Coffee Talk 07.19.20 #ThisTooShallPass

Greetings, friends! I just got back from my walk/run. I actually ran five 2-minute intervals this morning. (I’ve been alternating 4 minutes walking, 2 minutes running for the past couple of weeks.)

I still get some pain in my right glute and hamstring, but it doesn’t get worse as I run, although going uphill is worse than flat areas and downhill. I didn’t have much pain at all when walking today, which is a big improvement, so I’m hopeful that I may be starting to get better.

Even though my tests revealed a labral hip tear and trace retrolisthesis in my lumbar spine, my doctor isn’t convinced either is to blame for the pain I’ve been getting under my derriere. He thinks I just tweaked my hamstring.

My physical therapist and I are a little skeptical because desk sitting seems to exacerbate the symptoms, and I feel like that is what caused them to begin with. Plus my back is very tight, so she is still working on that along with hamstring flexibility, hip and core strength, etc.

Anyway, I can say for sure that the more I move around and stay active, the better I feel. So I’m trying to be more consistent with walking and stretching, and making better use of my adjustable desk and setting my iPhone timer so I don’t sit or stand for longer than 20 minutes at a time. I think my situation is more or less a result of getting old and sitting too much. Ain’t aging fun?

Oh, well. As my momma always says, it beats the alternative…

As I was walking/running today, I was thinking about our current situation… Some people do their best thinking in the shower. I do my best thinking when I’m walking/running.

I actually opened my Notes app and started typing the words that were forming in my head as I walked, and I’m so glad I did because the rest of my post is pretty much written for me. Of course, I will probably edit and tweak it to death, because that is what I do. But here goes.

There’s a lot of worry and despair in my social feeds as of late, and several conversations with friends over the past week or so lead me to believe people are entering a new stage in this whole pandemic situation… despair.

Many thought this would be over by now, and as fall looms and school decisions are upon us, you may be feeling like this is our new normal and it will never end. That Covid is here to stay, and our future consists of mask-wearing, polarizing debates, alternating lockdowns and short glimpses of freedom…. that life as we know it right now may just be our new normal.

Friends, I don’t know who needs to hear this today, but I want to assure you — this will end.

Listen, I don’t have a magic 8 ball, and I can’t see the future. I certainly don’t proclaim to have all the answers, or any of them, really. I don’t know how this fall is going to play out, but eventually, the current state of affairs will be no more.

We will get a vaccine… probably next spring sometime. Whether you want to take it or not is not the point. Please don’t debate that here. The point is, it is coming, and with it will come a significant reduction in Covid cases.

Doctors will get better at knowing how to treat it, they will figure out how to help those “long-haulers” who are suffering its effects longterm, and life will return to some semblance of “normal”.

Look at your history books — the 1918 flu pandemic was much like Covid-19, and 100 years later, and it’s an almost-forgotten historical event.

I’m not saying it is going to be easy, or that some of us won’t miss out on significant life events and experiences during this time, and I can’t promise that you won’t lose a loved one to this nasty beast or that we won’t suffer hardships.

But Covid-19 as we know it will run it’s course, and this will end. We will not have to wear masks forever. Our kids will go back to school full-time. We will get to go to concerts and ball games again. We will get to see family and friends we’ve been staying away from. We will get to travel again. We will worship together again… at full capacity, and sing hymns with gusto.

A year from now, things will be very different than they are today. Meanwhile, we just have to make the best of it and try not to get too bogged down in the here and now.

I think this is hardest for the planners, those who need to know what to expect and don’t do change well. You know who you are.

And I get it, it’s frustrating. But this is just a year in our lives. A crazy one, for sure, but just one year in a long succession of years that will at some point all sort of blend together into a lifetime of ups and downs.

Those of us who have lived many years have the advantage of this perspective. I was trying to explain this to my 14-year-old daughter last night.

When I had babies, I felt like that was my life, and it would be that way forever. Now those years seem like a blip.

I could describe so many times in my life that were just like that — high school, college, the years with young babies, my years as a 3rd grade teacher… At each of those times in my life, those experiences defined me and were part of my identity, and the next thing I knew, they were just a distant memory, and I had moved on to the next phase.

