Easter Outfits for Tweens & Teens

easter outfits for tweens

Easter is late this year, so I have only just begun thinking about Easter outfits for my kids. I often shop at the Gap, but this year I’ve been underwhelmed with the offerings, particularly in the Girls department. I love my new discovery, P.S. from Aeropostale for casual kids clothes, but I didn’t find much in the fancier dresses there either. So I put out an SOS on my Facebook page and asked people where they shop for their kids’ Easter outfits. I got a variety of responses… a lot of Kohl’s, some department stores such as Dillards and Lord & Taylor, as well as the smaller kid boutiques like Crew Cuts, Gymboree and Carter’s. Someone also reminded me to check Zulily.

My kids are all entering teen and tween territory at this point, and it gets exponentially harder to find cute and age appropriate dresses as they graduate from little kid to big kid sizes.

My son is easy, as all boys are. Khakis and a button-down shirt, and he’s good to go. I have my eye on this Chaps Gingham-Checked Button-Down in royal blue and these Flat Front Chino Pants, also by Chaps. I like Chaps. I find they’re a good value for boys’ clothes. They have classic styles, and the quality holds up fairly well. He will wear something like this Dexter Cap-Toe Oxford from Payless. I always get his dress shoes at Payless. I’ve found it’s the best bang for your buck when he’s only going to wear the shoes a few times before he outgrows them.

Easter Outfit for Teen Boy

Chaps Gingham-Checked Button-Down // Chaps Flat Front Chino Pants // Dexter Cap-Toe Oxford

But the girls . . . that’s a whole other ballgame! Chaps also does a nice job for older girls, and you can find them at Kohl’s. I like this Striped Cross-Backed Dress. And this Bonnie Jean Striped Dress is darling, but I fear my girls would turn their nose up at this. I’m going to see if my older daughter who is 11 will wear this hot pink Eyelet Dress by Chaps. She’s all about the pink so I think this might pass the test. Chaps goes up to size 18. I peeked in the Junior section, and I didn’t care for what I saw there so I’m hoping to keep my daughter in the Girls sizes for as long as I can. These dresses are all available at Kohl’s.

Easter Dresses for Tween Girls at Kohl's

Chaps Eyelet Dress //Chaps Striped Cross-Backed Dress // Bonnie Jean Striped Dress // Knitworks Crochet Dress // Dollie & Me Crochet Dress // Mudd Tie-Dye Hi-Low Dress

Hi-Lo Dresses are evidently all the rage. I found a ton at Macy’s. These aren’t all what I’d consider traditional church attire, but I realize that churches vary widely these days as to how formal they are so there’s a bit of something for everyone in here.


Beautees Girls Knit Hi-Lo Dress // BCX Girls Belted Pleated Hi-Lo Dress // Ruby Rox Girls Sheer Matte Ruffle High-Low Dress // Mudd Tie-Dye Hi-Low Dress // BCX Girls High-Low Dot Dress

Crewcuts definitely has some precious dresses. I admit I’ve never shopped there before. I am absolutely IN LOVE with this Rosalie Twisted Dress. I think it would be beyond precious on my 11-year old. But neither she nor her sister are taking the bait.

Spring Party Dress for Tween Girls

So far my girls aren’t really feeling any of these suggestions. I’m open to ideas before I brave the mall. Where do you shop for spring church and party outfits for kids?

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  1. My girls both wore the Crew Cuts dress to two weddings last fall. Its a great dress and I have one that might fit B if you want to try it on her. Just let me know.

  2. I found my daughter’s Easter dress this year at TJ Maxx. Navy eyelet dress with a white shrug. Love it! I bought my son a coordinating sweater vest on ThredUp.com–i love that site for cute kids’ clothes.

  3. I love that Bonnie Jean striped dress. Also the blue crochet one. I don’t remember wearing many dresses as a teen, maybe a skirt and top would be easier? At least then you might be able to find a top they’d wear again with other things.

    1. Yeah, my younger daughter actually prefers skirts to dresses. i have a hard time with this. I find them hard to match up and prefer the ease of a dress. My older daughter actually likes dresses much better. She loves maxi dresses, which is nice b/c you don’t have to worry about them getting short too fast.

  4. I have an 11 and 9 year old. Both girls. Their dresses came from CWDkids (older) and Lands End (younger). My older has hit middle school and wants to shop in the Jr. Department. Since she is a size 12 kids, I’m holding off on that. It’s hard when some girls her age are a foot taller and a hundred lbs heavier. They can’t shop in the kids department anymore. Only at this age do you want to look older. In 20 years, she will try to look younger. Good luck!

  5. I don’t know if there’s a Zara near you, but that was a good option when my daughter was younger. It’s not too expensive, and they also have great shoes!

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