Non-Candy Easter Basket Fillers for Tweens

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I’m not such a scrooge that I won’t give my kids any candy at Easter, but I prefer to buy one piece of good quality chocolate (I found dairy-free chocolate bunnies at my local whole foods store! score!!) and then fill their baskets with mostly non-food items. But the older they get, it’s becoming quite a challenge to find cool gadgets that they might actually enjoy. I’ve been scouring the interwebs trying to find some great ideas. These fun and colorful gifts are sure to brighten their Easter baskets — no tooth decay necessary. (Hope my kids aren’t reading!!)

Non-Candy Easter Basket Fillers for Tweens

Puttyworld: Easter Colors, $10
Three tins of Thinking Putty made specifically for Easter

Thinking Putty is like silly putty but better. Non-toxic and non-gooey, it can bounce, shatter, and stretch. The Easter version comes in a package with three colors: blue, purple and yellow — all mysteriously translucent putties with an explosive dose of color shifting glitter.

Wicked Audio: Jaw Breakers, $11.99
Candy-colored, noise isolating earbuds add flare to your listening experience

These stylish earbuds feature a noise isolation feature to produce superb sound quality, and they come in four fun color choices to complement everyone’s style: green, black, pink and white.

Griffin: Crayola® MyPhones, $24.95
Volume-limiting headphones that keep sound pressure down to levels recommended safe for young ears

For younger kids, I love the Griffin Crayola MyPhones. Children can now listening to music in a totally new, colorful and safe way. The headphones are designed to fit over-the-ear and come with stickers and Crayola markers to customize. They are available in pink/purple and blue/green color combinations.

Toddy Smart Cloth, $9.99
Carefully handcrafted microfiber cloth provides effective, scratch-free cleaning for your iDevices, screens, lenses and more, features an antimicrobial coating, and is offered in a plethora of fashionable designs

These super fun and functional toddy cloths are made for cleaning screens including iPhone, iPad, TV’s, glasses, cameras, etc. Four different collections include a total of 42 vibrant print and pattern options, guaranteeing a trendy choice for everyone.

Musubo: HyperGrip for iPhone 5, $14.97
Protective case brings stunning fashion sport design to mobile device accessories

If you’ve entrusted your kid with an iPhone, you definitely want to make sure it’s protected! The HyperGrip is inspired by professional racquet sports. It blends eye-catching style with uncompromised protection due to the ultra-durable, soft-touch silicon with a polycarbonate reinforcement band. The HyperGrip comes in five color combinations: black/chartreuse, red/black, purple/black, chartreuse/black, and white/purple, and it includes complimentary folding video stand.

X-Doria: Dash Icon, $29.99
Fashion-forward collection of ultra-slim, protective cases for your iPhone 5

Another iPhone case option, the sleek profile of the Dash Icon cases provides minimal bulk with full access to ports and buttons. The glossy, inner structure stands out against the outer, matte body to make a case that is sure to collect compliments. Strong polycarbonate helps keep your iPhone away from scratch-causing surfaces while a raised front lip protects your screen. Be sure to check out all the cute patterns: Herringbone, Color Burst, Orange Bloom, Dandelions, and Cubes.

Printed Duck Tape
Great for crafts and encouraging creativity

Kids love printed duck tape, and it comes in all sorts of crazy colors and patterns. Stick a roll or two in their Easter baskets and watch and see what they find to do with it!

iDuck – Bathtub Music, $29.99
Waterproof, floating ducky is a speaker for MP3s & FM radio

How fun is this!? This waterproof, floating ducky is a speaker for your MP3 player to use in the bathtub. You won’t have to beg your kids to take a bath any longer! It’s recommended for ages 8 and up.

And y’all. Please. Take a minute and watch the video. I was laughing so hard I had tears, sitting here all by myself watching that thing. What a crackup.

Schmoozees, $19.99, buy one get one free!
The Ear Resistable Fashionable Icon

I know my girls are going to love these soft, squeezable Shmoozees. Add your own jewelry to their ear resistible ears, and glam ’em up with Ear Resistible charms. When you turn out the lights, Shmoozees glow-in-the-dark!

Plush Peeps, $9.99
They may look like candy, but they’re not

These are friends, not food. Choose traditional chicks or adorable bunnies, these plush peeps will look cute in an Easter basket and won’t rot your teeth. Each set includes one each of yellow, pink, blue, and purple and comes packaged in a Peeps gift box.

What would you add to m list???

Some of these products were sent to me for consideration for this post, and some are things I came up with on my own. I was not paid for this post, and everything I included are ideas that I think are super cool (and things that are going in my kids’ Easter baskets!)

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  1. Our baskets usually include a new bathing suit and sunglasses for spring break. I also try to find sample sizes of the kids’ toothpaste/mouthwash or some other little things that they’ll need for camp or hanging out with friends (mini flashlight, beach towel, fingernail polish, card games). But, there’s always a little bit of candy, too.

  2. My kids are 5 6 7 so usually the baskets has a new book and outdoor toys they have been asking for. I usually put one piece of candy, they aren’t candy lovers as it is.

  3. THis year I am not putting candy in their baskets. They are getting tons from other relatives plus the eggs they are hunting, so this year I am packing for my 8 yr old daughter and my 4 year old son. They are getting:water guns, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, card games, new character rotary toothbrushes, matchbox cars for my son , new earbudsfor my daughter and mini hand sanitizers. I will probably throw In a book and some crayons and coloring book and a yoyo or ball/frisbee 🙂

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