My point is, this too shall pass. It’s trite, but it’s true.

I think we all just need to take a breath, let go of our expectations, and try to go with the flow as much as possible.

And for those of us who believe, to rest in the assurance that in all things, God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.

Of course, these decisions regarding school and travel and whatever else you might be dealing with in light of Covid are difficult and important, and they must be made, but they don’t need to become a defining moment in our lives.

Decision fatigue is a real thing, and I’m struggling with that a bit myself right now. All I know to do is make a choice to the best of my ability given the information I have at the moment, be willing to accept that it might change at any given time, hand it over to the Lord, and then take one day at a time and reassess as necessary. That’s really all we can do.

I don’t know how this is all going to pan out, but I do know one thing: This too shall pass.

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118 thoughts on “Coffee Talk 07.19.20 #ThisTooShallPass

  1. Yes, yes and yes. I’m an RN and we have been working this whole time……Going forward is looking better and less scary every day.  The virus is changing, weakening. Cases are up but deaths are not. Big difference. Thanks for sharing.
    I also have a 14-yr old.  The young do not have our perspective (how could they). So I have prepared my kids for changes – and a lot of them.  We will adjust as needed.
    My advice: take care of your mental health above all else.  It will serve you well going forward.  It drives decisions and ultimately your physical health.

    1. I love your message. So much more positive than what the media puts out. I hope you are sharing this on your personal social media. 

    1. Thank you! I am not a planner at all, very easy going, but you nailed it with “decision fatigue.” I think that’ s what I am feeling now! With a jr in college and new college grad – am helping them but I / we all, just don’t know the answers! Thanks for your realistic but positive outlook!

  2. Yes I do worry about those who are alone, elderly or just plan oblivious to the virus. It would be easy to get depressed over the state of affairs in our country but we have to keep the faith and know, it will pass. But I think what got me, is when things opened up in our area, and we tried to get back out and about, it got worst really fast and scary. 

  3. My goodness, I needed to read this today. It’s like you have been reading my thoughts. I even used the word “despair” several times over the last few days to describe my thoughts. Thank you for this.

  4. Thank you for this, Jo-Lynne ❤️❤️❤️

    I am one of those planners but have been learning to adapt, and go with the flow. I need to figure out how to see friends and enjoy it socially distant as I know some aren’t following the mask wearing/distancing. So I keep to myself and work.

    Fingers crossed for in person Baseball next year!! The Red Sox are playing the Yankees on my bday next summer, and it would be quite the treat for hubby and I to go, as we haven’t been in several years.

  5. An awesome and beautifully written message! 
    Having faith and believing in god will help us through this time!!!
    Blessings to you and your family!!

  6. “This too shall pass”, a phrase my mother in law of 33 years has always said. That and “you eat an elephant one bite at a time”. I can’t tell you how often I fall back on both of those phrases and have passed them on to my kids when life is overwhelming. And you know what? They’re true! I find myself looking at life in chunks of time i.e. “six months from now things will look different” or “a year from now this will be a distant memory” and that’s how I’m looking at all the craziness now. Thanks for sharing, we all need to hear it. 

  7. Thanks for sharing this!  You expressed so eloquently many of my own thoughts. 
    It’s tough right now, but we will get through this!  Life will return to normal!

  8. Just a plain old thank you. You brought tears to my eyes. I am a believer but sometimes hearing it is what I need. It will pass. 

  9. I agree JoLynne! This is not the end of the world. Yes, we miss travel! Yes, we miss hugging friends! Yes, we wish we could fly safely to visit family! And, those with school age children want them back in the classroom, as home schooling has added more stress to their daily lives. But, I am thankful that my family is healthy and making the best of a bad situation. We are all getting out hiking, enjoying our backyard oasis… Many countries are working hard to find a vaccine. It will come! 

  10. Your comments are very thoughtful, and appreciated. My mood definitely feels a bit lighter after reading them. Thanks Jo-Lynne!

  11. Thank you so much and God bless you for this timely encouragement to us all Jo-Lynne! I agree 1000% with everything you’ve said. Let’s keep hope alive! This too shall indeed pass and let’s also keep in mind that the darkest hours are before dawn. There’s glimpses of light at the end of this dark dark twisty tunnel. Virtual hugs to everyone!

