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The brief reprieve from the weather that we experienced last weekend was just a tease. Winter is back in full force with unseasonably low temps. I’m just happy the latest predicted snowpocalypse managed to bypass us and the sun is shining. I’ll take what I can get!

My wardrobe has suffered a bit this week, but I do have a fun new outfit to show you!! I will save that for last.

Meanwhile, I know we discussed this and it’s not the best top to wear with my leggings, but some days comfort trumps style. I wore this super soft and comfy sweatshirt (no longer available) with my black Hue leggings (just $36 at Nordstrom – free shipping, free returns) to work from home. In fact, I think I wore it twice. D’oh. I tried to pull my gray Long and Lean Tank down longer than the tunic but it doesn’t quite show. I’m still trying to find tanks long enough for this purpose. I even threw on earrings and a necklace for good measure. I actually do wear those Tara M. Tiffany ankle boots around the house. They’re lightweight super comfortable, especially with the Abeo inserts.


I wore this red chunky sweater (Banana Republic, no longer avail) and skinny  jeans (old) tucked into my gray UGGs (also no longer avail) on Saturday to run errands and attend my son’s jazz band competition. I didn’t have time to do my hair so I just pulled it back in a pony and threw on these silver earrings. My Dooney & Bourke Croco Lexington Shopper was the perfect bag to carry because it is large enough to hold all the essentials I need for a day out while the slim profile fits neatly into a stadium seat beside me in a crowded auditorium.


I wore this outfit yesterday to take my kids to the orthodontist. Yes, that is how pathetic my days have become. I dressed up for the orthodontist, lol!!! But I was dying to wear something different. I pulled these gray cords out of the back of my closet, and I was going for my black boyfriend sweater with a maroon tank underneath when this mustard yellow boyfriend sweater caught my eye. I never thought to pair it with gray but I really love the combination.


I wore this on Sunday, only long enough to drive to church to retrieve my son, who had unintentionally ingested tree nuts, to which he is allergic. We sat out side the ER together for about an hour, waiting to see if his anaphylactic reaction would require medical attention. Good times! Finally his symptoms started to dissipate, so we drove home. I spent the rest of the afternoon beside him on the couch, watching his every move in case the reaction should reappear, but everything turned out alright. I got up on Monday morning and put the same outfit on again. Yeah. It happens.


Finally, I promised you something new.

My husband has his 45th birthday on Monday, and we celebrated by going out to dinner with friends. I got it in my head I wanted a new outfit, so I went to the mall on Friday to see what I could find.

I knew I wanted to wear my  Double Zipper Biker Skinny Pants (a sample from Goodnight Macaroon) and I wanted a cute top to go with. But it was COLD and we would be outside so I thought perhaps a jacket would be a good idea. I don’t own a jacket or blazer and have been wanting to add one to my wardrobe for a while. This seemed like the perfect occasion.

I ended up in White House Black Market with a cute guy bringing me tons of looks to try on. Once he pegged my style, he set me up with 3 or 4 different outfits that I would have happily brought home if the price tags were a bit more agreeable to my budget. I fell madly and deeply in love with this majorelle blue leather moto jacket, but alas, the price tag and I couldn’t see eye to eye so I regretfully left it behind.

In the end, after posting a few photos to Instagram for advice…

Instagram outfit advice

I bought this black ruffle front peplum jacket and circle print cami to go underneath. I also bought the blue fireball necklace and earrings. I thought the circle design was a nice compliment to the circle pattern in the top, and the stones were a deep blue, which pulled from the blue piping on the cami.


I sooooo loved wearing this outfit!!!



I decided to go with my pink clutch for a fun punch of color. And I wore a stack of thin gold and silver bangles because I knew a smaller bracelet would get lost in my jacket.


Here I am with my husband, right before going out. I did get around to painting my nails a deep plum, and I ended up changing to my black boots because I knew we’d be doing some walking around outside. Turns out, I think I like the outfit better this way. It’s a bit more casual and a little bit edgier.



We had a blast. We enjoyed before-dinner drinks at an Irish pub and then we went across the street to a local BYOB for dinner. I feasted on octopus and beef short rib and finished off the night with a delectable chocolate dessert.

Sometimes you just have to step a wee bit out of your comfort zone and try something new!

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20 thoughts on “Daily Mom Style | Fashion Over 40 03.05.14

  1. Cute. I love how simple it is, but it makes you look fantastic. I shopped once at BH/WM, and only ended up with one top. I could have bought more, but my budget wouldn’t allow it, either. I see that we may have a reprieve from the weather this weekend. It is so sad that I am excited because we are having 30 degree temps tomorrow.

  2. Love the new outfit! I know it’s a somewhat odd suggestion, but if you’re having trouble finding tanks that are long enough, try looking at maternity tanks. I have a cami I got while I was pregnant that I still love wearing because it’s longer and stays down better than most of my others.

  3. LOVE your new outfit and keep going back to WH/BM to check for sales. I agree their full prices are a little tough to swallow but when I find something I love I keep going back to check if it’s on sale. Sometimes they run out but I have gotten many great deals there! When you’re ready for some nice capris, they have awsome fitting, very comfortable ones. I think their quality is excellent too.

  4. I totally agree on the first outfit – sometimes comfort trumps style! I pretty much wear leggings all the time when I am not going outside all day!

    I love the last outfit with the black jacket and circle print shirt. You look great in it!

  5. I know the best long tanks to wear under tops when you wear your leggings. This is going to sound weird, but trust me. The Liz Lange maternity tanks at Target are the best for this purpose! They are long and stretchy – material is fabulous and they wash up great. They don’t have any weird ruching – they just run a lot longer than regular tanks. They are my go to. Best part – 12.99 is regular price and they often go on sale for about 10.00.

  6. Totally random comment on this post, but since I gave up social media for Lent (eek!!), this was the best way I could think of to contact you! 😀 Just wanted to let you know that Athleta is on Zulily starting tomorrow at 6a PT!!

  7. You look GORG for your date everything about the look…the mustard and grey is also standing out as a fav! Thanks for linking up with Monday Mingle.

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