Black Tank Dress + Gold Sandals

Good morning, and welcome back to 22 Days of Summer Fashion. Today I’m styling a black seamed tank dress with gold sandals.

This dress is from Everlane, a retailer known for their transparent, eco-conscious approach to fashion. I don’t usually go for the fit-and-flare silhouette, but this one has a polished look about it that suits my personal style.

It’s made of a smooth, luxe cotton that is sleek and lightweight and wears well all day long.

The straps are on the thinner side, but they hide my bra straps perfectly from all angles.

This dress also comes in moss green, a golden amber, and white; and it runs true to size. I have it in the small.

I often get asked about what bra I wear under certain tops, and I’m almost always wearing this Freya molded cup underwire bra. I have 3 or 4 of them that I rotate. The sizing is a bit weird; make sure you’re looking at the US size if you order one.

I kept the look pretty simple, with gold slides and a long gold pendant necklace. This was the day I forgot my bag of jewelry, and I’m so glad I threw this necklace over the hanger to go with this dress. It really needs something.

Normally, I would also wear earrings and a bracelet. I think a simple hoop would be nice with this, or a drop earring of some sort.

These are the Steve Madden Vivien gold leather sandals, and unfortunately they’re pretty much sold out. They’re very comfortable and look great with everything.

Another nice option would be these Sam Edelman thong sandals — I love the gold boa, or you could do the leopard or snake print with this dress.

I kept the look sleek and sophisticated with my black cat eye sunnies. If you like the look and not the price tag, I also found a similar style for less.

If I was wearing this out and about, I would bring along my Vince Camuto jean jacket in case it gets cold indoors.

I prefer the denim jacket to a cardigan with a dress like this because it has structure.

This outfit is so versatile, I’d wear it almost anywhere — to church on Sunday, to a Saturday morning brunch with the family or farmer’s market run, or to go shopping with friends.

It’s such an effortlessly chic way to stay cool and comfortable in the summer heat.

Outfit Details:

dress // sandals (option) // necklace // sunnies (option) // denim jacket (option)

Be sure to visit Cyndi and see the summer look she’s styling today!

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photos: Alison Cornell

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45 thoughts on “Black Tank Dress + Gold Sandals

  1. Could you please tell us what size you are wearing in this dress?  I’m always between a small and medium and it helps to see how it fits on someone else.

  2. Sorry, I see you told the size, somehow I missed it.  It looks stunning on you, one of my favorite outfits you’ve posted.  I prefer it with the simple one piece of jewelry.  I just ordered the dress.

  3. Good morning! Just checking to see if something is wrong with my email…only have been able to access todays post through Cyndi…

  4. I have had my eye on that dress for a few weeks, so glad you styled it. I have now ordered it!
    I think you are doing a GREAT job in these difficult times. Stay faithful.

  5. Jo-Lynne,

    I think you are doing an excellent job of balancing your blog about fashion and style and acknowledging all the current issues that are facing our nation. I share many of your thoughts on these issues and appreciate the way you have communicated with us. It is unfortunate that you have been criticized. Don’t change. I respect your position and your voice of reason.

  6. Hey Girl!
    I actually love that you say what’s on your heart and I don’t think you get political and I appreciate that. To me, YOU are sunshine and normalcy and you know how to style cute outfits and I really need all that! Thank you!

    1. I’m sorry you got criticized and I don’t feel like this should be a political issue but alas even Covid turned political. Stay strong and true to yourself!

  7. Thanks Jo-Lynne!  Be true to YOU. I know easier said than done.  Haters are gonna hate and you’ll never please anyone.  Those of us who have been here can see your heart and motives.  Grace and peace to you!!  

  8. JoLynne, just keep on doing what you are doing. I have stopped watching and reading the news and Instagram. I am overwhelmed. Texas has been mostly open for a month and we finally ate “out” this week. Normalcy is creeping back in, slowly. 

  9. I think you are doing an awesome job with your post of balancing life and fashion.  We are just living some hard times right now and you can’t ignore that.  Faith with get us through. And thanks for giving us a diversion with fashion.  Love this dress with the sandals.  I’m hoping it ever gets warm enough here to wear summer clothes!

