Daily Mom Style 10.03.12

This week’s been a bit of a wash. I admit to staying in workout clothes most days. I really need to get better about getting in the shower first thing in the morning because it’s too hard to walk away from the computer once I’ve sat down, and I end up plugging away till the kids get home at 3:00, and by then it seems like, what’s the point? So I slap on some mascara and call it a day. I know, gross. It’s pretty pitiful when you’re too busy to get a shower. I think it’s time to re-prioritize again!

At any rate, here’s what I’ve got for this week.

day 1

I wore this outfit to church on Sunday. I really wanted to wear my green jeans, so I looked at a couple of different options and finally settled on this embellished cream-colored tank and taupe cardi from Madewell. This bronze-colored cuff bracelet is one that I bought with the outfit to compliment the sequins on the top so I decided to wear these bronze-colored ballet flats to work with that whole scheme.

I ended up putting a necklace on before I walked out the door — this one from Lisa at Studio Jewel. Again, I thought the tone of the metal complimented the outfit.

studio jewel necklace

day 2

I put this next outfit on for a meeting at the girls’ school and a lunchdate with a friend. This is one of those outfits that just came together because I spotted the skirt and wanted to wear it, and I felt like bare legs looked too summery so I tried it on with tights and boots. It was too warm out to wear a sweater, so I opted for this casual tee from Old Navy (affiliate link). Is it plum? Eggplant? Whatever it is, I like how it works with the gray. In fact, I was toying around with wearing this outfit in our family photos this weekend.

I have to say, though. I got home and I couldn’t WAIT to rip those tights off. I think tights are so incredibly uncomfortable. Which is why you will almost always find me in jeans in the wintertime. But every once in a while, I try to change it up. That is the Signature Dot Disc Necklace from Stella & Dot (affiliate link). I love how it fills a neckline when it’s doubled up.

day 3

This is the outfit I wore yesterday on my shopping trip to the Tanger Outlets (I’m an ambassador! YAY! Stay tuned for more info on that in my Fashion Friday post!) It’s a great halfway point to meet up with my college bestie. We have a way of picking the rainiest days to get together. It was POURING rain yesterday. But we slogged through and had fun anyway.

I love this wide-striped raglan top from Ella Moss. It was a total splurge, and therefore you will probably see it every week in Daily Mom Style. Plus, it is so very comfy and easy to wear. I wore my skinniest skinny jeans by Seven For All Mankind. I picked these up at Bloomingdales on sale after the holidays a few years ago, and they are still my go-to jeans in the wintertime because they are so easy to tuck into boots. They’re also nice and heavy for winter weather, but so stretchy and comfy that I feel like I’m wearing pajamas. The hand-stamped silver necklaces were both gifts in my speaker bag at the Blissdom Conference in 2010 — from Lisa Leonard Designs and The Vintage Pearl.

And that’s all I’ve got. Seriously, it’s not that I forgot to take photos. It’s just that I didn’t want to scare ya the other days. I really need to get into a better habit of getting myself ready first thing in the mornings. How about you? Do you struggle to put yourself together every day?? Please tell me that I’m not alone.

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  1. Guilty as charged!
    Now my kids can walk themselves to and from school, I am reduced to yoga pants and slippers. I know this is bad but I’m really enjoying NOT getting it together in the mornings. Working from home obviously aides in this but I will have to try harder to be more ‘put together’ You’re totally NOT alone in this household anyway..
    P.S Love the new site layout.

  2. I do not struggle getting ready in the summertime at all. But the cooler weather sets in and I’m content to wear sweats. This is crazy.

    1. yeah, it has DEFINITELY been worse since school started. I think part of it is the winter, but it’s not that cold here yet. I think it’s more that I want to use every spare second while the kids are gone to work. I hate taking an hour to get ready. but then if I wait till 3:00, I figure, why bother? LOL!

  3. You are not alone! Although I work outside the home, on the weekends I am running around cleaning, grocery shopping, etc. that I realize I have not showered until 3 or 4 in the afternoon. You look great in these outfits. The green jeans and tan blazer look great together. As much as I love tights, they are uncomfortable, so I totally agree about feeling like you can’t wait to get them off at the end of the day 🙂 Heather

  4. yes! I struggle on lots of days… that’s why my fushia cotton sweater and blue jeans must always be ready to go! Today I did pair them with a new pair of silver earrings and I may wear a scarf for my lunch date. thank you as always!

  5. I definitely understand, though I try to bother because hubby would not be impressed to find me in sweats. Part of the reason I attempt to put myself together daily is for him.

    I like the outfits you put together!

  6. Cute outfits! I like the green pants. I also like the purple with gray-I’ve always loved purple and I am obsessed with gray right now.

  7. I did not get dressed today until right before getting the kids from school. Most days I don’t shower until after 10, because I usually go to the gym in the mornings. And some days I am back in lazy clothes before my husband ever sees me in regular clothes! Love that striped top!

  8. Glad I’m not the only one who has troubles showering. My deal is that I want to work out, then I do, but I stay in my work out clothes until 11 am, noon, or later (depending on my preschooler’s schedule) and feel rather lazy for the rest of the day. It’s nice to shower first thing because it insures more productivity, but then I feel bad for not working out…

  9. I like that you said, “At least my sweats are cute” in a comment above. 🙂 That’s how I feel many days, too! Recently, however, I’ve put on my workout clothes with every intention of working out and somehow I come to the end of the day and I have neither exercised nor showered so I need to regroup as well. I’m not sure what a Tanger Outlet ambassador means but it sounds pretty cool! We’re heading to the Outer Banks for a long weekend and this time we are staying pretty close to the Tanger Outlet! It’s pretty small but I know they at least have J.Crew, Ralph Lauren, Coach, and Gymboree. That’s enough for me for now. Hoping to score a few deals on kids’ clothes for the changing season… AND… we just found out we’re having another girl in January so I finally get to go back to the pink side of Gymboree!!!

  10. Hello new blog design! Congrats, it looks AWESOME! Hope you’re enjoying it 😉

    I agree with you on the tights but man, they look cute and suck things in!

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