White Denim Pencil Skirt for Summer

Well, friends, we made it to Friday. Today I’m styling a white denim pencil skirt for summer.

Today is also the day we officially enter the yellow phase of reopening here in my corner of Pennsylvania. While the guidelines are still quite limiting, it’s progress, and I’ll take it! (The yellow phase is one of three phases — green, yellow, and red — that our governor established to guide the reopening process across the state.)

I found this skirt at Banana Republic, and I love how the exposed button fly updates this classic wardrobe piece. (They also have a blue jean version.)

This skirt also has a 7″ center back vent for ease of movement, and the 23″ length hits me right above the knee. The fabric is a thick cotton/tencel/elastane blend, so it has a good bit of stretch and a refined look about it.

It runs true to size, and it comes in a wide range of sizes including tall and petite. It’s also on sale for $55 right now.

I paired my white denim skirt with this pretty floral henley tee from LOFT, and I really like the combination of the feminine floral print with the more tailored skirt.

My top is low inventory, but you may be able to snag one if you act fast. They also have this one in a different print, and it comes in 4 solid colors as well. All are 50% off today with code LOVE.

I added a delicate layered necklace, and I really like how it fills the shallow v-neckline without overwhelming it.

I also added these small silver hoops from Talbots, but I’m sorry to say, both my earrings and necklace are sold out. You may be able to find the necklace on eBay.

These sunglasses were a Shopbop sale purchase earlier in the season. I love the colorful tortoiseshell frames, and the square shape is fun for a change.

They’re hard to see in the grass, but I was wearing beige Nine West slides. These sandals are sleek and right on trend with the square toe, and they’re also surprisingly easy to walk in.

Mine are from last season, but I actually like this year’s version with the metal discs even better, and they’re a great price right now. (Use code EXTRA40 for an extra 40% off at checkout.)

This outfit is a really nice alternative to shorts for those who don’t care for them, or for anyone looking to add some variety to your summer wardrobe.

If you’re worried about chafing or sweating through the skirt, these lightweight moisture-wicking slipshorts are the perfect solution. I wear the medium, for reference.

Outfit Details:

floral top // skirt // similar sandals // necklace // earrings // bracelet // sunnies (option)

Be sure to visit Cyndi and see the summer look she’s styling today!

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photos: Alison Cornell

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22 thoughts on “White Denim Pencil Skirt for Summer

  1. I’d like to encourage you as you progress through allergy treatments!. As someone who’s been “allergic to Texas” since I moved here as a pre-teen, I’ve been through testing & many different treatments through the years.  At last (& fairly recently) I have been given an effective regimen to follow. So persevere; relief will come your way. It will set you free!

    1. Thanks, the allergy testing was interesting. Dogs definitely reacted, but cats not so much, and I’m terribly allergic to all cats. Dust mites were the strongest. I have to go back for the 2nd round, where they put the ones that didn’t react in the upper arm. And after that, I can see the allergist to discuss. Such a long process, but whatever. Now that Ozzy’s gone, there is no rush. I still miss that little teddy bear. 😢

  2. Good morning 
    Look forward to your blog every morning! Happy to hear the news about PA, have relatives in Lackawanna county, know they will welcome the news.
    Asking for a daughter, she has bought an off the shoulder top, what bras do you recommend.
    Thank you

  3. You’re going to a party? I only have one question, what are you going to wear??? I’m attending a bday party tomorrow night, but it’s outside. Only 4 couples, bring your own beverage and we’ll be sitting around a fire pit, so no nice clothes. 😏 But I’m so excited to do anything social with our friends– even if we can’t hug yet.

    I love the exposed buttons on the skirt! And I’m bummed that the necklace is sold out. I could really use a delicate layered necklace. Please keep your eye out for them, Jo-Lynne.

    Happy Friday, everyone!

