More Coffee Talk?

I’ve enjoyed getting back to journalling early in the mornings through my detox updates so I decided to continue the habit whenever I have the time. What shall we call it? Daily Diary? Jo’s Journal? Or I could just make this an extension of my Saturday morning Coffee Talk.

Now here’s the deal. You guys who love the old school blogging posts — you’ve gotta talk to me. Leave me a comment. Make me feel like someone’s reading. Otherwise these posts will dwindle. I thrive on feedback, what can I say? We bloggers are a self-centered lot!

So yesterday was my first day officially off the detox but I didn’t really treat it any differently until dinnertime. Since I’d already been incorporating some non-21DSD foods/drinks into my diet, I kind of continued on just like that. I won’t bore you with everything I ate, but I pretty much stuck to a primal diet except at dinner when I did splurge on nachos that my kids ordered for the table. Not exactly primal but you know, sometimes you have to make exceptions. And this one was worth it. I did well for my dinner, although it came with smashed yukon gold potatoes, and I ate some of those — but I also had beef medallions and lots of “fried brussels sprouts” — omigosh, so yum. I need to learn how to make those!!!

Here’s a cool thing. When I saw my trainer yesterday morning, she said that she can tell a difference in my energy level and the way I’m moving. Especially after taking a hiatus from working out, she is really impressed with what I can still do. She suggested that my new diet/lifestyle may have something to do with it. I definitely feel energetic. Of course, I’d been up since 4am, had 2 cups of coffee, had written 2 blog posts and gotten my kids off to school so I was pretty much ready to rock and roll at 8:30am when we met.

Oh, and I managed to eek out THREE PULL-UPS on Monday. THREE! WOOT! The third one was sorta ugly but I’m counting it. I didn’t do any yesterday because I pretty much wore out my arms during my training session but I’m gonna see what I can do today.

I also saw the orthopaedist yesterday. He x-rayed my foot again and said that he can see that it’s healing nicely. He only wants me in the boot for another 10 days. That was a relief. I was afraid he was going to tell me 3 more weeks, and the last thing I want to be wearing in Costa Rica is a big black medical boot.

However, before I go to Costa Rica, I go to Seattle, and the day I leave for Seattle is the day he said I could start weaning off the boot . . . INTO SNEAKERS. Now here’s the thing these doctors and therapists don’t get. I AM A QUASI-FASHION BLOGGER. It’s one thing to be at home and wear cute activewear with sneakers on my daily errands. But I do not wear sneakers with dresses on press trips.

I would rather wear my boot and at least one nice shoe. AND he did say to be very careful in Seattle. And to wean off slowly. And I had already pretty much prepared myself to be wearing the boot in Seattle anyway. So. My plan is to wear sneakers in the airport and where ever I can get away with shorts or yoga pants. And then when I’m going to biz events in Seattle, I will probably just wear the annoying boot along with shoe that makes sense with my outfit. Bah. This too shall pass, yes?

The real issue I’m having is, my plantar fasciitis foot (the one that is NOT currently in a boot) is bothering me again. So I think that compensating for the boot with that foot is aggravating it. I swear, I can’t win for losing. At this rate, I am going to be switching this ding-dang boot from one foot to the other for the rest of my life!

I can’t wait to get back to my sports medicine doc and see what my bloodwork results show and hopefully get on some supplements and tweak my diet to make sure I’m getting all the nutrients my body needs to stay healthy and strong.

Oh and also too. I updated my bios based on your feedback. I still feel like it sounds a little trite, but I went with a version of this: Encouraging women to take back their health and style as they juggle kids, career & family.

I thought encourage might be a better verb than help, and I changed busy moms to women. Then I changed “stay” to “take back” because I think a lot of women who read my blog aren’t staying healthy and in style, but they want to get healthy or take back their style because they’ve allowed it to take back seat to the demands of motherhood and family.

I still don’t LOVE it. But I like it more than I did before. I also tacked on “Friends don’t let friends wear mom jeans” on the social media platforms that had enough room for that. I want people to realize when they see my bio for the first time that I’m someone who doesn’t take herself too seriously.

The only place I used something completely different is on Instagram. I know Instagram needs to be an extension of my brand, but I also feel like it is my most personal platform and I don’t want it to sound too stuffy. It is not there primarily to promote my blog like Google+ and Pinterest and my Facebook page. It’s where my friends and family connect with me as well as blogging friends, blog readers and brands see who I am and what I’m about. So. I couldn’t resist. I used Jennifer’s suggestionHelping women navigate suburbia and beyond avoiding mom jeans and boxed mac & cheese.

