Coffee Talk 08.23.20

Good morning! I’m sitting here, wrapped up in my leopard print Barefoot Dreams cardigan, sipping on my 2nd mug of coffee, trying to remember where I left off… what I’ve told you and what I haven’t. It’s been a whirlwind of a few weeks, and I’m sure I’m not alone in that.

To summarize, D is a junior in college and taking a full course load this fall. His college has gone virtual for the first semester, and classes start tomorrow.

He’s decided not to return to his off-campus apartment this fall. I don’t know if he’ll change his mind or not, but for now, he’s planning to stay here. I’m really hoping they will have some in-person classes next spring, and he’ll get some use out of his apartment, but only time will tell. I’m happy to have him here; I just wish we had never renewed that lease. It’s painful to pay rent every month on an apartment that isn’t getting used.

C is a senior in high school, and she’s been in a cyber charter school since 8th grade, so nothing much will change for her. R’s a freshman in high school, and our public school district just recently decided to go virtual for the first quarter, so she will be schooling from home as well.

At the present time, sports are being played, and marching band is still on. I’m hoping nothing happens to change that, but everything is up in the air these days, so we’re just trying to go with the flow and take it one day at a time.

Our county is in really good shape at the moment as far as Covid rates are concerned, and actually, our state is as well. I’m grateful that stores and restaurants can be open, and I hope that continues once the weather changes.

I try to keep looking at the bright side, and most days I’m in a pretty good state of mind, but every once in a while, I get overwhelmed with it all and frustrated with how things are being handled. There is so little we can control in all of this, and sometimes I get really tired of being at the mercy of the powers that be.

On a lighter note, R finally got her braces off this week. She has waited a long time because of course, Covid. But they’re finally off, and she’s getting used to her new slimy teeth, as she calls them. Too funny. I still remember getting my braces off, and how weird it felt.

And in blog-related news, Cyndi and I are gearing up for 22 Days of Fall Fashion! We start on September 1st, and we will both share a new fall outfit every weekday during the month of September.

We took a break from this series last fall, but this year we’re both longing for a sense of normalcy, and this fall fashion series is where our little partnership began five years ago! It’s hard to believe, but we started doing these in the fall of 2015.

If that isn’t a blast from the past, I don’t know what is. Let’s just say, We’ve come a long way, baby!

I meet with Alison tomorrow, and I’m planning to shoot a few looks to get me started. It’s probably a little premature since September is over a week away, but I like to have a few sets of pictures banked when we begin, and she is living at the shore right now and only comes back once every week or so.

I’ve been ordering things so I have a good variety, but not much has arrived yet. I’m expecting things to trickle in throughout the week. Meanwhile, I went to the basement and pulled out my fall clothes and shoes from last year to see if there’s anything in there I can use.

I’d like to focus more on outfit formulas you can recreate from your own closet or shopping your favorite retailer, rather than featuring a bunch of unique pieces you have to purchase to replicate my looks, so I’m hoping to be able to use some of what I have rather than buying everything new. That said, a lot of people get frustrated when I link to styles that are sold out, so it’s a bit of a balancing act.

I’m curious to hear what you all are looking for. Will you have social events to attend this fall? Are you an essential worker, or are you working from home? Are you looking for comfy, casual looks, or things you can wear for teleconferencing and outings?

I know it’s different in different parts of the country, and no one really knows what the next few months hold for us, but I’d like this series to be a helpful resource to as many people as possible.

I’ll still be sharing my daily outfits, but I’m moving that feature to Saturdays during the month of September. What I Wore Lately is more about my personal style and real-life outfits, but I want 22 Days of Fall Fashion to be more about your needs and what you are looking for, so let me know!

On that note, I better sign off here and get ready for church. I skipped last week because we had family in town, so I’m especially looking forward to being there today.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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  1. Good Morning Jo-Lynne, how do you store your fall clothes in the basement? Thank you for your hard work with all this clothing we love. 

    1. They’re in those plastic bins. It’s probably not the best way, but it’s dry and temperature controlled down there, and I can’t stand having out of season clothes in my closet.

  2. I’m starting back to work part time. But my office is super casual, shorts and a tank top are fine. We’re still figuring out how to work out me going to work and our daughter doing school from home. We tried out a new restaurant last night, Troubles End Brewing in Collegeville. They opened one week before restaurants got shut down. We ate outside at a picnic table. The foor was good, my daughter declared their macaroni and cheese the best ever. Our church is meeting outside so it’s pretty early, I slept in and will catch the live stream at 1030.

