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Last Wednesday, I spent the day in Philly taking pictures for the Sony Unedited project.

It was quite chilly so I wore my long gunmetal gray puffy coat. Underneath, I chose emerald green skinny jeans with a black dolman sweater. I jazzed it up with a green scarf, and I wore my cognac boots with oatmeal-colored boot socks for contrast. I thought the boots were a smart choice for walking around the city, but by the end of the day, my feet were crying out in protest.

I spent the next day traipsing around Longwood Gardens and Kennett Square wearing this plum and gray striped sweater with skinny jeans. I’m actually cheating here. My feet were hurting so bad from our Philly excursion that I actually wore my Dansko clogs that day, but I put on these boots for the photo.

This outfit is from Saturday. I took my daughter out for shopping and pedicures, and then later on we went to see Oz The Great and Powerful. Feeling festive for St. Patty’s Day weekend, I decided on my green cardigan over a chocolate brown tank and tan cords. I took the opportunity to wear this cute green and brown beaded bracelet I picked up at a local shop, and the necklace is from Studio Jewel. Even though it was cold and rainy, I didn’t want to ruin my pedicure with socks and boots so I suffered in these embellished ballet flats. The things we women do . . .

Okay, time to get a new pose.

This photo is from Sunday. Even though my grandmother emigrated from Scotland and THEN I married into a family that claims the Wallace bloodline, I cannot bring myself not to wear green on St. Patty’s Day. Never fear, Daddy, I still gave a nod to my Scottish heritage with a bright orange accessory!

It’s probably too early to bring out the espadrilles, but I couldn’t resist. I picked up that green bracelet from Kohl’s this weekend.

And yes, I took those pictures in a public bathroom. I’m classy like that.

This outfit is similar to one I wore a few weeks ago — magenta V-neck tee with dark jeans and a khaki fitted jacket. The brown wedge pumps and khaki jacket are both from LOFT about a hundred years ago. The necklace is from Target.

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16 thoughts on “Daily Mom Style 03.20.13

  1. Jo-Lynne – I’ve been enjoying your blog the last few weeks. You are an inspiration to me. I live in Lancaster, Pa. now but used to live in West Chester. I am 50 and trying to break out of my style rut! Thanks for all of the time that you put into your blog.

  2. Love your emerald green jeans! I like the scarf you paired with it too. It’s a very happy looking outfit.

    I was going to wear green on St. Patty’s day, but I totally missed my chance. I also forgot and cooked Italian. Bad me. Can we have a do-over?

  3. I’ve been a reader for a cople months now. LOVE your blog. Just wanted to tell you, “I’m classy like that” is one of my favorite lines to date. LOL

  4. I love your blog & your style, it’s a great mix of practicality & fashion & refreshingly honest. Can I be really picky & say St. Patrick is Irish & the patron saint of Ireland (not Scotland, they have their own).! He was born in Wales & came to Ireland as a boy (as a hostage)! Sorry to be so picky…..we sometimes refer to St. Patrick’s day as “Paddy’s Day” but never Patty. There you go, rant over, you may already know all this. I really love your blog so hope you don’t take this too seriously (we’re just a bit protective of our patron saint). Martina (in Ireland funnily enough)

    1. LOL, I know St. Patrick is Irish. But my dad always told me that b/c I am Scottish, not Irish, I am supposed wear orange, not green. But I don’t know WHY. Do you?

      I’m glad to know that it is Paddy’s Day and not Patty. I never knew that!!! I hate typos and mis-spellings. I will have to fix it now!! 😉

      Thanks for the kind words about my blog.

  5. I’m relieved you took my comment in the way it was intended. With regards to orange, in Northern Ireland, ‘Orange Day’ is celebrated on 12th July by Protestants. It celebrated the victory of the Protestant King William of Orange over the Catholic King James II at theBattle of the Boyne in 1690. It’s a big deal in Northern Ireland for Protestants & often controversial due to the path the parade takes or wants to take (through catholic areas of the city). My God (I didn’t think when I read your blog today that I’d be going into all this)!! I’ve learned a little myself too today which is never a bad thing.

  6. It’s so disappointing when a pair of shoes looks great but isn’t comfy enough for a day of walking! Some boots are better than others. I can wear my cowboy boots forever, but not my other pairs!

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