Coffee Talk 11.10.19 ☕️

Greetings and happy Sunday! I hope you’re all having a good weekend. Grab a cup of your favorite java. It’s time for my weekly Coffee Talk update.

We’re spending a good part of the weekend celebrating my son’s 20th birthday. He actually turns 20 on Thursday, but he will be at school and I’ll be traveling, so we’re celebrating this weekend.

Parenthood is a funny thing. You just keep plugging along, and one day doesn’t seem much different than the next, but then you look back and realize how fast things change. It’s crazy to think that one of my kids is no longer a teenager.

David isn’t one for big celebrations, so we’re keeping it low-key. A couple of his best friends joined us for dinner and birthday cake last night, and we’re having a small get-together with friends this evening.

And of course, we have a present for him… one I think he’ll like! I have no reason to believe that he reads my blog, but I won’t go blabbing about it until we’ve given it to him.

Meanwhile, I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that for all intents and purposes, it’s the holiday season.

I know I haven’t don’t much on the blog yet, but I have a few things in the works. In fact, I’m getting together with Alison tomorrow to shoot a few holiday looks. And I had a call with my assistant, Amy, last week, and we’re working hard behind the scenes on holiday gift guides. I plan to start releasing them this week.

2019 holiday gift guide

For anyone new, I don’t do one big humongous gift guide, instead I do individual posts and link them all to one page so you can access them at your leisure. They’re also linked on the sidebar with the fancy graphic above.

Some are sponsored, and some are not. It’s a mix of things, but rest assured, every item on the list has been hand-picked or approved by me.

Amy is a great help at pulling together ideas, as she has children the same age as mine.

I also like to crowd-source and get your ideas because many of you have better ideas than I do! So feel free to leave me a comment if you gave or got a gift that was particularly awesome. I’d love to include it in one of my gift guide posts.

With that, I better get ready for church. I want to try to fit in a quick run too.

Have a fabulous Sunday!