  3. Hv loved all of your posts!!!! I think you do a great job of balancing everything in this crazy time.
    I hv been off work for six months and your blog has been  relaxing part of my days!
    Hopefully things will return more normal for me in the fall.  I did travel yesterday for work and I felt they did great job of social distancing.
    For me casual business wear is perfect…
    Fun tops and jeans.
    Enjoy your Sunday!

  4. Good luck to all at the start of this crazy new school year. Speaking of… I have just gone back to school–law school at age 51! Many of the traditional students come to class dressed very casually, (We’re in person, for now, in much smaller cohorts) but I would like to keep things more business casual. I would love to see looks with versatile basics that can be swapped out to go from more casual to more dressy. For example: blouses or sweaters that look great both with jeans or a skirt. Law school already costs a fortune, so I would rather try to get the most wear out of what’s in my closet and maybe buy a few wardrobe heroes. And I think with all the job loss and cutbacks due to pandemic, many other women may need to rethink the clothes budget as well.

  5. I think the majority of my looks this fall will be comfy, stay at home, play on the floor with grand babies , with an occasional lunch or sinner with friends. But I really want outfits that look better and make me feel better about myself. Last year I really felt frumpy. BUT it has to be stretchy. Is this a unicorn?

  6. I’ve always enjoyed what you share and the style/fit tips. However, since we are very different sizes, I use your looks as inspiration. I like the formulas that can be created. We’ve had two fundraiser dinners and our grandsons wedding canceled already for this fall. So clothing will stay on the casual side.

  7. JoLynne,

    I think your idea of outfit formula’s where we can recreate outfits from our own closets is an excellent idea. Quite frankly, most of your clothes are now in the “splurge” category, and just not at all feasible at this particular time with all our country is going through.

    1. I’m kind of in the same boat with all the financial uncertainty in the world right now!  I’m a nurse and working a temp Covid job, which pays well but idk how long it’ll last.   I’m sure a lot of other women are in the same boat.  Jolynne, maybe in addition to “shop your closet” type posts, you could feature new items from more affordable retailers?  Target, Amazon, Kohl’s, Belk (do y’all have those up north?) and so on…  Might be a good option for those of us who would like to buy a few new trendy pieces but don’t have the budget for the “splurge worthy” items you typically feature?

      1. Totally forgot the best budget friendly option- TJ Maxx!  I haven’t been shopping in store lately but have been pleasantly surprised with their online selection!  (I’ve been needing new jeans and was surprised to find name brands like Hudson, 7 for all mankind, etc for $30-$40!).  Might be a fun “budget outfit” challenge to style an entire outfit from there and try to keep it under a certain amount?  

  8. Our schools primary to 12 and this year( of all years) they are offering ages 3-4 as a pre- primary class. They are going back in class full time. They have made many changes including mandatory masks for certain grade levels,and mandatory mask wearing on the school buses. I’m not sure about sports with close contact starting up that’s to be determined I guess. All school go back here September 8 we are always after Labor Day. Our sons university is on line for first semester and will be re-evaluated in January ( he graduates in May) fingers crossed he’ll have his graduation! Some are opening but many are staying online for now. Our church is still not in the building just drive in services and no word on the women’s bible study I attend if it’s starting in the fall ( numbers being the concern ) . I’m not planning on purchasing too many new things just due to the unknown and I always work from home anyway.. so practical comfy but up a notch for me, and pieces to run the errands etc, or outings with friends.( though us and many are not dining in so mainly house visits. I’ll add a few new things to existing pieces I guess. Looking forward to the series with Cyndi! Still having hot days here but want to be ready for that change in weather when it comes. I just starting taking out my spring and real summer type pieces of clothing this week and packing away making room for those much needed transitional pieces. Have a good one:)

  9. I Love that you and Cyndi are teaming up again! I always look forward to the collaboration with the two of you. Here in south Louisiana, we’re bracing for the possibility of getting hit with not one, but Two storms over the next couple of days. Boy, 2020 Just. Won’t. Quit. Hopefully, the storms will be mild with minimal damage. Have a great day! Blessings!

