Beauty? Or Beast? #CoffeeTalk

Did everyone have a nice Thanksgiving weekend??? At least those of us living here in the United States. Sometimes I forget that we’re the only ones that celebrate this holiday.

Our weekend has been full without being crazy, which was nice. I’m blessed to have family in the area who likes to host so I don’t have the pressure of a big meal. Friday and Saturday were rather low-key, and then yesterday we set up our fake Christmas tree. Historically, this is MY tree. I’m allowed to let my OCD run wild and everyone knows I get to place everything exactly where I want it. But yesterday I had to let go of some of that since I really can’t stand on my foot for any length of time, and I let the kids have at it. When an ornament broke in the first five minutes, I knew I was just going to have to let it gooooo… let it go…..

I did take the reigns when it came to placing the ribbon. I snapped this shot from my office on my smartphone, so it’s not the best, but this is my view from my desk. (Clearly we have some cleaning up still to do.)

Christmas Tree

I LOVE THIS TIME OF YEAR. Even if I’m stuck at my desk for the entire month of December, I will have this gorgeous view.

We still plan to go cut down a live tree, which we usually place in the family room where we can all enjoy it. With my foot being all jacked up, we decided to put that off for a week. I may not get to go along this year, which stinks, but I’m trying to take everything one day at a time and not borrow trouble.

Speaking of my foot, I have an appointment tomorrow with my orthopedist. Wearing the boot was starting to throw out my back and shoulders, so I ditched it and have just been trying not to walk at all. That’s a lot of fun, as I’m sure you can imagine.

I’m really hoping there is an answer to this debacle that does not require crutches or more immobilization because my ankle is already so weak. But then again, SOMETHING has to be done so I expect there will be some sort of undesirable treatment plan. I’m holding out hope that all I need is some physical therapy. SHUSH. I know, I know, it’s probably NOT going to be that easy.

Last night I went out to dinner with some girlfriends, which was a much-needed break. My poor family has been taking the brunt of my frustration, and it was nice to just get away and have a couple of drinks and eat and talk. I’m sure my family enjoyed the break from me too! Ha!

Saturday night, we had the opportunity to see Beauty and the Beast at The Arden Theater Co., which is located in the historic Old City section of Philadelphia. I love that area, and we always enjoy an evening at The Arden. This is a small theater that gears a lot of their productions to children. R was my only child willing to post for a picture, but we all went together as a family.

R at Beauty and the Beast

The Arden is super kid-friendly. They had snacks and face painting before the show, and I love how the actors hung around afterwards to visit with the audience and pose for pictures. (It was late, and I was uncomfortable so we just high-tailed it outta there. But had we stuck around, we could have had some cute photo opps.)

They manage to make the plays relevant to older kids as well as younger ones so even my 15-year-old son doesn’t mind going with us. It was a really cool production, very creative use of lights and minimal props, but nothing like the Disney version. If you’re local and thinking of going, definitely prepare your kids for that.

Here is their synopsis of Beauty and the Beast:

Meet two sisters: Cassandra, eager to experience life; and Belle, who is afraid of the world. After their father loses the family fortune, they leave London to start life anew. But nothing prepares them for what happens next. When Belle meets the Beast, she begins an adventure unlike any she could have imagined. From the team that created Arden’s Cinderella comes a bold new telling of this classic tale.
Best enjoyed by families with children 4 and older.

I definitely agree with the 4 and older part. There were some scary scenes.

Beauty and the Beast is playing until February 1st, if any of you locals are interested. In a few days, I’ll be hosting a giveaway for a family 4-pack of tickets on my Facebook Page so make sure you’re following me there!

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  1. What a pretty tree! I gave up decorating the tree about 3 years ago. Not because I can’t, but because the husband and kids have made it their mission to decorate it with all our Star Wars ornaments. Who am I to argue? It is definitely less work for me.

    Sorry to hear that your foot is acting up again, especially this time of year. Hope it gets better soon.

    I am off to look at some of your holiday outfit ideas. Are you going to do one for a casual New Year’s outfit? I would love to see that idea!

    Have a great day, Jo-Lynne.

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