Fun Fall Finds Under $100

Despite the continuing heat wave, my mind is already switching over to fall fashion — at least to transition styles that I can start wearing now and wear into the fall — so today I thought I’d round up some fun fall finds under $100. Some of these I have and some I’ve ordered, so I’ll give you fit tips and sizing notes where I can.

Fun Fall Finds Under $100

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Fun Fall Finds Under $100

one // I was uber impressed with the fit and feel of these 9″ high-rise knit toothpick jeans when I pulled them on the other day. They’re about as soft as my AG legging jeans I love so much, and they fit me perfectly. Obviously, every woman’s body is different, but I was impressed with how the appeared almost made for me.

I’ve tried other J.Crew toothpick jeans on before and don’t remember liking them this much, so I don’t know what’s different about these, but they’re really good. They’re not quite as flattering from the rear view as my Paige and AG jeans, but for the price, they’re definitely a good bang for the buck.

two // Leith came out with a long-sleeve version of everyone’s favorite ruched dress, and I think the brown spice is really fun for fall, although it’s not a color I should really wear near my face so I may opt for the navy blue. I recommend sizing up in this for a less body-con fit.

three // I finally ordered this Universal Thread denim skirt after I recommended it so many times. I figured I ought to try what I’m recommending, plus I like that the wash is darker than my other denim skirt. It’s really cute and flattering, and for the price point, you really can’t beat it.

four // I love the colors and the floral pattern in this ruffle tie neck top. It’s a great wear now-and-later piece because you can throw a denim jacket on top or a cardigan when the weather cools down and keep wearing it right through the fall. Same with this ruffle strap shell that I mentioned in my email newsletter yesterday. Both are 40% off at the moment, so actually under $50!

five // This Ralph Lauren jersey sheath is on sale at Macy’s for just under $100, and with its 3/4 length sleeves, it’s the perfect office-to-dinner dress for fall.

six // Loving this dangling disc pendant for wearing over sweaters this summer and fall.

seven // This ombré stripe roll cuff top caught my eye on the Talbots website. It’s another nice piece for now and later — I’d wear it with shorts and sandals now and with jeans and booties this fall. It also comes in pink.

eight // How fun is this leather and mixed metal wrap bracelet, and how perfect for fall!?! I love the shade of brown, and the bold and silver combo allows you to wear it with whatever metal happens to be in your other accessories.

nine // Loving this cropped version of cargo pants for a fun fall look with booties, but again, you can start wearing them now with sandals or open toe booties. Ooooh, how fun are these for a transition shoe!?!

ten // You’re probably tired of me yammering about these Ugg moc toe flats, but I noticed that they’re back in stock in all four colors and still on sale for 35% off! If you were looking for another size or color, check them out. I recommend sizing up half, if at all in doubt, but they are soft and flexible so even if you have the smaller size, I think you’ll be okay.

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23 thoughts on “Fun Fall Finds Under $100

  1. These are great! I was actually looking for a fall floral top so immediately clicked over when you featured the Loft ones in your email the other day. I just noticed the first one is now an extra 60% so under $20! I guess that means I need it?! Have you tried it yet? I’m always unsure what size to order.

  2. Great transition pieces… I haven’t even been able to get my shopping hat on as it’s been soooo hot… my husband and I will be away a few days next weekend so I plan on visiting a few of my favorite stores while in the states…( I did buy a few things before the heat wave hit ) but haven’t been able to wear them of course… oh well once the seasons switch it’s for a long period of time:) 

  3. Great choices! So looking forward to transitioning to Fall. Can you share what colors are in the Loft top (#4).? It is hard to see online what those shades are. Hoping to find one with garnet/wine to go with a cardigan. Thanks so much!!!

  4. You shared some great transition pieces with us!  I love the wrap bracelet!  Regarding the backpacks, I think of them as being a pain to take on and off every time you need to get something out of it.  Do they not mess up the top you are wearing!  Last night I told Larry that I’d like to buy a ladder bookcase.  He looked at me like a deer in headlights.  Ha!  Yes, if your plants in the front yard don’t make it, you can always replace them.  At the old house, I was forever pruning plants at the wrong time, but when they bugged me, they had to be tended too then, no matter what.  Have a fabulous day!