  10. Good morning!  Is Paul still working from home?  The Coca-Cola corporate headquarters in ATL, where I worked for 32 years, shut down early on in the pandemic and is staying closed for this year.  That just blows my mind.  One aspect that I am having a hard time dealing with is all of the different opinions out there on what we should do to help control the virus.  Most of our friends think wearing a mask does not help, but Larry’s cancer doctor and pulmonologist say that they definitely help, and they emphasize that the two of us have to wear them.  So, that is what we will keep doing.  The # of positive cases in our county keeps going up.  For the foreseeable future, the only times I will be leaving the house is for PT, doctors appointments, and running errands, so my attire is pretty casual.  At PT my back, sacroiliac area is getting a very deep and sometimes painful massage, so I have to wear pants that can be easily pushed down and a top that doesn’t easily wrinkle. I am actually glad that you plan on using items from your closet/containers to share fall outfit inspiration with us because I have bought all of the clothes that I can.  I need ideas for outfits that I can put together with pieces I already own.  I’m not real creative in putting new outfits together, so seeing what you and Cyndi put together is so very helpful.  Have a blessed day!

    1. Masks are not a matter of opinion. Mask wearing is based on scientific evidence. Unless your friends are medical experts, I’d say their opinion doesn’t matter. THIS is our country’s problem. People think their opinions override science. 

    2. Yes, Paul is still working from home, and he will be for the foreseeable future. His job has changed, but he’s still with the same company.

      I’m sorry the cases in your county are on the rise, and I also struggle with differing opinions, but masks just make good common sense to me. We know this virus is primarily spread through respiratory droplets — of course wearing masks would help contain that. I think the reason PA is in such good shape is b/c we have had mask requirements from the get-go. I realize it’s a hot button issue, and I will probably get some flack telling me not to be political, but to me this is not about politics. It’s about common sense and public health. I am more than happy to wear a mask if it might help us not get sick and keep our businesses open.

      I suppose it may slow down the process of getting to herd immunity and maybe it’s prolonging the whole thing, I don’t know… but I’d rather err on the side of wearing it than not.

      1. Thanks Jo-Lynne!  Like you, I do not think that the mask wearing is political.  I hope that Paul is enjoying his new position.

  11. I would love to see outfits geared around fall events such as farmers market, pumpkin patch, winery visits, attending (socially distanced) sporting events. We will be trying to do all of these in as safe a manner as possible and I want to look cute and stylish even when masked. :). Of course most days I’m wearing my stretchy clothes like Vuori joggers or leggings while I work from home but I don’t want to lose touch with my stylish side. 
    Also, can you revisit the topic of which booties to pair with different jeans styles? I bought the Mari jeans and want to know how to pair with boots. Specifically the Vince Henderson boot!

  12. Jolynne,
    Thank you for all of the styling help, I need it. I was just wondering have you ever done a capsule wardrobe? What are your thoughts on it?
    I like the idea of being able to mix and match pieces.

    1. I did once a long time ago. I felt too restricted, probably because I tend to wear a lot of top and pant combos and I don’t really like layering. But I do like trying to mix and match and the 5 ways to wear type of posts.

  13. Hi Jo-Lynne! I appreciate all of your hard work with your blog. I like the idea of outfit formulas :). I am a nurse who takes care of a little boy with special needs… usually I go to school with him but this semester will be taking care of him at his home… so business casual, which to me is colored denim and tees :). But whatever you decide to do is fine and is always enjoyable! Have a great day!

  14. I am jealous that you are wrapped in the Barefoot Dreams leopard print cardigan. It was the item on my wish list that I really, really wanted. Do I need it? No, but I love the Barefoot Dreams cardigans. Looking forward to seeing the Fall styles you and Cyndi put together. Have a great day!! 

  15. YES to shopping my closet! I will continue to work from home for the foreseeable future (we have no return date). I have at least one video meeting every day, sometimes up to 4 or 5. I like to dress similarly to how I would for the office but with a couple differences: I try to skew heavy on cute tops with flattering/interesting necklines. I’ve noticed a plain tee with cute camo pants really does nothing for me 😂 but it will probably be a little easier to make plainer tops work when I can layer (still way too hot here). And secondly I’m not wearing any of my shoes. I miss them so much but I just don’t wear shoes inside the house. I have two kids in school in person daily for the time being. Thanks for your great posts ❤️

  16. I am the HR Dept of 1 for an essential business but thanks to COVID, I have some flexibility. I’m in the ofc M-Th and at home on Friday. Small ofc – business casual or business wear that isn’t overly formal. So I need ofc, Zoom worthy and home wear!