  12. Thank you for your posts each day and  today’s post was just what I needed to hear. Isn’t is uncanny how God puts angels along our path as we walk this life journey. Today, you were one of mine.

  13. Great message Jo-Lynne and I needed to hear it!  I firmly believe this too but get bogged down in the day to day negativity. Thanks for the (what I considered to be ) pep talk!  

  14. Thanks I needed the pep talk. Last night I had a moment or actually several where I was very down about the situation at hand. But after prayer and 3 online services today plus your post I feel better.Instead of drifting this week I’m going to make it count.♥️

  15. Thank you so much for this post!  I think I am at times giving into despair but I too believe “this too shall pass”.  We need to believe God is in  control and know in His Word He says “if My people who are called by my name…..seek my face…..then I will …..heal their land”.  II Chron 7:14.

  16. I needed to hear this today. I need to reread at bedtime because that’s when the wheels come off. The quiet prayerfulness turns into despair and worry. Have a blessed day. 

  17. Thank you for your words today. I keep looking forward to the future also. I enjoy your positive take on our situation. Thanks again for sharing the thoughts many of us have. 

  18. So very uplifting and positive! Definitely need more of that because I’ve been pretty down in the dumps lately even though I know God is good and I’m blessed! Thank you for this message ❤️

  19. Wow! What an incredibly well written piece. I am one of those people who needed to hear this message. The virus, the politics, the media all create in me feelings of hopelessness and despair. On top of this my mother was recently put in Hospice. She’s in assisted living which means we can’t be with her. We are hoping and praying one family member will be able to soon. My dad will provide her with comfort just as she will fill his heart. 
    I am heading out to walk now. It brings clarity and comfort to my my and heart while I exercise my body. 

    1. I am so very sorry about your mom. I have had two close family members put on hospice during this pandemic, and their facilities made exceptions for visitors because it was end of life. I hope you get a chance to see her, or at least that your dad can be with her. xo

  20. Boy howdy, did I need to read this today! It is like you looked inside my head and heart and wrote exactly what I needed to hear.
    “All I know to do is make a choice to the best of my ability given the information I have at the moment, be willing to accept that it might change at any given time, hand it over to the Lord, and then take one day at a time and reassess as necessary. That’s really all we can do.” This is perfection!
    Thank you!

  21. You really should try Rolfing. I really believe it would help you. Ask your PT about it. And try to see an advanced certified Rolfer. They can be found at rolf.org. Best Wishes, Anne

  22. I could not have said it better myself!! Very well said!!!  You’re awesome!  PS:  I live your blog daily!!

  23. Such an encouraging message….I so hope you’re right and in a year it will be a different world.  That will be my birthday wish this year!

  24. I think this one time I pretty much disagree with you. I’m not sure that things will ever go back to how they were. For some of us, that’s a horrible thought. To me, it could be a good thing. IMO, we have the opportunity to come back from COVID-19 as a stronger, more just society. I’m hoping to see significant changes from how things used to be as well as from how things are right now

    1. Hey Jan. I think you misunderstood. I didn’t say they would go back to how they were. I even mentioned some things we may see change as we move past this. My point is this current situation will end – meaning the masks, social distancing, lockdowns, etc. We will get our lives back and be able to go to sports games and concerts and parades, travel, etc. I agree that we will progress as a culture and see some lasting changes. 

  25. for we have Hope…and hope does not disappoint 

    Thank you, Jo-Lynne, for sharing this with us today, what an encouraging message 

  26. Hi, I just read your recent post. It’s funny to see you say “isn’t getting old fun? 
    From I read you are not that old. You mentioned you are only in your forties ?
    That to. Me is not old. What are you going to do at 60 or 70s? If you think you have it rough now wait a few years , unfortunately, it never gets better as we age, Have you
    Ever thought ,maybe I a.m overdoing it? Sometimes when we beat ourselves up or over do it a tad when we are young’ we pay for it later in life. You are to young to have those problems  . I hope you feel better and are not always having aches and pains at such a young age. What awaits us is “old age” and uncle arthur, “ arthritis “ best of luck to you with all,of this . 