    1. Hey Ginger! Yes, I could not let them alone. I really need to learn patience.

      The backpacks can be a bit of a pain, I think they’re best for people who want to be hands-free for one reason or another. Also you can just carry it on one shoulder.

      1. I have a cognac baby pack that I have carried while traveling for about twenty years. It carries all my necessary items ( wallet in inside pocket) and leaves me hands free to carry other things, grab some food on the go or to look at items while shopping. The leather as only gotten better with age. I just bought a smaller one in Praque that is a regular handled purse or converts to a pack back. I love mine. They do wrinkle some blouses though but I rarely wear them so no biggie. Hope that helps Ginger! 

  5. I found 2 pairs of AG jeans I liked . Both are super skinny ankle The legging  ankle  The only visible difference is the washes One is  a medium  wash with small rips 0 oz. Revival Power Stretch Denim,
    98% Cotton, 2% Polyester and the other pair is a dark wash – 58% Viscose 21% Cotton  20% polyestor 1% elastine both are 28’s  I’m trying to figure out which would be better  since fabric content is so different as far as bagging out or shrinking 
     which ones do  you prefer 
    (Wow that was a lot to copy off tags)

    1. LOL!!! So most of my AG jeans are the 98% cotton ones, but I have one pair that is that larger mix of materials. Both hold up great, no bagging out, but they do form to your body in a good way. I don’t think you can go wrong with either as far as baggage/shrinking.

  6. Item Details
    the darker wash is  their signature skinny in a cropped ankle length. Both pairs are hemmed at the bottom which I prefer. Just not sure about the rips at age 60 Opinions? 

    1. I think it depends on your general style aesthetic — do you have more of a classic style or an edgy style? I agree, at a certain point, the rips seem a little silly. I’m starting to steer away from them a bit, although I did buy the ones at the #NSale b/c I loved those. 🙂 I say wear them if you like them!

  7. Hey JoLynne….I smiled when you said you have a hard time trying to figure out how to say “hi” on the blog. It took me back to a time when I needed to say “thank you” several times a year to volunteers at church (I’m a children’s pastor). So I did a series of “thank you” events in different langurs,  the first invitation went out….” We owe you a thousand thank you s for all you do, but join us for our Muchas Gracious. Evening……so we did several years of than yours in different languages and that made up our food shoves and gifts for volunteers. All that said to say, do hellos in different languages,  you could research and find some really fun ones…when they get harder, we could guess.  Just a though. 

    Oh, the fall clothes look great, but I can’t even think about trying on sweaters right now. Lol

  8. Loving these fall finds, especially the bracelet. I love #4 from Loft and own it but haven’t worn it yet. I have a small pile of items I am waiting to wear once September rolls around. 

    I also love the backpacks you shared. The Kate Spade one is on my wishlist. I don’t think I need it but I love the look! If my 15 year old self could see me now, loving designer shoes and handbags lol! 

  9. Thanks for post! I’m going to go try on that denim skirt at Target! 🙂 You mentioned an email newsletter that was sent out yesterday. I didn’t get it. I checked all folders in my email…??

    1. Hey Debbie, I was referencing my regular email that I normally send — you saw that, right? From your MailChimp profile, it looks like you got it and opened it. But oddly, looks like you weren’t opted in for the GDPR approved list, so I checked that box off just in case.

  10. Thanks for ur help. I ended up getting both pairs at lord &taylor. ( Nordstrom so far😂) so now I have options and my first real pairs of premium jeans # best summer purchase # lost 100 Ibs last year so need to stay inspired  presently crushing on the bracelet 

  11. Not sure if I asked you this or not………I have a pair of red chino’s……………stay or go to the donate pile??? I am not seeing this color any longer???

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