  17. I would love to share my opinion. I know everyone will not be on same page, that must be so hard when you get opposite ideas. I think you balance it all so well!  I have been enjoying your blog for years and you do a marvelous job of presenting!! My situation has gone casual. I still want to look stylish in lounge wear and jeans. But that’s where I am at. I personally love hearing; who has sales, what is in for the season, how to look pretty while wearing lounge wear, how to wear one thing 5x ways, what goes well with what. 

  18. I like the idea of putting outfits together from what’s already in our closet. With our Covid stay at home life, I don’t see the sense in buying a lot of new clothes. Where will I wear them?

    I still like to know the trends for fall/winter.  That way when I go through my fall clothes I will know what to retire/replace, 

    Can you recommend a good pair of runners for walking that offer good cushion and support for finicky feet? 

    1. Nordstrom has the latest ASICS Gel-Kayano in the Anniversary sale. A favorite brand of mine for running and walking. I’ve also had great experiences with Brooks Ghosts. I too prefer support and cushion.

      1.  I went out today and tried on the ASICS Gel-Kayano. I have ASICS Nimbus but they weren’t cutting it – finicky feet. These feel more cushiony so crossing my fingers that I can walk farther in these. Thanks for chiming in! 

  19. Hi Jo-Lynne!  What I’m looking for are the new trends. I can’t afford a new wardrobe every season, but I like to know what the trends are, to see if there are one or two things I can add to my wardrobe for an instant update.  I love items that can be versatile-to wear a number of different ways.  That always helps with the budget. And I LOVE accessory updates! Thanks for your blog—it’s always a bright spot in my day!

  20. I am teaching online. So, I will be looking through my closet for my “top half” for zoom classes 4 days a week, and keep to yoga pants on the bottom (which should keep me focused on doing yoga sometime during the day.) Besides working full-time, we will be getting our house ready to put on the market in the spring (lots of indoor projects and purging) and prepare to move to North Carolina. So, I don’t want to get too many new winter clothes since I won’t need as many there. Long story short, I am looking for clothes that are good for casual, but put together on top, and that will transition to 3 seasons.
    I agree – most days I feel that I am handling things well, and then it hits me. And add the stress of getting the house ready to sell, looking for land and building a house, leaving our friends and our life here. Well, it is overwhelming. I love reading your blog (and Cyndi’s and Kay’s and few others) for a break, to remind myself to take care of me.

    1. Wow….Arna…..you have a lot coming up.  A move is hard and I don’t know how far you have to move but I pray all goes well for you.  

      1. We are moving from New Hampshire to North Carolina to be closer to our daughter, son-in-law, and new grandson. So, we will be retiring in May (a positive from Covid is a fantastic buy-out offer from the university.) It is all so mind boggling to be leaving everyone and everything we know (I have been here since 1981, and my husband has been in New England since he was 6.) But being able to be a part of our grandson’s life and helping them whenever they need us – worth it all and more.

        1. Arna….. that is a lot. Both my husband and I are from same small town and have lived here our lives and can’t imagine up and moving but it’s worth it to get to move by your family and get to be with your new grand child. How special. Our furthest grand child is only 3 hours so we will stay put but your situation would be different. It will be an exciting adventure and down the road you will be so happy. How exciting a brand new home to look forward too also. I don’t know how old you are but the older you get the more being close to your kids the better. You will help them now and they will help you later. :). Blessings to you. 

          1. Thank you, Kathy! I am 66, my husband is 67. We have been married 7 years, and we are looking forward to having time together and with our family in North Carolina. Very exciting!
            How lucky you are to be close to your family.

      1. But the end result will be worth it all. We spent a week with our sweet grandbaby over the July 4 holiday, and I went down to take care of him and help them out for a week at the end of July. We just can’t wait to be there all the time for them.
        Really, reading your (and the others’) blogs helps me to relax a bit, and I am trying to keep up with yoga.

        1. Arna…. yrs the end results will be so worth it. You will love living so close to that precious baby. We have a granddaughter who just turned 1 and she is 1  1/2 hrs away and we help out with her a lot. Love it. Glad you get to be with your husband full time in retirement also. Sounds like you teach at a university? 

