Dressing Room Try-Ons: LOFT & Banana Republic

Good morning! Instead of a What I Wore post today, I thought I’d share some dressing room try-ons with you. I had to take my husband to an appointment earlier this week and found myself with a couple of hours to kill, so I decided to check out Loft and Banana Republic and see what’s new.

Banana Republic used to be my go-to store, the one where I could always count on finding something good. Lately I haven’t been as enamored with their offerings, but I wanted to give them a shot, so I started out there.

For size reference, I’m 5’5″ and right about 140# at the moment, with an hourglass shape. I typically wear a size small in tops, 6 or 8 (28 or 29) in pants, and an 8 in dresses. 

This pleated shoulder shift fits more like a sheath, which is fine with me because I prefer more fitted styles. They call it red, but i feel it reads more orange. Either way, I like the bright happy color, and the print is subtle but adds interest. Bonus, it has pockets! It is cut a little too low under the arms, but dresses tend to fit me that way; it’s probably fine on most people. Sometimes I wish I was one or two inches taller. (I’m 5’5″.)

Oh, and FYI, it also comes in 3 solid colors in regular sizes as well as petite. For size reference, I’m wearing my usual 8.

pleated shoulder shift // luna necklace // silver link bracelet

I also tried this floral fit-and-flare dress for fun. I don’t really like the fit and flare silhouette on me, but it’s a cute dress. This is the 6, and it’s a little too small (it wasn’t zipped all the way) so I’d say it’s true to size. (I usually wear an 8 in dresses, but sometimes I can get away with a 6 in some brands, so I often try both.)

It’s nice and heavy, almost a scuba material, and I like the  button-loop closure with keyhole in the back — it’s an interesting detail. Also, a concealed bra-keeper clips keep your bra straps hidden.

floral fit-and-flare dress

This cowl neck shell is really cute, and I’ll probably end up ordering it. I’m not even sure why I left it there. I’m wearing the small, and it JUST fits so I should probably try the medium to compare.

It’s a really nice sandwash modal blend, so it’s got a bit of a dressier vibe to it — perfect for work wear and layering under jackets and cardigans. It also comes in black, white, and boysenberry, but I thought this forest green was really pretty for transitioning into fall.

On the bottom, I’m wearing their new high rise legging fit ankle jeans, and I really like them! If I needed them, I would have definitely purchased them. For size reference, this is the 29, so they’re true to size, or size up if in between.

cowl neck shell // high rise legging fit ankle jeans // luna necklace // silver link bracelet

In these next few pictures, I’m wearing their Ryan cut slim straight pants, and the price tag says $88 so I thought they were the washable bi-stretch pants, but it says those are an online exclusive so I’m not sure. At any rate, the fit of these is really nice, but I tried both the 6 and the 8, and I’m sort of in between sizes.

I used to always wear a 6 in BR pants, so I think this is an issue of me needing to lose 5 lbs, and they’re pretty much true to size. *insert the eye roll emoji* I always get frustrated trying on clothes when I the scale tips 140# because suddenly nothing fits quite right; my usual size is too tight, but if I size up, they’re too big.

Anyway, that’s a personal problem. For your reference, these pants are true to size, they fit well, and they’re a really nice quality for work wear. They also had them in a nice light beige color in store, which is a nice alternative to black. Here, I even took a picture of the rear view so you can see how nice they fit, and also the back of the top.

I also threw on this plaid blazer to show an option for a 3rd piece. If you work in a professional office setting where you need blazers sometimes, this one is really nice looking. I’m wearing the 6 and it’s a tad snug through the back, but I think an 8 would look too big. So again, I think it’s true to size.

cowl neck shell // slim straight pants // long & lean blazer

Okay, back to my comfort zone… casual wear!

Actually, this is not so much my comfort zone because I’m not wearing jeans. I wanted to try these utility jogger pants for something different. They’re made of a TENCEL™ material, which I like better than the typical knit joggers. It dresses them up a bit and gives them a little more structure so they don’t sag or bag in the rear, as knit pants tend to do.

I often see bloggers doing more dressed-up looks with joggers, which I’m pretty sure I’m not cool enough to pull off, but I think I could maybe try it with these. I’m calling these “grownup joggers.” Ha! They also come in navy, black, and a stone color. For size reference, this is the 6, and they fit perfectly.

