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Happy Sunday, friends! I meant to get this posted before church this morning, but that clearly didn’t happen.

I wanted to go running, and then I needed to be ready for church a half hour early so we could shoot a couple of looks, and the next thing I knew, it was time to go.

Speaking of shooting outfits, I’m starting to work on back-to-school content, and I have all three of my kids involved. It’s a modern day miracle!

It’s hard to believe, but I’ve already seen some back-to-school pictures popping up in my Facebook feed. #tooearly

My kids don’t go back until August 26th, which is still too early, in my opinion. I miss the days when they went back after Labor Day.

It makes so much more sense than starting the week before, especially since our school district gives them a 4-day weekend for Labor Day. So basically the first two weeks of school are 4-day weeks, and no one really feels like they’re back on schedule until the 3rd week of school.

But it is what it is.

We were able to get into my son’s new apartment yesterday to check it out and see what he needs to furnish it. (He and a couple of friends are renting the first floor of a house near the college.)

It’s a bit rough, but I suppose that’s good for him. At least, he’s happy about it. I think he’s just glad to get out of the dorms. He didn’t love that experience, although fortunately he had a good roommate.

After we got that all squared away, I spent the rest of the afternoon on my back deck brainstorming ideas for the blog.

After three years of kicking off September and the fall season with 25 Days of Fall Fashion, Cyndi and I have decided the series has run its course. We may do some smaller collabs focused on a particular trend or wardrobe item, but we aren’t going to be doing the outfit-a-day series this fall.

It’s going to be weird, in a way, as that series has always launched the new season on the blog; but I’m working on some other fun ideas that I hope you’ll like.

This September marks three years since I switched gears on the blog and niched down to make fashion blogging my focus, so this is a good time to re-evaluate what I’m doing and maybe change things up a bit so it doesn’t get stale.

I got in the habit of posting every day when we started our first seasonal style series in September of 2016, but that’s a grueling schedule. I’m considering dropping Saturdays from my posting schedule. I would still send my email with the weekly recap, but I’d take the day off from creating a new blog post.

I’m also thinking it’s probably time to discontinue the Fashion Friday linkup. When I started that, it was a collab with other bloggers, but I don’t have time to read and comment on the posts that link up anymore, and it seems a bit disjointed from the rest of my content these days.

That said, I don’t want to make too many changes at once, so I’m definitely taking some time to think things through. I got a lot of good feedback in my Facebook Group, and I’m taking all of that into consideration as I plan my editorial calendar for September.

I know this is late in the day to be posting, but I’ll go ahead and publish it because this will all be old news by next weekend. I apologize if this post sounds kind of random. I had a lot on my mind but not a lot of time to edit and polish the wording.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

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  1. You should totally skip a day. I really don’t think any of us would stop following you because of that!! Nothing wrong with taking a day off. ☺️

  2. I’m so glad you did post your Coffee Talk today!  I was wondering what was going on.  At least David went through the experience of dorm living.  I know that I haven’t offered any suggestions for posts, but I will support the changes you make, and whatever you post.  I don’t blame you for not sharing new outfits on Saturdays.  Most jobs are not 7 days a week, so why should yours be that way.  Your family deserves more quality time with you.  While I love your Coffee Talk posts, I will understand if you discontinue it.  Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

  3. Absolutely skip a day or two. We love your blog and would never stop following you. Don’t be so hard on yourself. You deserve a break. 🙂🙂

  4. I think a recap and email only on Saturday is a wonderful idea! I personally love the recap on Saturday because I may have had a day or two during the week that was busy, giving me time to only skim the post. I always catch up on Saturday. You provide so much quality content during the week, “Coffee Talk” on Sunday, as well as special sale alerts. Saturday post or not, I’m not going anywhere! 

  5. Yes! Skip Saturdays! And I don’t think I’ve found anyone new in the Friday linkup in a while (meaning I’ve already checked out the blogs and follow the ones I like).

  6. Glad you posted today to let the world know all is OK. Take the days off, or whatever. I am sure we will all gather around our screens the days that you post. So sorry to hear you and Cyndi aren’t collaborating any more. I really liked those posts.

  7. By all means I think you should slow down and evaluate your schedule. I don’t know how you’ve been able to post everyday anyway!! A LOT of blogger’s take Sat off and some even the whole weekend. After all, you have a life and family and no expects you to post every single day. Think you’ll get a different perspective on it too if you take more time for yourself!

  8. So glad to “hear” from you today! ☺️ I’ll stick around no matter how many days you post! We’re about to start our second full week of school here in GA. We start on or around Aug. 1st, then have several breaks throughout the year. I love the breaks but it’s still soooo hot to be starting now. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

  9. I agree that you should take a day or 2 off per week. I’d be fine with that. 

    I hope you have a good rest of the day!!