          1. Kathy, Yes, I have been teaching here at the university since 1981! Our grandson was born May 24. We are so in love! We want to be able to help them as much as they need us. You must love being close to your family!

        2. Arna….  what a great, long career. Congrats. Yes I love being so close to my grand daughter. My grandson who lives 3 hours away was born May 7 th, so I know what stage your grandson is in. Nothing more fun than grandkids. I’m in heaven. I’d love to visit the east coast someday. I was born in Connecticut but moved to West coast, Washington when I was 3 so don’t remember it. Now I live in Oregon. I’ve only been to New York for overnight before A Europe flight in High School. Someday. I’m sure it’s beautiful where you live. Happy adventures to come. Didn’t mean to keep you having to text back and forth. Your first text about your move hit me and I felt for you. But it’s going to be all good. Take one day at a time and let the Lord lead. He has great plans for you and your family I’m sure. 

  21. I always enjoy when you update us on your family and the plans they will have for the Fall with school etc.  So much for young families to navigate. That is too bad about the apt. rent when your son won’t be going back, but I could see, even though he’s going to be a Jr. in college, the comforts of home, with mom’s cooking etc. etc. would be nice during these uncertain times. He may decide to go back and forth, too.  I’m like you, we have to just go with the flow and one day at a time or we’d go crazy.  I too, do okay, but every so often I wake up early and all the stress of it all comes and I have to get out of bed…….like this morning. I’m waiting on my husband to get up and then we will watch our church service online.  Our church services at the building started up about a month ago, but we still don’t feel comfortable in close quarters and wearing at mask that long is hard for me.  I miss meeting up with our church family and for the first time in my life feel disconnected from them.  We need community and this virus has taken so much of that away I feel.  I am retired from work and so I have long, alone days and so I’d like to see comfy clothes, cute sweaters/tops and jeans for when I do go out and the ideas of shopping from our closets is good too, as it has been hard to buy clothes with no where really to go.  We are trying to stay safe and hope this won’t get worse in the Fall. We are from Oregon and its gotten worse over the Summer, but still much better than other States for sure.  Yesterday we went out to a Dahlia farm fo a fun outing and then I wanted to stop at the Nordstrom in the area to run in and see if anything left from the sale.  I was sad to find out it is closed up for good.  Now there is only 2 Nordstrom’s left, as in the last few years they have now closed 3 for good.  I still have always lived about an hour or more away from one, but it was still nice to know I could go shop one and if I did order online, I could return in the store if I wanted.  Plus I liked eating at their cafe’. The one that just closed was my favorite of them all.  Do you know if something is going on with Nordstrom why they keep closing their stores?  This happened before Covid, but don’t know if this last closure was part of Covid too?  I know many Macy’s have closed too over the years, not related to Covid. I sure hope stores aren’t going to be just online someday. I need to have stores to go to, to try on pants for sure.  I hate returning by mail and don’t know how you keep up with all your returns.  My husband and I continued to walk through the mall, but it was so crowded, we didn’t feel comfortable, even with everyone being good about wearing a mask.  I went to my favorite store, Barnes and Noble first.  My happy place. 🙂  I’m excited for your Fall series with Cyndi, they are always fun to read.  Keep up the good work, you always do good at what  you do and giving a variety that fits everyone.  We all need some fun Fall fashion during these times.  🙂  Enjoy your Sunday.  

    1. I think Nordstrom is experiencing the same struggles as other retailers, and they decided to close the stores that weren’t performing as well. It’s a shame, I love the in-store experience, and the Cafe too. They aren’t going under or anything; they are actually doing better than most large dept stores, but they have had to make some cuts. This is what I know from reading news; I don’t have any inside info as a blogger.

  22. I’m looking forward to fall fashion and mix and match my closet with new purchases. Your collaboration with Cyndi is so fun and I really look forward to it! Please give us an insight as to what’s trending or what’s tried and true? thanks for all you do🤩

  23. I’m on the hunt for strait legged grey jeans.  Any help would be great.  Styling them would be a plus.  Somebody commented that a post on what booties to wear with what. great idea.  I ordered those Ugg booties from the Nordy sale.  I haven’t received them yet.  I’m going to try on with what I have at home.  Any guidance on that would be great.  Thank you for all you do and have a beautiful day.

