Coffee Talk 12.24.17

Coffee Talk 12.24.17

Hello and happy Christmas Eve! We arrived at my parents’ house yesterday afternoon after a long, wet drive through the Virginia countryside and into the Blue Ridge Mountains.

It’s usually a pretty drive but the rain made it rather arduous, plus our car was loaded down with our family of five and all the accompanying luggage and Christmas presents.

The kids sat 3-across the middle row so we could use the back for cargo. (Keep in mind, they’re all the size of average adults.) Fortunately they were able to tune out the world (and ignore their discomfort) with the help of their various electronic devices, and they didn’t even bicker, which is a Christmas miracle right there.

Our rooftop carrier was packed to the gills, and I don’t think there was a spare square inch of space inside the car either. There was absolutely no visibility out the back window, which made for interesting driving conditions. How my husband fit everything in, I will never know.

Despite all that, we made good time and only ran into one minor traffic delay. We did see the aftermath of a 3-car accident on the other side of the highway, which definitely caused us to be a little more cautious (and grateful that we weren’t sitting in that traffic!) It appeared that everyone involved was fine, at least from what we could deduce from our vantage point.

Soon after we got here, my brother and his family came over for dinner, and the cousins all picked up right where they left off at our Easter visit. My kids love entertaining their younger kids, playing games and doing crafts. It’s sweet to see.

After that, we loaded up in the car once again and headed downtown to see A Christmas Story at their regional theater. It was a really nice production, and we all enjoyed it. I had never seen the movie the play is based upon so I didn’t have any context, but the kids had so that was good, and Paul and my parents loved it. It was a great way to kick off the holiday weekend.

Needless to say, when we got home, we were ready for a good night’s sleep. I slept hard, but somehow my body clock still had me up and raring to go this morning at 5:30. Funny how that works!

I’m hoping to fit a run in before church, and then tonight we’re celebrating my daughter’s birthday. She was my surprise Christmas baby 15 years ago today, born a full four weeks before her due date. She’s been marching to the beat of her own drum ever since.

I hope you and yours have a wonderfully lovely Christmas Eve, and in case I don’t make it back on tomorrow, I want to wish you all a very merry Christmas!!!

Thank you so much for your faithful readership, sweet comments, and the encouragement you give me each and every day. I appreciate you all!