Here they are with a waterfall cardigan on top. I love the quality of this cardigan, and it’s comfy enough for throwing on with loungewear after work but dressy enough to wear out and about with jeans… or these utility jogger pants.

It’s really soft and cozy — the material is what they call Luxespun fabric, which is sweater-soft and wrinkle resistant. It comes in 5 great neutrals, and for size reference, I’m wearing the small.

white tee // utility jogger pants // waterfall cardigan

Okay, moving on to Loft… This weekend they’re having a sale on their pants and jeans, but when I was in the store, they had a 40% off sale going on all tops, so I ended up purchasing a tee and a sweater.

This twist sleeve tee is a nice variation on their popular vintage soft tee. It comes in white and this silver lilac, which I think is beautiful paired with white jeans or shorts. It also comes in a light blue stripe.

For size reference, I tried on the small but purchased the medium. As you can see, the small was really tight. I typically wear a small at Loft, so I’d say this top runs small. The medium feels a little big to me, but I know it will shrink. I wore it yesterday with white shorts. Oh, and it’s on sale for $18!

I’m also wearing their white crop skinnies, which I want to like, but the front rise area kind of sags, which is unfortunate. Other than that, I like the fit; here’s a shot from behind. Yeow! Always fun to look at yourself from behind… NOT. Again, the top is obviously a size too small.

The pockets on the pants are larger than I prefer, but I feel like they’re overall not unflattering, and while they call these a skinny, they definitely read as more of a cropped straight, which of course is trending right now. I want to like them, I just wish they fit better in the front rise area. You’ll see more pictures of these pants below.

twist sleeve tee (on sale!) // white crop skinnies (on sale!) // gold thong sandals

I love, love, love this striped v-neck sweater, and I had the hardest time deciding which color way to purchase. I photographed all three. I think the wide v-neckline is super flattering, and I like how it also dips into a v in the back.

For size reference, this is the small, which is what I purchased. I like the fit, but if you want a slouchier fit as shown on the model on the Loft website, feel free to size up. The sleeves are snug, so I’m hoping it still fits okay after it’s washed. If you have larger arms, you will definitely want to size up.

Here’s a view from behind so you can see how the v-neck goes in the back. I also like that the hem of the sweater is cut straight all around; I find that more flattering and easier to wear than curved hemlines.

striped v-neck sweater // white crop skinnies // gold thong sandals

Here’s the same sweater in lavender. I really wanted to purchase this color and one of the stripes, but I held to my no-duplicates rule and just bought the effervescent blue stripe (below).

v-neck sweater // white crop skinnies // gold thong sandals

This effervescent blue stripe seems the most summery to me, so I ended up bringing this one home, but it was hard to leave the lavender one behind. I also like how this one pairs with light wash jeans.

These boyfriend jeans  are fun for a change, and I love the wide cuff, but as usual, I just don’t feel they’re as flattering on me as skinny jeans.

Here’s the view from the back… see what I mean? I just don’t love them. For size reference, these are the size 6.

striped v-neck sweater // boyfriend jeans // gold thong sandals

I also tried on a dress, and I actually like this one a lot, but I had the same issue with this as I did with the BR ones above — I’m in between sizes. This is the small, and it juuuuust fits.

The material is a nice soft, stretchy knit, and the flouncy hem is really fun. It’s a bit more of a casual fabric, but I think you could also dress it up if you want more variety.

floral flare dress // gold thong sandals

This floral shirttail tee is kind of funky. It’s too long left untucked, but I don’t care for it front-tucked either because it’s so long in the back. The material is pretty, though. I’m wearing a small, and it’s plenty big.

floral shirttail tee // white crop skinnies // gold thong sandals

And I wanted to like this cuffed dolman tee — it’s a thicker knit material, which is nice for transitioning to fall. I had the same issue with the untucked vs front tucked issue, though. I think I like it better untucked, honestly. What do you think?

cuffed dolman tee // white crop skinnies // gold thong sandals

I took these pictures to show the boyfriend jeans, and then I ended up putting the striped sweater on with them later on.

And finally, I threw this striped hooded cardigan on top, and it took all my will power to leave this in the store. It’s such a great striped summery coverup for cool evenings. When it goes on sale, I’ll be snapping this baby right up.

white tee // boyfriend jeans // striped hooded cardigan // gold thong sandals

And that’s a wrap! What are you shopping for right now? Anything specific?