I wish I was witty enough to come up with that sort of thing myself, but I’m not, and she said I could use it. So thanks, Jennifer!

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    1. I love your Old School Blogging and Coffee Talk! Please don’t stop doing these! I have been reading these for about 4 years. I feel like you’re a friend. I found you back when I was on Acid Reflux medicine and wanted to get off. I googled “how to get off acid reflux medicine”. I found your blog to be so interesting I stayed. I was an aspiring runner at the time, so I find your blogs about that and your Plantar Fasciitis very interesting as well. It seems mostly whatever you blog about is interesting, like a friend would be. Keep it up! I rarely reply, but always read. There were many times when I wanted to, but didn’t take the time to figure out how. I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to tell you to keep it up. Please!

  1. Yup, I like Coffee Talk. It brings up images of slowing down, relaxing, and just have a few minutes with a friend. Spontaneous. Unscripted. Fun. You know what I mean?

    Have fun on your trips. My Johnny was having trouble with foot pain, and we found out he is flat-footed. Ended up trying $10 inserts from Dr. Scholl’s, and they have made a world of difference in the past 3 weeks. I am sure that you pain is much worse that his, though. Hoping it gets better soon!

    1. Oh yeah, I have more inserts than I have shoes, at this point. HA! Dr. Scholls actually sent me a bunch to try, and then I got stuck in this boot. I definitely want to see how they work for me when I’m back in shoes.

  2. I love coffee talk probably the most out of all of your posts (and I like them all!)…I’ve been reading this blog for over 5 years now, primarily as a lurker. So much great advice and along with some humor! I’ve learned some great fashion advice from you. Some of the most popular meals in my household are the recipes you’ve posted here. It’s nice to know a little bit about the what’s going on in your life since it kind of feels like I “know” you after being a reader for so long. Anyways, just because us readers don’t always leave comments, doesn’t mean we’re not paying attention.

  3. I enjoy coffee talk. I feel like I’m sitting down chatting with a girlfriend. I would totally go with the boot to the Seattle trip too. My thinking would be at least people would know I had an injury and was not simply making a poor fashion choice! Vain? Perhaps, but just keeping it real. Do you find Google+. Worth the time? I just started on it and am wondering if it will drive traffic like FB and Pinterest.

    1. Exactly! Yes, the boot doesn’t look nearly as stupid as a bad fashion statement, haha. Google+ supposedly has a lot of good SEO juice so that’s why I use it. Otherwise, it’s eh.

  4. I like when you talk about your day to day stuff, it’s what makes you relate-able and I feel like we’re friends in real life! I talk with my friends all the time about what we ate, how we are feeling, what we are happy about that we did today, what is bugging us. All that talk is what helps us not feel alone and get through the day! I do wish I had the energy you do to put into all your food choices, you are so good about it and I am still so lazy….. As for your tag line- I cut and pasted….-ABOUT JO-LYNNE SHANE
    I’m a writer, runner, digital mom and author of this personal lifestyle blog where ” I hope to encourage all of us to take back our style and health as we juggle kids, career & family together”. My husband says I have two speeds — stop and go. I like to say I’m the most outgoing introvert you’ll ever meet. I love good food, good wine, a good book and I’m always up for a trip to the mall.” So come along with me on my journey and maybe we will all learn a little something along the way!” I’m a happily married mom of 3 and believer in Jesus, and I live in the suburbs of Philly.
    I added a few things in quotes-they were just a thought…..
    As I sit here I am also drinking 1/2 a frappachino on ice so how about “A cup with JO ?”
    Wish you lived in the Chicago suburbs so we could hang out for real! 🙂 Nancy

  5. I love it when u ramble….errr.. Do coffee talk!! 😉 it is like I am in your head with a cup of joe in my hands!! Jo’s joe?? Whatever u call it keep it up!!!!!

    1. Haha. You are pretty much in my head. There is a super popular blog called Cuppa Jo – I SO wish I’d thought of that first! I’ve often thought it would be a perfect name for my blog.

  6. Hi Jo-Lynne! I will be honest and offer feedback since you asked for it… I do enjoy coffee talk! I have been a reader of your blog for over a year now. I very much enjoy your fashion and family posts as well as your recipes and reviews of accessories and make-up tutorials. I have not been following your sugar detox posts because it is not something I am interested in doing or reading about. Although I am interested in exercise, I have not been reading your posts/updates about your foot… sorry and I am not trying to be hurtful at all. I turn to the internet to read blogs and find your topics about moms and taking care of ourselves inspiring. Coffee talk is interesting to read — nice to know what other moms are going through and experiencing.