  27. Beautifully written!  If Larry and I did not have faith in God and didn’t lean on Him to help us deal with the current situation, both of us would be nut cases.  He does and will always prevail.

  28. This too shall pass. What comforting words! And they are TRUTH.

    This time has caused me to up my self care, to think more about the quality of my life. I joined WW for the nutrition, activity and mindfulness programs. I’m starting an orthodontic program (better late than never!).

    I finally organized my recipe files into an organized, expandable system.

    I’m learning and listening about systemic racism and privilege.

    In short, yes I want it to end, to have normal but I want a new normal. I want to take wisdom learned in these trenches and foxholes with me. I want to care about my being more and allow God to lead me in a deeper fashion.

    I appreciate your thoughts very much. Thanks for sharing. Im glad you’re feeling better.

  29. I absolutely LOVE your post!!! Thank you for sharing so wonderfully from your heart. I will be re-reading this many times in the days and weeks to come!

  30. Thanks for your positive words today. I think life will be normal again but will just take time.

  31. Once again, beautifully stated.   Unprecedented times for us, for sure.  But yes, it WILL end and we will all be changed in someway by it.  And will have discovered a lot about ourselves!  Like our strengths and what’s really important. I know I have already.  Thank you for putting into words what many of us are thinking. 

  32. Thank you – I needed to hear it!! Have had plenty of covid anxiety, thank you again ..
    Yes .. this too shall pass 

  33. Thank you for this reminder.  I’ve been struggling lately and the unknown is so crazy hard for me.  I need to remain calm and remember that yes, this too shall pass.  

  34. I think many of your readers, myself included, have the good fortune to be able to look forward to a future which will restore many of the things we enjoyed.  Going to concerts, ball games, picnics etc. at will without worries.  But many people, our neighbors and friends, who may have lost their jobs or even had to close their businesses, will have it tougher for much longer. Even after the world goes back to what many of us consider “normal.”  I try to keep that perspective and figure out things I can do now as well as months from now which might ease their burden.

  35. Thanks so much for this reminder Jo-Lynne!   Especially the Romans 8:28 reference, I really needed that right now!  This is definitely a new opportunity to learn to trust God in new ways, isn’t it?

  36. Jo.Lynne,

    Well said. It is hard for people to grasp that this pandemic will end. Even if we have to make changes in our lives for the time being, it won’t be like this forever. Thanks for your post and your positive outlook. 😊

  37. Thanks for this post!  There is so much negativity in the news these days and it is good to be reminded that nothing lasts forever.  

  38. Thank you for thoughts today.  Sometimes we need to just stop, take a breath and know This Too Shall Pass.  Exact words I have said many times myself. So very true. It will all be ok. 

  39. You spoke truth today. I hope it helps those that are a little depressed. I find the endless decisions the most troubling. I have parents in their 80’s and they are not in good health. I am their driver, errand runner etc. I am constantly wondering what is too risky and what is acceptable. 

  40. I think if we try and be realistic in our expectations that it is much easier. We have a son abroad and had to cancel our trip to see him. We think that maybe, we might get to see them next summer. If it happens sooner, how wonderful, if it happens later, well, that is a year away and we will deal with it then. Every day we are thankful that we are retired, don’t have to go to work or worry about money. For that we are very fortunate.  We feel our “job” right now, is to help out with the grandchildren to give everyone a break (we are in a bubble with them) And then keep out of the way so we don’t get sick or worse, pass on the disease. I am so missing going shopping but it is a small price to pay to help slow this virus down. 

  41. Good, no – Great post Jo-Lynne. I am among those depressed and frustrated masses. So glad to hear anyone say this too shall pass.

  42. Amen!!  I also do my best thinking while running :),!  Well said Jo-Lynne, thank you for the post!

  43. Hi Jo Lynne! So happy to hear you are able to get back to running some. I was curious if your doc or therapist ever said anything about the possibility of pyriformis syndrome. I am a runner and have that issue often. Sitting or riding in the car kills me at times too. 😁

  44. Yup, I feel the exact same way, it sucks, we have to guard our mental and physical health but it will pass!  My son had to push his wedding off a whole year, cuz they want a real wedding, dancing, bands, hugging, but oh well.  Could be worse.

