Even Cloudy Days Look Better In A Great Pair of Shades

One of my favorite ways to change up my look is with a great new pair of sunglasses, and my most recent addition is these cat-eye frames from Maui Jim.

As you may know, the weather was rather dicey during our recent beach vacation, but that didn’t deter us from getting out there and enjoying the view. After all, a cloudy day at the beach is better than a sunny day at work… or so they say!

I’m not sure there’s an adage for a cloudy day working at the beach, but maybe I should come up with one.

So yeah, the day we shot this look, the weather didn’t exactly cooperate, but it actually turned into an excellent endorsement for Maui Jim PolarizedPlus2® sunglasses because I discovered that they actually enhance your view on a cloudy day as well as they do on a sunny one.

As you probably know, gray days can be bright enough to make you squint even though the sun is diffused by cloud cover, but these Maui Rose® lenses are specifically designed for variable conditions from full sun to overcast, so they reduce glare and improve your view no matter what the weather.

This is why I like to wear sunglasses when I’m driving, rain or shine. Even on cloudy days, I often find myself squinting and grabbing my sunglasses.

These frames also come in translucent taupe and translucent grey, but I chose the crystal with a hint of pink. I usually go for black or tortoise frames, so these are really fun for a change.

They’re also incredibly lightweight, which is due to a combination of frame material and lens material. Maui Jim lenses are 20% to 32% thinner and lighter than standard glass, plus it’s scratch-resistant — to which I can attest, as I probably drop my sunglasses once a week, and they still look like new.

Another one of my favorite styles is this large cat-eye pair with dove grey frames. I probably wear these the most often of all my sunglasses.

They were insanely comfortable from the moment I put them on — you know how it is when you put on a pair of glasses and it feels like they were made for you? It doesn’t happen often.

While smaller frames are coming back in style, I’ve always preferred larger frames for my face, plus I think the pattern and variation of colors on these is so pretty and interesting. It’s not really a tortoise shell design — they almost have a mosaic look about them. I’m wearing the dove grey, but they also come in blush pink and caramel.

Best of all, the view through these neutral grey lenses is always super crisp and vibrant — even on dreary days. I guess it just goes to show, you can’t control the weather (or your beach hair) but you can control your view!

photo credit: Alison Cornell

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14 Responses

  1. Love both these pairs of glasses such a cute style. I too bought a pink tinted pair this year just for something different. I’m a sucker for glasses and they are a great added accessory. In fact my eye doctor recently asked me if I wear sunglasses… and I told him yes in the sun and cloud. Its a habit to put them on but a good one. I will protect my eyes at any cost. Nice to hear your painting is coming along. I’m looking forward to our fall painting project… Its just been too dang hot here to want to do anything.

  2. I have a pair of Maui Jim prescription sunglasses and they are wonderful! Now I want a regular pair. Enjoyed this post.

  3. Two great pairs. I just got a pair of cat eye frames very similar in feel to the first pair and really like them, especially the way they don’t sit right on the bridge of my nose and leave a mark the way most of my others do.

  4. Hi Jolynne! I’ve been enjoying your blog for some time now but have never commented. Well, today, I am! You are such a breath of fresh air and I look forward EVERY day to seeing what you are going to share with us. It’s so nice being able to follow your fashion and your life. I feel like you are a friend even though we’ve never met. Keep up the good work and love your new home!

  5. My eye glasses have transition lenses, so even on cloudy and/or rainy days, they tint up.  I do have prescription sunglasses for the brighter days.
    I know you are happy to have the walls in the master bedroom painted.  I like the idea of you moving the wall ladder from your office to your bedroom.  I can see you getting  a lot of use out of it there!  Reading how you use it and seeing that they are not on the pricey side, has given me the idea to get one.  I do not like how my handbags are currently stored in my closet.  One of the ladders will be perfect for so many reasons.  I am going to check the online sites for At Home and Hobby Lobby, so I’ll have some price comparisons.  Have a blessed day!

  6. Hi Jolynn, I’m fairly new to your blog and have really been enjoying it! Funny you mentioned a steamer today as I was thinking this morning that I want one and was going to start researching them. Curious which one you have, if you really like it and what features I should look for? Thanks so much 😊

  7. I really like both pairs! I’m super envious–I have prescription sunglasses, so I only have one pair. I’m hoping to get a new pair next spring. I am like you, JoLynne, and wear my sunglasses in all but the darkest of days. 

    Are those rain drops on your shirt? Love your commitment!! 

    1. Haha, yes! It started to sprinkle JUST as we were walking out the door. Alison had driven like 20 minutes to get to me, so we went ahead with the shoot. 🙂 It didn’t last long, and the next day was beautiful. GO FIGURE!

  8. I like the second pair you featured here best. I’m like you in that I wear sunglasses always while driving, even on cloudy days. I’m very sensitive to light and don’t like to be squinting all the time. Not to mention the added wrinkles that could cause!! 😉

  9. You look so great in both styles.  I love the translucent part of the first ones. Great photos of you.  Love your outfit too. 🙂 Wow!!!!  That first mirror is speedy.  I think the $200 one is nice and would go good with your bedroom furniture like you said but sometimes you don’t want matchy, matchy.  🙂  Send us pictures of your room once done.  I am waiting to paint mine, but need to go find a color.  What brand and color is yours?  Mine has to go well with wood framing around the windows etc.  We don’t have the nice white like newer homes.  We built in 1990.  🙁  I want a neural.  Any suggestions?  Anyone?  My carpet is taupe.  In great shape still.  

  10. Love, love that second pair! I always get my prescription sunglasses from Costco. Now I’ll have to see if they carry Maui Jim. I’m kinda drooling over that shirt. I’m a t-shirt and shorts/jeans girl and would love to know if it’s still available anywhere.

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