  24. I wanted to say I really enjoy reading your posts and all the details you include and how thoughtful you are of your readers. I’ve been back in the office full time since July and I’d love if you included some business casual looks for fall (for my work that means no denim). I’ve lost about 25 pounds since January thanks to IF and that was inspired by you so THANK YOU so much for sharing your experiences with IF! I do kind of struggle to find dress pants that I like and think are flattering on me. I wear mostly the same size as you, although I have a very different body shape (pear) so it’s hard to find pants that hide my thighs, especially since skinnier pants are more popular.

    My youngest two kiddos are hopefully starting back to elementary school in person in a few weeks. I’m so holding my breath that they actually get to go back. They really need it, need to be around kids their own age, have a normal routine, have a teacher that can devote their full day to helping the kids learn. If they have to go back to virtual learning, it will be a struggle for them and us, and my husband and I both work full time. He’s working from home until next year, but in the fall and winter he’s super busy and usually has to work 50 plus hours a week. I worry so much about the effect this is having on the kids socially and for their education and their futures.

    Anyways I hope you have a great rest of your weekend and look forward to your posts as always!

    1. Congrats, so glad IF is working for you! As you probably know, I struggle with work wear looks, but I’ll definitely try to incorporate a few into our series. I hope your kids get to go back to school. It’s such a sticky wicket, but I really do think they need some face to face time with teachers, and that it can be done safely.

  25. In NY  and had originally planned to return to work part time after 10 years, but with virtual learning that has been put on hold (although feeling grateful I have the option to stay home and work with my kids knowing how many parents with younger children and children with special needs have to work).  Will be doing virtual learning for my 3 guys – going into 7th, 3rd (with special education and OT, PT, speech all via teletherapy), and 1st grade. Looking for looks that are comfortable, but put together. Did lots of leggings with flowy cardigans this spring – need things that are comfy but put together because I’m often on camera with my little guys. Looking forward to this year’s 25 days of fall, knowing it will give me some much needed inspiration!

  26. I’m excited for your Fall series with Cyndi! I started following you and Cyndi 5 years ago when you were doing your first collaboration. 
    I love the idea of giving us ideas for styling items we may already have and adding a completer piece. I’ll be swapping out my Summer clothes for Fall/Winter probably next month depending on the weather. It can still be hot here in Virginia in September so we’ll see! I’d really like to see you revisit which booties to wear with the different jeans   styles. I have cropped, skinnies, straight  leg and boot cut. My retired lifestyle  is casual  but I still want to look cute and put together. I’m not a fan of joggers/athleisure wear  even though I know many are. I love your Sunday Coffee Talk and reading about your life and family! 

  27. I love the fashion series that you do with Cyndi and can’t wait! Here in western PA, my kids are starting in person next week. I’m also looking for casual wear. I hope to get back to teaching preschool in October.

  28. I am an upbeat person by nature but between the pandemic, political unrest, threats of rolling blackouts and now wildfires in California where we live, I am getting pretty down. I booked a short trip down to a little beach town in central California and a couple of days in Carmel just for a change of scenery.
    I have ordered a ton from the Nsale. My husband keeps asking me where I’m going to wear everything! Ha! I love fashion…….

    1. Your comment made me laugh! Good for you. I’m going to wear everything I’ve purchased, even if it’s just at home. We don’t have to have somewhere to go to wear our cute things! It’s sort of like people who save their expensive jewelry or fancy dishes for special occasions… but why? I wear and use my nice stuff all the time, because why not? May as well enjoy it.

  29. Jo-Lynne, I think you do a wonderful job of balancing your blog.  I think everyone can find something useful and just enjoy what you share, even if it’s not for them. This has been a weird year for everyone. Our daughter just went back for her senior year of college. Hoping and praying all goes well.  Like David, our son is home for his junior year of college, with all classes virtual.  We are bummed for our kids to miss out on their college experiences, but we are also extremely thankful for the extra time we had with them since March when they came home. Our kids are pretty easy, and I think we are too, so nobody was ready to get out of here, nor was anyone ready to get rid of anyone.  Small wins! 
    So looking forward to your teaming up with Cyndi, but then again I always look forward to your email. Thanks for not taking Sundays off😻

  30. Good morning! I’d like to see comfy and casual, pulled-together looks. Our winter is long and cold, and with Covid, I’d just like to wear something day-to-day that looks good, but functional for being home all day (if that makes sense!). I need comfort, but not frump!😁

  31. Jo-Lynne,

    I completely agree with your perspective on the coronavirus. Moving forward, I hope a priority is placed on planning and being prepared for situations like this. I guess I took for granted that protocols were already in place.