  10. Jo-Lynne
    Thank you so much for what you do. I realize the world is nuts right now for many important reasons, but you are a breathe of fresh air! You do contribute in your own way to what women need, which is to feel comfortable in their own skin and to find the look that helps them achieve that – hey, we all need to get dressed every day.  You have helped me in many untold ways – your bright smile and your great advice. I loved seeing the pictures of your sweet puppy, and I am so sorry you had to give him up. Thanks for continuing to blog and post each day even though your life also is under all kinds of stress and isn’t normal right now either, but you are bringing a sense of needed normalcy into all of our lives each day, and I thank you for that!

  11. I love this dress!
    I feel for you in trying to do what’s right. I often keep my mouth shut because I figure people who know me already know how I feel, and those who don’t know me well will pick apart what I say or misunderstand. There really is no winning, and social media is not the place for nuance. 
    I’m sorry you were criticized. I think you keep things balanced remarkably well on this tightrope. 😊

  12. Personally, I would prefer you keep the social commentary at a minimum, or at most no more than you usually do. I come here for the fashion, and I enjoy the little anecdotes about your family and home life, but I don’t cone here for politics or messages. I appreciate your acknowledging there are monumental events happening, but also appreciate your not preaching,  following the crowd-think or guilting anyone by proclaiming what actions you are taking or what you think others should do. 

  13. Not many casual dresses are fit and flare – so that is great for someone like me who is a little wider on the bottom! 🙂 Love the gold sandals with this too. Great look! I could totally wear this to work with a shorter cardigan.

    1. I love a fit and flare dress! Swing and shift dresses do nothing for my curves. Thank you for posting this cute option as I  love summer dresses and skirts! I think you do a great job of highlighting fashion without avoiding  the issues that are on all of our minds. It’s a tough balancing act and you do it very well!

  14. Love the dress and your posts! It is hard to know what to post and what not to post. I realized afterwards that I posted my 2nd ever IG pix on blackout Tues, which happened to be my daughter’s bizarro high school graduation. I was mortified to have made such an IG faux pas, but I just wasn’t IG savvy enough to realize ahead of time that it was “a thing”. I am sorry you are getting pushback and of course it doesn’t mean you don’t care. This is, after all, your job. And I, for one, appreciate the respite from sorrow and worry and anger.

  15. Love the dress. Everlane is becoming one of go-to stores because of its transparency.

    As for all that’s going on in your life right now, Jo-Lynne, if I was the girl-next-door, I’d give you a big hug. Okay . . . from 6 feet away. And wearing my mask!

  16. I just had this conversation last night about the pressures to do or say things a certain way, different than what I’m comfortable with and understand your conflict.
    I love coming here to read your posts and get ideas and inspiration for putting together outfits. I appreciate that you do acknowledge whats happening in the world with all that’s going on right now and sorry that you feel the need to explain yourself. Your authenticity and genuineness does come through loud clear and that’s what I love about visiting your site. Thank you for sharing your prayer, it is very fitting.

  17. I’m sorry to hear about your medical issues.  I sympathize as I have been dealing too I really like reading your blog because u keep it real. My life has changed dramatically to say the least since I started reading and my family often criticizes me when I reference you. But, I feel like you have really kept it real and the news is for the political yet you acknowledge the issues and it’s just nice hearing that your life isn’t always amazing 
    And we all have struggles 
    So thank you I hope we all get  stuff figured out 
    My favorite these days is just your straight coffee talk 

  18. I have a few dresses (swing type) that I really love to wear in the summer, and I don’t know why I have never thought of throwing on my denim jacket. I always take a cardigan in case I am cold. I like the swing type dress as I feel it hides my middle (which is where I carry those extra couple of pounds. IF is, so far, not really making a difference there.)
    I don’t think we can really compartmentalize our lives and what is happening around us, so I really appreciate your thoughts and words. They are from your heart, and I feel comforted by them. Thank you.
    I hope your medical issues are resolved soon.

  19. Thank you for being you !! So many people are being bullied into saying what I don’t really think they want to say … this is a forum for good fashion and I appreciate you taking away the doom and gloom of the world !! S

  20. Thanks for the dress idea! This could be a good one. Please don’t beat youself up about how you write your posts. I think you come across as kind. If we don’t agree, that is life.

