Coffee Talk

Coffee Talk with Jo-Lynne

Greetings! It’s a gorgeous morning here, such a difference from yesterday at this time. The birds are so loud outside, it’s like an avian symphony out there!

I was sad to wake up and hear about the latest attacks in London last night. I guess this is becoming our new normal. I’m not one to wring my hands and proclaim the sky to be falling. I know there has always been evil in the world and there always will be, but to see it played out in my own lifetime in such heinous ways is certainly sobering.

I know we can’t live in fear, but news like this always makes me want to hunker down in my quiet suburb and stay put — not that nothing bad ever happens in quiet suburbs. Tell that to the people of Sandy Hook, right? As a believer, I take comfort in verses like Psalm 27:1 and Romans 8:37-39 and try to keep an eternal perspective. It may sound trite, but it’s really all we can do.

It will be good to be back at church today. Last week I stayed home because of my vertigo, and I always miss my church family when I’m away. Speaking of which, I am happy to report that my vertigo seems to be on its way out, which is a relief. It started exactly two weeks ago today, and that is the approximate duration the doctor mentioned when she told me I had labyrinthitis so I guess that was the correct diagnosis. I have to admit, I was worried there for a while that there might be something more on-going that I’d have to deal with so I’m very relieved it’s going away on its own.

Last night we had family over for a cookout, and that was fun. It was a beautiful night to be on the deck. I guess it’s a weekend for cookouts because we have a graduation party/cookout to attend this afternoon.

It’s hard to believe that next year it will be my turn to host a graduation party. I can’t even think about that just yet. We are still taking SATs and trying to figure out colleges. I’m just taking one day at a time because I know there are some hard transitions ahead. For now, I’ll just try to enjoy the time we have left.

I love my kids, but as they get older and start testing their independence, I can see how there may come a time when it’s better for them to be out on their own — for both of our sanities. Maybe it’s God’s way of preparing our hearts. Ha!

Well, this post was certainly all over the place. It’s time for me to get the kids up and start getting ready for church, so I will sign off for now. I’ll be back tomorrow with more summer fashion. I hope you have a blessed Sunday!