  10. I like all of the changes you’re considering. Change indicates growth and encourages creativity!
    You go girl!!!

  11. I understand the feeling of “too many changes at one time” — but I think some of these ideas are great. Dropping the Friday link-up and your idea about a recap of the week without a new post for Saturdays sound like great ideas. You’d still feel like you “touched base” without trying to also come up with a whole new post.
     I was wondering if you’ve considered the idea of a once per month Sunday “coffee talk” that sort of recapped what your family has been doing for the month? That way, you wouldnt totally drop the coffee talk but ease up a little on the need for posting every single Sunday. These seem like possible ways to streamline your schedule without feeling like you’ve changed your whole routine. 
     I think I’m like so many others- you’re my favorite and I will eagerly read whenever you post! 

  12. I love your post and appreciate all that you do and I am certain that all of us support whatever changes you need to make.  I think the Saturday recap is a great idea.  We followers are not going anywhere….

  13. There you are! I always look for your post as my first blog in the morning. 

    I’ve never followed anyone from your Friday link up, so I certainly won’t miss that.

    I do like Coffee Talk on Sunday mornings. It’s a time when you just talk to us as a friend. It connects you to your readership.

    I think taking Saturday off is a great idea. You need some time for yourself & family time. We’ll be here anytime you do post, JoLynne.

  14. Most weekends I don’t find the time to read blog posts,  with that in mind …..if you didn’t do a post I wouldn’t think maybe I had missed something. 

  15. The only constant in life is change so changing up your blog sounds reasonable. Please do take a day or two off – its gruelling to deliver content 7 days per week! Take the time to spend with family and friends. We love your blog and aren’t going anywhere 😉
    Will miss your collabs with Cyndi!
    Thanks for posting today – we were worried about ya!

  16. I live in Michigan, and several years ago, they changed our school start date to after Labor Day to help our summer tourist industry. I was always grateful for that! 

    You have so many great ideas, I am looking forward to your changes and to see how it shifts and develops! 

  17. I will miss the Fall collaboration with Cyndi, but I know that has to be so hard! With that said, take a day off! I don’t know how you do it anyway. I agree the Friday link up doesn’t really fit in. I don’t have that kind of time!  ENJOY your family! Your followers aren’t going anywhere 😊

  18. Like so many have already said….we are with you and will stay with you, whatever you decide to do.  Taking a day off sounds good. More time with your family and a little rest!  I look forward to whatever you have in store for us.  😊

  19. I’m not going anywhere Jo-Lynne so you do you and take care of yourself! That in and of itself is admirable. Blessings!

  20. I like all your ideas. Taking a day off is totally understandable. I always thought you work much! Changing a routine is also good for creativity and prevents the feeling of burnout. I’m not all that upset about dropping the Fall series; it always seemed to make the month go by so quickly;) and I personal think the Friday link ups were cumbersome. I never did anything but scroll through them – (sorry.) As most everyone has already said we’re not leaving just because you make a few changes! 

  21. You should take a day or more off each week!!! Everyone needs time off work, no matter how much you love your job. You are the only blogger I follow that posts every day.

  22. I was delighted to see your coffee talk post in my in box. I love your coffee talk conversations with us. I also love your ideas for a change up. Sometimes something new and different isn’t a bad thing. Definitely take a day or two off. As long as we know what you decide in the end, so we don’t worry that something happened to you or a family member. 
    Blessings on your the planning of your new focus. 

  23. Your back yard is beautiful, I really like the striped cushions and coordinating pillows, looks inviting.
    Do not fret about taking a day off, or even more, for yourself and your family, I’m certain I can speak on behalf of all of your followers that we support you 100%! 
    Thank you for sharing your life with us! 

  24. Sometimes change is a good thing , ever wonder why stores move things around so much, it called marketing change, keeps a refreshed look.  And a day off doesn’t hurt anyone keeps you from getting burnt out.  Looking forward to the changes love your Blog 

  25. I always look forward to the 25 days of fashion with Cyndi. It’s where I discovered your blog…but it does seem like kind of too much of a good thing (Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter)
    it might be nice to do a collaboration once a year? Short, but something themed…say Holiday fashion (a week of…) Or HELP I need a swim suit!…It’s nice to see a similar feed with you both. It gives you the advantage of seeing items on different body types…(yours & Cyndi), and how they work on each of you.
    Just a thought.

  26. It’s so great that your kids are going to get involved in your back to school posts. Lauren was super excited about the blog when I first started, but some kids make fun of it and she doesn’t want to be on it at all now (except maybe to advise me if I do a back to school post). She’s a pretty resilient kid (and also has a lot of friends so she can take it in stride), but I did shut down my Instagram account because of it. Insta seems to be what draws the most attention from the kids. It sucks that they made her self conscious about getting involved with it.

    I’m sure however you end up changing things up, it’ll be well received. You seem to have a really good handle on your audience’s interests.

  27. I totally understand and support your Blog changing and evolving. I will still follow you and enjoy everything.  Most jobs aren’t 7 days a week.  Taking the weekend off entirely would be reasonable.  I’ve been around since the “Musings…” days, and consider you a good virtual friend.  Thank you for keeping us cute!