    1. Not hurtful in the least. 🙂 I know not everyone is into every topic – that’s one reason I started offering the different subscription plans so if people are here for one or two main categories, they can subscribe just to those. I agree, it’s nice to know what other people are going through and how they’re dealing with the ins and outs of everyday. I guess that’s how blogs got started! 🙂

  7. I love your old school bloggings. I think it naturally balances the fashion/health posts and makes you more relatable. I’m here any time you update and sometimes more often looking for a recipe. (We have several in our regular rotation.) But am I the only one who immediately thinks SNL when I read/hear Coffee Talk? Makes me smile every single time!

  8. Please don’t stop writing these! I read them too even though I don’t always comment! As a brand spanking new blogger you really inspire me and these posts show the reality of you! I am really struggling right now (guess its normal for new bloggers) and you’re an inspiration so please don’t stop these! xoShannon

  9. I enjoy your rambling too. I just seldom comment 🙂

    Regarding your shoe / fashion delimma see the below fashion consultants talking about the popularity of sneakers (AND Angie is actually in Seattle.). You’re quite welcome…ha!


  10. I love your everyday kind of posts. Since I work from home and don’t have a ‘water cooler’, I enjoy hearing about normal run of the mill daily struggles/joys/etc.! With my gluten free hubby, a nut allergic son, a passion for exercising and food and a sugar addiction (need to work on that!) there is so much to relate to! Keep posting!

  11. I enjoy Coffee Talk, too. I like the Cup with Jo idea. 🙂 And I would totally go with the boot and a shoe in your travels when a sneaker isn’t appropriate. I would feel much less awkward in that than sneakers with a dress. Some things should just be avoided at all costs. 😉

  12. Just wanted to say “I’m still reading!” 😀 I know I haven’t been commenting as much lately. Sending my girl off to college + moving all at the same time has proven super hectic. But I’m still around – you’re in my Must Reads on Feedly, so even if I don’t have time to click over, I’m still keeping up on my phone when I’m in line at the store, waiting at the doctor’s office. etc. 🙂 Hopefully life calms down soon!

  13. I like coffee talk. I think “daily diary” and “jo’s journal” sound cutesy, and that’s not a word I’d ever use to describe you! I like the changes to your bios. The “Friends don’t let friends wear mom jeans” definitely helps your voice to come across, And I love what you’re using on instagram, but the grammar of it sounds off to me somehow lol. Could you use “Helping women navigate suburbia and beyond while avoiding mom jeans and boxed mac & cheese”?

  14. These are my favorite as well. Please don’t stop them. I don’t reply that often but you are one the blogs that I read most often and almost completely.

    I hear you on the sneakers and fashion. I am not as fashion – interested as you are but I had to wear shoes that accommodated a carbon plate to a wedding. I think I told everyone that would listen that I was injured hence the lame shoes.

  15. I hope you keep doing Coffee Talk. I think it’s fun to read about what goes on in other people’s day – I guess I’m just nosy! I’m so sorry about the ongoing problems with your feet. Hope you have fun in Seattle! We’ve been having beautiful weather, so I hope it holds out for your tripl

  16. I like coffee talk-keep it up-keeps it real. When you have great fashion sense a boot isn’t going to take all that away-it just doesn’t have the power to do it ;-)! Hugs-hope your feet are all better soon-you’ve been through so much. Praying for you!

  17. I love coffee talk. I usually read it while drinking coffee with my husband Saturday mornings. I wonder if you will have enough content if you do a daily journal and coffee talk. I think the name a cup with Jo is too fun!

    I still don’t love love the blog tag line. It is an improvement but it’s not there yet.

  18. I even reading for YEARS…like 7 or more years and I LOVE coffee talk! I read through all of your posts and it’s my favorite of the week!

  19. I have recently found your blog and really enjoy reading it each day. Thanks for all your cute outfit suggestions and meals. I am on day 10 of the whole30 program and never realized how much i would miss “sweet n low!”. The good thing is that i am seeing results in my clothes so it good for me! I hope to continue eating paleo/primal after its over as well so i am really going to enjoy your recipes. Thanks again!

  20. I LOVE these posts. They honestly are probably my very favorite posts to read. While I love the info you give in the other posts about food and style I love these cause they feel like I’m talking with an old friend about everything and nothing ya know? And I’ve always liked “coffee talk” that just rings true for me. 🙂

  21. I like Coffee Talk. It feels like a conversation in some ways. 🙂 Definitely wear the boot to travel. You don’t want your first day of “no boot” to be a travel day. They can be brutal. (I may just be too used to international flights.) I’ve also had a stress fracture, and I ended up having minor pain on my other foot/ ankle. It went away pretty quickly once I was walking more normally. Good luck on your trip.!

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