they have never been tested in combination with one another. There are just so many.

      Anyway, clearly a hot button topic, and not one I care to debate, but I agree that we are going to have to learn to live with this virus, and to Nancy’s point, there are so many other risks that we take every day… it’s just so hard to know the how to find the right balance. I’m just glad I’m not in charge!

      Yes, the puppy has been a wonderful diversion. 🙂

  18. Really love the lululemon joggers, but the 28″ inseam is a no-go. I wish they offered petites. I know joggers are a little more forgiving with length, but at 5’0, with short legs, I’d need closer to 26″ to even consider them, but preferably even shorter than that. 🙁 That’s one thing I love about Athleta is many, if not most are offered in petite, tall, plus sizes.

    We found out yesterday (kind of knew it was coming) that Illinois will be stay-at-home for another month. It sounds like they are loosening restrictions slightly. For example I think parks are going to be opened (if I read that correctly), and nursery/garden centers, with social distancing guidelines obviously. Naturally, I was also hoping for hair dressers, but I fully support whatever measures are deemed safest for all. I have short hair and it’s looking pretty shaggy!

  19. Hi Jo-Lynne,
    I’m trying to locate the Benefits mascara at Sephora with your Shop-Style App. I can’t tell which one you use. When I click on your image, it says “not identified”.

    Also at your recommendation I bought the Soma black robe and a bunch of other stuff. Hard site to use!

    Lastly can you recommend a great tweezers?

    Thanks! You’re the BEST!!!

    Julie Marshall

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