Coffee Talk 09.22.19 ☕️

Good morning! I hope everyone is having a relaxing and refreshing weekend… or at least a productive one.

We’ve had a lot going on, but it’s been nice to be out and about doing fun things on such a pretty weekend. We’ve had the most gorgeous weather lately — sunny and dry and mild temperatures. Although our little fall respite seems to have ended, and we are headed back into the high 80s today.

I’m not about to complain, though. It will be cold soon enough. I enjoyed those few brisk days and had fun breaking out some of my fall clothes, but I’ll take a few days of warmer temps before they settle back down again, which they are sure to do. I love warm weather, and I’ll hold onto it as long as I can.

So how have we been enjoying this unseasonably warm weather? We went to see Downton Abbey on Friday night at an old neighborhood movie theater in downtown Phoenixville, and before that we grabbed dinner at a restaurant across the street. They had the front open to the street, and we could have had a table outside on the sidewalk, but we opted to sit inside beside the open wall/window.

Our food was a bit of a letdown, but the wine was good (I had a rosé) and it was a gorgeous night. We walked around for a bit afterwards before heading into the theater.

The movie was meh — sorry, I just didn’t love it. I know a lot of people did. There were some good one-liners (mostly between Violet and Isobel, of course) and they tried to tie up the storyline a bit at the end — at least with the Crawley family. But I could have done without the whole servant storyline, and even the stuff with the family seemed kind of contrived.

But I’m glad I saw it, I guess. At the very least, it was fun to go out and see a movie. We rarely go to the movie theater anymore.

Yesterday I did some work and we ran the kids around for various things, and I finally got to the garden store to buy some fall plants. I planted a few of my planters, and I need to finish up this afternoon.

I also think I need a few more plants. I want to go to a bigger place — maybe Lowe’s or Home Depot and see if I find some more variety.

Then last night we went to my daughter’s marching band performance, which was fun, and we met friends for dinner afterwards.

I try to eat healthy when we eat out, but last night I went for comfort food — meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and green beans. It was so good, and totally worth the two pounds that showed up on the scale this morning. Haha!

If we go out after church today, I will be sure to get a salad. Meanwhile, I need to get myself ready to go running. I have plenty of carbs banked up from last night, so it should be a good run.

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend! And for those of you down in Texas and other areas experiencing devastating flooding, I’m praying for no more rain. I hope at least everyone is safe.

Have a blessed Sunday!