    I am glad you and Cyndi are teaming up again! I also like it when you discuss how to shop your own closet. I’m at home mostly now, but I will put on nice outfits some days even if I’m just running quick errands.  I try to look presentable everyday even at home because it helps to give me a positive attitude  I plan to buy a few new things this fall even if I don’t really need them. I like many of the sweaters you featured from the Nordstrom sale.

  32. Yay I love those style days with Cyndi and You. This fall is going to be casual days mixed with stay at home work for me. So can’t wait for some style inspiration. I really like the idea of timeless pieces.  

  33. Although these times are uncertain, I have the feeling your family will be cozy and enjoying each other this fall — whereas for some people this is getting to be too much togetherness.  You accept and love your children as they are, and I am confident that your home will be such a nurturing wonderful place for all of them at this stage of life.  I hope my home will be the same for my family.  As for what to wear . . . could you give us ideas for small outdoor social distanced get-togethers with neighbors, close friends.  I’d like ideas for casual outfits that are relaxed and approachable but still show that I am dressed for a special occasion.  These days, seeing anyone face to face is a special occasion!  Also, ideas for elevating the work-from-home look.  Thank you for lifting our spirits throughout this crazy time!

  34. Always look forward to the next seasons looks. Sounds like it could be a challenge this yr. I have a friend who works at Loft and she had expressed disappointment over the lack of new clothes coming in (caused by the pandemic I suppose). So if this is true across the board I’ll be looking for ways to change up outfits with what I have already with different accessories (shoes, jewelry, scarfs, jackets, etc). Look forward to what u come up with.

  35. Looking forward to seeing your posts that would allow us to “shop from our closets” – feeling like I need to try and do that more. Like another poster – I’m business casual…but jeans just aren’t quite professional “enough” …so I’m always on the lookout for pants that look a bit more polished than jeans, but aren’t too dressy. Thought of you last night when my other half yanked my “front tucked” shirt out of my jeans thinking he was fixing me – and looked at my like I had 3 heads when I tried to explain to him that it was on purpose, lol!!

  36. I know you have a large home but is it ever a problem with you and your husband both working from home and having 3 kids virtual learning with different break times, lunch times, etc.  

    1. It’s not bad most of the time. Paul has the basement, I have my office, David and Becca plan to do most of their work in their rooms, and Caroline likes the kitchen table, but sometimes uses her room. And there’s always the dining room table if someone gets sick of being in their room. I don’t know how it will go this fall when their classes are more demanding, but it worked out okay last spring. I think it’s hardest on Caroline and me – we were used to having the house to ourselves during the day, but we’ll adjust. 🙂

  37. So excited to see the fall series coming back!  I really missed them when y’all quit doing it.  I’m a nurse so I’m mainly wearing scrubs these days, but enjoy comfy loungewear and casual outfits on my days off.  I personally love the outfit formula idea!  But I also enjoy seeing new pieces so I guess there’s a happy medium!  As to your son’s apartment, have you considered subletting it?  Might be a viable option if your lease allows it!

    1. Yeah, his roommate is living there, so a sublet isn’t an option – not even sure if the lease allows it. It’s all good. I mean, it stinks, but it is just one more thing to chalk up to Covid. I can’t even keep track of all the lost financials through this mess. I try not to think about it and be thankful we both have our jobs.

  38. Jolynne,

    We are having a virtual baby shower for my DIL and several of us will be there in person. How about outfits to wear when you attend a virtual event?

  39. I went back and look at your 2015 post.  I still love the mustard and leopard combo outfit.  Unfortunately, mustard is not a good color with my skin tone.  I work from 3 days a week from home and go into the office the other 2 days.  Don’t know when we’ll return full time.  I really enjoy reading your blog and getting ideas from your blog.  Have a great week.  

  40. I hope your kids’ 1st semester goes well at home! My youngest “graduated” this past year, so life is very different for all of us. My oldest is a Senior in college 3 hours away. As far as fall fashion, I forsee myself in very comfy clothes this fall & winter, with a few nice, dressier outfits thrown in for church & going out as we can. I’ve been loving all of the casual, athleisure-type clothes I’m seeing & will likely invest in some of those.

