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Good morning, and Happy Easter!

I’ve spent more time than I care to admit trying to Photoshop the bra strap out of that picture, and I give up. I’m posting it anyway.🤪

Yes, Alison would do it for me if I asked, but as usual, I’m writing this post at the last minute, and I’m not going to bother her on a Sunday morning… much less, Easter Sunday.

I don’t even know why I wore that bra with that jumpsuit; I should have known it would show.

It is this bra, by the way. I really like it; it’s beautiful and very comfortable, and it’s on sale right now! But it is not a good one to wear with a strappy top.

Also, that jumpsuit keeps going in and out of stock at Vuori, but it’s fully stocked at Nordstrom. You’re welcome. Size up, if in between. I have the medium, which I see corresponds perfectly to the sizing chart (M=6-8), so I guess it’s actually true to size.

(In some brands, S=4-6 and M=8-10, and I’m between a 6 and an 8 at the moment, which is why I often end up purchasing two sizes and trying both. I love it when the M=6-8.)

Well, that was quite the digression from Good Morning, but anyway. How was YOUR week?

Mine was a whirlwind, with a quick trip to Nashville tucked in there. The weather was pretty horrid, but we did get a nice afternoon before the storms came through.

Thursday was the only full day we were there, and it was cold and rainy, and I didn’t pack for that, so I ended up wearing the same outfit all weekend. Fortunately I threw a sweatshirt in my suitcase at the last minute!

Speaking of being in Nashville this week, I can’t stop thinking about the folks at Covenant Church. I can’t even imagine what a difficult day this must be for them. If you happen to be part of that community, please know that you are in my prayers.

While we were down there, my older daughter who is in college in Boston flew home for Easter. It’s been fun having her here, and we also had friends over for drinks after dinner last night and got all caught up with them, so it’s been a nice weekend so far.

It’s a beautiful Easter Sunday morning here in Philly, but chilly, which begs the question… What shall I wear to church?

I have a few options, but it’s going to come down to what looks good with pumps, because I’m not wearing sandals when it’s 40° outside.

And yes, I realize what I wear is not the important part, but I like to put a little extra thought and effort into my Easter outfit. You can take the girl out of the South, but…  (you all know how that ends!)

In other news, I’ve really enjoyed reading everyone’s input and feedback on my travel posts so far. There are so many varying opinions on how to pack, what to bring (or not bring), and what to wear.

Much like we all have our own style personalities, it’s apparent that we each have our own travel personalities, as well.

I used to see fashion and style only through my own eyes, and as I’ve spent years writing this blog and getting feedback from women all over the world, I’ve expanded my view of what’s stylish and flattering. It’s far more individual and unique than I ever realized, and travel/packing preferences seems to be the same.

My biggest takeaway, in addition to all the great travel tips and packing hacks, is that I need to look at our specific trip and consider how we like to travel, and then decide how I want to approach the packing and organization for our family based on our specific situation.

We’ve never done much traveling other than family vacations to Maine, the Jersey Shore, and Disney World. Paul and I both travel a lot for work, but planning a family vacation like this is all new territory to me… and of course, the finer details always seem to fall to us ladies.

Fortunately, our itinerary is already planned out. Our hotels, flights, and tours are all booked, so I can look at those and determine how we might want to organize our bags and our belongings. It’s overwhelming, but I have plenty of time (and lots of good advice) so I just need to weed through it all and come up with a plan. Easy peasy, right? Haha!

I need to get a move on here, but I hope you have wonderful Easter, if you’re celebrating. Ours will be more or less a regular Sunday, although it will be nice to have everyone together in church.

Since we just got back in town on Friday, I didn’t think about inviting any other family members to join us, but Paul is making leg of lamb for dinner and I’ll be making some sides, so that should be nice. Have a blessed Sunday!

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  1. Happy Easter!
    Being the overpacking queen that I am I can’t wait to hear all about your Italy trip with just a carry on!! I know it can be done but I don’t know how to do it myself!! 😂😂 oh and I love hearing all about your travel plans, and travel prep. Have a great day!!

  2. Happy Easter, Jo-Lynne! I am so excited to hear about your trip to Italy as it is my favourite country to visit.

  3. Happy Easter to you and yours! As a Southern girl through and through, I understand the conundrum! Lol! It is gray and overcast and chilly here, with some occasional sprinkles thrown in for good measure. Oh well. The weather doesn’t change the reason we celebrate the day. Thankful that It Is Finished and that He is Risen. ❤️

  4. Happy Easter!

    Reading through your previous posts I didn’t realize you are all taking carryons. I’ve been to Italy a few times we do pack one checked bag not full but for our purchases. The Italian leather is like butter. I bought boots (I’ve had for many years) my most prized possession! Ha. Wine, olive oil, balsamics you can ship.

    1. We’ve been to Europe many times and the past several times have only used carry-on. With our kids too. The biggest issue for me is taking enough sunscreen with liquid restrictions —-but solid sunscreens solve that problem now. Even managed it with a hiking trip in Italy and a biking trip in France :). It will be VERY hot in Italy so I echo the recommendations of lightweight things and rinsing things out in the sink if needed. Big suitcases in Europe are cumbersome and impractical—-and in the heat you will regret it. I sometimes pack a featherweight duffle bag in the bottom of my bag so that if I purchase too many things to bring home—-I can use that and check a bag for the return flight.

  5. Please post pretty much you order for Italy, even if it doesn’t work out. Still on the hunt for a cute dress or two to wear to casual dinners.
    Now considering, and looking for, cropped white linen pants to wear when I need my knees covered. My thought is that they would be easier to travel with than some of the long dresses I have seen.

    Nice that Paul is cooking your Easter dinner. Enjoy your family time.

  6. Christ is risen. We had close to 40 people receive salvation today! I want to see what you wore to church!

  7. You are so correct, traveling and packing are very individualized and you learn a lot in the process. For me the hard part is remembering to write down what I’ve learned so I utilize it on my next trip. I hope your Easter was enjoyable.

  8. Happy Easter!

    Have you considered packing a capsule wardrobe? I’ve never thought of it but saw Jen Lefforge do it for her Japan packing video. She packs all her clothes in coordinating navy colors. She’s packing in the Away carry on – check it out it might be helpful.

    How’s the passports going for the kids? Have you heard about the recent issues? I’m still waiting for my kids which we submitted in January. Best of luck with this.

  9. I’m going to Italy October 1st, with good friends, 4 of us. I am toying with the idea of packing carry on only. I always think I need to travel with a small pharmacy, and I really don’t. It’s not like I couldn’t buy sunscreen etc. there, right? Anyway, am loving all the details of your trip, please do keep sharing. Happy Easter!

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