  28. Take the weekend off! You are only one woman and there is more to life than work, no matter how much you love it! Your readers are not going anywhere and want you to enjoy both your blogging and personal life.  

    I think change is life. Giving up the collaboration with Cyndi and the Friday Link Up is fine. It’s time for something new. 

    I do love hearing about your family life via the Coffee Talk, but you could do that once a month as suggested above, or even move that to Mondays as a ‘week in review/ week coming up feature’. As said in a previous comment, the Coffee Talk really connects you to your readership and I believe that has tremendous value. 

  29. I’ll definitely miss your collab with Cyndi but I can see how that was overwhelming!  Maybe y’all can find a different way to collab on a smaller scale?  Like maybe a week-long collab where you pick five fall pieces and each day you both style the same one?  (Say olive pants on Monday,  chambray top on Tuesday, leopard scarf on Wed, etc) 
    Whatever changes you decide to make I’m sure it’ll be fine.  I don’t blame you for needing more flexibility and time with your family! 

  30. I think you have a lot of good ideas about going forward.  While I enjoy seeing a new blog post every day, I think it must be very hard not to have any days off.  Especially when you also interact on Facebook and Instagram.  

    I’m looking forward to what you bring this fall.  It’s always good!

  31. You need a day off…we all do! I’m retired and I still need to breakup my daily routine.  It’s good for you! Enjoy! 

  32. I’m late to the party on this post, as we’re away on a mini-vaca!  I totally enjoy those Coffee Talks, maybe move them to Saturday, and give yourself a free day on Sunday!  Actually what woman really has a free day in her life???  As for the Friday Fashion linkups, I enjoy your blog the most by far (Cyndi’s as well), plus I only have so much time to go snooping around!  In my humble opinion, you’ve got the perfect blog going!  So whatever direction, you go, I’m in ….. and from reading all the other comments, so are all your readers!  You’ve got the gift there Gal!  So I can’t wait to see what you’ve got for us!  

  33. Hi Jo-Lynne!  While I love reading your posts EVERY.SINGLE.DAY., I think you need a break for the ENTIRE WEEKEND!  I usually pull up your blog first, because you’re the most dependable poster, but I think you need to take a break so you don’t burn out.  I LOVE your blog, and would absolutely 100% continue following you even if you didn’t post on the weekends.  I’ll miss your collaboration with Cyndi this fall, but also understand that sometimes things change, and sometimes that change results in a better thing!  Good luck getting everyone off to school – my daughter started her sophomore year of high school AUGUST 9th!!!  And my sophomore in college goes back this Friday.  The start of the school year is always so bittersweet!  

  34. JoLynn….I look forward to seeing each post from you.  That being said, I think you are crazy to post everyday ! Way too much pressure in my opinion.  I would still look forward to and read each post no matter how many times a week you do it .

  35. I love the glimpse into your backyard! That white flowering bush is striking. I think that you should do what is best for you, in terms of blogging. Take Saturday off, if you are feeling the need. As for Friday’s Link Up. I used to browse it and clink on links that appealed to me. But truthfully, I don’t anymore as I don’t feel the need to add more blogs to my reading habit. Do what is best for you and as I’ve said before, your readers (especially me) are not going anywhere!

  36. Like many others have said, I also have no problem with fewer blogging days from you. I’ll continue to follow. Many of the bloggers I follow have a kind of “schedule” to their posts so I only expect them on certain days and each of those days has a certain theme — food, decorating, workouts, life, sales, etc. Some overlap and some get tied together. I like more frequent IG posts because it keeps the connection while the blog posts usually have more information. Do what works for you and brings you joy!

  37. I’m with everyone else. I get your blog delivered to my work email, so I only read Monday to Friday. I think you do soooo many nice things for your readers and deserve to spend more time with family. I appreciate all you have done to make me more stylish and a much better shopper, going into my 50’s. 🙂

  38. Since i only read at the office, you taking off Saturday doesn’t really effect me. But it does effect you! Take a day off!

  39. Just some feeback since you seems to appreciate our comments and ideas. My favorite posts that you are already doing are the try-on hauls, the best and worst purchases and the sale roundups. I also love your decorating style and like when you share updates to your home and yard. Would also love holiday decorating inspiration (not sure if you decorate for holidays other than Christmas). Some bloggers that I follow do a “Friday Favorites” post with just random favorite things from the week that include everything from a new beauty product to a food item they recently discovered to a cute new bracelet. Also, gift ideas for the men and children in our lives and ideas for holiday parties and dressing for those parties…I love that you do these earlier than some bloggers do, so there is plenty of time to order before the holidays. And, yes…you absolutely need to take a day or two off during the week! Thanks for what you do!

  40. This sounds very selfish, but go ahead and skip Saturday!  I am always busy and often skip reading that one. I do enjoy coffee with you on Sunday because I feel like I am sitting down with a friend but I certainly don’t need to have one every week. As for the September collaboration with Cindy, I agree that it has run its time. I am all up for something new.  I love multiple ways to wear a clothing item. Take care. I

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