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Greetings and happy Sunday! I hope you’re all having a good weekend. Grab a cup of your favorite java. It’s time for my weekly Coffee Talk update.

We’re spending a good part of the weekend celebrating my son’s 20th birthday. He actually turns 20 on Thursday, but he will be at school and I’ll be traveling, so we’re celebrating this weekend.

Parenthood is a funny thing. You just keep plugging along, and one day doesn’t seem much different than the next, but then you look back and realize how fast things change. It’s crazy to think that one of my kids is no longer a teenager.

D isn’t one for big celebrations, so we’re keeping it low-key. A couple of his best friends joined us for dinner and birthday cake last night, and we’re having a small get-together with friends this evening.

And of course, we have a present for him… one I think he’ll like! I have no reason to believe that he reads my blog, but I won’t go blabbing about it until we’ve given it to him.

Meanwhile, I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that for all intents and purposes, it’s the holiday season.

I know I haven’t don’t much on the blog yet, but I have a few things in the works. In fact, I’m getting together with Alison tomorrow to shoot a few holiday looks. And I had a call with my assistant, Amy, last week, and we’re working hard behind the scenes on holiday gift guides. I plan to start releasing them this week.

2019 holiday gift guide

For anyone new, I don’t do one big humongous gift guide, instead I do individual posts and link them all to one page so you can access them at your leisure. They’re also linked on the sidebar with the fancy graphic above.

Some are sponsored, and some are not. It’s a mix of things, but rest assured, every item on the list has been hand-picked or approved by me.

Amy is a great help at pulling together ideas, as she has children the same age as mine.

I also like to crowd-source and get your ideas because many of you have better ideas than I do! So feel free to leave me a comment if you gave or got a gift that was particularly awesome. I’d love to include it in one of my gift guide posts.

With that, I better get ready for church. I want to try to fit in a quick run too.

Have a fabulous Sunday!

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  1. Happy early Birthday to David!  I bet it is hard to swallow that he’s about to be 20.  I have a hard enough time watching our nieces and nephews become parents, then seeing their children grow up.  Yes, it’s definitely time to be in the holiday mode.  I’m so glad all of our decorating is being completed today and the only shopping I have left is for our 3 kids next door.  Have a blessed day!

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. I always enjoyed it when my college kids came home for a weekend visit- I think I loved having ‘my tribe’ under one roof, even if it was for one night. 

    A gift that was loved, and still is lived, by my 4 year old granddaughter is a food truck. My daughter and I found a cardboard one on amazon. We gifted it to her along with additional food. We were all surprised when she said she wanted one, because her parents have never taken her any place where she would have seen a food truck, 

    My older granddaughter received a big furry puff bean like chair from pottery barn that they love. 

    I am looking forward to ideas about what to wear for Christmas celebrations. Everything from kids school programs, orchestra concerts, girlfriend lunches, Christmas church outfit ideas and casual Christmas Day mom/ grandma entertaining family. 

    I also want to say happy BIRTH-day to you and Paul too. 

  3. Looking forward to seeing Christmas outfit ideas!  I have an outfit that I think works for super casual holiday events (like cookie exchanges, hanging out at home on Christmas Eve), but need an outfit for a festive-casual Christmas party, Christmas Eve church and Christmas day dinner.

  4. Happy Birthday to David!! Hope he has a Fantastic Week. It’s really fun to get together with your Kids’ Friends for a Special Occasions. Hope you have a Great Week. Enjoy your Blog!!
    ….Linda W.

  5. One gift idea I am interested in would be hair care products for teen girls. My youngest daughter has very long hair which is naturally a bit wavy. When she wants to wear it straight it takes forever to flat iron. I am seeing flat iron type brushes which seem to take very little time to straighten hair but I don’t know much about them. Some work on wet hair and some on dry hair. Do your daughters have any thoughts or experience with this type of product? 
    Thanks for all your posts, I love reading your blog!

  6. Happy Birthday to your son!! 🎉🎂🎊 Time in general has been going by so fast… My son just turned 30… Whattttt! It looks like it was a enjoyable time!

    Have a blessed day!

  7. Happy birthday to your son!!  I like to do a theme when buying gifts. Just makes things a little easier. This year it’s ugg slippers for all!  We also do a fun thing with gifting where everyone has $20 to spend on “making a gift” for someone else.   We try and make it as funny as possible!  

  8. Jolynn what type of leg wear is appropriate with dresses. I don’t see many ladies wearing dresses but on occasion I would like to. I know the black leggings are popular. But can you advise me what else is stylish? Do ladies wear pantyhose anymore?

    1. Tights are usually the best choice, but pantyhose are better for more formal outfits. Word on the street is pantyhose are becoming popular again, especially in Europe, so we may see them starting to make a comeback here as well. I find it is often a regional thing. Southern women tend to eschew pantyhose whereas women in the northeast are more open to the idea. Ironically, my 16 y/o daughter wears them with all her church dresses. She asked for them last year and now wears them all the time.

  9. Always love these slice-of-life posts. I’m finding birthdays really start to change with these older kids. Remember when we used to pick party themes, organize crafts, fill goodie-bags?!? Now we are lucky if we get a cake in after dinner before they run off with their friends 🙂 Parenting these older teens and young-20’s is a whole new ballgame, especially once they’ve had the freedom of college life. We need a “What to Expect When Your Kid is in College” book!!!
    RE: gift guides….I am always searching out guides for husbands, sons and grown nephews. There are only so many half-zip sweaters and Bose speakers I can give my husband! Girls are EASY…..hair and makeup products, a cute bracelet and they are all set. Happy Birthday to your handsome son!

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