I’m doing a photo shoot on Tuesday with Alison to capture some fun transition looks. I’m trying to find things you can start wearing now but will carry you into fall, and I’m open to requests!

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28 Responses

  1. Fun!
    I am considering the Loft v-neck stripe top and then I saw the zip jacket-love it! I can’t say no to stripes. 
    Jeans, striped shirt, cute sandals, that’s my go-to ❤️

  2. Thanks Jolynne Shane!  I haven’t bought much from the loft this year but I love the striped v neck sweater!  I’m a pear shape but have the same problem with pants.  Those 5 extra pounds from the summer put me between the 6 and 8 too!

  3. Great shopping wrap up. Everything looks terrific on you as usual!😉

    Looking forward to the transitional pieces into fall. Looking forward to escaping all the smoke and heat here once fall arrives.

  4. I NEED the striped hooded jacket. I went to order online thinking how expensive could it be-uh no! Waiting for it to go on sale-let is know if you notice it on sale. Also love the green cowl neck top from BR. 

  5. Fun post! I love try-on sessions. Unrelated question: Is the blush tone that is so popular right now considered a neutral shade? I was just given the most fabulous pair of leather booties in blush and I am wondering if they will work with all my outfits or just specific things.

  6. Good Saturday morning! I love your dressing room try-ons, and my fav is the Loft floral shirttail tee (the one you think is too long???) It’s my kind of top!! I am also between sizes and need to lose 5 pounds to feel comfortable in my current clothes, so I feel your pain! HA HA!!!
    Question, do you plan to resume your weekly Facebook Live chats? I enjoy them. Maybe after your company leaves and your kids settle back into school? Please bring them back soon!!

  7. Cute clothes! I have two fall weddings that I need outfits for and I just have no idea what I’m going to wear. I carry my weight in my midsection and so I really have a hard time finding dresses that look ok….let alone are flattering. It’s got me stressed lol. 

  8. I love it when you create this kind of post!  This is my absolute favorite- I love seeing all of the options that are out there in the stores.  It’s like you’re bringing the best of the stores (that I also love to shop in) to me in my home!  Have a great weekend!!!

  9. Your dressing room try on sessions are always fun! I liked those 2 shirttail tops untucked on you. I have a harder time with those because I’m so short, but I do have a couple from Loft that I like.  I was just in Loft yesterday and came away with the short sleeved striped sweater I’ve been eyeing for awhile, for $16!  Gotta love 60% off the sale section.  😊  Now I just need to be patient and wait for that adorable striped hooded cardigan you tried on, to go on sale! 

  10. Wow…I could really see the difference between a sheath and a fit and flare dress on you! Those two pictures really helped me as I feel the same about a fit and flare on me. Yes, you should have taken that green cowl neck shell home as the colour looks gorgeous on you! The question about front tucked or untucked. I think front tucked looked best but I think because of the way the white pants did that funky thing in the front might have affected the look. I say try those tops again with a pair of pants that fit you properly. I love these try-on sessions….thanks!

  11. I just bought the lavender LOFT sweater. I probably won’t be able to wear it until at least October since I live in southern Louisiana but it’s such a pretty color that I couldn’t resist!

  12. Love you in the lavender color v sweater. I bought the blue striped one and 2 of the twist tees. Can you tell me how you find the sizing of the silver bracelet? It seems to come in 7.5 and 8.25 inch, do you find the links make it tight?

    1. I don’t know what size I have in the bracelet. When I got mine, there were no options, so I think it’s probably the smaller size. It’s not super snug, but you do have to get used to getting it on and off.

  13. I’ve been a reader for just about a year and just wanted to say thanks for teaching me so much about how clothes should fit! It’s all the little comments that you may not even think about that have helped me make better choices. For instance, I never realized that it’s the shoulder seam placement that can make or break a top for me. Now I know to look for that. In this post, you were pointing out the front rise scrunching issue on some pants – again, something that I just couldn’t pinpoint before. So thanks! I too am in my 40s and in the dreaded in between sizes now and it’s so frustrating, but your reviews help a lot. 

  14. Love your try on posts! Thank you! That striped v neck is fantastic! And love the boyfriend jeans too! Keep the good stuff coming!

  15. I love that black floral dress on you and the top that looks like a similar print. So pretty!

    Lots of great pieces in the stores. I have been saving Banana Republic rewards for fall shopping, will have to check out the work pants and the cute joggers (yay, they come in petite lol!)

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