  4. Beautiful combo.  That floral top really pops with the white skirt!  We’ve been in the yellow phase for a whole now but we really haven’t don’t any pathing different yet. One of our favorite restaurants is offering outdoor dining now.  Reservations  are required and since it’s the only show in town, I’m not even bothering to try…..yet!  Like you, I can’t say as I miss in-store shopping, mainly because I don’t need a single thing!   But yes, I’ve had the same issue with online purchases, took almost a month for my white jeggings to arrive……I’m looking forward to a weekend of sunshine, sitting by the pool and a good book!  (With the grandkids yelling, screaming/bickering and splashing in the background) 😉

  5. Love the white denim skirt!!  Very summery!!

    I went to a graduation party last Saturday that was outside – but we sat at tables together to eat & talk. There was so social distancing after about 15 minutes – I think we were all so glad to be with other people that it went out the window. Enjoy being out in the big world!!  😁😁

    1. Haha, I think that will probably be the case tonight. I feel okay being outside, but I wouldn’t want to get together with 25 people inside for a while. Our church is trying to figure out how we’re going to handle it.

  6. I just want to let you know how much more I’ve appreciated your emails this last week – and what a week! So far, 2020 has just exhausted me with one crisis after another and I hope we can all get back to some sort of normalcy before the next crisis hits. It is not an exaggeration to let you know how much your emails/blogging have been a life-line for me throughout the past months. Thank you Jolynne for your blog and common sense musings! Cute outfit today!!!

  7. That is a cute summer outfit!  I’m happy that you get to move into the next phase!  Going to a party or doing anything social sounds like such a foreign thing to me.  We are still under orders for no gatherings outside our household.  It’s been nearly 3 months of not gathering with anyone outside our household – even social distancing. If we ever get to the next phase, it will be gatherings of no more than 5 – social distancing.  At least I’ll be able to see my son. My daughter’s wedding is in early Sept.  We have no idea how many they will be able to have present.  We are all safe and healthy, though, so I’m grateful for that.

      1. Thanks!  They do have an alternative plan to have a micro ceremony and the larger one next year, but just hope they can have more than 5 at the first ceremony!  We did just find out our county went to Phase 2 a couple of hours ago, and now we can have gatherings of 5, so there is hope for a few more in September, if we can move to Phase 3 by then.  Ha Ha.

  8. Wow that’s great news!!! Our restaurants start to open today with very strict protocol and social distancing in place.. in fact if we were to eat out with friends we would have to sit 6 feet apart or at separate tables… We can gather up to 10 outside while social distancing but no food or drinks can be provided… we can still only bubble with one other family household if going inside to visit or share meals..  We are hosting a drive through shower in a couple weeks which should be fun!! And different 😉. At least the bride to be and attendants will fall within the number restrictions. Our stores are pretty much open and some remain closed it’s very different as was to be expected. I don’t think we will  be eating out anytime soon but may venture back slowly with take out.. Our hair salons open Monday and I’m sooo glad I’ll be getting my hair done.. again very strict protocols and a mask! I also get to see my chiropractor whom I haven’t been able to see since they closed on March, the same day.. again it will be different and safety changes have been made. Waiting rooms wherever are pretty much all closed.. these types of services are just opening( dentist still closed).  so I felt better going sooner than later.. my philosophy lol… We are a small province just under one million people and we are taking things very slow and cautious In preparing for the fact that a second wave will no doubt hit in the cold and flu season.. it’s funny but not many people seem to eager to run back out to things too soon.. enjoy your get together so nice that the graduate has the opportunity to celebrate.. We also now have 0 active Covid cases!!!🤗🤗.  Love your outfit that’s a sweet blouse:)

  9. I’m wearing that same top today and it’s really pretty. I am thankful that in Florida where I live, we were not hard hit by the virus and our governor was able to open up sooner. (except for a few counties) My work from home has been extended another 8 weeks. Enjoy your weekend!

  10. You look so very nice in this outfit!  The top is really pretty and I imagine it is one you can pair with so many different things.  Fantastic news on y’all finally moving to yellow.  Enjoy the graduation party tonight!

  11. Comment #2 regarding the allergy testing.  I go every two weeks to get my shots for dust mites and mold, which I’m highly allergic too.  I have been getting the shots for at least 10 years now, and they really do help.  I am also allergic to rubber and gold, but I don’t get shots for those two.  It is a long process to get to where you don’t need the shots every day, but it will be so worth it in the long run.  Hang in there!

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