Deep thoughts…

As if I have any other kind.  Heh.

The kids are officially back to school.  There is a chill in the air, a fall wreath adorns my front door, and I even have my harvest pedicure.

I spent the morning at the mall stocking on up on fall essentials such as t-shirts, cargo pants, and a long cardigan.  Oh, and a new fall handbag.  You must have seen that one coming.

It smells like fall, it looks like fall, it feels like fall.  For all intents and purposes, fall has arrived here in the great Northeast — a full two weeks ahead of schedule, I might add.

So tell me this.  Why is it that spring is so reluctant to appear, and yet fall is so eager to return?

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13 thoughts on “Deep thoughts…

  1. LUCKY! I LOOOOVE FALL! But here in SUNNY California, we find that Spring lasts for about a week and Fall comes a few weeks late. SIGH. Though this summer has been pretty tame, I’m READY for the chill in the air and the yummy smell of pumpkin patches! I thought I was being premature when I told my DH to get down the fall decor, see’ins how it’s still over 100* here, but WHO CARES! I need my cranberry candles, dang it! lol

  2. After the hot dry summer we have had here in Central Texas I am so happy to see fall. It is still very warm here, in the 90’s most days. Dry too, we are in the biggest drought since 1963. I am so ready for fall and winter. I have not put out my fall decorations just yet, I am going to do that this weekend. If I put out the pretty fall pieces I have I am sure fall will hurry up to get here…Roxie

  3. Chrysanthemama, I would have but everything I got was at the outlets. Not online. 🙁 I suppose I could use the good old fashioned photo, huh?

  4. I’m with ya on the late spring and early fall. Never mind the non existent summer we had. It always seems that as soon as school starts you can smell the change in the air. Not that it’s a bad thing, but I’d like a bit more summer!

  5. Oh, here you go again….making me covet, LOL. I tried to usher fall in by buying a cute pumpkin and soe placemat the other day…it’s still HOT outside, LOL. However, the humidity is down a slight notch. 🙂
    Have a beautiful day!

  6. A few things…Must see a pic of the handbag. Fall is my favorite and can come as early as it would like and stay as long as it would like! (At least in my opinion.) Finally, I’m a dork and can’t bring myself to put up my fall wreath until the calendar actually marks fall. Silly, I know, but true.

  7. Fall huh? Hmmmm. I beg to differ! No chill in the air here. I figure we’ll see that around January. Shorts are always worn on Christmas around here but I usually have hopes for January. Is it to late to buy a fall bag then? LOL

  8. I’ve been thinking that I need to get me a fall hand bag. I currently am using a yellow one – seems like a very summery color to me. What do you suggest for fall?

  9. In East Texas we are just celebrating the fact that there are more days in the 80’s than the 90’s this week. I guess that means fall is coming…sometime! As long as the Texas Longhorns keep winning, I don’t care when fall actually gets here!

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