Daily Mom Style: Chambray, Black & Red

Guess what?? We did it! Today is Day 25 of our 25 Days of Winter Fashion!! I hope this little series has provided you with a few new winter outfit ideas and some holiday style inspiration.

Chambray Tunic with Black Jeans, Red Fringe Scarf, and Converse

I wore this outfit on Saturday to a Bible study with ladies at our church in the morning and then to run errands and wrap presents that afternoon. I wanted to wear leggings, but when I put the outfit on, I felt too conspicuous with leggings and sneakers so I changed to black jeans. I’ve worn this chambray shirt with leggings and my OTK boots, and that worked, but with the sneakers… well, I just prefer to leave more to the imagination.

I added my new fringe scarf for a splash of color. I actually wore that scarf twice last week. I love the casual vibe and the rich oxblood color next to my face.

Chambray Tunic with Black Jeans, Red Fringe Scarf, and Converse

For accessories, I wore my Stella & Dot Arabesque chandelier earrings, and I added my cable cuff bracelet to my watch hand. It was a Christmas gift from my husband last year, and I like how the turquoise stone works into the colors of the outfit. My watch has been discontinued, but this one is similar.

Chambray Tunic with Black Jeans, Red Fringe Scarf, and Converse

On my other arm, I wore these Artisan Stretch Bracelets from Stella & Dot.


I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again. I don’t know why it took me so long to get a pair of Converse. I love this Shoreline style. They’re the perfect non-athletic sneaker for casual outfits.

Finally, I dug out this handbag that has been sitting in the back of my closet. It was a splurge last spring when I found it on sale because the color was being discontinued. I love the luxe look of the gold hardware against the grey leather. This one is similar. Marc Jacobs does an amazing handbag, just sayin’.

Chambray Tunic with Black Jeans, Red Fringe Scarf, and Converse

Outfit Details: fringe scarf in Oxblood $20 | chambray shirt $59 | similar black jeans $113 | Converse Shoreline $49 | My Stella & Dot Artisan Stretch Bracelets $49 | similar handbag $449 (I got mine on a clearance sale) | cable cuff bracelet $625 | similar watch $275

Don’t forget to stop over and see what Cyndi is styling today at Grace + Beauty!

Tomorrow we’ll have a wrap up of our 25 Days of Fashion, and then it’s back to business as usual here on the blog. I still have a few outfits in my queue that I want to share with you, and I also have some product posts in the works as well as some end-of-year roundups that I always do. I cannot BELIEVE that there are only 10 days till Christmas. Every year I think I have so much time, and then suddenly, IT’S HERE!!!

As always, I’m open to suggestions and ideas for the blog as we head into 2016. I will probably be putting together a reader survey to help me as I plan out my content for the new year, and I fully intend to keep the fashion focus for the foreseeable future. I’m really excited about that. Having a narrower focus has been really good for me and my work-life balance.

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  1. You look so pretty. I love your outfit and love your hair pulled back. Now I want some Converse sneakers!! I have that purse in black, and you’re right, it’s a great bag.

  2. It was nice to hear you say you tried the outfit with leggings, but then changed to jeans. You see….I do that also sometimes. I think a top is long enough, but when I put it on it isn’t. Sometimes I ask my 20 year old and she almost always says NO. lol My husband even gets in on it sometimes. He does not like my top to be too short.

  3. Please don’t ever stop your fashion posts altogether. I love to read your well-written posts and to see what’s new today. Thank you for all your hard work creating the blog.

  4. Jo-Lynne, I love your blog and I’m a member of our Facebook group, many including myself have suggested doing a blog series on a capsule wardrobe or a month of all outfits using only whats in our closets, no new items, I love both these ideas or creating items from only thrifting or thrift shopping, just a couple ideas for either site, Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  5. Another great look!! Exactly my taste! All I can say is “your’re killing me”!! In a good way! With each fashion post, I mentally go through my wardrobe to see if I have the pieces. And if I don’t……guess what? And the packages keep coming! I’m still really leery about the black skinny jeans & leggings! I’m just not skinny! More of a curvy 5′ 4″ size 16. And the tops definitely need to be long enough to cover my tush, or dupey, as the grandkids call it! I agree with Fonda’s comment abiut tops being long enough. I did find a find a darker wash denim top at Kohls, that is long enough. I also had the leopard scarf you wore in a previous post. But don’t have the oxblood fringe scarf…….more shopping! Please keep those everyday, down to earth, fashion posts coming! I don’t work outside the home, other than getting grandkids on & off bus and watch my 2 year old granddaughter every Thursday and Friday. So my style is always casual, except for Sunday, when we dress up. Your posts have really helped me put together a more updated look for this 60 year old grandma! And if you’re ever in the Pocono’s, I’m in for a shopping trip to The Crossings in Tannersville!

  6. I like your outfit Jo-Lynne. Since I require arch support, I am wondering if the Converse sneakers have any arch support. If not, I’ll have to check them out in a store to see if there is room for my orthotics. Oh, last Friday when the cast was being put on my left thumb/wrist, I requested a red and green stripes for Christmas. They did it, so I have a permanent decoration until Jan. 11. Most if my long sleeve tops, sweaters, or jackets won’t fit over the cast, so I am wearing vests with my short sleeve tops to give me a little warmth. Thank goodness it is a bit warmer than usual, so I don’t look like I’ve lost my mind.
    Have a blessed day!

  7. Love this outfit! I have most of these (similar anyway)..this outfit would work for working with my preschool students on the
    floor. Can’t wait to see what’s next on your blog!

  8. Very cute outfit! I agree with your call on the lwggings..they are not pants! I think that outfit would be cute with some short boots as well. The scarf looks great on you as well, it’s a beautiful color!

  9. Hi Jo-Lynne,

    I love your blog. I have been reading it for awhile and we seem to share a similar style for dressing casually. i know you have suffered with foot problems. Likewise, I fractured a bone in the pad of my foot behind the big right toe. I was in a medical boot for four months. The fracture is still in the healing phase and I’m going to physical therapy twice a week. Now, I’m having plantar fasciitis problems in the same foot! All I’ve been able to wear is athletic shoes with orthotics that offer good arch support. Could you please recommend some flat dress shoes with arch support that I can wear to work? I substitute teach and I’m on my feet a lot. Also, I’d like to know if the Converse sneakers in this post offer arch support.

    1. Hey Brenda. I am so sorry to hear about your injuries! That’s so frustrating. Converse do NOT have support. I can only wear them now that my feet are healed. The best flat dress shoes I found were at The Walking Co and now they make them with built in orthotics. This is a pair. https://www.anrdoezrs.net/links/3902122/type/dlg/https://www.thewalkingcompany.com/abeo-b.i.o.-tatum-neutral-taupe/42619
      This pair has it too: https://www.anrdoezrs.net/links/3902122/type/dlg/https://www.thewalkingcompany.com/abeo-b.i.o.-taryn-metatarsal-black-white-lizard/394676 Abeo makes them.
      These are the ones I tried on. Very cute! https://www.anrdoezrs.net/links/3902122/type/dlg/https://www.thewalkingcompany.com/abeo-b.i.o.-taylin-neutral-anthracite/38069

      I hope that helps!

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