  45. I needed to hear this today. You were speaking directly to me. I made it through the first few paragraphs and the tears started to flow….hard. Your words touched my heart, comforted me and most importantly, gave me a better perspective and hope. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. ❤️

  46. What a thoughtful message of hope!  Actually brought tears to my eyes!  Thank you for all that you do.💗

  47. Im curious about “the virus is getting weaker.” I have read the papers on the various mutations and there is some discussion as to whether or not the mutations have increased transmissibility (unresolved), but not information that it is “weaker.” I know some people have speculated this, but I haven’t seen any reliable info and would love to read it if anyone has any references. Thanks!

    1. I was writing this off the cuff and didn’t take time to fact check my claims. I’ve read all that somewhere but I don’t like to make statements without proof so I apologize for not doing my due diligence on this one.

      It seems like the virus weakening theory is not yet proven and there is some debate in the medical community. I googled and found this – it’s recent and seems relatively unbiased but I don’t know.

      I do think that’s how it will turn out though. Or the vaccine and herd immunity will eventually stomp it out. https://www.webmd.com/lung/news/20200707/fauci-says-state-of-covid-not-good-but-it-will-end

      1. I am with Tala, and I wish you wouldn’t have made medical claims without backing them up–too many voices do this and add to the confusion for lay persons.  The medical evidence you cited has not been proven, and the bottom line is that we simply need more time before we can make claims about the virus one way or another.  
        I do appreciate  the pep talk, and agree that (most of us) will survive this pandemic.  Nonetheless, it is a difficult time for all of us.

  48. The derriere pain and hip/back/hamstring tightness you described sounds a lot like what I’m experiencing right now!  After sitting, standing, walking, running my sit bones are very sore and everything tightens up.  Since the pain is on both sides, my chiropractor doesn’t think it’s a tear or a fracture.  He suggested taking a break from running, but running in the pool instead.  I’m also using a foam roller.  Both have helped a lot, along with chiropractic adjustments, but I’m afraid I’ll be back at square one if I start running again.  I’ve been reading about the pelvic floor and I’m going to have it checked out to see if there is a problem there.  I’ll be following your healing progress.  I’m around the same age as you and don’t like this aging stuff!  

    1. I stopped running and it didn’t go away. 😢 So I’m slowly trying to get back into it and see what happens. So far these intervals don’t seem to be making it worse. Mine is only on one side. I need to be better about using the roller.

  49. Thank you for the encouraging words. These have been difficult months and it is easy to get discouraged but you are correct…. this too shall pass. Prayers that we as a country will realize that in spite of our differences we realize that God made us and God loves us and we have more in common than the voices out there would have us believe. God bless.

  50. I appreciate your positivity. I really do. I’ve certainly been down lately. So much to deal with in terms of this virus and not having any semblance of a “normal” life in the last 5 months. Now I’m redecorating my guest bedroom to give myself a home office to work from in the fall (as schools are not going back in person). It’s actually been fun to redecorate and paint etc…but after searching for a desk for a long time, I finally found one I liked on Wayfair,  but then my 24 year old son told me I absolutely cannot order anything from that company because the news is reporting a connection between that company and a child sex trafficking ring. Is it true? IDK, but I decided to buy from Target instead. 2020 just keeps on throwing curve balls at us! 
    Out of curiosity, did you and your husband end up rebooking your Paris trip for next Spring 2021? 

    1. Hey Heather, someone just sent me this. I think you can rest easy about the Wayfair rumor. 🙂 https://www.marketwatch.com/story/heres-whats-behind-the-crackpot-and-baseless-wayfair-child-trafficking-conspiracy-theory-2020-07-16

      Also, I forgot to answer the Paris question. We had no choice but to reschedule our apartment for spring 2021, and we only get to apply 80% of our fee to the new dates. We got refunds on plane tix and all excursions, and right now, I’m not really counting on it working out… but maybe it will. I hope the world is once again centered on its axis by May 2021, but who knows!

