Are Scarves in Style for 2023?

One of the most common questions I’m getting right now is, Are scarves still in style? So, I thought it was time to update this post!

Are Scarves Still In Style? Here's how to wear a winter scarf in 2023...

Are scarves in style right now?

Scarves as an accessory category never go out of style, but scarf styles do go in and out of fashion.

Scarves as an accessory category never go out of style, but scarf styles do go in and out of fashion.

Infinity scarves and the big square plaid blanket scarves that were all the rage a few years ago are starting to look dated. I would really steer clear of that look if you’re trying to stay current.

Dos and Don'ts for Wearing Scarves

I’m also not seeing many fashion scarves worn as part of an indoor outfit, although that’s a classic look that can still look stylish on certain ladies. (As opposed to the blanket scarves, which were more of a fad.)

But scarves as a winter outerwear accessory are always appropriate, and they’re very much in style right now.

How to wear a scarf in 2023... and a roundup of my favorite scarves!

Go big or go home is the motto for scarves in 2023. Your personal style and how trend-driven you are should determine how big and bold you should go with your scarves.

I define my personal style is polished, modern, and understated, so I don’t go too overboard with the big and bold scarves, but I do like to wear styles that look current.

This recycled cashmere scarf from Nordstrom is one of my favorites. It’s big enough to play into the current trends without being overwhelming. It’s also a good quality, and very soft and warm. See more of this look in THIS POST.

Scarf styles for 2023 are big and bold.

I also have and love this Everlane cashmere scarf in both grey and rust. See more of this look in THIS POST.

Are scarves in style right now? Yes, and here's how to wear them!

The rust has sold out but the classic colors are still available. It isn’t as wide as some, but it’s a nice classic that you can wear for years. See more of this look in THIS POST.

How to Wear a Winter Scarf

And of course, a classic Burberry scarf will never go out of style. While this was a huge splurge for me at the time, they’ve already gone up in price since I bought mine three years ago, and I know I’ll have it forever.

A classic Burberry scarf will always be in style!

That said, you don’t have to spend designer prices to look great. I picked up this black/camel/ivory plaid scarf at J.Crew Factory earlier in the season, and I think it looks a lot more expensive than it is.

How to tie a scarf for 2023...

Style Tip: To keep your look polished and classy when buying lower priced alternatives to designer items, choose classic colors and styles, but not identical copies.

The other question I often get is about how I tie my scarves. If you google this topic, you’ll find a myriad of posts with 7 ways to tie a scarf, 20 ways to tie a scarf, 144 ways to tie a scarf…

Okay, maybe that last one is a bit of an exaggeration.

I’m a simple girl, and I only have one way to tie a scarf. It’s really the only way you need. (I either do this, or I just let it hang, as shown above with the Burberry scarf.)

Scarf Styles for 2023

A Stylish Way To Tie A Scarf

Step 1: Drape the scarf around your neck so the short end hits the chest area.

Step 2: Loop the longer end around the back of your neck.

Step 3: Tuck that end into the front loop; adjust and fluff to your liking!

I did a quick Instagram Reel to demonstrate, so you can check that out if you’re on Instagram.

Shop My Favorite Scarves:

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photos: Alison Cornell

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18 Responses

  1. Good morning Jo-Lynne,
    This question is referring to the daily email you sent out this morning – what jeans can you wear with your new Tory Burch chelsea boots? Is the heel big enough to wear with a bootcut/flare?

  2. The older I get, the more particular I get about winter scarves. I don’t like things around my neck (no turtlenecks or even crew necks!) so it has to be cold for me to wear a scarf. I prefer cashmere for winter as it’s not itchy and I like silk/cotton blends for spring when it’s still cold but I want brighter colors and lighter fabrics. My biggest issue with scarves is finding ones that are long enough. I’m only 5’7″ so I’m not that tall, but often the scarves are too short so they end up too tight around my neck and/or hang awkwardly. I always check the length now before ordering one. I chuckled when I saw the blanket scarf photo. I had one and I could never get it to wrap or hang nicely and always felt like I had a sloth around my neck when I wore it. I donated it after one season of rarely wearing it. Happy Monday!

    1. I think I only wore those for blog pictures, haha! Never in real life. Maybe ONCE, on a very cold day of outlet (outdoor) shopping in Jan or Feb. I remember that day, I still felt silly in that thing. 🤪

  3. I had that same pattern blanket scarf and I took it and cut it to make two scarves and they were perfect size for my daughter and I. It wasn’t heavy and it worked out great but of course now it feels dated and I haven’t worn it for years. Need to donate as the pattern even feels dated. Everyone had it. I use to wear a scarf all the time when they were in for fashion but rarely do now. I got rid of soooo many. I like your picks and styling them.

  4. Thank you for this scarf update! I like that you styled your scarf with and without a coat. These days I’m hot all the time (and not in a good way), so wearing a jacket AND scarf is for only when I’ll be outside for a long time. As soon as I go in a restaurant I’m shedding the jacket, so it’s nice to see how to style the scarf so it looks nice without one. Good advice on keeping only a classic style scarf.

  5. I like the Sorel white boots you showed but do they have a heel? I’m tentatively looking for white but no to low heel boots!

  6. Great post. I have about 7 scarves, but
    am rarely able to wear them unless
    we’re traveling somewhere cold because
    I live in Florida. We moved here 18 years
    ago and live close to the beach, on the
    gulf coast. By the way, where in Florida
    are you traveling to Jo-Lynne? You will
    love our weather! I wore a coat to Zumba
    this morning, but a few hours later I’m
    back in short sleeves. 🙂

  7. I bought a red plaid blanket scarf when they were trending and never wore it. I ended up using it to decorate my Christmas table and that’s how it’s been used ever since. I laughed when I read the comment someone posted about feeling like she had a “sloth around her neck” when she wore it. That about sums it up.😊

  8. Hello – and then there are many of us that still love the blanket scarves – I use them as an outer layer when I do not want to wear a jacket – especially traveling in the car or running in and out of stores doing errands with a long cardigan and jeans. You always do say if it works for you keep it- this girl will keep them (wink wink) I do love all your tips and posts, and outfit ideas! Thank you for all your content!

  9. Love how you styled them with shorter denim and leather-type jackets, too. I think that’s a great idea if you want a modern, “dressed-down”-look: but feel apprehensive about trying to pull it off for over 40 because it might seem kind-of slouchy. The scarf adds a cute, polished fashion complement to it!

  10. Loved your watch with the basket weave band and rectangle face in your coffee talk post. Can you provide a link. You were holding the coffee / beer mug

  11. I just cleared, finally, accepted that infinity scarves have had their day and are no longer fashionable. I hadn’t worn mine in three years, but had had a hard time parting with them until this week. As I pulled each one off the scarf hanger, I admired it for what it was and could see my former self wearing them as clear as day, but realized that I will not ever likely wear them again. Next up will be the massive blanket scarves. My scarf collection is a whole vibe.

  12. I have sooo many scarves but haven’t been reaching for them this year. Not sure why 🤷‍♀️ I’m going out for lunch tomorrow so I think I’ll pull one out to wear.
    I never bought into the blanket scarves. They seemed overly big, bulky, and kinda silly looking. I wonder how many influencers bought them, wore them for photo shoots, and then found they didn’t really suit. Hmmm
    Love your JCrew scarf!

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