  41. Hi Jo-Lynne! It’s always fun to hear the catch up news about your family! I’m excited for yours and Cyndi’s fall series! You mentioned ideas we’d like to see. I have no idea how difficult this would be but I’d love seeing outfits side by side showing what’s right and what’s wrong. For instance you model an outfit that is ill-fitting vs a great fit and the whys. Accessories that are wrong with an outfit vs what looks fantastic. Outfits styled in wrong proportions vs correct. Good juxtaposition vs too plain. You get the point. I think most of us are visual learners and it would be interesting to see side by side photos of the same outfit put  together a wrong way then the right way. Of course that could also work with hair, make up, etc.

  42. I’m looking forward to new ways to wear what I have and also to purchase more cozy, lounging around the house clothes as that’s what I’ll be doing this fall. Thanks!

  43. Wow!  All five of you at home this fall!  I trust you have the enormous bandwidth special from your internet company.  In my house, there are just two of us.  I am the one who is not retired, so I get the hard wired connection.  When we both did wireless, that did not work well.  

    It is a special extra gift to have all your family back home for one more semester.  Those days are fleeting and will be gone way too soon.  Enjoy your extra time with them.  

    1. LOL. My husband is in IT, thankfully. I don’t understand any of that, but yes, we have plenty of bandwidth. And I agree, this time has its blessings. I am grateful we can all be here together.

  44. I so enjoy reading your blog! Nice to take a break from all that’s going on for a few minutes.  Some post suggestions:  I work in the healthcare, not nursing, but my job is active.  I need to wear slacks (no denim) but also can’t reasonably wear heels and my toes and heels have to be covered.  Your olive pants post was helpful, although sweaters are a bit hot unless it is a light cardigan or jacket.  Other ideas would be great…it’s hard not to get in a rut.  

  45. OK, Masks.
    What many are NOT taking into this debate is..if your state mandates masks must be worn, and you visit your salon, favorite shop, someplace you are sooo happy to see open again WITHOUT a mask, you run the risk of shutting that business down again. If your shop is seen not to be following mandates, or reported by another shopper. It can be closed! Now that is something I would NOT want to do to my many favorite places.
    If wearing a mask helps another person to stay well, stay in business, helps in any small way it is worth any inconvenience to me.

  46. Education is a complicated challenge for everyone this year!  My oldest son started his college classes for his junior year last week.  He is living on campus, and they have in-person classes to some extent.  Some of the classes are meeting via Zoom and getting together for things like labs.  Their fall semester is ending at Thanksgiving break.  I’m praying that they are able to continue the classes in person.
    I’m looking forward to seeing your fall fashion series.  I use the pictures more for inspiration than to copy exactly.  Either way you choose to do it will still be inspiring. 🙂

  47. Well, I’m working from home until at least Jan. 4th. It’s hot here and will be well into October, so there’s that. No upcoming events or outings planned, but I do like to feel a little put together at “work”. Even if that just means a pair of cut of jean shorts and a pretty blouse.
    As always, I’m trying to resist all the pretty sweaters and warm clothes because we just don’t get to wear them much down here.
    Not much help to you, am I!

  48. Hi Jo-Lynne, I’ve been continuing to go to work per usual throughout the spring and summer – part of that “essential construction industry.” Nothing has changed for me except enjoying the lighter traffic, which is gradually moving to normal, not going to church services, or eating out. Now that I look at that list I see that things are far from normal.

    I don’t have any social events coming in the fall, which is a bummer, but I went to a bridal shower last month which was so fun. An excuse to wear a dress! My husband and I traveled to Washington to visit my son who is moving to Australia soon (military) and I had a sister’s trip to visit another sister in MN last week so I feel comfortable traveling, although I haven’t flown, which is different from normal. We took the train and drove. Three sisters on the road from TN to MN. What a trip!

    My work place is casual so I wear anything from jeans and cute tops to dresses. I tend toward classic and casual. I bought a few things from during the Nordstrom sale last year and have increased purchases this year. Finally bought my first pair of AG jeans and I love them. They are so soft. I also bought the Spanx black pants and can’t wait to get them. Plus a few other lower $$ jeans (Wit & Wisdon & KUT). Both years I’ve bought Kiehl’s lotion. I’ll never use anything else. It works the best for me with our hard water. There are other items I’d like but are currently sold out. I’m waiting til end of August to see if any are returned. Not holding my breath though.

    Anyway, love, love, Love your blog. Have a great week!!

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