Coffee Talk #OldSchoolBlogging Vol. 6

coffee talk

It’s another Saturday morning and I’m having the same internal debate that I have every morning. Do I sit here and have another cup of coffee and start blogging or do I get off my duff and put on some workout clothes and go for a walk/run or bike ride?

It used to be a given, and I’d plan accordingly. Now that I’m not supposed to be over-doing it, I’m always arguing with myself. I should get out there, I’ll feel better. Nah, I might as well just get some work done. My foot will thank me later. But I would really like to enjoy the party tonight, and I could stand to burn some calories. We really should get the kids up and take them to a trail for a nice, family bike ride. But I don’t want to deal with the whining that will ensue. And another cup of coffee sounds really good right now . . .

And round and round it goes.

I’m feeling pretty blimpy after a few days of vacation where we ate out for every. single. meal. My hands are swollen. I’m feeling generally blah. This is summertime, and it’s supposedly my favorite time of year. Why am I so morose?

I guess it’s the post-vacation blues.

Although I won’t be home for long. Next weekend we leave for our 2-week family vacation in Maine. We take this vacation almost every year, and we skipped last summer so I’m really excited to get up there again. The lobster is calling my name, and I can’t wait to see my Grampa. He is 97 and a half . . . he always makes sure to get that half in there. Bless him, I guess when you’ve lived that long, you treasure every month you have left. He still goes to work every day where he runs an insurance office with two of his three sons. I love that, and it obviously has kept him going. Retirement is clearly not in my genes.

We’ll also be spending a lot of time with my brother’s family, which is super fun. Our kids love his kids, and they cannot wait to spend some good quality time together. Usually our visits are quite brief. And we will be stopping on the way home to visit my sister-in-law’s family and see her perform in a community play.

So there’s lots to look forward to. I guess I need to give myself an attitude adjustment and get out there in the fresh air and sunshine, even if it’s just a leisurely walk.

I have a 5K to prepare for, after all!

Did you see my announcement yesterday? I’m partnering with Shout (the laundry stain remover) to participate in the Philly Color Run next Saturday. If you’re local, won’t you consider joining my team!?? I have 10 tickets available that include Shout prize packs. Let me know on this Facebook post if you are available and want to join us, and I will be picking 10 team members at random on Tuesday morning.

This blogging gig is pretty unpredictable. While I’m excited about some new brand partnerships I’m negotiating for fall, I just got word that Smart Beauty Guide is putting their blogging program on hiatus so I’m losing that regular paycheck. It’s the nature of the beast. I’ve lost so many projects over the years, only to find that I was freed up to take on new ones that were a better fit or provided more compensation. So I’m trying not to let that get me down, although it was the last thing I wanted to hear on Friday.

There’s not much else to share. This week will be all about trying to work ahead and preparing for vacation. I’m bummed to miss the Blogger Bash happening Thursday and Friday in NYC, but something had to go. I will be watching all the tweets and instagrams and wishing I was there.

By the way, don’t miss the $200 Nordstrom Gift Card giveaway I’m running!!! Their Anniversary Sale starts on July 17th. This will nice addition to someone’s back-to-school shopping budget, and it might as well be YOU!

So I’ve decided to put on some sneakers and go for a walk. If I feel like jogging a bit, I might. But at least I need some fresh air and Vitamin D.

Oh, hey, speaking of Vitamin D. Did you see this latest study? Haven’t I been saying for years that I just don’t believe the sun can be all bad for us? I know that you can find a study that proves just about anything, but this one sounds legit, plus it goes along with everything I’ve been learning about sun exposure and sunscreens over the past few years. I know it always takes a while for new findings to make it to mainstream media, but I wish this would hurry up and catch up because I’m so sick of the sunscreen police and that nasty spray sunscreen that wafts through the air every time I’m at the pool or the beach and fills my sinuses. Bleh.

I always sunscreen my face so I don’t get more age spots, but I like to leave my body to tan gradually throughout the summer — which is another reason I love to get outside and run/walk/bike. So yeah, we’re back to that. I’m going, I’m going. I hope you will too. Get out there and enjoy the sunshine! Have a lovely, fun-filled and relaxing weekend!

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5 thoughts on “Coffee Talk #OldSchoolBlogging Vol. 6

  1. I’ve that same debate everyday – exercise or be lazy and sit on my bum. I might be able to join you on Saturday for color run trying to work it out now. Aww sad that you will miss blogger bash though it’s poised to be a fun event.

  2. So glad I’m not the only one. With us being in the middle of winter its so much harder to get out from under the warm duvet.

    Today I was going to start doing the weekly Park Runs (I walk though) but then we were told our adoptee doggie was ready and my son joined a Rugby Club and they practise from 09:00 … seems my Park Runs are truly in the balance right now.

    Hope you had a wonderful day any way


  3. Ahh, Jo Lynne, I have that same argument with myself every Saturday morning, too. In fact, I have it some weekday mornings as well. I just LOVE the morning. I love spending it sipping my coffee on my back porch, listening to the birds and looking at the mountains, and conversing with God. But I also love spending it getting sweaty on a run and handweights workout. Such a dilemma! Hope you enjoy your vacation to Maine. Sounds blissful! I love hearing about your life on Saturdays…well actually they get to me on Sundays. But that’s good too!

  4. I have that same debate, but mine is a bit different: to blog or write my novel. Blogging is far easier for me right now so it usually wins out but I just started a small writing group so that helps with accountability. My mom injured her foot recently and she kept trying to get out there and walk, only to find it injured again. Hope yours heals soon! xo

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