      1. Thanks for that. I’m open to any and all information. I’m not sure what to believe anymore. My son just graduated with a degree in history/political science and he did an investigative paper on the Jeffrey Epstein story. So he is all fired up about this topic and some of the evidence he showed me really is disturbing and makes me question it. Like why was Wayfair selling regular sized storage containers for $15,000 dollars? IDK….honestly I don’t. 
        Sorry- I know your blog is about fun and  fashion, not conspiracy theories and politics. So I promise not to comment on it further. 😘

  51. I needed to hear this today!  My two sons are getting ready to go back to college, and I am a Kindergarten teacher.  I’m terrified for my boys and for myself.  I’m trying to breathe and take one day at a time!

  52. I have been housebound since March.
    At that time, I decided I would not give up a single day .Each day is still beautiful. My husband & I walk around the yard, laugh alot, and have even made a few short video clips to send to my kids & Grandkids . We jokingly refer to them as Old Folks Podcasts. I miss everyone…am thankful for the internet and grocery delivery.
    I check you site daily, and still love it. ( Cyndi’s too)
    You are right. A vaccine will come. And I am looking forward to when we will all be together again….what a celebration that will be.

  53. I have followed your blog for several years. I am 65 years old so a few years older!  I enjoy incorporating what works for me. The reason I decided to respond today (for the first time) is I truly feel you nailed it in this post. I even read it to my husband and he said it should be shared. Little does he know it will be lol. So thank you for sharing. This post was truly awesome

  54. I truely believe God used you today to encourage others and that includes me. Had hard morning this morning thinking about it all. Kind of hit. Then I listened to my online church service about not letting this all rob our JOY, which i haven’t felt for awhile now. Then tonight I read this. I plan to wake up tomorrow with a different attitude and try to be more positive and trust Him in this all. With His help of course. Great post Thanks 

  55. “This too shall pass” was the quote I used in my high school senior yearbook. Some days it is all so overwhelming and scary. When I feel despair, I look at the Photoshare our daughter and son-in-law recently gave us and watch photos of our new grandson. He is the hope, our daughter (a 2 time cancer survivor) and son-in-law’s miracle baby, and he is just perfect.
    I am a planner, and this is hard for me. We are facing a lot of changes in our lives, and I have to keep my mind on the end goal and stay positive and excited about the future. I haven’t been able to see my mom since mid-March – she is in memory care, on hospice, and has Alzheimers so it doesn’t matter to her if I visit (she doesn’t know me), and we can’t visit our grandson as often as we would like right now (they live 700 miles away), but that will change. We do receive daily photos, and for now, that is good enough until we can hold and kiss our sweetie once again.
    Thank you for your thoughts and words. For some reason this morning just seemed overwhelming to me, and then I read your post from yesterday (and your readers’ comments – wish I could send a caring heart to all of them.) Sending my love and caring to you all.

  56. Well said. I really needed to hear this today. It is hard not to give in to despair sometimes when it seems there is no end to this pandemic and the divisiveness in our country.

  57. Jo-Lynne,

    Great perspective! This too shall pass! Right on!!
    In the meantime, however, let kindness flourish.

    Thank you!

  58. Thank you, that was refreshing to hear! One day at a time and we should treasure the small and simple joys that we all experience everyday.

  59. Thank you for this coffee talk. A friend and I were just talking about how we hope we are doing the right thing about school for our kids. When my kids were much younger, I was taught by God to be more flexible. That is what I’m trying to teach my kids. God is ultimately in charge, and we just have to adapt. My kids have been real troopers though this. Not much complaining. Even though, they have the option to return to school in person on 8/12, we are preparing for it not to happen. 

    Glad to hear that you are feeling better physically. Aging is tough. 😉

    1. I really think most kids are going to be fine no matter what. It’s the parents who are struggling. Whether the kids are in school or remote or a combination of both, it’s not going to be an ideal learning situation, but they’re going to gain lessons in flexibility and patience. I realize I’m in a place of immense privilege to have the ability to choose a schooling option, and I truly feel for those parents who feel that are stuck and don’t have a choice.

  60. I just had the opportunity to read your post. Much needed words for me. As a nurse, I am so bogged down in the Covid nightmare, working so many hours and absolutely exhausted that I lose sight of the big picture. Yes, this too shall pass. Thank you for reminding me of this!! 

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