Because Those Who Can’t Run . . . Bike?


I always resented the phrase “those who can’t do teach” because, well, I WAS A TEACHER. And I think I “do” quite well, thank you. But I had to giggle when I went to buy my bike and captioned my Instagram update with the above.

So yeah, I finally bit the bullet. I BOUGHT A BIKE. I cannot wait to take it for a spin this morning.

For months, as I’ve battled this stubborn plantar fasciitis, people have been telling me to get a bike.

I didn’t want a bike. It all seemed so much more complicated than running. For one thing, to get one I can take on a trail or the road, I need to invest in a pretty decent hybrid. Then there’s all the gear. And learning a new sport. And just not feeling as safe on a bike as I do running. As a driver, I don’t mind runners on the narrow, winding roads in our area, but bikers are a hazard. They’re hard to see, hard to move around, and I am terrified of hitting one. I’m even more terrified of BEING one.

Plus, I have not ridden a bike since I was about 13 years old. No lie. I am dead serious when I say it’s been almost 30 years since I’ve been on a bike.

But I finally caved.

Running is becoming more and more a distant memory. My foot still hurts (although it’s not getting any worse at the moment, so I’m holding off on that PRP injection I was talking about.) I am in desperate need of cardio. Even though I’ve been weight training 2x a week since I stopped running again, I’m feeling thicker around my middle and the scale has moved up a few pounds and it will not budge. But more concerning, mental health is taking a hit. Cardio feeds my soul in a way that weight lifting just can’t, so since I can’t run, I took the plunge and bought a bike.

I’ve been looking for a good time to go to the bike store with my husband, but we are so busy with spring sports and everything else that I finally roped a friend to go with me on a weekday. The owner of the shop was working the floor and she was super helpful. I told her what I wanted, and she pulled a bike down from the rack and took me to the parking lot and told me to take it for a spin.

With her and my friend looking on, I gingerly straddled the bike and contemplated the next few moments. I’d either fall over and kiss all possibility of a new hobby good-bye, or my instincts would kick in and I’d remember how to ride.

Of course, the old saying is true, and you really do not forget how to ride a bike. I was a bit wobbly, and I first tried to brake by reversing the bicycle pedals before I remembered my brakes were on my handlebars. (It HAS been 30 years, you know!!) But it all came back to me.

I asked if they had an option at a lower price point, and she pulled out another bike that she said they sell a lot of. It was right in my budget so I climbed on that one for a test ride. This time I felt like an old pro as I took my spin around the parking lot. I started pedaling harder, trying to gain some speed, wishing I had a bigger parking lot or an open road.

All the anxiety I’ve had over the whole bike thing melted away at that very moment. I just wanted to keep going. In that little jaunt around the parking lot, I was hooked, and I cannot WAIT to get this bike to a trail and see what I can do.

I got off the bike and said, “Okay! What else do I need?”

And that was that. We picked out a helmet and all the other necessary gear including bike shorts and even a really cute bike top with the pockets on the back. (Hey, I have an image to uphold, yo!)

Naturally the weather took a bad turn and it’s been raining all week. Such is my luck. But the weather forecast for the weekend is glorious so we’re planning to take the whole family to the trail this morning and try out my new wheels. I think I’ll eventually want to take it on the road (like maybe tomorrow, ha!) but for now I’m going to play it safe and get comfortable in a more sheltered environment. Plus, it’s a fun family activity, and we need more of those!

In other news, my cookbook is NOW available for preorder!!! I cannot wait to get my copy.


And be sure to stay tuned because this week I’m sharing my Summer Book Club Picks, I have a beauty post in the works about How to Shape Your Eyebrows, I’m going to be updating my fashion post on Mom’s Wardrobe Staples, and I’ll be sharing my go-to salad dressing recipe that isperfect for drizzling on those fresh CSA salad greens!

With that, I’m off to enjoy the weekend. I hope you are too!

And happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!!!!