“Are There More Gods Than One?”

“There is one true God.”

So goes the catechism we have taught our young children. This is why I was surprised this morning when C asked out of the clear blue sky:

“Mommy? Are there two Gods?”

A bit perplexed, I explained that no, there is just one God.

But she persisted: “In that book you read to us, it says there is one two God.”

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3 thoughts on ““Are There More Gods Than One?”

  1. So Cute! Mom asks little girl what she learned in Sunday school. Little girl says “Don’t worry, you’ll get your quilt.”Perplexed, mom asks the preacher what lesson they taught in Sunday school that morning. Preacher replies “Be not afraid. They comforter is coming.”

  2. Oh, now THAT is funny. I posted a while back about my son who sang the Doxology as “Praise God from whom ODD blessings flow…”

  3. My son memorized his first bible verse when he was just a little guy. Jake’s version:In my father’s house are many mansions. I go to repair a place for you. . .

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