  21. Jo Lynne
    love your blog. I like the way you handle things. I know everyone has their own views. God does make us all different. He calls us to love each other. I think at this time we need to reach out and show love more then ever. I don’t usually post but wanted to put out a positive comment so you have that to read!! I agree that I signed up for daily blog posts from you for the fashion piece. So I think sticking to fashion makes sense to me. I know we don’t all agree that is the part I struggle with now what feeling….. and I guess you are in that. Hugs from me in Oregon.

  22. Hi. I just want to say I appreciate you not using your blog as a political platform; that’s not why I am here anyway! I can understand and appreciate your struggle with the pressures of your job. Sounds like you know the key is keeping your eyes on Jesus. 🙂

  23. You look lovely in your black dress. This is an old expression but it still applies, don’t let the turkeys get you down. 

  24. Hello. I learned as a young teacher that I was never going to please everyone (parents, not students) and I suspect that is the case with bloggers. I read your emails and blog every day because I appreciate that you do you and no one else. Your honesty, compassion, faith, and of course, your knowledge of the fashion world are much needed. If someone hasn’t figured out that you have a huge heart and would never purposely offend anyone, then they certainly need to take a closer look at what you do and say each day. A big thank you to you!

  25. I come here for the style inspiration and will continue to do so! I also love how you share your feeling on thIs crazy world. Good and bad. I appreciate your obviously kind and thoughtful  views. I don’t believe change of any kind comes with silence. It doesn’t have to be shouted on every platform ( which you do not do!) but can be stated. Even when we don’t always agree. I For one am not religious but I always like when you share your  faith and devotions because I can feel the kindness and intent that is being expressed. And it still add positivity to my day. All this to say to say thank you and I appreciate your words AND your fashion. 

  26. You look so nice in this dress, and I love the gold sandals with it!  I saw on the news the nasty weather that hit up there, but of course, I had no idea it was that scary.  I’m so glad that you had some one on one time with David, and that y’all made it home safely.  I hope that your MIL is doing okay.  I suspect she is very lonely and really missing her husband.  Enjoy the rest of your day!

    1. Thanks, Ginger. I think she is. And she’s missing her social activities that would be keeping her busy. I’m glad we were able to see her. And I won Triple Solitaire, so I get to gloat until we play again. 😂

  27. Love your go to verse.  You are doing a great job of balancing your blog and I don’t think you should change a thing.  I’m so happy both you and Cyndi decided to continue your fashion series and  keep some fun and normalcy during this time.  Satan would love for all of us to stress out and give up our lives.  He comes to rob and steal.  Lets not let him.  Love this outfit on you. Perfect for those of us who don’t feel so great in shorts, but want to stay cool.  I’m so ready for Summer, but our temps are going to be cool and cloudy again the next few days.  Today I’ll have to enjoy the last of the sunshine and warmer temps.  Things are slowly opening around Oregon, but still with restrictions for sure.  I hope your medical issues get resolved and you can feel better again. Nothing worse when you don’t feel well physically, when so much is going on around us like this.  Plus you’ve had your father-in-law and dog thing.  Hang in there.  

  28. Jo-Lynne- You are so appreciated for all you do and for your transparency! Keep doing what you are doing – addressing issues from your heart when you feel the need and giving your readers a breath of fresh air every day! I so enjoy your Coffee Talks and that you share your life with us! Love the dress and that you and Cyndi are doing 22 Days of Summer! Pray your health problems are resolved soon! Thankful you got through the storms and had a good visit with your mother in law and David! We had hail, wind and rain over the weekend on west coast! Take care!

  29. Jolynne – these are strange days we’re living in. I hate to even think what could happen next. But I do want to encourage you to speak & write from you’re heart. You’ll never please everyone, but when you speak from your heart who can fault you. Hang on – better days are ahead and eventually all of the COVID 19 & the ugliness that has raised its head will calm down for a while. 

    We should all pray for our nation that peace, kindness & compassion for our fellow man will prevail. 

  30. Love this dress and how it can be topped off with a denim jacket. Your hair looks great by the way:) Hope your issues regarding your health get better in the day’s ahead! Thanks for being YOU!

  31. I really respect your position to stay out from comments.. I won’t tell my position either just wanted let you know that I admire you.. good job for staying focus on what this site is about..❤️🤙

  32. Hi- Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog and receiving your emails. It has helped to have a sense of normalcy. Thank you for being true to yourself and being a good person. 

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