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Well, hello! Happy Sunday! It’s been quite the full weekend around here, and it’s not over yet! I’m definitely feeling the Christmas spirit. We kicked off the weekend with my husband’s office holiday party. I wore my cold shoulder LBD with the pink suede pumps and I felt great. It was nice to be warm — long sleeves are definitely the way to go this time of year!


Here’s a picture of me with my husband. My daughter took it, and it turned out pretty good considering the lighting situation (or lack thereof!)


We got up early yesterday morning for family pictures. I coerced a friend into meeting us at a wooded trail to shoot them for us so we didn’t have to mess around with a tripod, and we got some fun shots. I came right home and put my Christmas cards together and ordered them from Minted. I’m happy to have that task off my plate!

Minted has the thing where you can upload a spreadsheet with all your addresses, and they print them on the envelopes for you. Best. Invention. EVER. I’ve always hand-addressed my Christmas cards, but I’m officially a convert to this method. When they arrive, we just have to stuff and stamp and pop them in the mail!

We also managed to fit in another outfit photo shoot, so I was feeling pretty accomplished by lunchtime.

My parents arrived soon after that, and we played a few games and then went to an early dinner before my daughter’s holiday show. It was all music, a mix of secular and sacred as well as some clever comical numbers, and we had a great time.


Today we went back to her 2nd performance, and I just got home. I’m supposed to go to the Nordstrom private holiday shopping party tonight, but my accomplices are dropping like flies, so I’m not sure it’s going to happen. I don’t really want to go alone, although it’s a 10-point shopping night, so maybe I should go and do some Christmas shopping. I’m also considering taking my older daughter… we’ll see.

I hope you’re having just as festive a weekend as I am! If you did anything fun and seasonal, share in the comments!

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  1. Geez, Jo-Lynne….if I lived closer I’d be happy to go shopping with you! As it is, my husband & I are going to DSW tonight because they are having a private shopping event. I just coerced my husband to go with my by offering to buy him dinner beforehand!! It works everytime (besides, sometimes he gets shoes out of the deal!)

  2. Sounds like fun! We didn’t do anything festive but last night we went to a magic show at our church. Today we picked up my car from a friend who did some work on it for us. Not quite the same but I’m excited to have it back!

  3. You look stunning in that dress! My husband and I went to a Luminary festival in my hometown. It has many historic mansions on the grounds that are decorated for Christmas. We toured those, and ended it with a carriage ride. It was a fun evening……. I just wish we had a bit of snow. But, I’m sure we will get plenty of snow this year. 🙂

  4. We went to the Living Nativity at the church down the street from us… it was awesome! Always glad to hear from you! I start to get worried about you when I don’t see your post :). (( Hugs ))

  5. You look gorgeous Jo-Lynne! Love the pic of you and your handsome hubby. Wish I lived in your area and I’d jump on the Nordstrom train with you. Hope you still get to go. We have Nordstrom here in Jax, but I haven’t heard anything about the private holiday shopping party going on here tonight. Do you know if it’s happening at all locations nationwide tonight? Blessings to you and your sweet family this holiday season!

  6. I’d go to the Nordstrom event with you. I was considering going myself but we just left my nephew’s second birthday party.

  7. Okay, I just have to say that you look stunning and your husband is very handsome! I got a good stack of our Christmas cards written and ready to mail tomorrow. Yesterday I wrapped the presents for our son, DIL, and granddaughter. I’ve been playing Christmas music almost non-stop which really helps you get in the spirit.

    Thanks for posting, even though it was late. As the saying goes, better late than never.

  8. You look beautiful..One of my sons & I are having a mother/ son weekend in Williamsburg..The decorations are amazing, the shopping is great..but the memories are priceless..LOVE spending one on one time with my kids..(3 boys)..

  9. You look beautiful! What size are you wearing? I’m always confused when dresses are offered in S M & L instead of the regular numbered sizes.

  10. I was just happy to get my tree up and most of my decorations. My hubby cooked a bunch of food for the week! PLUS, we had our first snow so it certainly feels Christmasy.

  11. Worked on the church Christmas float Monday and Tuesday night, prayer meeting at church on Wednesday night, completed float on Thursday night, babysat 3 year old granddaughter on Friday, choir Christmas party on Friday night, Christmas parade in our small hometown on Saturday, church today and tonight. Busy week!!!!! Hope to be able to slow down this week!

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